Bye bye long hair

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My name is Viktoria and I’m a 20 year old girl with a huge passion for travel and photography. I am 172cm tall with dark eyes and my most prominent feature is my very long brown hair which reaches my knees and which I often keep in a huge bun on top of my head. On my last trip, I went to a tourist village located in the mountains of northern Europe to photograph the northern lights that I had been trying to photograph for a long time. I arrived in this village to make the last supplies and decided to stay in a small inn to rest and get ready for the night that awaited me. At the inn, I met the owner, whose name was Greta, a middle-aged woman, who immediately proved to be welcoming and kind. I was very tired from the long journey and she offered me to take a hot bath in the structure before going to my room to rest. After a while I went to the bathroom and found a huge tub full of flowers and other decorations with a particular scent that I had never smelled before and the atmosphere was really comfortable. I took off my dressing gown and had only my underwear on as I stepped into the tub to enjoy the relaxation that was offered to me. I was so relaxed that I didn’t even notice that Greta had entered the room to give me towels. “I see you’re enjoying our bath with the scents of nature” she told me and without turning around I replied “yes, it’s a wonderful feeling”. “You know what would make her even more beautiful? a nice massage and if you want I can do it for you” I was so comfortable that she could only nod in response and she knelt down next to my back and started massaging my shoulders and neck and all this it sent me into ecstasy. I was really in a new sensation all my body muscles were relaxing and the hot tub water was like a sweet blanket. I only had my shoulders and head out of the water and as Greta continued to massage me I felt like I was going to sleep cradled by all this attention. While she continued to massage my shoulders Greta put a hand on my huge chignon and slowly began to untie it by removing the elastic very calmly and when she was done my very long hair slid along the outer edge of the tub extending to the floor. “WOOOOAA !! You have really long and beautiful hair” were the words she said when she saw my hair down and with a smile I replied “yes, they are my pride and I haven’t cut them for at least 10 years”. Greta remained silent for a few moments and in the meantime she had also stopped massaging me and then she asked me “Do you mind if I comb your hair?” Although I didn’t like other people touching my hair she managed to say a “yes” in a low voice as I let myself be warmed by my sweet warm bath. Greta disappeared for a very short time and when she came back she started brushing my hair very carefully and calmly. I loved the feel of the comb in my hair and it made me even more relaxed as I was about to fall asleep. “I’ve always dreamed of brushing such beautiful hair and yours is truly gorgeous,” Greta told me as she pushed the hair back onto my forehead and began combing my hair back to the ends of my locks. “I bet you spend a lot of time taking care of it” she told me and then she started pulling my hair up on top of her head forming a high ponytail that hung down behind me like a chocolate cascade.
I was truly over the moon and as Greta tied the ponytail over my head I managed to say ‘thank you’ before feeling her hands on my shoulders for another massage. I hoped that feeling would never end and little by little a small kiss from Greta on my neck surprised me but it didn’t bother me and my moans of pleasure continued as she massaged me and gave me more kisses on the back of my neck. I was over the moon and felt a sensation of pleasure between my legs to such an extent that I started to spread them underwater and there Greta stopped massaging me to immerse her hands and slip off my underwear and throw them on the floor outside the tub. I hadn’t realized that during the massages on her shoulders she had also removed my bra and the constant squirming for the pleasure that I was feeling had made both the water and the petals come out of the tub and I was visible to Greta’s eyes in all the my nakedness. This made me recover for a while and trying to cover myself I thought it was time to get out of the water when Greta added more hot water to the tub and more petals with an even stronger smell. I wanted to get out of the tub but part of me wanted to stay and try everything I’d felt and so I leaned my back against the wall of the tub again and was indulging in the pleasure again. Greta wasted no time and started massaging my shoulders again and shortly after she resumed kissing me on her neck. “Is the bathroom to your liking?” “Yes” “well, then let’s see if I can please you further”. Her hands came up from my shoulders to my neck and nape of my neck and stopped on my head around my ponytail. Of her I was combing her hair with her fingers and I was so excited about this that I tilted my head towards her giving her full availability of my hair. I was so warm between my legs that I closed my eyes in both pleasure and shame so I didn’t have to face Greta’s. As she combed my ponytail I felt the tension increase and shortly after she started pulling all my hair towards her. By now my head was hanging out of the tub and my hair was being pulled with more and more force but even though I was in pain I wanted to experience stronger and stronger sensations and I started to encourage her “again, please!! Again!!!”