Capes and clippers

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Hi all. This is my second story on this site. My English is not so good. But I did my best and hope you all like this story. I like to read what you think about it. I am dutch. If someone can translate my stories please mail me. I am a hairdresser and like capes. If you like to get a haircut or just a cape session send me a message or write it in your comment. 

Capes and clippers

Mom it’s just don’t fair. All the girls of my age get more money for clothes and make up. I stamped on the floor and raise my voice. “You will have to do with the money you have young lady” mom sad angry. “or take a job after school”. What? “you know I don’t have time for that”. My homework is killing me. And I want spare some time with my friends to”. You just give me more? Dad always give me more when I asked”.  That’s enough young lady! You sound like spoiled brad” mom was very upset now. I know I was gone to far. “Get to your room and go to bed, it’s late already “ said mom a she looked at the clock in our living room. I sighed and walked out the room. Few minutes later I lay on my bed.

My name is Maddelyn , but everyone call me Maddy. 15 years old. My normal figure but small length. I have long Brown hair reaching half of my back. I tried to let it grow longer. Sind’s 3 Months I lived with my mom. Before that I lived 2 years with my father. But he was out of the country a lot for his job. My parents where divorced 3 years ago. Dad was always working and mom had enough of it. She also came out as a lesbian. I loved both of them but I stay with my dad because mom was moving to a other city. Now I was grow up and my behavior was not well dad says my mom better take care of me. Mom was strict but she let me free most time. But if I was bad she punished me hard. When I had stole some eyeliner a the local shop she spanked me almost 5 minutes over her knee. I couldn’t sit for 2 days. She also has her own style and hope that I will be follow-up the same. She likes skirts and dresses. And she loved denim. Her hair was cut very short with clipped back and sides. And colored black. Sometimes she put some gel in it. When I moved to her she bought more skirts and dresses for me. And some jackets and dresses. She also tries me to cut off my hair. Girls don’t need long her she said. Only distracting and short hair look lot better. But I never want to cut it off. I love my hair.  I normal go 2 times  to the salon each year for my split ends.

As I wake up next morning I was thinking off yesterday. I know I was gone to far.  When mom Comes home this afternoon I will say sorry to her. To please her I put on a knee length denim button skirt and a new top she bought me last week. I wash my face and apply some Light make-up.  I walk down stairs and found a note on the table. Maddy, Here is some money for the hairdresser. You asked me last to make a appointment for you. I called and they have time for you on 11 o clock. Here is the adres.  I looked on my phone and saw it was almost 10.30. I quickly eat a sandwich and walk to the hallway. I normally brushed my hair but now I put it in a bun on top of my head. No need to brush know I go to the salon. It was spring but not so warm so I grab my long denim jacket and walked outside.

Minutes later i stand in front of the hair salon . Looks more to a barbershop to me. As I opened the door I walked True a small hall that Comes in to a waiting room. A waiting bench and 3 plastic chairs. In front of it where 4 cutting stations. 4 high chairs. In the left corner was a booth. I think for materials.  There was one barber and two hairdressers. One young and one older women. Only the younger women had a client in her chair. I begin to unbutton my long denim jacket when I noticed it was cold in the salon. The air conditioner must be working hard. I keep my jacket on and take sit on one of the waiting chairs. Next to me was a older man and just when I sat down a mother came in with her son. The barber came to us and ask if we would like to drink something.  As he place a cup of  tea for me he ask if I would take of my jacket. You soon will get warmer he said smiling. I stand up and take of my jacket and hung it up coat rack. I drink of my tea and look around the salon. The younger barber had a women I  her chair with shoulders length hair.  She was cutting off 2 inches from top and I let them fall over the women’s cape. I noticed the purple cape the women was caped with was long and almost complete cover her body. This place was nothing like the normal salon I use to go. I see no basin for hair washing and no hood dryers. I become to feel a bit scared and doubted if I don’t want to walk away. Just that moment the barber walked over to the waiting area. He called the name of the older man.

