Bride Bowl Cut

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Nong was a Thai woman who worked in a small tailor shop in Bangkok. She had beautiful long hair that reached the floor, which she always had to wrap around her neck like a scarf to keep it out of the way while working. Nong had always been proud of her long hair, and she had even participated in many long hair shows, winning the title of the longest hair in Thailand multiple times.

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One day, while walking back to her shop from the market, Nong was approached by a kind old man who owned a barber shop. The man was impressed by her beautiful hair and offered her 1000 pesos to cut it. Nong was hesitant at first, but the offer was too tempting to resist, and she finally agreed.

When the weekend came, Nong went to the man’s salon. She had been excited all week to see what kind of haircut the barber would give her this time. As she stepped inside, the sweet scent of barber’s soap filled her nose. The shop was filled with the sound of clippers buzzing and the old man was busy at work cutting the hair of another customer. The barber greeted her warmly and asked her to sit in the waiting chair.

Nong sat nervously in the chair, wondering if she had made the right decision. She had always loved her long hair and had never even considered getting it cut before. But the offer of 1000 pesos was too good to pass up. She looked around the barber shop and saw another girl sitting next to her with waist-length hair.

The girl also seemed nervous, and Nong could see that she was fidgeting in her seat. The old man went over to her and asked what kind of cut she wanted. The girl hesitated, and then the old man said that her mother had already told him what to do. The girl seemed resigned and nodded her head.

Nong watched as the old man got to work on the other girl’s hair. As the sink was next to the styling chair, he bent her over it and washed her hair thoroughly. He then dried it with a towel before combing and sectioning it off.

Nong was intrigued as she watched the old man work. She could see that he was very skilled, and she wondered what kind of cut he would give the other girl.

To her surprise, the old man first gave the girl an undercut, shaving the hair close to her scalp at the back and sides. He then wet the rest of her hair with a spray bottle and began to comb it out.

Nong could see that the old man was creating a shaved asymmetrical bob. He was cutting the hair to chin length on one side and gradually angling it shorter towards the back. On the other side, he was cutting it much shorter, almost to the scalp, giving the cut a dramatic asymmetrical look.

Nong was impressed with the old man’s work. The other girl’s hair looked edgy and fashionable, and she seemed pleased with the result as well.

As the old man finished up the cut, he turned to Nong and asked if she was ready for her trim. Nong nodded, feeling a bit more confident after watching the other girl’s transformation.

The old man worked quickly and efficiently, trimming the other girl’s ends and shaping her hair to frame her face. When he was finished, the girl looked in the mirror and was pleased with the result. Her hair looked healthier and more polished, and she felt grateful to the old man for his expertise. She thanked the barber and wished Nong all the best.

Nong watched as the other girl left the barber shop with a new, stylish haircut. She felt a twinge of envy but also excitement at the thought of what her own haircut might look like.

When it was Nong’s turn, she sat nervously in the chair as the old man combed out her long hair. She could feel her heart racing as he asked, “Are you ready?”

Nong took a deep breath and nodded, her hands tightly gripping the arms of the chair. She trusted the old man’s skill and experience, but she still felt anxious about the prospect of losing so much of her hair.

As she waited, Nong watched the barber at work. He started by gathering Nong’s floor-length hair and putting an elastic band till the shoulder. Nong felt the weight of her hair being lifted off her back, and before she could process what was happening, the old man took a scissor and cut off her ponytail.

Nong gasped as she felt the familiar weight of her hair disappear, and she looked in the mirror to see a new, shorter version of herself. She was shocked, but also thrilled by the sudden change. The old man smiled at her and explained that it was not a hair donation, but just a necessary step to make the rest of the haircut easier.


Nong couldn’t believe how light and bouncy her hair felt, and she watched in amazement as the old man continued to work his magic. He shaped and trimmed her hair into a sleek, shoulder-length bob that perfectly framed her face.

When he was finished, Nong turned to the mirror and was amazed at the transformation. She hardly recognized herself with her new, shorter hair, but she loved it. She thanked the old man profusely for his work and left the salon feeling like a brand new person.

She turned around to check her new hair and felt a mix of excitement and apprehension. Her floor-length hair was gone, replaced by a chic and modern shoulder-length bob. Despite the initial shock, Nong was pleased with the result and felt ready to embrace a new chapter in her life.

She thanked the old man, eager to collect the 1000 pesos he had promised her. As she was about to leave, she saw the barber putting her long ponytail along with the other girl’s hair in a bag. Nong assumed it was a hair donation and thanked him, feeling proud of her charitable act.

But the old man wasn’t finished yet. He asked Nong to follow him to a room on the top floor. Nong hesitated, unsure of what was going on, but curiosity got the better of her and she followed the old man up the stairs.