. I couldn’t believe what I was saying I was completely at the mercy of this lady I had only met hours before her and I was allowing her to pull her hair even though it was my most prized possession. With one hand she pulled my hair and with the other she started playing with my nipples and this literally sent me into ecstasy. Continuing to squirm for pleasure and the more I moved the more I let water out of the tub and although I was already enjoying it I slipped a few fingers between my legs to complete the work. I started screaming with pleasure and I had never enjoyed it like this before in my life and Greta squeezed my nipple very hard while with the other hand she pulled my very long ponytail as hard as I could. I thought I’d tried everything when Greta kissed me right on the lips and yelled “how far do you want to go!?” I couldn’t speak from the orgasm I was having and she continued “WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO!?” I thought I was going to explode and she only managed to say “everything” Greta kissed me again and said “good”.
I was nearing the peak of my orgasm when Greta reached down and picked something out of one of the drawers of the cabinet near the tub but I couldn’t see them very well but I did notice that they shimmered under the chandelier light and made a clanging sound. Greta released her grip on my nipple and grabbed my ponytail again lifting it straight up forcing me to straighten up in the tub “say hello to your beautiful hair” and so she positioned that glittering object over my head and dipped it at the base of my tail. the sound “SCHNICK SCHINCK SCHINK SCHINK” was very loud and I heard it as my hair was pulled. It couldn’t be what I thought and I wanted to stop it but I was enjoying it too much to stop and when she felt my head finally free I reached my full orgasm. She lets me go with a loud scream and exhausted I was sliding completely into the water when Greta grabbed me by the chin and added “I’m not done yet”. Between her hands, I could barely distinguish a razor in the other hand that turned towards my forehead after turning it on. “PLEASE DON’T DO THIS” I tried to say but it was all in vain. Greta made a first pass slowly over the center of my head from forehead to back and I wanted to stop her but the sensation of the razor walking over my head was too good and I couldn’t resist. I kept asking her to stop but I wasn’t satisfied and I saw the first strands of hair falling into the water after she had finished the first steps. She turned my head to the right and while she continued to shave me I saw that on her piece of furniture lay my very long tail with scissors on it. It was then that I realized that the sound I had heard while I was climaxing was scissors mercilessly cutting my beloved long hair. Shortly after she ran the razor over the back of her neck and felt another sensation of pleasure even as I began to cry at the thought of not having long hair anymore. When the razor was turned off I felt Greta’s hands massaging my head and she invited me to get up and get out of the water. Once out of the tub I saw how many hairs were lying on the ground and others were floating in the water but it was only after I saw myself in the mirror that I was truly shocked. I had been shaved bald and my head looked even smaller without all that hair. “I think you look great,” Greta told me and she gave a hug while I couldn’t take my eyes off the mirror. During the night I decided not to go out to photograph the northern lights but stayed in my room thinking about the incredible afternoon I had experienced. The next day I did a few tours around the country and then in the evening I went to photograph the aurora that I had been looking for so much. On the third day I left the facility but first Greta handed me a bag with a souvenir inside “remember to take everything she told me” and looking in the bag I saw my ponytail that I had cared for and loved so much over the years. I was about to take it when I decided not to and smiling at Greta I replied “you keep it as a memento of my visit”. We said goodbye and I left. Since that day I couldn’t wait for my hair to reach the same length as before because I missed them and they were everything to me even though deep down in my heart I couldn’t hide that such an unexpected and forced cut had really been the best I could to receive.

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