Boy’s Hair Cut

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By JimB ©opywrited January 2022

I was a lucky girl growing up.

I was the last of five, having four brothers before me.

Our parents were somewhat laid back parents.  They were also trick parents.

My brothers and I were able to do, somewhat, what we wanted, as long as we did not get hurt.

They loved sports and I loved watching sports.

As far as my brothers, my dad was the one who saw to their needs such as their hair.

Dad like his hair short, as did mom.

But, my brothers preferred their hair somewhat longish.

Mom kept her hair around the shoulders, which dad somewhat liked and did not like.

He liked when summer came because mom would get her hair cut a little higher. 

“Kissable” he called it.

Mom kept my hair around the shoulders.

We got our hair trimmed once a month and my dad and brothers got their hair cut every three weeks.

We would go to the “The Cut’m Barber Shop”, and get our hair cuts by Derby Collins, who was a friend of mom and dad from high school.

If mom, or I, wanted something fancy, we went to one of those hair salons, which cut and styled hair.

There were times when all we wanted was a hair cut and we would go to “The Cut’m Barber Shop” and Miss Derby.

As my brothers grew old and begin to look at the girls, they started cutting their hair a little short.  This pleased mom, she did not like them with long hair.

One day when we all went for our hair cut, my brother Rusty decided to get his hair cut shorter in something called “a Boy’s Cut”.

Derby parted his hair on one side and began cutting his hair.  She scissored the sides and back short.

With his hair scissored like she wanted, she reached for the clippers and began moving the clippers upward, starting on the right side of his head working around the back to the left side.  On the longish side, of the part, she combed his hair back some what.

She then, like she always did on dad and my brothers, shaved a little line at the hairline.

Once she did the same thing on mom’s neck, which she had cut a little higher.

When he stepped out the barber chair, mom said, “Now that is a great hair cut for a young man.”

Of course, Rusty blushed.  I laughed when he blushed.

Mom gave me one of those looks telling me I should not have laughed at him.

My other brothers got their hair cut a little longer.

Dad and mom just got their hair “trimmed up”, as they said.  Mom had Derby cut my hair a little shorter, “For laughing at Rusty,” said Derby.

But, I kind of like his hair cut but never told him, nor mom.

When we got home, Nancy Ryan was sitting on the steps of her porch.

When Rusty got out the car, she got up and walked to the sidewalk.

“Hi, Rusty,” she said as she waived to him.

He stood there looking at her.  Dad gave him a nudge, a hint, to waive back to her.

He looked at mom, who smiled and told him, “Great hair cut.”

He started walking across the street.

“Hi,” he said to Nancy.  “Haven’t seen you since school got out.”

“I like the hair cut,” she began, which surprised Rusty.

“Went to my aunt Magen and uncle Ed’s for a few weeks.”

She stepped closer to Rusty and slowly moved her fingers over his hair cut.

“BIG change?” she asked him.  “BUT, you look sexy.”

He stood there, as dad and mom watched and shook their heads,

“I think Rusty just found out Nancy was making a pass at him,” mom told dad, who just shook his head and said “YEP”.

When mom, and I, had dinner ready, dad had to go on the porch and call Rusty home.

As they walked inside, mom said to my other brothers, “Who’s next?”

Of course, they did not understand what she was saying.  Dad just smiled and gave her a kiss, and said, “Maybe next summer.”

For the rest of the summer and school time, Nancy and Rusty would sit on the porches and talk, a few times they held hands.

When spring came Nancy started going to the barber shop with him for his hair cut. 

One time she got Derby to cut her hair a little shorter.

Rusty never let his hair grow longer.

For some strain reason, the boys started getting their hair cut shorter.  Some even got their hair cut like Rusty, while others went shorter.

Only my brother Carl started cutting his hair shorter, but not like Rusty, when a few girls hanging around the boys who were cutting their hair shorter.

John and Ben started cutting their hair shorter a few years later, when a girl told them, “LONG hair is so old fashion.”