Finally, they reached the top floor, and the barber opened the door to reveal a room filled with a set, and a video camera was placed next to a stool. Nong was surprised by what she saw. She had expected a regular haircut, but this was something entirely different. The man explained that he wanted to film a haircut video that would showcase his skills and asked if she would be willing to participate.

Nong hesitated for a moment, unsure of what to expect. But the man was kind, and his smile put her at ease. He explained that she would be paid extra for her participation and that the video would only be used for professional purposes. Nong thought for a moment and then nodded her agreement. She was intrigued by the idea of being in a video and wanted to see what it would be like.

The barber opened a cupboard containing various cosplay outfits, and Nong was surprised to see such a collection. She saw costumes of different characters, including superheroes, cartoon characters, and even movie stars. Nong was fascinated by the costumes and took a moment to admire them before the barber handed her the white wedding gown.

Nong hesitated for a moment, unsure of what to expect. She had never worn a wedding gown before and felt a bit nervous. But the man was kind, and his smile put her at ease. He explained that he wanted to take some pictures and videos of her new haircut, and the wedding gown would be the perfect attire for the shoot.

Nong carefully put on the dress, and as she looked at herself in the mirror, she couldn’t help but feel beautiful. The dress fit her perfectly, and she looked stunning in it. As Nong stood near the set in her shoulder less bride gown, The barber asked to stand near the set to take before haircut pictures.The  Nong felt a little self-conscious, but the old man was kind and made her feel comfortable.

The barber instructed her to strike a few poses for the camera. At first, Nong felt a bit self-conscious, but as she relaxed, she began to enjoy herself. The gown made her feel beautiful and elegant, and she couldn’t help but smile as the camera clicked away.

Once the photos were done, the barber handed Nong the camera and showed her a few pictures on his camera. Nong was impressed by how the dress and the background made her look like a beautiful bride. The barber then told her that he was going to give her a makeover with her wearing the wedding gown.

However, her joy was short-lived when the man revealed the two options he had mentioned earlier: a simple trim for 1000 peso or a bowl cut for 5000 peso. Nong was hesitant, unsure if she wanted to sacrifice her hair for money, but the thought of earning more money tempted her, and she finally agreed to the latter option. The man smiled, his eyes glinting with excitement, and he turned on the camera to record the haircut.

Nong was surprised by the barber’s request, but she trusted his expertise and followed his instructions. The barber told her to take a seat on the stool. She sat down and he instructed her to brush her hair for a few minutes.

As she brushed, she thought about whether it was a good idea to cut her hair. She had been growing it out for a while, but lately, it seemed to have lost its luster. She wanted a change, something to freshen up her look.

But what if the haircut turned out badly? What if she regretted cutting it so short? She had heard horror stories from friends who had ended up with terrible haircuts, and the thought of it made her nervous.

However, as she felt the weight of her hair in her hands, she knew that she needed to do something. It had become too much to manage, and it was starting to make her feel weighed down.

She took a deep breath and decided to trust the barber. After all, he was a professional, and he had been cutting hair for years. She would just have to hope for the best.

The barber then took the comb and brushed her locks, making sure everything was even and straight. She watched as he worked, admiring his skill and precision. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing, and she felt grateful to be in such capable hands. As the barber worked, he explained his plan to Nong. He wanted to capture the moment when all her hair fell into her wedding dress, creating a beautiful and romantic shot. The Barber also instructed her not to move during the haircut and instructed Nong not to wipe the hair off her face or body, as it would ruin the shot. He wants the hair to stay at her face and her body during the cut. Nong felt a bit nervous as she sat still, feeling the weight of her hair on her shoulders. She had never had a photo shoot during a haircut before, and the thought of not being able to move made her feel a bit uneasy.

Nong nodded, feeling a bit nervous. She had never done anything like this before, and the thought of having all that hair on her wedding dress made her a bit uneasy. But she trusted the barber, and she knew that the end result would be worth it.

Nong nodded, understanding the importance of the moment. She closed her eyes and let the barber work his magic, feeling the weight of her hair . The barber brought out an elastic band. He started by gathering Nong’s hair and sectioning it off into four parts. Then, he gathered her hair on the top and put an elastic band leaving her side and nape. The barber got to work. He started by cutting Nong’s bangs and then shaving the front of her hair with a razor blade. He carefully moved on to her nape and the sides of her head, shaving them clean with a beard razor, leaving Nong with a clean naked skin.

As the barber finished shaving Nong’s nape, he took a step back to admire his work. He nodded in satisfaction, pleased with how smooth and clean the cut looked. Nong turned her head from side to side, feeling the new sensation of cool air on her freshly shaved nape. She couldn’t help but smile at the sight of her reflection in the mirror, admiring the way the new cut framed her face.

“Wow, I never knew a haircut could feel this refreshing,” Nong said to the barber, still admiring her new look. “Thank you so much for the amazing cut.”

