Can I help you with that?

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Steve was  becoming increasingly impatient. It was an unbearably hot day, over 100 degrees outside. The seventh-floor apartment he shared with his wife Stacy had no air conditioning of any kind. He desperately wished to take a shower to cool off. But his wife still occupied the bathroom, as she had all afternoon.

Not that this was unusual for her. She often spent hours in there at a time grooming herself, becoming even more attractive in the process. Steve usually did not mind at all and even encouraged her self-indulgence. But today was different. He felt an urgent need to put an end to his wife’s preening and take that shower NOW. He could no longer stand the intense heat and humidity that made the apartment just as muggy and unpleasant as it was outside.

“You’ve been in there for hours, babe, how much longer will you be? I want to take a shower”, Steve yelled loudly in the direction of the door to make sure she could hear him.

“Still a little longer, honey. Need to shave and do a few other things”, Stacy hollered back.

Not a good sign! Steve knew from previous experience that she might still need hours before she was done when she said that something would take “still a little longer”.  He seemed unsure of how to proceed further, but then he had an idea.

“Can I help you with that?”, he asked.

“Hmmmmmmmmm.  I’m not sure, . . . . . . . . . .  maybe you can” she replied.

Hearing the hesitancy in her voice, Steve sensed an opportunity for him to persuade her. He headed to the bathroom door to knock so that she could let him in. To his surprise, it was slightly ajar. She had not locked the door as she usually did when indulging in personal care time. He took this as sign of welcome and entered.

She sat on the edge of the bathtub, dressed only in her bra and panties, with her legs and underarms lathered up with shaving foam. He took in the sight of her beauty: her slender figure and the glistening waist-length platinum hair hanging down her back.

“Can I help you with that?”, he repeated in a softer tone.

She looked at him with her sparkling blue eyes for a few seconds, seemingly unsure of what to do.

“Well, honey,  . . . . . . . . . . .. . .actually, you can”, she said while glancing at him curiously. She paused a little longer, before suddenly blurting out: “But let me help you first!”

As soon as she exclaimed those words, Stacy sprang into action like an animal suddenly unchained. Before Steve could react, she had taken a handful of shaving foam and applied it generously to the side of his lower right leg. Directing him to sit on the edge of the tub, she quickly grabbed one of several pink disposable ladies’ razors that she had positioned next to her. She swiftly swept it over the area on his leg that she had covered in foam just a moment ago. Within seconds, he had a strip of bare skin stretching from his right knee down to his right ankle!

Steve was too stunned to respond immediately. This hairless patch would be very noticeable among his very prominent covering of black hair that could be found on the rest of his legs. A topic of conversation when he would be working out at the gym or playing basketball with the other guys in the coming days, to be sure!

Standing up again, he wanted to leave and end this unexpected shearing. Before he could say anything in protest, however, Stacy stretched out her arm, placing her dainty fingers over his lips. She moved close to him so that he could feel her increasingly rapid breathing on his neck, looking up into his eyes, seductively.

“Shhhhh!”, she said, gesturing for him to sit down.

“Just let me help you. And then you can help me!” she said in a soothing tone.

Once again, he  was at a loss for words. He simply sat down and allowed her to continue.  Realistically, there was no going back from his current state. The bald patch on his right leg could not simply grow hair instantaneously. He was bound to get a few strange looks and snide remarks from his buddies, but would have to live with that.

Within twenty minutes, she had managed to make his legs completely hairless. Steve was speechless. The sensation of completely smooth bare skin on his legs was entirely new to him. He stroked his newly shaven areas with his hands, surprised by the sensual pleasure that this action elicited in him. He could now feel a growing bulge inside his boxer shorts, a bulge that grew even more as he cast his eyes up and down at his wife in anticipation of being able to “help” her in the same way that she was now helping him very soon.

But she was not finished yet! She insisted on removing all of the hair on his chest, back, arms and underarms first. New territory for Steve, an experience that only increased his arousal. But he absolutely loved the new sensuality of his freshly shaven limbs.

As soon as she had finished her last swipe of the disposable razor on Steve’s now hairless arms, he jumped at his chance to return the favor.

“Now it’s my turn to help you!”

