Brown locks cut for pleasure

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Marlene had seen Fabia walk by, and her lust was playing again. Her beautiful co-worker, with her long brown straight hair which reached almost to her buttocks, was so very attractive. Marlene thought she was suitable for a game and some clippingsex. The blonde also thought of the possibility of Fabia as a waitress, at a party with her own blonde friends. A waitress whose body could even serve as a dinner table! Tasty desserts on the bare legs and breasts, and a sexy dessert on the private parts (would have to be something with bananas and ice cream). Everything to eat and finally lick off the leftovers … The blondes would love it and finally the long brown locks where to be harvested by her blond friends. They would like it and Fabia would do well, Marlene knew.

She did not know whether or not she would wait until the party to play with the long brown locks. Or would she do it sooner anyway, to enjoy Fabia for herself, her toy. Would she cut her hair right away when she were naked? The brown locks that would slide to the floor if the scissors went through … the pile of brown hair on the ground, bare feet in there, soft stuff that was so erotic. The thought made her warm, a game with the brown hair, she got more and more in the mood. The idea of ​​sharing her with friends she quickly abandoned, therefore she would seek another young girl, who could probably be found once she had further developed her plans. Now first Fabia at her home as a sex toy, that was easy arranged.


Fabia was interested in the invitation, she liked to go to the beautiful blonde woman. She was hoping for some erotic games, caresses with the long blonde hair .. (her secret dreams). She had heard about Marlene’s preferences for girls with long hair before. Girls who suddenly came back with a short haircut after a night with Marlene. She thought that was quite exciting and she realized that for sex with this blonde woman she would accept to sacrifice some of her locks. Marlene also had such beautiful long thick blond hair, to be caressed with it or to be allowed to caress herself … This seemed very nice to Fabia. Especially if she were the bedmate of this beautiful blonde woman. So she was very happy that Marlene invited her and was looking forward to meeting her. Before she rang the bell, she checked that her long hair was in good condition, it was nicely combed smoothly, some over her shoulder and the rest back.

Marlene opened the door and saw her toy of the day, the lust running through her body. Stroking, licking, clipping …, things that were delicious and that she would subject Fabia to. Brown hair slid through her fingers as she stroked Fabia. She was pleased with the feel of these locks, soft and so wonderfully long. To be cut into many small pieces and then throwing it over the naked body of her toy, to end at the floor. If there was much in a pile, it gave a very, very nice feeling. Or would she cut the hair into a full ponytail? The tail could provide even more pleasure afterwards if the brunette had to stroke her with it. Fabia was pulled in, Marlene stroked her further, brushed back the long hair, held it in a ponytail to see if she would like it. The neck was so exposed, Marlene gently kissed and licked the bare skin. Fabia, in turn, stroked the blond hair and heard Marlene ask her to become her toy. She thought that sounded good and gasped her approval. Marlene took a long lock of brown hair and stroked it against her lips, she wanted clippingsex with this girl, and very soon. There was plenty of long hair to enjoy. She took Fabia to her playroom, undressed and put her on the chair that stood there lonely in the room. Marlene herself went naked too and stood beside  the chair. Fabia was told to stroke her and Marlene asked her to use her long mane for that. Fabia indulged herself and let her locks gently slide down to Marlene’s pussy, she took the insides of the legs, after her mane she used her tongue and fingers to please Marlene. Marlene’s hands played with the almost butt-long brown hair, she loved the soft stuff and was really looking forward to getting some of it cut. A pile of brown hair on the floor around the naked brunette’s feet would turn her on. She took a lock in her hands,feeling the weight and the softness of the long hair, she held a nice full strand of hair up from Fabia’s head, then she lifted the scissors and cut a small piece of it. Fabia sighed as soft brown hair slid down her naked body to the floor. Marlene saw that Fabia’s nipples had grown hard with pleasure. Her tongue touched the nipples, her blond hair slid over Fabia’s skin, who enjoyed it intensely and almost felt herself coming. Marlene wanted more for the ground and Fabia also wanted more clipped locks. Marlene lifted the strands again and cut off an inch of brown hair, this time it fell right to the floor. She got turned on, the pile grew as desired, and with each cut Fabia began to sigh more and more, her own hair gave her a pleasure she had never experienced before. Marlene stroked Fabia again and said she wanted to cut more, a longer lock this time, to keep. Fabia herself lifted a lock of her long hair and held it up, offering Marlene a trimmable amount of four inches. She stroked the lock and admired the hair, she felt so well when her fingers slid through it. This hair is so wonderfully soft and she is such a nice girl who offers me her beautiful hair. Marlene played with the lock, wrapped it around her fingers and let go. She wanted to cut, but also stir Fabia’s desire. She took the scissors and put the metal in the lock that was presented to her. For a moment she thought she would cut above the fingers in order to be able to harvest a longer strand, but she didn’t do it anyway. The scissors and her fingers joined in the beautiful brown hair. She carefully cut the scissors through the hair, the long strand of brown hair coming loose from Fabia. Marlene held it, she didn’t want this on the floor. This lock was special, the first long strand had to be cherished. The rest of the lock fell back past Fabia’s bare breasts. She saw the difference in length and enjoyed it. More long hair had to be removed to get it straight. She would do that for Marlene’s pleasure. Marlene took the hair and stroked Fabia, gently along the cheeks and over the erect nipples. She whispered that this first lock was only a real start. She wanted to harvest her more caressingly. She raised Fabia, her long hair falling around her like a veil. Marlene stroked it around the breasts and lifted a large amount, brought the strands to her lips and stroked them with the tips. She took the scissors back in her hands, this time a long lock of hair fell off Fabia. She lifted the next lock and showed where she was going to put the scissors, halfway up the almost butt-long lock … to about Fabia’s nipples. Fabia enjoyed the blonde woman playing with her long hair, hoping for a caress and some kisses as a reward. Marlene let the scissors come to the lock and began to cut the hair, sighing deeply in pleasure as it let go of the hair and she could stroke the ends of the lock.

