Bun Heads Loose Their Buns at the Barber Shop

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The five girls walked into Tom’s Barber shop. 18 and finishing their senior year at Miss Kelly’s Dance school. Their hair was long and tied up in ballet buns. Miss Kelly was very strict and each year she would bring the graduating students in to have their buns cut off.
This year there was a photographer there from the local paper for a story on the ballet school and the big event. The shop was pretty crowded with boys getting their summer buzz cuts. The photographer took photos of the girls sitting and nervously waiting for their turn with their buns.

He asked if he could get a few shots of the five girls all lined up in the barbers chairs. They soon had the five empty chairs and told the girls to all sit in the old fashioned barber chairs. He took photos as tissue was wrapped tightly around their petite little necks and then draped with white striped capes. He got some great shots of five little bun heads all nervously sitting with their heads poking up.

He also had them unravel their buns and got shots of them all sitting in the barber chairs with their long waist and butt length hair. They then redid their cute little buns.


The barbers all picked up their heavy duty Oster clippers and all simultaneously flicked their switches and placed them under the girls buns and sheared off the buns in one fell swoop. Some took a bit more time to dislodge depending on the girls hair lengths and thickness. But in less than a minute all five were releaved of their trademark ballet buns or top knots.

Two of the girls were stoic and did not flinch while their buns were buzzed off, while three were crying. Two were getting very aroused and wet as the men’s clippers were shearing off their buns.

The boys all wxatched in amazement, some knowing how long the girls hair was. Miss Kelly collected the hair buns, keeping them in tact with the girls names and year, to add to her collection at the ballet studio. Over the years she had gathered over a hundred buns and ponytails from her students.


A few of her other students had come in to watch and couldn’t believe their friends buns were being cut off. One of the boys pointing to the girls in the barber chairs said, that will be you next year which sent a look of horror to the girls face.

After the buns were sheared off, the barbers continued with buzzing most of their remaining hair. Two received little boys tapered haircuts, two crewcuts and one a perfect flattop. The sides were all shaved high and tight with white walls.
When released from the barbers chair the girls hugged each other.

Sundays local news section featured a full page story on Miss Kelly with the headline Bun Heads Loose Their Buns. The front page of the paper had a photo of the five girls in the barber chairs with the barbers poised with their clippers about to buzz off their buns.


The story inside had several more photos, the girls waiting for their haircuts, and close ups of Marybeth’s bun being cut off and another  of her still under the cape with her freshly buzzed flattop with white walls.
Tom the owner said, we look forward to this every year. Usually 5 or 10 girls come in to get their ballet buns cut off. One year there were 20 girls. They’re so cute and petite when 5 of the girls sit in the old fashion barber chairs, all lined up in a row with their little heads sticking up from the capes. They’re adorable. We really enjoy buzzing off their buns. The boys there for their summer cuts also enjoy watching their classmates sheared.
He continued, Most actually are long enough to reach their waist or butts. We use to let their hair down which was pretty amazing to shear off all that hair, but a few years ago Miss Kelly decided that she wanted to have us directly buzz off the buns from the top with the Oster clippers so she could collect them.

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