With a mischievous grin, Stacy sat down and proceeded to lather up any portions of her legs that she had missed earlier. She handed Steve another safety razor. He wasted little time in reducing the stubble on her legs to complete smoothness and soon probed his handiwork, gently gliding his hands up her legs. Stacy purred with pleasure, before moving her hand to unhook her bra. She let it fall to the floor, leaving her firm round breasts for Steve to marvel at. Indeed, Steve was more than a little distracted by the sight of his wife’s bare breasts and dropped the razor to the floor.  He wanted to turn his attention to her inviting cleavage, but she blocked him off,  handing him the razor instead.

“No, honey, you must finish helping me first!” Stacy took his hand that held the razor blade and guided his hand in the direction of her left underarm. Together, they removed the last hint of fine dark hair that had grown there, exposing her pale skin. She then released her grip from the razor, allowing her husband to continue with the task he had set out to do on his own.

Steve now focused on completing the shaving of his wife. Just as she had done to him moments earlier, he spread out more foam on Stacy’s slender body. He denuded her arms and her other armpit of any remaining hair. Soon her body was as hairless as his own. Satisfied with the result, he lovingly inspected his wife’s perfect figure for a minute before he finally remembered why he had joined her in the bathroom in the first place.

“I am going to take that shower now, babe. It’s just too hot to wait any longer.” He quickly relieved himself of his boxer shorts, stroking her gently on the cheek. He turned to her ear and whispered.

“Care to join me?”

“Hmmmmmmm”, she pondered, pausing for a few seconds.

“Not yet, my trim is not complete, honey. Just a little longer” Stacy pointed down to her crotch.

For a moment, Steve looked down at her sexy midriff, before moving his mouth to her ear again.

“Can I help you with that too, babe?” Steve was now positively drooling with excitement.

“Hmmh. . . . . . . . .”  Stacy seemed indecisive once again. She brushed away a strand of her platinum tresses that had fallen onto her face, tucking it behind her left ear before continuing.

“Actually, honey, you CAN help me again. But first let me help you!”

Without any further hesitation, she quickly grabbed a pair of electric clippers that were lying near the sink, plugged them into the nearest electrical outlet. She brought them near Steve’s crotch, now visible as his boxer shorts were on the floor. She quickly turned on the clippers, removing a huge chunk of his pubic hair in an instant, leaving a patch of black stubble behind. Steve was momentarily speechless, but protest was the furthest thing from his mind. In anticipation of where all of this might lead, his erection only continued to grow.

Thoroughly and with great care, Stacy proceeded to move across his entire pubic area with the clippers, including his balls and even the hair on his butt. After she was finished, Steve wanted to turn his attention on her, but she simply put her hand on his mouth.

“Shhhhh, honey. Let me finish helping you.”

She lunged for the can of shaving cream and lathered up Steve’s crotch. She readied another disposable razor, swiftly and yet expertly manipulating the razor blade all across his loins to remove every last trace of hair. Within minutes, she had finished; her deft touch in completing the shave further feeding his desire. He still couldn’t believe it. His body was now as hairless as when he was a little boy.

Unable from stopping himself in grabbing his now fully-erect member, he now only had one thing on his mind. And it had little to do with taking a shower!

He turned his attention to Stacy, who was now fingering her panties with her right hand and starting to slowly take them off.

She knows what I want, thought Steve to himself with excitement, anticipating the moment when her last remaining piece of underwear would finally drop to the floor.

He did not have to wait very long; Stacy was soon finished and completely naked, her carefully trimmed triangle of white-blonde pubic hair now clearly visible to him. He moved his right index finger near her mound, eager to place it inside her now visibly moist slit.

“No honey, first you have to finish helping me!” Stacy handed him the electric clippers. He briefly sighed in momentary disappointment, but was soon enjoying the task he had been assigned. Meticulously, he first attacked Stacy’s pubic triangle, reducing it to dark brown stubble that betrayed her natural hair color. Then he turned his attention to any stray hair near still surrounding her pussy lips until he was satisfied that nothing but the smallest hint of stubble remained.

“Hmmhhhhhhhhhh.” Stacy let out a loud moan.

“ Just help me finish! And then you can have your shower!”

