Caught red-handed.

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Why Cindy, why did you do that, why are you being so fucking stupid sometimes: Cindy said as she rubs her head and tears run on her face as the door open.

Cindy is a woman of age 35. She is married to her high school crush, Jack Hamilton, from the second year of college.

Cindy has a son of age 10 who was born on the same date she graduated. She is tall about 1.70 cm(5’5) and weighs 53 kg(118 lbs).

Cindy has a Nice average body and a bra size of 32c.

All compliment her for her body or her round ass but what catches the attention of Cindy was that her husband uses her blue eye to compliment her.

Well, Cindy likes when people compliment her on her waist length red hair, but she has been a Dirty blonde.

A few days before graduation.
Cindy honey we have to talk: Jack said to his pregnant wife as he kissed her belly. What is it, honey?
Well our son is ready to be born and he will not give you much time to take care of your hair, so why don’t you cut it; said, Jack.
Plus all young mothers are doing so when they have their first Baby; Jack Added. Well, how short do you think I should go, honey.
How about you cut it all off; Jack said.
Hahahaha, you are joking right, honey you’re joking right?
No, I am not, maybe you should think about it, it will make it easy for you and the Baby: Jack said. I give him an angry face, have you fucking lost your mind or what?
Hahahaha hey come on now I am joking don’t get it so serious: Jack said as he realizes he has nothing come out of this.
I pout as I turn my head to the other side to get out of my room now. But Baby I was joking please don’t get mad at me; Jack said.
Well, our dorm does not allow men to stay with the girl so get out. Honey, first of all, we are married and second, we stay in the same room. I just pouted and turned around.

It’s been a few months, no a year since I gave birth to my son when I saw my husband come to me and kiss my lips.
I love it when he does so but what he will tell me next is not that much.
Honey I need to tell you something that I can’t keep anymore as a secret: Jack said. What no! You did not cheat me, you won’t dare to cheat me.
Like always and this time I rushed to get a conclusion.
What no! It has nothing to do with cheating; Jack said as he shakes his head.
What I want to tell you is that I do have a fetish I want to see my wife get her head shaved. My mouth gasps my long blonde hair. He, he, my husband wants to shave all my long hair?
Well, honey IDK what to say, I am glad you did not cheat on me but I can’t do that, not that I don’t want I can’t.
What will our relatives think, why I got rid of my long hair did I went crazy!, then you know what our city will think and they will call me a lesbian or even a whore.
Do you think I care about what people think;Jack said kind of irritatedby that as he knows I know he is a person that doesn’t give a shit what the othersthink about him or his wife, the only peoplewho he cares about what they think is me and our parents.
Well, what about our family? They will think I have gone crazy. Well we can tell you donated your hair. So it will be ok.
He has thought about a justification, and he truly wants to shave my head, but I can’t accept that.
Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband. I will do anything for him but my hair is the only thing that makes me feel feminine and having really short hair or no hair at all is kind of weird.
Every time I see a woman with short hair I feel pity for her even though she must have chosen to cut her hair.
Well, Jack I don’t know, just give me a few days to think before I give you an answer. Jack knows me as I Saw his sad face, he nodded his head.
He knows that means no to me so he just let it fall. I don’t know why he never pressed me more. Maybe he could have convinced me as he is really smart.
Well, I guess he loves me more than his fetish.
So years pass and I will get constant requests to cut my hair short.
To be honest I even get to try short hair just for him but my hairdresser always talks me out.
But I can’t stop looking at the cute face he makes when he sees me walk home after my appointment to the salon with just a trim.