The man walked with the barber and go to the first chair. On that moment the other women hairdresser walked over to the little booth and came out with a purple cape. Then she walks to the waiting room and looks to me. You must be Maddy, the women said. Yes I said. My name is Judi the women told her. Judi was tall. I think she was in the 40’s and she had short black hair cut in layers.  It’s your turn. Come and take a sit in the second chair. I stood up hesitantly and begin to walk slowly to the chair. Judi walks behind me and gave me a little push. Come on, I don’t have all day, she said. I climbed in the chair and put my feet on the footrest. I lay my hands on my legs and begin to play nervously with the buttons of my skirt. Judi Shook off the cape and swung it around me. The cape was huge. It completely covers me. Made from soft nylon. And had a double row of push buttons. Judi reached forward and took a paper from a dispenser. Next she pulled it tight around my neck. Then she picks up the ends of the cape and begin to close it with snaps. Snap, snap, snap, snap ,snap, snap.  Each button that was snapped make it more tighter around my neck.  The collar was high and covers my entire neck. I was shocked to see Judi took another stroke of paper and fold it over the cape round my neck. Then she folded the two neck strips over the cape. It was so tight. But i didn’t dare to ask if she would loosen it up a bit. At least it was not so cold now anymore. Judi pressed her feet on a pedal and the chair went up. Higher and higher. Finally she untied my bun. My long hair slipped over the huge cape. I was ready for the cut.

Ass Judi rough began to comb out my hair I ask if she can cut my split ends and maybe cut some layers. She looks to me in the mirror and said that she already knows how to cut me. Your mother called before your appointment. She has chosen a different style for you. What? I couldn’t believe my ears.  Judi began to spray my hair. What style are you going to give me? I want to jump off the chair but I know everyone will look at me. And with that huge cape around I feel being trapped. Relax girl, Judi said. You are going to look fine ass you keep sit still. Your mother will be very pleased.  Next thing that happened I will never forget. As she took the scissors and snip off all my hair just below my neck. Long brown locks slipped over the cape and fell to the floor No no no, what are you doing?? I screamed. Everyone in the salon look up my way.  Sssst. Just sit still miss, Judi said. I only do what you’re mother told me. O there she is. Judi turned the chair towards the waiting room. My mom just came in and walked right up to  me.  O Maddy, you look already better, she said with a smile.  Wha.. What are you doing to me? I felt tears burning in my eyes now. You getting a haircut that you deserve young lady.  Yesterday you act like a little girl, then a little girl haircut is what you get. Now You sit still and listen to miss Judi. I will be waiting for you. Shall we make it  a surprise for her? Judi asked.  Yes let’s do that mom said. And she walks to the waiting room and takes place. Judi begin to wet my hair.

The surprise was the chair kept facing to the waiting room so I couldn’t see what she was doing.  I felt Judi comb hair on my back and snipped it off far above my neckline. I hear them fall on the soft nylon. A few minutes she continued with the back of my head. Then she came and stood next to me and started cutting my right side.  I felt my hair being cut off just below my cheek.  Next she walked  over to my left side. Also on that side the hair soon slipped over the purple nylon.

Judi stopped cutting and comb trough my hair.  As Judi walked away to the other side of the salon I tried to shake my head. Although that was difficult with  the tight cape . I felt the locks around my chin. But on my back I didn’t feel anything and I didn’t want to know how short she has cut it.  I sighed and tried to look a little around me. On the third chair was now sitting the boy and his mom stand next to him. I saw the younger women hairdresser caped him with a neck paper and big blue cape. She begin to wet the hair of the boy and start cutting his hair on top.


Meanwhile Judi came running with a big blue cape in her hand. Is she going to cut another client? I thought. But She walked over to me. She shakes out the cape and throw it over me. This cape was also very big.  On the collar was a long row of metal denim buttons. She buttoned 4 buttons and make sure the cape was tightly pressing in my neck. Time for the second part of your haircut, she said. I was shocked. I could barely move my head. The blue cape was also made of soft nylon. Ass judi made sure the cape covers me at all sides, I heard the cape softly rustle over the purple cape. I begin to feel warm now. I could smell the metal smell of the buttons on Judi’s hands. They are pressing meanly in my neck.