She handed him the shaving cream and razor. Steve very gently went over the stubble-covered skin with the razor, working very carefully to avoid cutting her. She moaned even more audibly now, responsive to each of her husbands’ strokes across her glistening pussy. Steve recalled that she had always paid close attention to her pubic hair, keeping a carefully trimmed pubic thatch, never allowing a stray hair to emerge when wearing a bikini. But she had never completely removed her bush before.

Now that had all changed: within a few minutes her pussy was as hairless as when she was born.

Steve and Stacy looked at each other. Both were more than a little stunned with their newly-found smoothness; neither of them had really anticipated the removal of ALL of their body hair in the spur of the moment. It was more than a little exciting!

Gathering her long platinum hair in one hand, Stacy used the ends to tickle Steve’s feet and then his stomach. A form of foreplay in which they often indulged. She giggled and he could not help but join in, as he was more than a little ticklish. Nothing more needed to be said: the couple spent a few more minutes reveling in each other’s mutually discovered smoothness before they both went into the shower, to cool off from the heat.


The Next Day

Steve was again impatient and uncomfortable. It was another excruciatingly hot day. By lunch time, the conditions inside had become unbearable, just like the day before. But this time, he knew what to do. He headed towards the washroom, which Stacy had occupied all morning.

“You have been in there for hours, babe! How much longer will you be?”

“Still a little longer, honey. Need to finish trimming my hair”.

“Can I help you with that?” He entered the bathroom, which was again unlocked. Dressed only in her black bra and a tiny black leather thong, Stacy stood in front of the mirror, scissors in hand. She was examining her waist-length hair, with her platinum tresses in front of her, dangling near her belly button. But instead of being captivated by his wife’s beauty, something else had grabbed his attention. He was staring at a large pile of platinum blonde hair at her feet. A pile of hair that used to be on her head.

“How do you like me with bangs?” Stacy asked her husband, who was still gasping for air at the unexpected sight of seeing a significant portion of his wife’s hair on the floor.

Sure enough, Stacy had given herself bangs. It was quite a change from her usual one-length hair that she had been growing out to her waist. Instead, she now sported long bangs that almost completely covered her eyebrows, almost long enough to interfere with her vision. But somehow the bangs made her piercing blue eyes even more noticeable. Even sexier than before, thought Steve to himself.

“Can I help you with your trim?” Steve repeated his initial question, trembling with expectation.

“Hmm.  Actually, you can help me.”  She stared at him intensely, straight into the eyes in a hypnotic and forceful manner. Steve stood there frozen, unable to move while under his wife’s probing gaze.

“But you have to let me help you first!”


Steve heard a loud electrical sound. Captivated by his wife’s beautiful eyes, he did not notice her as she grabbed the clippers. Or that she had already plugged them in and turned them on. Before he could react, she ran them across the middle of his head, removing the hair in the middle of his crown. As no guard had been attached to the clippers, they left a path of black stubble on a patch of pale skin right in the middle of his head, stretching all the way to the back of his head.

As he turned abruptly to the face the mirror to examine his wife’s handiwork, Steve’s heart skipped a beat. He touched the middle of his head, which was now covered with a velvety pelt of stubble. His heart started pounding. There was no turning back! If he did not want to look like a balding middle-aged man, the job would have to be finished. He was going to be virtually bald! Once she was done, his rather long shoulder-length black hair would be history.

He decided to simply enjoy the moment, letting her first rid him of the remaining hair with the clippers before allowing himself to be shaved with a razor. Very soon, he sported a completely shaved head, smooth to the touch.

“Just feel the smoothness, honey!” Stacy rubbed her hands across her husband’s now bald pate,  again and again.

“Aren’t you glad that I helped you”? she asked playfully.

After finally digesting the fact that he had been denuded of all the hair on his head, Steve turned his attention to his wife. He moved towards her with anticipation. Although he loved his wife’s long blonde hair, he had occasionally wondered what she would look like with short hair. Or even without hair! He sometimes fantasized about giving his wife a haircut himself, never thinking that she would actually allow him anywhere near her immaculately maintained coif. As a result, he habitually suppressed such fantasies, knowing that they were unlikely to ever be realized. She allowed him to play with her hair during sex, but that was it. At least until now.