Jack tries all that he can to make me cut my hair but in vain.
I did something stupid last night I was out with a few of my friends and we get a few drinks and a hot guy walk over and start a chat with us and especially with me.
He compliments me a lot and especially my beautiful long red hair.
Alcohol did his thing and so I ended up with him at his hotel Room kissing me and removing my clothes.
Lucky for me I managed to get it together and as I was naked in bed I realized that was bad and just walked out and went home.
Mom wake up! my son said as he jumped into my bed.
Some tears ran onto my face as I saw him and I just hugged him tight. Mom what’s wrong; my son asks me.
Nothing honey, but why are you awake so early?
Mom, can you let me stay at aunt May’s home for the summer. Oh, I see, so you want to play with Vanessa at aunt May’s.
I did not know my son had a gf, well Vanessa is a girl the same age as my son who lives next door to my sister’s home.
Mom I want to go to aunt May because of her pool and for Nessa, we are just friends.
Yes, just friend and you have already got her a nickname, I said as I turned him around and kissed and tickled.
He started to laugh and said to stop.
Ok honey go get ready as I’ll talk with your father and Aunt May. Yey, he said as he ran to his room.
I told my husband and my sister about my son and as I was driving him out of the city where my sister lives I still could not believe what happened last night.
I smiled and after I had a soda with my sister, I wanted a cold Beer at that moment but I could not because I had to drive home.
As I salute my sister and see my son already go to Vanessa and start to chat with her, he just waves his hand at me as I leave.
As I entered my car I saw my phone blink as an email came to my account.
I thought it would be one of these scam emails or some kind of ad so I did not pay much attention and just started to drive and carefully took the car out of the parking lot.

My drive towards home was a little nervous. I couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss I gave to a stranger and I was almost ready to do something that I will never forget myself in my mind.
I was about to commit adultery and more importantly I was the one asking him to take me to his home.
So I park the car in the driveway and enter the house to prepare dinner for my husband. I know what I have to make for dinner.
But as soon as I entered, my eye saw the email notification on my phone screen. Wait a moment that not seems like a scam or add email as I unlock my phone
I saw the email was from an address name ” that boy”
My jaw dropped as I saw the email was a pic of me kissing that boy at the bar. Oh my gosh, I fell on my bed as my phone dropped on the floor.
How did he/ she find that pic, and why is he showing me that pic.
What should I do, as tears create in my eye and I just could not get my strength to get my phone and replay?
I was hoping to blof him, so I grab my phone and start type“ what the fuck is this how dare you do something so low as to edit a pic of me and my husband” and send.
But that person just replays with a video and the same date and time when I kiss him. Idon’t think your husband will think this is an edit. Came an immediate reply
I didn’t know what to say, my bluf was meaningless.
Then another e-mail comes and this one has the image as he kisses me and removes my clothes as I giggle like a fucking teenager.
I’m done, my marriage is over, why are you doing this? I did nothing to you. I don’t even know you, sir.
Well, you might not know me and that is the reason why I am sending you the video first and not to your husband.
How can you send the video to my husband? You don’t even know who he is.
Jack Hamilton, age 35, fav color red, like reading sci-fi books, also love your red lingerie, work as the IT at a law firm, his e-mail: Cindy _ Jack@ was the replay of the other side.
Please, sir, I am begging you don’t do this. I don’t even know who you are. I will do what you say and as I was sending the email my eyes were full with tears, and a few ran down my face.
Oh you can save your marriage by just doing a small thing. You have to do tomorrow morning, I saw the replay and a light of hope was still there for me .
But I know that now I will commit adultery for sure. Anything I say: he replied.