Dad took notice when they told him what the girl said.

Of course, I noticed boys my age were stating to get shorter hair cut.  A few even had their hair cut short like Rusty, which caught my attention.

When I saw a boy with his hair cut like Rusty, I would smile and say, “GREAT hair cut.”

Of course, they just looked at me, shook their head, and continued walking.

If only they knew how I felt, when I saw them!

One day I was sitting on the porch, when Michal Donward came riding by on his bicycle and his hair was cut like Rusty.

“Hi Mike,” I called to him and got up and walked to the sidewalk.

“GREAT hair cut,” I told him with a smile.

“Thank you,” he replied as he stopped.  “Just come from the barber shop and a few of my friend were getting their hair cut like this.

“So, when Miss Derby called me to her barber chair and asked what I wanted.

“I looked at Carl, who just got his hair cut by her, walking out with this hair cut.

“And, I told her, “Short like you cut theirs.”

“You go to Miss Derby?” I asked him, as he looked surprise.

“I go to her too.”

“How long?” he asked surprisingly.

“I know she cuts women hair.  I have seen a few of them getting hair cut by her.

“But, I never saw you or your mom there.”

“We go when we just want a hair cut,” I told him as we started walking to the pouch.

“Early in the morning.”

“So, what is it you like about my hair cut?” he inquired as we sat on the swing.

“I mean Rusty has been getting the same hair cut for ages.”

I smiled at him as I brushed my finger over the left side of his “new” hair cut.

“The hair cut just looks so ..”, I started to tell him but lean close to him and whispered, “sexy”.

He smiled at me and stood up.

“I’ll be going back to Miss Derby Saturday morning in three weeks,” he said as he picked up his bicycle.

“I leave home around nine thirty.”

As he rode off I smile and waived, “Maybe!”

I turned and saw mom standing in the door.

“Lunch is ready.

“I remember a few years back when Rusty go the same hair cut and someone laughing at him,” she said as I walked into the house.

I just smiled and looked at her.

“Did I hear someone whisper “sexy”, she mentioned.

I said nothing.  I did not know she had that kind of hearing.

As we walked to the kitchen, where she and I were going to have lunch, she said, “Should I call Derby in three weeks?”

“WHY!” I asked her.  She just smiled.

For the next weeks Mike and I walked by each other’s house and waived.  Sometime his parents were sitting on their porch.

A few weeks later I got up around seven, got dressed.

“Morning,” mom said as I walked in the kitchen.  “I see you’re not dressing “sexy”!”

“What?” I asked.  “Why would I want to dress up “sexy”?”

“I just called Derby,” she said as she sat across from me.

“SO,” I said looking at her with a question look.

“Never know what my “sexy” daughter is going to do,” she replied.

“Morn’,” dad said as he and my brothers walked in the kitchen

“Why did you call Derby?”

“Just a little something between me and Stephen,” mom replied.

“Look it close to nine thirty!”

I looked at the clock and her, “I think I’ll take a ride to the shopping center and see who’s there and what’s on sale.”

“Here,” dad said as he handed me one of his charge cards.  “You’ll need this.

“Just sign your name and do over seventy-five.”

I kissed him and told him, “I wont.”

“I think you’ll look “sexy”, too,” mom said as I walked out the door.

“NOW, I have to know what’s going on between the two of you,” dad said.

A few minutes later I rode up by Mike’s house and he was standing in the driveway with his bicycle.

“Thought you might be “GOING MY WAY”,” he said.

“You ever see the movie, “GOING MY WAY”?” I asked him as we rode off.

“NO, just heard about it,” he replied.

“What are you going to do at the shopping center,” he asked.

“My treat to a banana split.”

“Just see who’s there and spend some of my dad’s money,” I told him.


“Like I told you,” he said as we stopped for a red light.  “Going to Miss Derby for a hair cut.

“Then, for our banana split.”