She wanted to taste Fabia, she wanted the pleasure drops of this brunette. She kissed her and slid her hand between Fabia’s legs … and was pleased that it was wet there, juice that she absorbed with her fingers and licked off eagerly. Her hand went again between Fabia’s legs and her fingers entered the warm opening. She stroked a little, and then offered Fabia to lick the wet fingers. Marlene enjoyed watching and feeling Fabia suck and lick her fingers intensely. Fabia stroked Marlene wherever she could, the long blond hair was soft against her skin, she played with it with her fingers. Marlene let her sit again, spread Fabia’s legs, and stroked her pussy with freshly cut brown hair. She wanted this girl to moan and after the hair caresses her fingers went over the pussy and inside again, she just couldn’t get enough! She fingered Fabia, who got very excited and poured Marlene her juice, which was eagerly licked and shared with the brunette. Marlene straightened up and grabbed another long strand of brown hair and cut it quickly. She slid the lock over Fabia and saw her pussy covered. She liked that and picked out another tuft of soft brown hair she wanted to harvest and let it drop over Fabia. The long brown hair was now badly damaged on one side from the random cutting. Marlene combed her fingers through the locks and told Fabia she wanted to cut her very short, the brown hair was so good to cut and short hair would look great. Fabia could only pant in agreement, she longed for Marlene’s juice and attention. The blonde stood close to Fabia, and let the brunette caress and finger her. She enjoyed and played with the brown hair at the same time. She looked to see where she could cut some more, but Fabia’s fingers took her out of concentration. She pulled her head back and tongued the brunette. Fabia enjoyed the beautiful blonde woman who had taken her. She fingered Marlene and rubbed the juice over her own breasts, then Marlene licked it off.  And her tongue came within reach of the beautiful brown hair. She felt the softness and quickly let her imagination run wild. Marlene got up and with her hands she took hold of Fabia’s locks again… She said she wanted a ponytail from Fabia , nice locks tied together with an elastic … She deftly put one in, fastened it high on the head. The long hair hung from the shoulders of Fabia , whose head was pushed back by Marlene so that the tail could dangle, some of the brown locks hung outside the tail. Marlene stroked them and with the scissors she took these locks … good enough for the ground. After each cut, she gave Fabia a little kiss. Fabia is getting more and more excited and curious about Marlene’s next steps. Marlene whispered that she wanted to shave Fabia. She wanted to cut her very short with clippers. She kissed her toy and her warm tongue slid down Fabia’s neck. She was excited about it. Marlene pulled the tail tight and moved it along her stomach. She sensed that it was a great feeling, Fabia experienced everything with pleasure. She was wet again and longed for more of Marlene’s juice herself. She could stroke the blonde, but not finger yet. She made a comment about it and Marlene turned so Fabia could enter. Fabia stroked the pussy and slid her fingers back in, looking for juice from the beautiful blonde. Marlene was still playing with the long brown tail, and doubted if she’d put the scissors in the tail or whether to shave it off with the clippers. The clippers were within reach, she wanted them to use on Fabia, actually as the last action to make all hairs the same length again. She stroked herself with the tail while enjoying the excitement that Fabia gave her. Fabia noticed that too, longing for some more of her own locks over her bare body. So more cutting work was needed, she moaned softly when her fingers got wet from Marlene’s juice.