I gulped as I read the message but my marriage was really important for me even though I know what the next text will be I typed “Yes sir anything”.
“Well let’s see, tonight when your husband come from work you will wait till he sit for his game and start suck him, but that is all no sex just suck him “ was the replay.
Ok this is a little weird! Who will ask to suck my husband dick and I don’t know what to think. I was so in shock and so as my husband came he went to get his shower and was acting like always.
Jack sat on the sofa after he turned on the ps5. I went to him, got on my knees, took his pants off and I started doing how I was told to do. I want to save my marriageand if this means I have to keep the kiss a secret from my husband.
I continued to give my husband oral. I know he enjoyed this as he called my name and rubbed my hair . As I made him cum in my mouth I swallowed all his thick cum and got up and went to get a shower.
He get up and starts to kiss me and then touch my body I know what he was trying to do , sorry baby i’m not in the mod for sex, hope you enjoyed the blowjob.
He turned aroundand went to his PS5. That was weird he never asked to continue anyway. Maybe he is not in the mood too.
The next day another-mail came .
Good on you for passing your first test. Now for today you have to wear some sexy lingerie and wait for him when he returns from the gym.
Fuck how does he know so much about my family .
But I have to think about this later , as I have to find where I put my lingerie I bought a few months ago. I don’t have to tell you what happens after Jack comes home after gym.
Jack woke up the next morning and he kissed me. He usually does that when he has to tell me something.
Honey, I will come home a little late today. We have to finish a new program this week and I want us both to go somewhere this weekend: he said as he got up.
As soon as my husband leaves the home an email pops into my phone.
What type of sex I have to do with my husband today I said as I check my phone and I almost fainted when I read the e-mail. “for today test you have to wait till 2pm walk at the end of the street and enter Tommy barber shop get a number and wait for you turn and when you time come sit down at the chair and ask the barber to shave all your head as smooth as he can”
I fell on the bed tears started to rolling down my face , my beautiful hair he asked me to shave my head. I can’t do that, no I can’t. I will do anything but this.. this is too much. How can I do that? Is he crazy?
I have to choose my hair or my marriage , but I can’t do that .

I know my husband will love me with a bald head but…
Wait a moment my husband will love me with my bald head , what if after this blackmail I say to my husband .
No he won’t just do that but he will comfort me , but still I can’t get rid of my mind the possibility of him blackmailing me .
Time went like minutes and without replies it was 13:30.
Come on Cindy you have to do this your life is more important that your hair it will grow back and Jack will love you bald .
So I got my bag and started to walk to the barbershop hoping it would be empty.
And since it was 2 pm it really was empty even though the barber did not seem to be in the shop. Well there is no one but I saw the sign saying open.
I grabbed the handle and took a deep breath. Ok Cindy you have to do this for the sake of your family. So I push the door open and the doorbell rings.
I saw one of those devices with a number tag and I just was about to get a number .
When I hear “Miss you don’t need a number please have a seat as you can see you are the only one at the shop”.
I saw where the voice came from and a young boy about 25 was smiling and wearing a barber apron close to one of the barber chairs .
I just nod my head and walk over to sit , even though I was so nervous I still have to save my marriage even if it means I have to sacrifice my hair.
The barber chair was so big but to my surprise it felt so comfortable and well it was something new to me and especially the fact that my feet did not touch the floor.
I was wondering what he would tell me as I was about to ask and that made me even more nervous as I thought about it.
I was so nervous that I did not notice he had placed something on my neck and the cape after that thought on my neck.
So miss, what can I do for you today : the barber asked me ?I saw myself in the mirror and it looked so weird that a giant white cape covered all my body except my head .
I have to do this. Come on Cindy just ask him, was my thought as I saw myself in the mirror warped by a cape.
So miss what can I do for you today : the boy repeats the question again.
I am sorry, can I have a glass of water please? It is just too hard for me to get the word.

He was so nice and gave me some water and started to massage my shoulder. To be honest it helped me a lot to relax my nerves.
Thanks, I really need that.
So how short are we going today: he asked me.
I took a deep breath and I tried to smile and said well I know you will think i’m crazy but I want you to shave my head, make me as smooth as you can.
I saw he was surprised by what I saw as it took him a few seconds to realize what I just asked. Did she really ask me to do what I think she did : the boy thought to himself.
His fetish came true and with a beautiful woman .
Why should I think you are crazy, madam, it’s your hair and shaving it all will make me think how brave you are and not crazy : he said .
I’m Tom, I heard him say as he walked by the shelf. Hi Tom, I’m Cindy .
Cindy Hamilton you are the wife of Jack Hamilton right ? he asked me . Yes iam, how do you.
Well Jack is one of my best clients and I have seen him a few times and that explains why you looked so familiar.
Well then shall we start? : He said to be honest. It surprised me as I was waiting for him to ask me if I was sure.
I saw him and his red big clipper, with a metal blade. Please be careful.
Oh don’t worry I know what i’m doing : Tom said as he held all my hair behind revealed my hairline and turned the clipper on with a loud pop and a buzzzzz filled the room .
I gulped as I saw the clipper place at my forehead and as I saw the clipper move from my forehead to the top of my head as the clipper moved, my hair did not give any resistance; they just surrendered to the clipper as it moved.
I saw his hand move up to the top of my head and my red hair fell to the floor like a blood waterfall.
I could not believe this and wanted this to be a nightmare as he started to make a second pass on the left of the first pass.
Tom moved his hand and sent more and more of her red hair into the floor.
I can’t risk losing this opportunity : Tom thought to himself as he started to make a second pass at the top of her head .

