Caught red handed!

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My affection for the whole haircut drama is certainly well documented, just read a few stories – some fantasies- a few (with Faith) are in real time- real life! Today, as I drove to p/u Faith from the airport, I couldn’t suppress the emotions. I needed to feel the clippers on my neck! After a super short (#1 on the nape and sides, longer on the top) cut only 5 days ago, I stopped into City Barbers – a mile or so from the airport. I was an hour early, as Faith’s flight was arriving at 12:57 pm. Unfortunately for me, it was 11:30.

It’s also no secret that I am partial to female barbers – as I’ve only had one male barber cut my hair since I was a teenager. Today the emotions took over. Parking and walking into the “City Barbershop” I was greeted by an older gentleman, maybe in his 70’s and with the iconic cliche “Have a seat young man”

Hell, young man – nice comment for sure, but I’m 55 years old – I’ll take it…

“How short are we going” as he pumped the chair, tissue on the neck, cape snapped tightly, almost cutting the blood off to my head!

In that moment, and as I always referenced- “My wife likes it super short, so maybe just take it down a blade or so – just a light clean up… I’m in a wedding this weekend, everyone says you should get a trim 2 weeks prior and I haven’t had time to get a haircut – but my wife insisted I stop in”

What bullshit, if I were in a wedding every time I used that excuse, I would be in toasting a bride and groom every week!

The next 5- 10 ten minutes were a blur. With a slight push on my crown, and the loud clanging of the Clippers (must have been the 30 year machine) Ed, of the iconic “City Barbershop” began in the back, moved to the sides, ears pushed down – hair falling like snow all over the cape. There was no fucking way this much hair was coming from my head!

And with a shot of talc, and a slow turn around to the mirror- I was indeed finally called out and caught “red handed”

“Short enough” the old man said as he spun me around and held the mirror for a quick view.

“Looks great sir” That should last me until the wedding!

As I got up from the chair, I couldn’t help but think what Faith would be thinking. My scalp was bald, shiny and the top was “standing at attention” I was .00025cm bald!  It really felt amazing and I felt powerless as the old guy gave me the cut I’ve only teased about, and went chicken shit scared for years.

“Take my card young man” Hope your wife likes your haircut – tell her if we need go go shorter, we can certainly take care of her wishes. It’s all about keepin’ them happy, ain’t it young man…

I paid, left the shop and picked Faith up from the terminal – And with along kiss and a tight hug, she whispered words that to this day – make my cock as hard as a diamond cutter…

In a quiet voice, as I loaded her suitcase in the trunk, she leaned over – cupping my dick in her hand and quietly uttering…

“They left you a little long on top, I hope you don’t have any plans this evening – I need to clean you up, remember, we’re leaving on our trip in a few days”!

Later that night Faith slipped into an over sized sweatshirt, no panties, positioning herself on the bed. As I walked in the room, she had a glass of wine in one hand, the loud Oster 76’s, with the motor racing in’ the other. Not a word spoken, she pointed to her bald pussy:

“No dinner and a movie tonight babe, it’s dinner and a haircut… tonight, you’re having dinner at the “Y”…

With those instructions- I fell into her spell and began the onslaught of her vagina.

It was only a few minutes at the most, when I finally felt the warm blade on my nape – remarkably, hair still falling in and around my face.

As she rubbed my head, I could feel her excitement as well – The palm of her hand rubbing my bald nape…

“I’m so glad I picked up this 5′ 00000 blade – your barber never goes short enough!

As I began to cum, I’m reminded why I love this lady so much. As my excitement turned to “eruption” I slowly unloaded everything I had – pinned up anger – on her nape.

“Damn baby – that feels so good, do you think it’s too long back there”?

As I rubbed her nape, I could only feel stubble – Faith uttered the words…

“My flight was early, I had the barber at the airport clean me up – how does it feel? she said as she rubbed my hot cum all over her neck, lets go to bed, but you’ll definitely need to buzz  that dried mess off my neck – first light tomorrow!

We fell asleep with the clippers on the bed. Good thing! Her 5 am alarm will be a loud “click” a small push toward my cock, and a “no guard” nape clean up – got to get that dried mess cleaned up!

The end…

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