Buzz for Sister-in-law.

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I got married soon after I graduated to my high school sweet heart. She was beautiful with long brown curly hair. I dreamed of her everyday and couldn’t wait to get home to see her. I’m not sure why she had caught my eye. She just wasn’t my type. Short hair was my thing and I just couldn’t shake it. I loved cutting hair and more than that I love using the clippers to cut it. Seeing a girl with a clipper pixie or bowl cut drove me insane. While I was in school I’d get my dates drunk and cut their hair short while they was passed out but only once did I use the clippers on a girl. As  she was passing out I ask if I could shave some of her hair off she said sure I always wanted a Mohawk. So I obliged and shaved off everything so she could grow one. As I got a few years into marriage I revealed my desire of short haircuts to my wife. Hoping she would let me cut her hair short but she refused the request. Every time she was going for a trim I would show her pics of what I liked but still she refused. On our fourth anniversary she ask if it was time to start having kids? I kinda he hummed about it. Then she offered to let me cut her hair to a chin length bob. She already had me but I won’t lie I was loving it. I sat her down and combed out her hair as much as I could being curly it was tuff. Then I started carefully sniping and working my way from front to back keeping it to promised length. Looking at the amount of hair of the floor I was out of my mind horny. She didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant. After the baby was born she was a bit over weight and was not happy about it. About six months rolled by and she ask if I wanted to make a bet with her. She wanted another child right away saying we would be done with two. I said ok what’s the bet. If I could loose twice as much weight as her I could cut her hair to any length I wanted. If she won we had another baby. Honestly again I didn’t need the bet but she offered. She didn’t seem to try. I really think she just wanted me to loose weight. A month later I sat her down and she said gonna trim it again, right? But I was thinking more of a clippered pixie or my fav a bowl. She was not happy at all and the water works started. I took the new clippers out of the box and plugged them in as she watched squirming in the chair. I snapped them to life and adjusted them to run smooth then I cleaned the shipping gel off and oiled. Turning them on and off several times teasing her. She was so nervous she just kept shaking her head and saying please. I asked her if she wanted a pass on the haircut. No, just not to short please she replied.

I put the #4 guard on and started at the back just below the right ear pushing up towards the top of her ear. Watching the hair tumble to the ground. Each strip making me more and more aroused. I worked it to a longer pixie with tapered blended lines. She was not happy about the haircut but she was very happy with the after activities. I believe she enjoyed the haircut but was concerned about what people would think. Her sister being the biggest critic of her short locks.


To be continued…

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