Channel 6 needed a bald girl

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I have worked as channel 6’s news reporter for about 3 years now.

I thought I new the ins and outs but was dead wrong.

One day, before we were supposed to head out, me and my team, my boss called me into her office.

”What’s up girl”, I smiled at her.

She smiled back but not as wide,”Do you know the event you’re covering today?”

”Yes”, I replied,”A Bald-is-beautiful campaign”

My boss folded her hands,”Listen Kate. The channel needs to pull viewers in and I want… I want you join in the event”

”You mean-“

” I want you to shave your head in support of the cause”

I took some of my hair in my hand, I thought a moment.

” You might as well watch”,I could only say and went to my crew.

As we drove, I teared up at what was required of me, the boys said one of them would take the plunge but I told them I was doing this.

The fairgrounds were a mass of bald-folk and hairy volunteers.

”We are here at Madison county’s Bald-is-beautiful campaign, brave souls are lined up for their date with clippers”,I said into the mic, looking to the crowd of caped figures and busy barbers.

I took a deep breath, it was time.

”And your fabulous reporter has decided to join them”,I declared,”Channel 6 is giving you a front row seat, y’all”

I lead the cameraman to one of the fold-up chairs.

”Is this seat taken”, I joked.

”Go right ahead”,a stocky hairdresser gestured, I sat and was caped up.

”This is Kate Winzy”, I said as the clippers hovered just above my hairline,”Ready to lose it all”

The clippers entered my scalp and I squealed in glee,”It tickles a little”

When the anchor cut back to me, my head was buzzed and the lady spread some cream on my head.

”No going back”, I smiled.

My head was wiped cream-free and buffed.

”This is Kate Winzy with channel 6”,I repeated,”And I’m bald and beautiful!”


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