CHANGE OF PRO fession (with a twist).

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Who was the imposter? A close ‘friend’ of Luyu; herself now on the loose, armed, angry and extremely dangerous as a rogue ex-member of the ‘family.’

  Said imposter had carefully but successfully infiltrated the hospital and intensive care environment, surprisingly through the open rear of the hospital kitchens, grabbing a domestic’s tunic hanging out to dry, inside was the pass card, foolishly pinned to the breast pocket still. The faded photo only helped the cause. Once in the corridor, donning a flat cap left lying on a bench, she made her way, following the signs and a hospital brochure from a stand outside the restaurant, quickly up to the intensive care wing. The ice she’d shot up in the toilet, past the restaurant, was quickly starting to kick in, her Mistress had removed the nose to mid-nipple chain, but left the inter-nipple chain; rubbing against her rough shirt was a constant turn on. The strength of 100 warriors was coming to her aid. She must focus. She had very attractive, though slightly masculine features, effected by the wardrobe and makeup change; in a disabled toilet at St Pancras station, just 30minutes prior, after arriving on the Eurostar from Paris, stowing the bag of femininity with wig, into a rental locker at the station;  exactly as briefed. Her new lover and mistress had taken the elaborately cut auburn bowl down to a marine style buzz-cut; 1 on top and bald-faded up the back and sides but with a ‘side-parting’ expertly cut in with cut-throat razor.

 No-one would second guess this 172m butch figure making it’s way up, as an angel of death, to eliminate the threat, lying in intensive care trauma section, private cubicle A.

  Her name was Angie Whitburn and she’d been a prostitute for 10 years in East London, moving to Switzerland, when one of her favourite pimps said he was moving there and wanted her to join him, but to be prepared to play ‘both sides’ for much more money. And, indeed much more money she did earn, as she was put on to various different influential contacts within the Gay and Lesbian community, finally meeting a visiting American client with ‘interesting tastes and desires’ (quite beyond the bizarre) but it turned her on like never before.

 The client introduced herself as Luyu,(or wild dove), a Native American Indian Squaw; yet surprisingly fair skin, (Angie had thought) jet black hair, with slight silver highlights, cut in an amazing  very short, silky assymetric bob which Angie couldn’t take her eyes off; not only was it expertly cut, but the much shorter, left side, had a fascinating floral hair tattoo carved into it.   She felt warmth rising in her loins, not experienced before, for a woman, just to look at this woman, with an excellent athletic body. 

 Luyu opened a small bag and withdrew a tiny red G string which she ordered Angie to go into the large hotel suite bathroom and put on and to cast all her other clothes onto the floor.

“And put those long luscious tresses in a ponytail at your neck, you hear?” A nod as she entered the very large russett coloured marble bathroom, withdrawing a band, from her pocket and tied up her elbow length, wavy gorgeous deep auburn tresses, looking into the huge mirror, but then hastily undressing and doing as she was told, after hearing… “fucking hurry-up, dont stand admiring yourself, Bitch” 

 Normally she’d have retorted “Go hang yerself ya cow, and immediately left, but she was instructed by the pimp,that on these jobs, best to hold the temper and tongue, they paid VERY good money.

  A few seconds behind her, with a small bag, Luyu kicked the clothes aside, eying the flesh before her; clearly not without beauty.

 Pulling forward a bespoke bathroom armchair, she said “Sit.”

Angie obediently sat, opening her mouth to say, “I really love your hairdo, ya know.”  Luyu just sniggered and started to tie her arms to the chair arms and her legs to the chair legs using thick 2cm wide ribbon. Angie really couldn’t move.

 She then went into the bag and produced a set of small silver balls on a string and pulled aside the G string and started feeding them up, via Angie’s open legs through the already well moistened, shaved clitoral area, into her vagina, initially a little uncomfortable, but she quickly adjusted to the snug feel.

 A further foray into the bag bought out another shiny metal implement. “Open your mouth wide” she was instructed, as Luyu grabbed her jaws and put pressure in a certain area, that Angie couldn’t help but, open her mouth. Firstly, a little dot was placed under her tongue and the implement, a mouth gag, neatly fitted in and with quick adjustment, her mouth was held wide open. “Just breathe through your nose,” she commanded.

  Trying to verbally protest, just low garbled noises emitted. Any screams or other noises she’d want to make, she realised, to be futile, but the ‘dot’ was beginning to take effect; she started tripping ever so slightly, things were getting better already.