He smiled at her reaction and took some shots all around her. Nong’s hair was all over her face and in the shoulder less wedding dress, and the floor was littered with it. The barber chuckled and told her not to wipe as it really creates the scene.

Nong sat nervously in the barber’s chair, her heart beating fast as the barber prepared to cut her hair. The barber noticed Nong’s apprehension and reassured her, “Don’t worry, Nong. We’ll give you a new look that suits your face shape and style.”

With that, the barber picked up a spray bottle and sprinkled water all over Nong’s hair. He then carefully combed her hair down, covering her face in the process. Nong could feel the wet hair sticking to her face, and the hair particles all over her face and her body making her itchy but she didn’t move. She was too afraid to see what was happening.

The barber took out a pair of scissors and started snipping in the  air ready to cut. Nong could hear the sound of the scissors, and it made her feel even more nervous. As the barber continued to cut Nong’s hair, she tried to stay still and not move her head too much. The sound of the scissors was loud in her ears, and she could feel the blades grazing her skin as they cut away her locks.

Nong couldn’t see anything as the hair was covering her face, but she trusted the barber’s expertise. She knew that he was skilled and had given many people great haircuts before. Despite her nerves, she felt a sense of excitement at the thought of finally having a new look.

The barber had cut Nong’s hair into a shaved bowl cut with bangs fully covering her eyes. When the barber finished, he handed Nong a hand mirror to see her new style. Despite her hair covering her eyes, she could still feel the shaved nape and sides of her new bowl cut. She slowly touched her head, feeling the buzzed hair under her fingers. It was a strange sensation, but she couldn’t deny that it looked good. He brought a mirror and showed her all 4 sides of her new haircut. Though she couldn’t see clearly as the hair was covering her eyes, she felt weird looking at her new weird haircut. Her once long, luscious hair was now a short, shaved bowl cut that barely covered her ears. She felt weird and uncomfortable with the new style. She had never had a haircut this short before.

The barber could sense her discomfort and tried to reassure her. “It’s a bold look, but it suits you,” he said. “Trust me, you’ll get used to it.”

Nong wasn’t convinced. She felt like everyone would be staring at her, judging her for her new haircut. She paid for the cut and left the shop, feeling self-conscious and exposed. Nong felt a bit self-conscious as the barber asked her to stand for a picture. She stood up reluctantly, feeling exposed and vulnerable with her newly-shorn head. She tried to brush the hair out of her eyes, but it was no use.

The barber took several pictures of her from different angles, adjusting the lighting and asking her to tilt her head in certain directions. As he snapped away, he complimented Nong on how beautiful she looked with her new haircut. At first, she didn’t believe him, because first she can’t see clearly as her front hair was blocking her view. She did not complain as he told it looks nice.

She couldn’t help but notice the pile of hair that lay all around her. It was everywhere, all around her face, on her shoulders and the wedding dress, and covering the floor. She couldn’t believe how different she looked with her new bowl cut. It felt strange to have so little hair on her head, especially after having it so long for most of her life.

But as she touched the shaved nape and sides of her head, she felt a sense of liberation. She had always been afraid to take risks, to do something daring with her hair, but now she had taken the plunge and she felt proud of herself for being brave.

She looked at herself in the mirror and tried to adjust her bangs, but they were so short that they kept falling back over her eyes. The shaved nape and sides of her head were exposed, making her feel even more self-conscious.

“I don’t know if I like it,” she said to the barber, feeling unsure about her new look.

The barber smiled reassuringly and said, “Give it some time, Nong. You’ll get used to it. And remember, hair grows back. You can always try a different style later.”

Nong nodded, feeling a little better. She thanked the barber and paid for her haircut before leaving the salon. As she walked down the street, she noticed people staring at her, and it made her feel even more self-conscious. She pulled her hair down over her face, trying to hide behind it.

When she left the salon, Nong was a bit disoriented, trying to adjust to her new appearance. But as she walked, she started to feel a sense of freedom. It was as if she had shed her old self along with her old hair. She felt lighter, more daring, more adventurous. She started to play with her bangs, feeling the cool air on her exposed nape.

When she finally arrived home, her family burst out laughing at the sight of her. They couldn’t believe that their once-beautiful daughter had willingly cut off all her hair. Nong tried to explain what had happened, but her family just shook their heads and told her that she had been scammed.

Feeling embarrassed and ashamed, Nong decided to go back to the salon to demand an explanation from the barber. However, when she got there, she found that the barber had already left the house. He had apparently moved away to live with his children and grandchildren, leaving no trace of his whereabouts.

Nong was left with no choice but to accept her new haircut and move on. While she missed her long hair, she tried to embrace her new look and make the most of it. She even found that having a short, easy-to-maintain haircut was quite liberating in some ways. Eventually, Nong came to realize that hair was just hair, and it didn’t define who she was as a person. She learned to love herself, regardless of her hairstyle, and moved on with her life, wiser for the experience.

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