Bowlcut Beginnings

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Rebecca had recently graduated college and was living with her friend Haley. Last month she got a job offer from a big company in her town. Rebecca’s life was going well, but she always felt like things were a little too boring and she was missing out on something, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

It was a Friday evening, and Rebecca comes home from work to find Haley had started dinner:

“Aww thanks Haley, you didn’t have to make dinner tonight, you did last night”

“it’s my pleasure,” Haley replied, “it’s the end of your first week at work so I thought I’d make something special for you!”

“No, you didn’t!” Rebecca says after seeing that Haley had already prepared a chicken pot pie, Rebecca’s favorite meal that her mom always used to make when she was a kid.

“Of course I did, c’mon you must have suspected I was up to something”

“Ok, maybe I knew something was up when you were acting all weird this morning, thanks so much, I couldn’t ask for a better roommate!”

They start eating, and grab a bottle of wine to go with it, and Haley asks:

“So how was the first week? It must have been everything you’ve been looking for”

Rebecca replys “Yes, work was great, everyone there is super nice to me, and I have no complaints, it’s just… oh I don’t know I thought I’d be happier after getting my new job”

“What’s wrong?” questioned Haley hoping to to find out more

“Well I don’t know I feel like I’m just so boring, like I need something to shake up my life a little bit, and I guess I was hoping the new job would be that thing”

“Hey girl, don’t give up, I’m sure that spice you need will find you eventually, maybe tonight’s spice is the chocolate raspberry cheesecake I made!” Harley says with glee

Rebecca gets up and hugs Haley and thanks her for the encouragement. They each grab some cheesecake and spend the rest of the night talking and watching movies.

The Descision

The next morning Rebecca looks at herself in the mirror, brushing her blonde hair that reaches her mid-back. She always liked her straight silky hair, but had never been too attached to it. Although it had never crossed her mind to cut it. When she finishes brushing her hair, she puts it up into a ponytail and is about to leave the bathroom when it hits her. She knows what she’s been looking for.

She runs into the kitchen where Haley is eating breakfast:

“Haley! I finally figured out what I’ve been missing, the spice I’ve wanted!”

Haley is caught off guard and nearly chokes on her food”Oh my god, that’s great, what is it?! ”

“I’m going to get a haircut! And you’re gonna cut it for me!”

“Really, me?” Haley responds with shock, “but I’ve only ever cut my brother’s hair, I wouldn’t even know how to cut yours.”

“There’s a first time for everything, and who says I’m keeping it long?”

“Oooh really, you’re looking for that much of a change?”

“You’ll see what I have in mind, but first I need to go to the store to pick some things up”

Haley waited at home and wondered what had gotten into Rebecca’s head that would make her want to get a haircut. A short one at that. Rebecca thought she had short hair having a chin length bob with bangs that were above here eyebrows. She started to wonder what kind of cut Rebecca wanted. It must be shorter than hers with the way she was talking, and needing to get supplies from the store, maybe she just wanted an undercut, or was it more extreme? Maybe a pixie cut, or a flat top, she had no idea what she was about to do to Rebecca’s hair.

While Haley was still caught up in her thoughts, Rebecca bursts through the door with a bag in her hand. Haley peers inside the bag and sees barbors scissors, clippers with attachments, a cape, and finally some shaving cream, and a straight razor.

She looks surpisedly at Rebecca, “shaving cream and a razor!”

“Well, I’m not sure if I want to use them yet, but I got them just in case, we’ll see how the cut goes first”

The Cut

They clear out an area in the kitchen and set up a chair, Rebecca sits down and Haley drapes the cape over her and ties it around her neck. It’s a bit tight but Rebecca finds herself liking it.

“ok,” Haley asks, “what’l it be?”

Rebecca smiles at her, “I want a bowlcut”

Haley is shocked, she was not expecting Rebecca to ask for a bowlcut. “you’ve got to be kidding” she replys plainly.

“Nope! I think it’s just what I need to change things up. I’ve had my hair in the same style since I’ve been in high school. I need something new, and somebody I follow on Instagram got a super cute bowlcut, and I need try it next.”

“ok if this is what you really want, I think I can do it” Haley says

“Yes! Let’s go for it!”

Haley doesn’t know where to start, she had only used scissors before when cutting her brother’s hair. After a minute deciding what to do, she just picks up the scissors and goes for it.

She brushes out Rebecca’s bangs and asks how high up she wants the cut to be. She puts her finger at Rebecca’s eyebrows and slowly moves it up until Rebecca tells her to stop at her mid forhead. Haley starts carefully moving the scissors across her forehead, and around to her right side.

Rebecca can hardly sit still, she is so excited at the prospect of her new hair. How would people react? She worried for a second before realizing this is what she knew she wanted and nobody could stop her now. Haley continues cutting, going about an inch over Rebecca’s ear and maneuvers around to the back. Keeping a steady hand Haley makes it around to the other side making sure that it is perfectly even all the way around. Rebecca is thrilled at how light her head is starting to feel, seeing her once long hair tumble down the cape like an avalanche. She couldn’t wait to move onto the shave.

“Phew, the hard part is out of the way.” Haley says still being nervous.

“Great, let’s move onto the clippers then. Start with a number 2, I know I want it to be at least that short” Rebecca says grinning.

Haley unpackages the clippers and pops on the number 2 guard. She guides Rebeccas head down into her chest and turns the clippers on. They whir to life and fill the room with a constant buzzing. She digs the clippers into the hair that remains on Rebecca’s nape, and starts shaving away. Rebecca was not ready for this new feeling, it was exhilarating, the gentle vibrating on her neck and the exposed skin that was feeling the air for the first time. Suddenly, she had the urge to run her fingers through the freshly shaved fuzz on her nape, but knew it was better to wait until Haley’s mastery was done.

Haley finished Shaving her nape and moved onto the sides. Pushing down Rebecca’s ear to give her a better shot. Also being careful not to go too high and ruin her previous work.

After both sides were shaved to her liking, Haley powers off the clippers and there is a silence in the room. They both took in the moment lingering over what had just happened. Hair was all over the floor, neither of them expecting their weekend to go this way.

Rebecca breaks the silence by touching her neck. She can hardly conseal a moan when she touches the sensitive skin with the prickly hair that stood up on her nape. She moves her hand up the back feeling the hair on top, ruffling it slightly before returning her hands.

Haley gives Rebecca a weird look after seeing how she experienced her freshly shaved neck. “I can see you really like that new cut, huh Rebecca”

Rebecca turns away blushing, “yeah I really do, thanks for cutting it for me. I’m dying to see it now”

Rebecca runs into the bathroom to get a good look at her new cut in the mirror. Her bowlcut lightly bounces ash she runs past Haley. There is also a new sensation of air rushing past her ears and on her nape as she runs.

She stops in front of the mirror and is blown away, the bowlcut makes her look so cute, but surprisingly professional. Overcome with joy, she can’t stop touching her freshly shaved head and runs back to give Haley a hug and thank her again.

Haley just laughs, “I’m glad you like it so much. Do you still plan on using that razor?”

“Hmmm, that does sound exciting but I’m loving it just the way it is. Maybe we can try it next time when you give me a touch up”

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  1. Thanks to everyone who reads this, its my first post and I’m not the best writer. I’ve enjoyed reading other posts here and thought I’d give it a try. Any suggestions are welcome, I left it open ended for a part 2!

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