Casey Meets Her Match

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Casey has always had a bit of a secret; a secret that would be mortifying if it ever got out. She’s your normal 23 year old, she just has a bit of a peculiar preference. Actually, let’s just call it what it is: a fetish. You’d never know by looking at her, but this sweet little brunette has a kinky side that could make a porn star blush.  Her 5’7 frame boasts a pair of perky DD breasts, the most beautiful green eyes you’ve ever seen, and thick luscious hair that extends past her mid back. If you ask her, she’s most likely to tell you that her hair is her favorite possession. She’d spent nearly a decade perfecting her look. Growing it out, using only the best products and regularly scheduled trims exactly 8 weeks apart. Casey’s hair was her baby and everybody knew it.  There was only one problem with Casey’s perfect hair; she wanted to chop it all off.. every last bit of it. She has always worried about what other people thought of her, and this was no exception. She was worried that she would appear less feminine if she went for a short cut. Deep down, she knew her burning desire for a short haircut would win, but she just needed to figure out how to keep the comments at bay.

It was 2 am and Casey couldn’t sleep. What does any normal 23 year old do when they can’t sleep? They get lost in some rabbit hole on Reddit, of course. She was scrolling through the normal message boards; mostly about fashion or makeup. Then she came across something she couldn’t ignore. A link to a new salon had been posted in one of her groups. There weren’t any comments on it, which was odd because the post had been up for the past 3 days. She thought it was strange, but she clicked on the link anyway. The website looked new and it wasn’t very developed yet. Maybe this is why there weren’t any comments on the post. She continued to scroll and came across the “About Us” section. Curiosity got the best of her, so she clicked on the page and began to read. “Do you have long hair? Do you need a new look? Are you willing to be open minded? Then our chairs are always open. We can’t wait to make your dreams come true”… a little cryptic but Casey was intrigued. She kept scrolling to check when they opened. “Open 24/7”… Casey’s eyes widened a bit in disbelief. “Surely that must be a typo. Oh well”. Casey put her phone down and tried to go back to sleep but she couldn’t stop thinking about how odd it was that a salon would be open 24/7. “Who the hell gets a haircut in the middle of the night?” she thought.

She spent the next 30 minutes rolling from side to side in her bed. She couldn’t get comfortable and she still couldn’t get that salon out of her head. “Fuck it, I’m going” she said. She put herself to together and got in the car. The salon was only a few blocks away so it was a quick ride. She pulled up to the address listed on the website and began to look for the salon front. “Weird, I don’t see it” she said to herself. She looked around and didn’t see a sign, but she did see a spinning barber pole next to a set of stairs. She figured that must be it, so she made her way to the stairs. They went down a single flight, where there was a glass door with the words “A Drastic Change” etched into the glass. She opened the door and walked into the salon. It looked pretty normal; there was a salon chair, a big mirror, a hair washing station and all the hair dressing tools. A man emerged from the back room and greeted her with a smile. He was tall, and muscular. His head was cleanly shaved, which complimented his neatly trimmed beard. Casey bit her lip a little and he clit began to tingle. This guy was hot and she couldn’t deny it. “Are you here for a haircut?” the man asked. Casey paused for a moment before she decided she was going to take the plunge. “Yes” she said with a smile. “Great, my name is Jason. I take it you’re familiar with the services we offer?”  “Well, you cut hair right?” Casey said… Jason smirked. “Well yes, but we also make dreams come true.. and something tells me you came to the right place” “Oh, I don’t know about that.. My dream might freak you out” Casey replied.

Jason tilted his head to the side and laughed. “You must not have read everything. We specialize in fetish haircuts. Anything you can imagine, we can do for you”

Casey’s eyes got wider than they’ve ever been before. “Wait, are you serious?” she took a minute to take it all in. Could this really be happening or was it a dream? Her cheeks flushed and her clit throbbed. She was imaging all her beautiful hair being chopped off. She bit her lip once more and said “You really mean you can do anything?”

Jason smiled and said “Anything.” He grabbed Casey’s hand and took her into a back room. There were all kinds of costumes, outfits, shoes, and sex toys. “You pick out anything you want and meet me back at the chair, ok?”  Jason left the room while Casey looked at her vast choices.