Next Judi pumps up the chair a little bit higher. She stood behind me and I saw she has a big clipper in her hands. No, please. She is going to clip me. I nervously tried to look behind but the capes don’t let me. I heard Judi clicking some plastic thing on the clippers and put them on. Now, she said, head down on your chin please. I tried to look away but she placed her hands on top of my head. She pushed my chin down and I again was remembered how tight I was caped. Soon feel the clippers up on my nape. Bzzzt bzzzt bzzt. She running the clippers to half of my back. On my right I heard another clippers starting up ass the boy next to me was also being clipped. The humming sound of the 2 clippers filled the salon. My mom was looking interested how I was clipped. She smiled at me and I know she enjoys this. Soon my back was clipped and Judi walked to my right side. She unpinned a stroke of hair and begin to clip just above my ears. I feel her pressing the clippers strong against my head while she hold me with her other hand on the left of my head. Bzzt bzzt bzzt. Tears rolling over my cheeks. This was so unfair. Being clipped against my will. I couldn’t move my head. More hair slipped down over the cape and fall in my leap. The right side of my head was clipped. Soon the left side followed.

Judi turned off the clippers and removed the plastic thing from it. I tried to get my left hand from under the cape and feel my nape. But I couldn’t find the ends of the huge blue cape that almost hit the floor. “keep your hands under it” says Judi. She pushed my arm back and make  sure the cape was cover the left side of the chair. she started the clippers up again and pressed my head forward. Hold still darling. “We are almost done” and with that she places the clippers flat against my neck.  Scccrrr scrrrr scrrrrr. The blades of the clippers scrape over the metal buttons of the cape. My nape must be so short by now. Judi takes a big comb and lay it flat against above my neck. Bzzzzzt bzzzzt bzzzt.  I feel her pressing the machine against the comb and clip away a new section of my hair.  I cant think about how short it must be by now. However I want to stop it and get those stupid capes of me I feel a cold shiver in my body. Between my legs it begin to feel warm and I know I’m going to wet myself. As Judi take a new section off my nape and clip the small hairs off over the comb I found myself putting my finger between the buttons of my skirt. I found my happy spot. Everyting comes together now. This place, judi, the capes and clippers. It was all new and I feel thrilled. Few seconds later I finished with a deep sigh. Judi heard it. Just a minute darling. Almost done.

She finished the line of my nape with a small clippers and also makes sure my ears where free. I was hoping she will free me of the second cape now. But she take a hairdryer and a round brush First she blows all the small hairs of my nape. Next she takes the clip of out of my hair and let the longer hairs on top fall over the clipped area.  When she was sure all of my hairs where dry, she finally turned the chair to the mirror. However I know it was short I cant believe it. I look like a little girl. A sea full of blue from the cape that completely cover me. Above I see a small girl’s head. My hair falls just below my chin. Judi picks up a small mirror and shows the back of my hair. It’s slanting up and my nape is clipped very short and high. Almost to the skin. I didn’t care anymore. Only thing I looked for are those metal buttons that press meanly in my neck.


Finally the moment is come. Judi lay down the small mirror and comes behind me. I can feel each button  being  opened. she takes the blue cape off me. It feels a lot better. She also loosens the neck paper and I was only waiting to be free of the purple cape. The picks up a fluffy brush and brushed out small hairs off my neck. The buttons of the purple cape snapped open and the chair goes down. I was free. Now be a good girl and go to your mother.  I can feel fresh air on my nape. I Just did one more look in the mirror. The haircut  didn’t look bad on me. But it wasn’t so me. What will all my friends say.

I was walking to my mom ass I was hoping she and Judi don’t see the wet spot between my legs. Luckily my skirt was thick. Mother was very pleased with my new hair. This is sow better.  Oh Maddy, you looked so cute now. And with those capes on. I made some pictures of you when you where clipped. What? I look back to the chair . The floor was covered with a pile of brown hair. In just 45 minutes Judi destroyed years of brushing, wash and conditioners.


You have done a wonderful job Judi, mother said as she pays.  I want her to keep this haircut. Let’s make an appointment for a new cut. Well, says Judi. To keep it this way I want to cut her in 6 weeks. And to make sure the nape stays nice short we make an appointment for clippers in 3 weeks. That would be perfect mother said.  I was shocked again…..


To be continued.

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