“Oh Marlene cut me further, I want to feel my hair fall to the floor, see my locks over your feet. Please cut further and I’ll finger you more afterwards …”

“Honey, I want to harvest your lovely long tail first, to keep it for later. Then I’ll take off the rest of your locks for you. I’ll cut your tail off your head, enjoy it. Look how long it is now, I can pull your head back with it {she did that and kissed Fabia} Time for short hair honey, I’ll cut it above your band… ” The scissors went into the hair and Marlene lifted the locks with one hand, the other passed the scissors through the tail hair. She saw the first locks spring loose and loved that sight. Cutting every millimeter further, more free hairs, it excited Marlene more and more. Fabia enjoyed it too, waiting for the result. She knew now that she would go home with very short hair, but also that she had never been wet as often as now. And she was counting on some rough sex with Marlene’s blond locks all over her. She would rub her own freshly cut locks over Marlene, which also excited her. She would spoil Marlene, now she had the chance. She longed for the blonde hair against her bare body. She knew Marlene wanted to go between the sheets with her and hoped it would happen soon. However, Marlene wanted to enjoy more clipingsex and took it easy, each time lifting the tail and cutting some of the free hair. Fabia was covered in her own freshly cut tufts of hair. She enjoyed it, because Marlene visibly did too. She slid her hand between Marlene’s legs and stroked there, her fingers slid to the pleasure spot and played there gently. Marlene groaned audibly, tugged some more at the remnants of the tail and kissed Fabia on the mouth again.

“You come to bed with me, but first I shave your tail off and then you can spoil me in my bedroom, you surely will like that …”

“Oh yes, I want to, please cut my hair quickly, run the clippers on my head, cut the hairs right there. My long brown hair can stay here. ”

Marlene took hold of the tail, it was still half hanging from Fabia’s head. She pressed the clippers against the edge and slowly cut the rest of the long hair from the head. Triumphantly she showed Fabia the long tail.

“I keep this one, the rest can go, your hair has served on the ground and on your naked body.” She put it aside and let her fingers play with the short, uneven tufts of hair. Time for comb and clippers.. After all Marlene loved shaved heads and she wanted to cut the last hair quickly, she didn’t want to keep her future bedmate waiting long. She started the endgame with a kiss on the short hair. Centimeters of brown hair fell prey to the clippers, Marlene kept sliding it over the comb and threw the shaved hair over Fabia. When she was done, she intensely stroked the head with the short spines. Where long locks hung from at the beginning of the evening, now only the beginnings were left, the rest lay on the floor and she would take part of it to bed, just as the tail. Marlene wanted to be pampered by Fabia as a reward for the clippingsex session. In her mind she was already busy with where to find the next girl, as usual she only went to bed with freshly shaved young girls… now it was the beautiful brunette.


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