When we arrived at the shopping center, Mike looked at me as we clocked our bicycle in the bicycle stand.

“The center does not open until ten thirty,” he mentioned.

“You won’t be able to going in until then.

“What are you going to do?”

I looked around, not seeing any of my girlfriends were coming.

Seen none, I shrugged my shoulder.

“I’ll just go to the barber shop with you and wait,” I said as we walked to the barber shop.

“I am sure you will have to wait a little.”

As we reached the barber shop, we saw Derby and the other barbers had costumers in their barber chair.

But, when Mike opened the door, that “wait a little” look more than an hour.

Mike reached for a number.

But, Derby said, “Don’t take a number.

“I have only one a head of you “two”.”

We found two waiting chairs.  He got a comic book for him and a magazine for me.

“Didn’t know if you liked comic books,” he said handing me the magazine.

I looked around and Derby and the other barbers were giving their customers short hair cut.

It was when I looked at Miss Derby’s barber chair, when I realized, she had a girl my age in her barber chair.

She had four inch high black heels on with a short skirt, from what I could see.  Had she not had her legs crossed you could see up between her legs.

Her hair was parted on the left side.

And, on the floor was long dark brown hair, longer than I have seen.

But, when Miss Derby said, “Lori, do you have them in red?”

I realized she worked at Shoe Town, the shoe store in the shopping center.

She had long hair, passed her waist.

“My husband bought me a red dress for my last birthday,” Derby continued.

“But, he could not find any red shoes.

“Let a lone knows my shoe size.

Raising her legs to show her the shoes, “Just write down your size.

“I will put them on the side and you can pick them up when you get off.

“I’ll be working to seven.

“And, I’ll give you a discount, too.”

“Lori?” Mike said as he looked up at the barber chair.

“Did know it was you and until Miss Derby said your name.”

“I see you got your hair cut short like Ted,” Lori said.

“Yes,” Mike answered as he watch her head tilting down and Miss Derby pushing clippers up the back of her head.

“And, I see you are getting your hair cut, too.”

“You brother, as well as my mom, have been telling me I should cut it short for a few years,” she replied.

“So, this morning I just looked at myself and said, “This has to go”.

“And, as I walked out for work, I told my mom, “This is gong to be gone when I come home.”

“How short are you going,” Mike asked her.

She raised her head a little and moved her hands from under the barber cape, pointed to the floor around the barber chair and said, “WHAT DO YOU THINK.”

“I didn’t know you had a brother,” I said to him.

“Yes,” he told me.

“Our parents are having a little problem.

“I am staying with mom and Ted is with dad.

“It won’t last long.  They keep asking us how the other one was doing.”

“Well, what kind of hair cut is Miss Derby giving you?” Mike asked her again.

Miss Derby was standing of the right side of her barber chair with Lori’s head tilled to the left.

She held up her clippers and showed it to us, “THIS short.”

Her clippers had the same attachment it had on when she gave Rusty his hair cut.

“And, this short when I am finished,” she said as she removed the attachment and put it back on the clippers.

My eyes widen and I looked at Mike.  He was smiling.

Miss Derby worked the clippers around her head to the left side.

With the clipping finished Miss Derby took comb and scissors and started combing and cutting her hair shorted.

Slowly she began cutting Lori’s hair to look Mike and Rusty hair cut.

You could see the change in her face.  It was more exposed.

Her eyes were a little bigger and her smile was more visible.

Miss Derby started combing and checking the length as she walked around her head.

She put the comb and scissors on the shelf and reached for the clippers.

Stepping to the right side of the barber chair, she held the clippers, less any attachment, so Lori could see it.

Lori turned her head and looked at the clippers, without an attachment.

“Are you joking?” she asked Miss Derby.

“Just joking, “ Miss Derby told her, as she hung the clippers under the shelf.

“Just going to edge the cut.”

Miss Derby began dabbing shaving lather along her hair line and shaved a little line.

As Lori stepped from the barber chair, she looked at her self in the mirror then the floor.

