Boys get the razor; girls, a flattop

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“I have no other place to take her”,pleaded the father of a chestnut-haired girl who was behind his right left,”All other places are booked or closed”

”You know my rules”,replied the barber, folding up his razor and sliding it back into his pocket.

The father couldn’t let his girl lose so much in one day. His wife would kill him but what other choice did he have? She ordered that her daughter had to get her hair cut above the collar and what his old friend was insisting was definitely above the collar.The pressure was weighing heavily on him so the father relented,”Fine. Give her the cut”

”That’s my man”,smiled the barber,”Bring her on back”

Following instruction, the father picked her up and went back to the chairs. A booster was installed just for her. The barber had a sign beside the mirror: Boy’s cut & girl’s cut. The model of the boy had him completely shaven and still in the chair, the girl’s cut was a brown model with a very flat top. She had on a pink and looked at ease.

The father’s girl had a pink cape about her and she looked about the room, wondering why her father was stressed: not knowing what was coming to her.

The whirling clippers should’ve been a dead giveaway but she didn’t mind if they stripped her sides of her chestnut tresses. She was just in her own little world as the clippers stopped so the barber could rub cream on her bare sides. Safety razors drug that cream off her skin and left her quite smooth.

To be frank, she did have a tough time sitting still; needing her father to hold her head as the barber took down her top.”I’m going shorter than I usually do”,the barber told the dad.

”Ah, you’re killing me”,he replied, watching the final inch fall from his little girl’s head. She was left with about an inch up top. But the hell was over, the barber had his fill. The cape came off and the father took the girl from the chair.

His daughter smiled as they left the shop as the barber swept up the chestnut locks.

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