Chapter 1 : The Cape of Silence

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To unlock the secrets woven within the shadowed depths of “Cape Chronicles: Tales of Control and Submission,” one must first immerse oneself in the chilling prologue, where Divya’s unsettling obsession unfurls. From there, venture into the abyss of chapter one, titled “The Cape of Silence,” where the velvet shroud becomes a vessel for unspeakable dominance. Brace yourself, dear reader, for within these pages lies a journey into the darkest recesses of control and submission.


You can read the prologue here:

Cape Chronicles: Tales of Control and Submission



Divya’s salon operated smoothly on the surface, but the underlying tension was palpable to those who frequented it. Her first victim was Nisha, a young college student who had come in for a simple trim. Divya welcomed her with a warm smile and a cup of masala chai, as was her custom. She guided Nisha to the chair and selected a particularly heavy, velvet cape from her collection.

“This cape will keep all the little hairs off you,” Divya said, her voice soothing but with an undercurrent of authority.

Nisha nodded, her eyes wide as Divya fastened the cape tightly around her neck. As the weight of the cape settled on her shoulders, she felt an unexpected sense of dread. The plush velvet seemed to constrict around her, encasing her in a cocoon of enforced obedience.

Divya’s fingers worked deftly, sectioning and combing Nisha’s hair with precision. But as the scissors began their work, Nisha realized with growing horror that Divya was cutting much more than she had asked for. Panic surged within her, and she attempted to protest.

“Divya, I think that’s too short,” Nisha managed to say, her voice barely above a whisper.

“Nonsense,” Divya replied smoothly, not pausing for a second. “You’ll look stunning.”

Nisha tried to raise her hands to stop her, but the heavy cape seemed to pin her arms to her sides, rendering her powerless. She squirmed in her seat, but Divya’s grip was firm, her movements deliberate and unyielding.

Helplessly, Nisha watched as long locks of her hair fell to the floor, leaving her with a pixie cut she had never wanted. When the ordeal was over, Nisha looked at her reflection, tears welling up in her eyes, but she couldn’t bring herself to voice her discontent. The weight of the cape had silenced her, its velvet grip holding her captive, and the fear of Divya’s reaction kept her compliant. However, there was no denying that Divya had worked magic with her scissors. The short haircut framed her face beautifully, accentuating her features in a way she had never imagined.

Meanwhile, Divya reveled in the sense of control the cape afforded her. As she worked, she felt a surge of power coursing through her veins, exhilarated by Nisha’s silent submission. The cape, with its heavy fabric and snug fastening, was not just a tool but a symbol of her dominance. And with each snip of the scissors, she had tightened her grip, ensnaring Nisha further in her web of control.

As Nisha left the salon, the weight of the cape lifting from her shoulders, she felt a strange sense of loss. The silence that had enveloped her during the haircut lingered, leaving her unable to voice her true feelings. Divya’s control, enforced by the heavy velvet cape, had left its mark, silencing her in more ways than one.

Divya watched Nisha’s departure with a satisfied smile. Another client subdued, another testament to her power. The ease with which Nisha had succumbed to the cape’s silent authority only fueled Divya’s obsession. It was a heady feeling, knowing that with just a simple garment, she could bend others to her will. And as she looked around her salon, her gaze lingering on the rows of capes hanging on the wall, she couldn’t help but feel a surge of excitement. The game had only just begun, and Divya was determined to emerge victorious, one cape at a time.

And then, as if on cue, the bell above the door chimed, signaling the arrival of her next client. Divya’s eyes flickered with anticipation as she watched Reema, a strong-willed lawyer known for her assertiveness, stride into the salon. There was a flicker of excitement in Divya’s eyes as she eyed the row of capes, wondering how this formidable client would fare under their influence.

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