“Damn, that is a lot of hair!” she said.

“When I get to the store, I’ll call you about the shoes.”

“Okay, who’s next,” Miss Derby asked as she shook her barber cape.

Mike got up and walked to her barber chair, saying, “Me.”

As he sat in the barber chair, Miss Derby said, “Getting use to the short hair cut!”

Looking at me and smiling, told her, “Someone I know, like this hair cut.”

Miss Derby grabbed her comb and scissors and began combing and cutting his hair.

I sat holding back a little laugh, wondering if he meant me.

She combed and cut around hear and back.  Each time it looked like she was cutting he’s hair shorter.

She spread shaving lather on the hair line and shaved just enough to see a little skin.

As Mike stepped from the barber chair, my mine flashed back to Lori with the same hair cut.

Her eyes looked bigger in a good way, her smiled more visible.

And, she like the hair cut, even though it was a “Boy’s Hair Cut”.

It’s summer and it is getting hot.  Maybe a short hair cut would be good.

But, how short!

Something a little shorter!  Maybe a Bob!

As Mike walked to the waiting chair, I got up and handed him the magazine.

“I do like the comic books,” I told him.  “Specially “Wonder Woman”.

I stepped in the barber chair and looked at my self in the mirror behind the waiting chair.  I combed my fingers slowly through my hair.

“So, you getting a short hair cut!” Miss Derby asked me as she caped me.

“Thinking about,” I replied as I combed my fingers a little.

Then, a little more and stopping when my fingers were about four inches from my head.

Holding my hair at this length, I asked Miss Derby, “Can you do something with my around the length?”

“Sure,” she replied as she turned and picked up her comb and scissors.

“I’ll cut your hair to about four inches and whack, two feet is gone,” she told me as she started combing and cutting my hair.

She combed and cut, combed and cut, until the hair on right side of my head four inches in length.

I took my right hand from up the cape and brushed my fingers through the four inches.

“A Bob would look great,” she told me as she began combing and cutting my hair at the back of my head.

I looked at Mike, hoping he might say something.  But, he just sat there looking through the comic book he was reading.

I felt Miss Derby’s fingers running through my, now, four inch hair.

“Your mom called me,” she began telling me as she combed my hair.

“And, all she said was “sexy”!

“For whatever that means.”

When Mike heard her say that, he looked up from the comic book and smiled, “SEXY.”

I laughed at him and asked, “WHAT DO YOU THINK!”

He smiled, “You wouldn’t!”

“If you say so,” I said with a smile.

“SEXY,” was his replied.

“Sexy, like mine.”

I looked at Miss Derby, still holding her comb and scissors.

“Just like you gave Lori and Mike,” I told her and took a deep breath.

She stepped to the front of the barber chair and combed my hair forward.

“DAMN,” she said.  “Your part is on the right side of your head.”

“Is that going to be problem?” I asked.

“Just a few of my customers have the part on the right side of their head,” she replies as she stepped to the right side of the barber chair and began combing my hair from the part.

Taking her comb she combed my hair out a little and began cutting my hair.

She placed the comb on my head combed a little and cut, each time going higher until she reached the part.

I watched, as my hair got shorter and shorted as she cut upward.

I liked what I saw.  “Not bad looking,” I told my self.

I started to bring my right hand from under the barber cape.

But, Miss Derby had my head tilted downward some.

She slowly combed and cut.

Slowly she worked the comb and scissors upward.

With the left side, she combed from the top of my head and began slowly combing and cutting upward.

I was able to bring my right hand from under the barber cape and brush my fingers through the right side of my short hair cut.

I as I slowly moved the hand upward, I could see my finger and hardly see my hair.

I reached behind my head and felt the same thing.

But, I like what I saw.

She stopped combing and cutting and just combed.“Now that looks good,” she told me as she stepped to the counter behind the barber chair and put the scissors on it.

She reached under the counter and took hold of her clippers.