  Disappearing for a few seconds into the room, suddenly Luyu returned, stark naked with a lithe, athletic body, Angie’s jaws would’ve dropped, but for the restraint, this woman was simply gorgeous; Native American music, with chanting, started coming through the bathroom speakers sending Angie to a distant sunset; smoke spiralling from the top of a cluster of wigwams far far away.

  Working from the small bag, certain little tools were removed and a sudden tug of her left nipple, a sharp sting as it was pierced, and a smallish ring passed through, the same with the right. A medium fine chain was attached (with a large O ring in the centre) to join them. Then her eyes were shut, and pads taped over them. Suddenly a fiery sting;  her lower nose and upper lip going numb as her middle internal nostril bridge was pierced; a ring passed through there also. She felt a similar chain being attached from that, to the O ring on the chain between her nipples.  

   Who WAS this woman that just took command over a usually cocky Angie? This was very different and starting to move her with spasms of delight.

  Nothing for a moment; aware of Luyu going into the bag again. When she least expected it, her long hair in the ponytail, was grabbed and hacked off, hard into the nape of her neck…. “W T F” she was screaming in her mind, that had taken nearly four years of careful growing and end trimming, shampooing and moisturising; was her pride and crowning glory, the one thing she really looked after, cherished; made the men attracted to her; gone in seconds. She felt the remaining hair, gathered and sectioned on to the top of her head. Within minutes, she heard the buzzing of clippers. 

 Totally powerless as they went several times up the back of her neck and head,  exposing her nape to the cool, conditioned air. She exploded uncontrollably, in the very tight G string, with the oddest, most sensual feeling as the balls seem to internally shift. In all her years as an adult, especially as a pro, she’d never felt turned on like this, never experienced any such feelings. The cutting continued, buzzing around the sides, letting down the top hair, combing and shearing with scissors, comb and razor, cleaning around her neck and a clear arch over her ears, of what tiny amount of stubble remained.

  Next, she felt a warm gentle sniffing of her Lancome Miracle perfume and very  gentle licking up her neck line and around her left ear and the tongue probing deep into her ear as she shivered in anticipation of what was to come next. A sudden little sharp bite of her lobes around her small diamond studs, then the same up the other side. She squirmed; this was deliciously ticklish she never wanted it to end as what remained of her hair was being massaged all the while.

Finally, it was finished. Luyu uncovered Angie’s eyes to behold a whole new person which she LOVED as with this Lady, she would soon realise to be her life-long ‘MISTRESS’

Her auburn hair was in a very short bowl cut with near shaved back and sides. Her bangs (fringe) had been cut quite high and heavily serrated, like an urchin. Just a shake and it fell, instantly and almost neatly into place. Maybe a quick comb or brush might finalise it, if needed.

  The ‘Squaw’ then removed the gag and told her to keep quiet and still, as she proceeded, with a cut-throat razor and narrow blade small clippers, to carve a different hair tattoo into the sides and back, like an artist. Going on to trim and shape her once thick eyebrows, (considered sexy amongst some), and do astounding eye and facial make up, transmogrifying Angie, to a whole different person.

  With now lush red lips like her new Mistress, (these actions and the daring authority had engraved these new thoughts upon her, once proud and cocky mind). With mouth made to open, again; Luyu approached from the front now and thrust a hungry tongue deep into Angie’s mouth as she sat facing forwards on her lap, legs splayed, whilst rubbing up and down on her. Hot groin against groin… the air was steaming in such passion.

 Still tied in the arm chair, Luyu was running her left hand up and down Angie’s nape and closely yanking the nipple chain with the right causing, multiple orgasms for both.

 Once done, a further small dot was placed under Angie’s tongue which, within moments, had her transported to yet another dimension; she was shown the mirror, the tattoo reading  “I LOVE LUYU” in white scalp against the auburn fuzz that started above the left ear proceeding around the occipital region, to above the right ear.

“You are now mine for life; bitch and you will fucking do whatever I tell you, do you hear me?”

A timid nod from a once proud prostitute; a ‘convert to the cause.’

”Say Yes Ma’am!”

”Yes Ma’am” (meekly).

”I cant fucking HEAR you Bitch, again”


 “What’s WRONG with you? AGAIN WITH FEELING!”


to be continued…. YOU, yes YOU…(reader), better be ready for it… OK??

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