About 10 minutes passed and Casey re-entered the main salon. She was in a slutty school girl outfit, with white thigh high stockings, 6 inch platform stilettos, and an assortment of sex toys. Her heels clacked on the hard salon floor as she walked toward the salon chair. She sat down and bit her lip. It was a good thing she wasn’t wearing any panties under that mini skirt because her clit was throbbing and her pussy was soaked in anticipation.

Jason looked at her and said “so what haircut would you like?”.. Casey paused to think. “Something short, really short” she said with a grin. “I think I know just where to start” Jason replied. He brushed out her hair one last time. It was board straight so it would be easy to cut. Jason picked up the scissors and began to cut. The razor sharp scissors cut straight through Casey’s hair. Locks of her hair were sent in a cascade toward her feet. Casey could feel her head getting lighter with every closure of the scissors. The sound the scissors made sent a shiver down her spine. She slipped her fingers between her legs and began to finger her clit. She let out a slight moan as she watched her hair being cut shorter and shorter. By this point, her long brunette hair had been reduced to a cute little chin length bob. She was secretly disappointed that it wasn’t shorter but maybe Jason wasn’t done yet. Jason began to section off Casey’s hair, putting most it up in a bun atop her head. The rest lay flat across her nape. He reached for a pair of clippers on the counter. Casey’s clit throbbed as she realized what was about to happen. She picked up a vibrator and held it in her hand. Jason pointed her chin downward toward her lap. He turned on the clippers and Casey’s clit throbbed harder than it ever has in her entire life. She wanted nothing more than to experience those clippers for the first time. He placed the clippers at the base of her nape and the cold blades of the bare clippers made Casey moan with pleasure. Jason slowly ran the clippers up her nape and she let out an audible gasp. She could feel the cold air rushing toward her freshly shaved skin. She fumbled to turn on the vibrator and nearly dropped it in the process. Jason laughed and said “relax, sweetie. Just enjoy your haircut”.  She regained control of the vibrator and pressed it to her clit. Jason made another pass with the clippers and she came immediately. The vibrations from the clippers on her nape traveled down her body and collided with the vibrations from the dildo. She shot her head back and she squirted all over the chair.  Jason couldn’t help but be turned on by what was happening. His cock was visibly hard under his pants. Casey looked at Jason and said “take off your clothes.” He didn’t waste any time and undressed, unveiling a massively hard cock. That just turned her on even more. “Keep going Jason. Shave my nape. I want it shaved smooth” she moaned. Jason made another pass with the clippers, and then another after that. With each pass, Casey’s moans grew louder and louder. He finally put the clippers down and showed Casey her new haircut. She was left with a lip length, shaved nape bob. She reached up to touch her nape, biting her lip as she made contact with the freshly shaved skin. “mmmm this feels so fucking good” she said “I can’t get enough of those clippers.”  Jason ran his hands over her nape and moaned once more. Casey gets out of the salon chair and stands up. She turns and looks at Jason’s hard cock. She reaches out and begins to stroke it gently. She looks him square in the eyes and says “I’m going to bend over this chair and you’re going to fuck me while you shave my head”… Jason doesn’t hesitate. She bends over the chair and hikes up her mini skirt. The heels she’s wearing makes her perky ass stick out at the perfect angle. Jason slides his rock hard cock in her throbbing pussy and she gasps before she begs him to shave her head. He picks up the clippers and turns them on. “shave me baby! Shave my fucking head!” she screams. He begins to thrust inside her until his cock begins to throb. He puts the clippers in the middle of her forehead and slowly drags them back. A smooth patch of skin is exposed right down the middle, with her hair falling to each side of her head. She screams with pleasure. “shave my fucking head, yes, please shave it all!!!” Jason makes another pass with the clippers as he thrusts even harder. He continues to shave until there is only one patch left. Casey screams out “shave every last hair and cum inside me! I want to cum together!”  Jason makes one final pass with the clippers. His cock throbs one last time before he explodes deep inside her. He drops the clippers and they both scream with pleasure. Jason pulls his cock out of her and she falls in the chair in disbelief that something so incredible had just happened. Casey looked to the floor, only to see every last strand of her hair lying on the floor. She reached up to touch her freshly shaved head as she looked in the mirror. She gasps and screams “I love it! I never thought I’d look good with a shaved head, but ive never looked better!”  Jason smile and says “Maybe you’ll just have to keep coming back to see me” Casey looks back at him and says “with pleasure.”

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