Stepping to the left side of the barber chair, she combed my hair downward.

“You mother said you laughed at Rusty when I gave him this same hair cut,” she told me as she held up the clippers.

I turned my head to look at her and started to say something, when I noticed the clippers did not have an attachment on it.

I just looked as she clicked the clippers on.

As she combed my hair downward a few time.

“I have the felling my hair is going to be cut shorter,” I told my self.

“But, how short was the question.”

She combed downward around my head to the right side.

As she raised the clippers to my head, she said, “You are going to get a “Boy’s Hair Cut”.

“But, not like the one I gave Mike and Rusty.

“It’s still going to be a “Boy’s hair cut”.  ONLY shorter.”

Slowly she pushed the clippers upward leaving hair so short I could see my scalp.

“I did not know you laughed at Rusty when he got his hair cut like mine,” Mike told me.

“I think you are going to look “sexy” with this hair cut, too.”

She worked the clippers around my head.

I wanted to touch the right side of my head.

“NOT until I finish the hair cut,” she whispered in my right ear as she stepped behind the barber chair.

My head was tilted and the clippers began to climb up the back of my head.

Just as she was about to step to the left side of the barber chair, she reached for a comb on the shelf.

I watched as she slowly worked the clippers on the left side on my head.

With the left side of my head clippered to the skin, she stepped to the front of the barber chair.

She placed the comb on my for head and combed it back a little.

Then, she slowly moved the clippers over it.  Slowly she repeated the combing and clippering until she reached the back of my head.

“There,” she said as she walked behind the barber chair.

“A NICE Boy’s Hair Cut’.”

Hanging the clippers under the shelf and putting the comb in a jar, she reached to for a two larger towel.  She tossed one in the sink of hot water.

The other one she tucked in my blouse and spread it over my shoulders, “Just going to trim shave you.”

She turned to the sink and took the other towel and rung it out.

She turned and wrapped it around my head and began rubbing my head.

She rubbed the back and sides.

She tossed the towel in the sink.

She stepped to the shaving dispenser and flowed some shaving lather.

She stepped to the right side of the barber chair and I noticed the pile of shaving lather was more than she hand in her hand when she trim shaved Rusty and Mike.

Her fingers of her right hand scooped some shaving lather.

“For this BOY’S Hair Cut”, I will have to trim shave you higher up,” she said as she began spreading the shaving lather over the right side of my head.

Slowly she worked the shaving lather over the back of my head and the left side.

Wiping the excess shaving lather, she chose a straight razor.

She stepped to the right side of the barber chair, took hold of the leather strap and stropped the straight razor.

I watched in the mirror as she raised the straight razor to where the shaving lather was.

“This is for “laughing” at Rusty,” she told me as she placed the sharp edge of the straight razor and slowly shave downward.

Slowly she shaved my head to the back.

As she tilted my head and said, “Maybe in four or five months you can get the “Boy’s Hair Cur” Mike and Rusty, the other boys, and Lori got.”

Mike and I had our banana split and he paid for it.

I looked at him, “Sexy!”

He smiled, “Damn right SEXY.”

When I got home and walked in, mom was the first to see me.

She froze and I said, “SEXY ENOGUH FOR YOU?”

I started up the stair, to my room.  I stopped half way up and turn and looked at her,

“I told Miss Derby you would be coming by tomorrow morning for your “Boy’s Hair Cut”.

Out of spite I kept the “Boy’s Hair Cut” Miss Derby gave me for a year.

After five months of grow I got the “Boy’s Hair Cut” like Lori, Rusty, and my Mike.

Mom staid away from Miss Derby and “The Cut’m Barber Shop” for a year.

Then, one Saturday they got all dressed up, went to dinner, and a play at the local theater.

When they got home around nine, that night, I got a BIG surprise.

Both of them had the same “Boy’s Hair Cut” Miss Derby gave me and I kept for a year.

The End By JimB ©opywrited January 2022

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