Chairing up triplets

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It was partly cloudy when a father came in with his three daughters.

They looked exactly alike and very young (about eight), their father had a strange idea for their styles.

” Me and my wife can’t tell these girls apart, could you give each one a different cut from the other two”

”Sure”, I agreed.

”And can you give them undercuts with a number in the order you do ‘em”

I was a bit confused but nodded and led the three girls to the chairs, I placed a booster seat on each chair and lifted them into their position.

I color-coded their capes to match the French flag, blue nearest the waiting room; red the farthest.

Before I could start, the father came up to me.

”Do you dye kid’s hair?”

”Not often, why?”

”Could you dye their hair too?”

I was a bit hesitant to say yes but said,”What color?”

”You pick but each girl has to have a different color”

I nodded and he went away, I could properly start.

The first daughter was named Jasmine, I sectioned off her nape and applied a number 1# guard to my device.

The nape was left short and with a styling razor, I carved a one into the back of her prepubescent head.

I took up my scissors and cut her hair into a long bob with a wispy fringe.

For a dye, I safely colored her hair a dark blue.

She was confused at my work but was in awe at its beauty.

I moved to the second girl and buzzed her nape, carving the next number onto it.

For her, I went shorter, giving her a bob with blunt bangs.

She felt like a green so that was what I dyed her, the girl was at least interested in what I had done.

I went to the last girl on the line up, she looked at me with glittering eyes,” I want to be bald”


She looked at me tensely,”I want no hair”

I tried to persuade her to give a different style a try but she was firmly on the idea of going bald.

I sighed and removed the guard from the clippers, starting them up and flattening the girl’s hairline.

Pass this way and that, she had a very short buzz. With a safety razor, I shaved her bald.

I couldn’t color her head so I put the dye on her eyebrows and with the clippers, I shaved three slits into her brow.

I removed the capes and took the girls to their father, he wasn’t thrilled about a bald daughter or her dyed and shaved eyebrows but with a huff, he accepted them with a hug.

They left and I counted my profit

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