Cammy Gaiden: Shadows of Resilience. Chapter 5: A Sister’s Touch

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As Cammy continued to adjust her hair, the doorbell pierced the silence, startling her. Cautiously, she approached the door, peering through the peephole. To her surprise, it was Juni, her friend from Delta Red and a fellow former Dolls member. Cammy slowly opened the door, revealing her new appearance


Hey, Juni,” Cammy greeted, her voice tinged with a hint of uncertainty.


Juni’s eyes widened, her gaze fell upon Cammy’s new hairstyle, a mix of curiosity and concern etched across her face, she couldn’t contain her curiosity any longer. “Cammy, what happened to your hair?”



Cammy, feeling self-conscious, nervously held a strand of her freshly cut hair, she forces a smile, her voice laced with a hint of awkwardness. “Oh, I just wanted to change my image a bit.”


Cammy warmly welcomed Juni into her home, the warm scent of jasmine filled the air as they made their way to the living room, passing by sunlit windows adorned with delicate lace curtains. Cammy’s personal touches, like vibrant artwork and a collection of potted plants, added a touch of comfort to the space. Despite of that Juni’s eyes couldn’t help but be drawn to Cammy’s new hairstyle, its edgy asymmetry catching her attention.


“You know, Cammy, your new hairstyle suits you. But it seems a bit messy. Would you like me to help tidy it up?” Juni asked, her voice filled with care.


Cammy’s eyes sparkled with gratitude as she accepted the offer. “Really? I thought so, Thank you, Juni. I appreciate your help.”


They settled in the living room, Cammy fetching a chair and a clean cloth while Juni gathered the necessary tools, including a pair of scissors. With determination in her eyes, Juni began working on Cammy’s unruly hair.


Cammy settled comfortably into the chair, her rough bob with parted bangs awaiting transformation. Juni, equipped with her tools, approached with determination. The room filled with a sense of anticipation as the scissors glinted in the light.


“Alright, Cammy, let’s clean this mess,” Juni said, her voice steady with confidence.


Cammy nodded, her anticipation growing as Juni’s hands began their work. The scissors danced through her hair with graceful precision, the soft snipping sound filling the room. With each gentle touch, Juni carefully trimmed and shaped, artfully sculpting Cammy’s hair.


The vibrant exchange of conversation accompanied their harmonious collaboration, words and scissors moving in synchrony. As strands fell away, Cammy’s transformation mirrored the newfound purpose within her. The bond between them deepened as the haircut progressed.


“You’re doing great, Juni,” Cammy remarked, a sense of calm washing over her.


Juni smiled warmly. “Thank you, Cammy. I’ve watched you face countless battles with unwavering strength. It’s only fair that I return the favor.”


With the final touch, Juni carefully crafted an undercut, trimming the hair on Cammy’s nape and clean the messy cut. The transformation was complete, she transformed Cammy’s messy bob into a sleek masterpiece. Cammy picked up a mirror and gazed at her reflection, the sleek bob framing her face elegantly. She ran her fingers through her hair, slicking back the parted bangs and leaving a few strands to frame her face. A surge of confidence coursed through her veins, as if the new haircut had breathed new life into her


“Look, Cammy!” Juni exclaimed, pointing to her own hair. “Now we have matching haircuts.”


Cammy’s heartfelt words of gratitude hung in the air as Juni, filled with warmth, pulled her into a tight embrace. Cammy’s arms wrapped around Juni, the strength of their bond tangible in that moment.


After the embrace, Cammy stepped back slightly, her hands still holding onto Juni’s shoulders. “Thank you, Juni,” she repeated, her voice laced with deep appreciation.


Juni smiled, the sincerity in her eyes reflecting their unbreakable connection. “It’s always a pleasure, Cammy. Remember, we’re in this together.”


As Juni left, Cammy stood in her home, regaining her spirit. The matching haircuts served as a visual reminder of their unbreakable connection and the cause they fought for. With renewed determination, Cammy remembered the things she held dear and vowed to protect them at all costs.


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