“Are you ready to let me help you? ” Steve smiled at his wife with glee. She would not be able to escape now, he thought. Instead of repeatedly stroking his bald head, she should try out the sensuality of being completely hairless and smooth for herself!

Stacy reacted by placing something into his hands. It was not the clippers, however, but merely the pair of scissors that she had been using earlier.

“Sure, honey, you can help me trim my split ends. An inch or so off the bottom should do it.”

Steve’s jaw dropped, as he could not hide his disappointment. Had he lost all of his hair just so he could trim off an inch of his wife’s blonde tresses? It didn’t seem fair. Looking down at the floor, he slowly put his fingers through the scissors in his hands, preparing himself to trim his wife’s split-ends. Maybe he could still talk her into cutting off a little more eventually……

But Stacy, who had been examining Steve’s reaction with bemusement, had other ideas. While he was still preparing to make the first cut on her split ends, she took the clippers. Without another thought, she applied them to her forehead and moved them down the middle of her crown. Multiple strands of long platinum hair immediately fell to the ground. She now sported a patch of dark brown stubble, the color of her roots, across the middle of her head.

Finally, the moment had come for to experience baldness herself. She flipped a few loose strands from her face and pushed them behind her ears. She was about to give in to her long-hidden desire of trying the bald look and the unbelievable feeling of being able to touch and caress her smooth dome. And she had somehow sensed that Steve might secretly feel just as excited about her being bald, even if he had always praised the beauty of her long blonde hair as long as she had known him.

She handed the clippers to her perplexed husband, who had dropped the scissors to the floor as he had once again been caught off-guard by her spontaneity.

“Now you can help me, honey. Just finish me off!” Her tone was brusque now, perhaps because she wanted to hide the sudden pang of regret that overcome her as she briefly glanced at herself in the mirror.

This was going to be a huge change. She was going to be bald! Not just short-haired, but completely hairless. Years of growth, many visits to the salon to lighten her hair and laborious devotion to her locks would be cast aside in just a few moments.

After about ten seconds, she managed to recompose herself.

“Help me, honey, just shave me bald.” she now said more gently, with the mischievous twinkle in her eyes having returned.

She has enjoyed toying with me just a bit too much, Steve thought to himself, not without a sense of frustration at being manipulated in this way. He looked at his wife, examining her beautiful figure from head to toe, one last time before completing the task of taking her precious mane of blonde glory from her. They were both going to enjoy this, he thought.

“You should have seen the look on your face when I handed you the scissors. I have never seen you looking so downcast!” Stacy giggled.

With a mixture of excitement as well as both feigned and genuine frustration at having been tricked once again, Steve threw himself at the task of making his wife as bald as he now was. He applied the clippers to the left side of her hair, quickly moving from front to back. Soon the entire left side of Stacy’s head was reduced to dark stubble, exposing her left ear, with the right side of her head still possessing its long blonde locks.

“That would be a good look for you too” Steve laughed, delighted with being in control for once.

“Maybe I should take pictures of you with the half-shaved look. It suits you very well!”

“Just finish me off, make me completely bald” She kissed him on the mouth.

“Please don’t wait any longer!”

He did not have to be asked again and turned his attention to the right side of the head. Soon, Stacy’s entire head was covered in short dark stubble. All of her blonde hair now lay on the floor. A huge pile of shiny white-blonde fur. Stacy looked at herself in the mirror with her heart pounding. Although she had been the one to push Steve along down the path to baldness, she was more than a little stunned at the final result. It was such a big change. And she had never had her hair-cut above her shoulders before. But this was worth it! Her her piercing blue eyes and otherwise also beautiful face stood out even more, no longer hiding behind that giant curtain of hair. She was even more gorgeous!

Damn sexy, she thought. He won’t be able to keep his hands off me.

Without uttering another word, Steve now grabbed the shaving cream and applied it generously across her entire head. Stroke for stroke, he removed every last bit of hair from her skull until she was completely bald.

Steve and Stacy looked at each other with amazement and lust. Their remaining clothing was soon on the floor and their hands all over each other’s naked bodies, now smooth from head to toe.

It was almost dark outside when they finally remembered the initial purpose of Steve’s entry to the bathroom. Only after finally taking that shower together did they finally head to bed.

The End

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