Cindy saw how Tom moved the clipper at the right side of the first pass and it just seems like a hot knife cut through butter .
Her long hair was surrendered to the clipper without fighting just a little .
Well your hair is so well maintained madam: Tom said as he made a few more passes at the top of her head.
I saw as my tears started to fall on my face I tried my best not to cry but it was impossible .
I felt his hand at the top of my head and he said : don’t worry madam you will look amazing bald.
And your husband will love you even more: he continued. Felt his palm push my head down gently but held it firm at the same time.
I don’t doubt that I know he will love me after all it is his duty as my husband to love my head.
Tom just smiled and placed the clipper at my nape and moved it upward, sending my waist long red hair onto my shoulder and to the floor where there was a large pile of my hair .
As he made a second pass I felt a cold breeze at the back and top of my head . Does it feel weird yes but I won’t lie it is also really good.
A few more passesand I did not know why I had a rollercoaster of emotion . I felt good by the clipper , but also mad and nervous.
Who was that man that knew my husband and me so well , was he Jack.
I did not know why I was suspicious of Jack even more as the clipper made a few more passes at the back of my head.
Why did I suspect my husband , after all why will my husband have to blackmail me .
Was I going crazy, was this the end of my marriage ,will that man keep his word and never blackmail me again.
As I was thinking, I felt my head turn to the right and the buzz sound got louder and louder as he placed the clipper at my cheek and moved up to the top of my head.
I saw as my hair landed on my arm and stayed there.
They were so long that as they landed on my arm they touched the floor.
I watch my lifeless hair on my arm as Tom holds my ear down and starts buzzing above my ear . He then passed behind my ear and started buzzing my hair.
He then passes at the other side and starts doing the same process and at the last part of my hair.
In a few min I saw how the last long tufts of my hair started to fall to the floor and though well it is over at least.

But in no time he started passing all over my head and I did not know why he was doing so I have only a shadow, that proves my hair used to be on my head.
I want to ask him , but he knows what he is doing even if he explains why he has to do that I probably won’t understand so I just closed my eyes and enjoyed it.
I heard the click and the silence filled the room .
And after a few sec of silence I felt something hot placed on my head, which made me open my eyes and I saw how a hot towel judged by the steam came out of the towel, placed on my head.
It’s so hot do you really have to do that : I ask.
Well yes it will help your pores open and does not hurt when I use the razor . “Razor” you will shave my head with a razor.
Well yes you ask for me to make it as smooth as I can, but if you want I can stop here miss Cindy: Tom said .
Well I came so far why not all the way I said as I closed my eyes and let him continue doing what he has to .
My eyes opened as he removed the towel and the cold shave gel he was using was applied to my head and it felt so nice but I don’t know why .
Why did I enjoy getting my head shaved? I love my hair. Why did this happen to me, no it happened because I was nervous so I did not know how to feel.
I saw him bring a throat cut sharp razor and I gasped as he touched my skin on my forehead and said don’t move .
I just held the chair and sat still. I did not want to touch my skin as I felt the razor start to scratch my stubbles from my forehead and move up, remove the stubble and shave gel.
As he made the first pass my head felt weird. The middle of my head showed a pale white skin, while the rest was covered in some green gel.
He started to make a second pass on the right side of the first to remove more of the gel and more of my stubble.
Why is my head so pale? I said curious as he continued to shave my top head.
It is because all your long hair has never left the scalp to get sunlight; Tom said, focussing at what he was doing.
Oh I did not know what I said as I felt a few more passes at the top of my head.
I started to feel even more weird. I liked the clipper but the razor was something else. I could not have the word to describe how good it feels to have the razor shave the stubble.
I started to wonder if what I was doing was correct while I was having my head shaved .

