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I sweep off the floor around my chair, and walk out into the waiting room to get my next client.

I see a pretty girl sitting there, with long brown hair, down to her butt.

“Hi, how can I help you today?” I greet her with a smile.

“I need a change. I need a big change.” She gets up and walks over to me.

“That I can do.” I lead her over to my chair and she sits down.

“Don’t do anything too crazy, but make me look different.” She says, as I wrap her neck with paper and put a cape over her. “Turn me around. I don’t want to see.” I pull a string and a curtain falls over the mirror.

I brush out her hair. It’s so long and silky, but not for long. I’ve had a style in mind that I want to try on someone.

I tie her hair in an elastic at her shoulders. I pull out my scissors and within a few seconds, her long hair falls to the ground.

“How much of my hair did you just cut off?” She tried to pull her arms out of the cape to touch the cut ends of her hair but I press her arms back down.

“You want different. Let me do my job.” I say. I pull out a comb and comb all her hair down into place. The ends of her once long hair don’t even reach her shoulders.

I section off and tie the back of her hair, and set my comb down. I grab my scissors and start snipping the hair around the top of her head into a short bowl, the longest strands reaching less than an inch. I grab sections from the side and cut them off as short as I can.

I snip her bangs only a half inch from her hair line. She shivers as the cold metal of the scissors touches her forehead while I’m cutting.

I tie the back section of her hair up tighter, so I don’t accidentally shave any off. I grab clippers from my other workstation behind me, so she doesn’t see them. I take off the guard. We’re going to 0.

Within a couple seconds, I turn them on, place them at the bottom of her bowl cut and drag down, leaving a hairless stripe on the side of her head.

“What are you doing?” She yells. I turn the clippers off.

“You said different. It’s too late to back out now. You’ll love it when it’s done though, I swear.” I say.

I turn the clippers back on and keep shaving. The hair falls away from the side of her head, all the way back to about an inch behind her ear. I use the clippers to straighten the bottom of the bowl shaped cut at the top of her hair, and use my comb to pull up the hair and shave under it a bit, so her hair isn’t too puffy.

I work my way around the left side, shaving away her hair. The front and sides of her hair are now a perfect, extremely short bowl cut. The shaved sides aren’t quite short enough yet though.

I grab a towel and run some warm water on it. I place it on each side of her head, wetting her scalp. I grab my straight razor and start shaving.

I shave the front, beside her face. I work down and around her ear. Tiny strands of hair are removed, her head is starting to shine now. I go all the way up to clean up the edges of the bowl. I shave the hairs all the way down her neck on the sides and under the unstyled back section. I shave the other side of her head, leaving the sides smooth bald.

I dry her head and unclip the back section. I grab my thinning scissors and start snipping away. The back of her hair gets shorter and thinner, with more layers. The longest parts barely reach her hairline.

I set all my tools down, moving onto the next part of her transformation. I walk over to the table with my hair dye, and grab a container of bleach. I mix it in a bowl, and grab a brush to apply it to her hair.

I walk back over and start painting it onto her light brown hair. With this new look, she’ll stand out much more than before with her long, boring locks.

When her hair is covered in bleach, I wrap up her head to keep the heat in, and start cleaning up the hair on the floor. I pick up her ponytail and bring it to the back room. I’ll sell this later or keep it for my collection of ponytails from girls who wanted to be different and stand out.

I grab a broom and sweep up the rest of her chopped locks. After I clean them up, I clean my tools and sharpen my straight razor. I’m not done with it yet.

When she’s done bleaching, I take her to the sink to wash it out. I make her look down so she doesn’t see herself in a mirror yet.

I run warm water over her bleached hair and fresh shave. I massage her smooth bald scalp and ultra short locks with my hands. As I feel her smooth sides, she moans.

When I’m done, I tone her hair so it won’t be too yellow, and take her back to my chair. The sides of her head are still wet, so I’ll shave them again.

I coat her smooth scalp with shaving cream and make short strokes across both sides of her head. There’s still more hair that comes off, even though I’ve already shaved her. I want her sides to be as smooth as possible.

She looks different, but it could be more dramatic. I spin her to the side so I have space to stand in front of her.

“Close your eyes.” She closes them and I apply shaving cream to her eyebrows. With a few quick flicks of my razor, they’re completely gone. I go over them again, to make sure they’re completely smooth.

She’s almost done. I apply shaving cream to her neck and face. I take off any lingering hairs from the neck up. I clean the shaving cream off and my fingers brush her smooth skin. She shivers a bit.

“I hope this is different enough. You’re sure to get noticed, looking like this.” I turn her back to the mirror and pull back the curtain.

She looks up at herself and gasps, her hands shooting up to feel the sides of her head. She moans as her hands glide up to touch the short blonde hair on the top of her head. She stares at herself for a bit, feeling her smooth head and face. Playing with the short hairs that are left on her head. Running her hands through her barely there bangs.

“This is so weird.” She shakes her head, her ultra short locks barely moving. “My head feels so light, and I have never felt anything as amazing as running my hands over my bald skin. It’s like touching my legs after shaving them, but 1000 times better.”

“You look great.” I admire her in the mirror. Her green eyes stand out, having nothing to compete with on her face. Her plump lips stand out more too.

“I have one finishing touch.” I say to her, and I go back into our storage room and grab some red lipstick. I turn her chair to face me and apply it to her juicy lips.

“Oh my god, I love it. My eyes stand out, my lips stand out. Especially with the red lipstick. This is so much better than my boring long hair. I don’t feel sort of pretty but still boring anymore. I feel so sexy. The rest of my appearance doesn’t match with my hair anymore, everything looks boring in comparison.” She keeps feeling her head, and staring at herself in the mirror.

“I’m glad you like it.” I take the cape off of her and she follows me to the front.

“How much do you charge?” She gets out her wallet.

“Nothing. This was fun.” I say.

“Thank you.” She smiles at me, “I’m off to make the rest of me a little less boring.”

*thanks for reading. do you guys want a part 2 to this where she finishes getting a makeover, and maybe gets it on with the hairdresser…? leave a comment if you do*


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