It took Tom about 30 passes to shave all my head and he then applied shave gel again and started to reshave my head .
He shaved my head 3 times and I could not believe how good it felt to have your head shaved . I just saw in the mirror as he washed his hand and got some kind of cream in his hand .
He started to apply and massage my scalp.
It did burn my head. I will enjoy the scalp massage.
Why is it burning? Tom told me you did not use any hair removal.
No madam, it’s just aftershave. It helps the scalp relax after the razor “kiss” as I call it .
The burn sensation leaves after a few sec and I started enjoying the scalp massage so much that it almost put me half asleep.
I feel how Tom remove the cape and I open my eye .
How much do I owe you Tom : I asked as I got up and saw all my hair on the floor. Just 10$ madam: Tom said.
Sorry what I think I miss hear you , did you say 10$. Yes madam that is the price is just 10 $ he said again. Wow it is so cheap, as I give him 2 bills of 10.
Madam I said ….
It’s your tip! I did not even let him finish the sentence.
As I was at the door I saw how he saw me and said use some sunscreen madam if you do not want to get a burn on your scalp.
So I went home and waited for an e-mail or something but as soon as I touched my smooth scalp I loved the feeling.
I was waiting for my husband and when he came home I decided to try something and see if my suspicion was real.
I know that Jack can’t look me in the eye when he is lying.
It’s just that Jack can’t lie, he doesn’t know how to lie and when he is lying he won’t look in the eye. Oh hey Jack how was your day, I said as he entered home.
Omg Cindy your head,what happened : Jack said as he was trying to pretend to be surprised by my bald head.
What do you mean what happened to my head Jack.
Well you are bald and I thought you would never shave your head.

Oh you mean you shaved my head by blackmailing me right Jack. What blackmail he said as he was looking away from me .
I was 100% sure now that he was the one who blackmailed me .
Look me in the eye and tell me that you did not blackmail me and send me to shave my head.
Ok I did but don’t pretend like you have no guilt at all at this : Jack yelled at me and he was angry. You know how much I hate secrets and still you keep secrets from me.
Do you remember what was one of our vows when we got married, Cindy?
Now it was my time to lower my eyes and I whispered never to lie or keep secrets from each other. Sorry I can’t hear you what did you say Cindy?: Jack said as he pointed his left ear at me .
To never keep secrets or lie to each other : I replied with tears in my eyes.
And what you did , you kept a secret from me , you know really well that if you explained to me what happened I would have understood and the truth will never keep hidden Cindy.
No but or what Cindy this dicusion end here now i am sorry I need a shower I will sleep on the couch today .
Jack went to get a shower and dinner was so awkward, and no one spoke a word.
At midnight I woke up and I was alone in bed , Jack w.. oh yes he is sleeping on the couch.
I got up and went to the living room and lay next to him. Please Jack I am sorry for keeping a secret from you, come to bed, please pretty please.
He kissed my bald head and so we went to bed.
When my son came back from his trip to his aunt’s, he was shocked when he saw me with a buzzed head.
Wow mom you look so cool : Aron said . You like your mom’s new look right?
Yes mom may I : he said as he raised his hand.
I kneel down and bend my head so he can touch my head .
He did and wow it’s so soft mom you look really good mom without your long hair he said and kissed my cheek.
But as his school started he got a surprise. Vanessa and her family moved to the home next door and I could see that Aron was so happy and nervous at the same time.

Well he still feels nervous but it does not last long and all know they 2 were together so all they had to do was accept even if they tried to deny at first, eventually they accepted that they were together.


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