Charlie & Isabelle – Part 1

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“Mmm perfect” Charlie sighed as she poured steaming hot coffee into her favourite mug. She poured coffee into a second mug and brushed her overgrown bangs out of her eyes before she padded back into the bedroom with both coffees.

“Good morning babe” Charlie called out to her sleeping girlfriend.

Isabelle stirred; her long chestnut hair strewn across the pillows. She slowly sat up and shook her long, wavy mane down her back as she blinked her eyes open.

“Morning” Isabelle groaned. “What time is it?”

“Late enough” Charlie laughed. “You’ve been sleeping in later and later since quarantine started”

“Well there’s nothing else to do anyways” Isabelle moaned “It’s been weeks and weeks now of being stuck inside this apartment” she complained, taking a sip of her coffee.

“I have something for you to do” Charlie said slyly, as she grabbed her girlfriend and started kissing her way down her curvy body. Her bangs fell back in her eyes again as she lowered her head.

“Charlie! I just woke up, give me a minute” Isabelle groaned.

“Well babe I did mean that, but I just thought of something else you can do for me. I need a haircut and since everything is still closed… you are going to cut my hair” Charlie lifted her head and grinned, running her fingers through her bleached, very overgrown pixie cut.

“Hmm… your hair has gotten really long…” Isabelle considered.

“Come on babe” Charlie pleaded. “Besides… I think you cutting my hair would be really sexy. And then I could return the favour” she laughed, naughtily tugging on Isabelle’s long locks.

“Hey, I don’t need a haircut” Isabelle replied, swatting Charlie’s hand away.

Charlie leaned her long, thin, boyish figure in close and Isabelle couldn’t resist her any longer. The two women started making out, their hands all over each other’s bodies. “Let’s… do… it” Charlie breathed heavily while slipping her fingers into Isabelle’s panties.

“Fine” Isabelle gave in, sighing with pleasure.

“Great” Charlie immediately stopped what she was doing and stood up. “I’ll get everything ready, meet me in the spare room in five minutes”

“Hey! You… I… We weren’t finished” Isabelle exclaimed, crossing her arms over the loose t-shirt she had worn to bed.

“After our haircuts, I’ll give you the best sex of your life… that’s right I said our haircuts” Charlie replied, smiling wickedly. “You’re gonna look so hot babe” Charlie called out as she sauntered out of the room.

“Shit” Isabelle thought as she watched Charlie walk away. She took one of her long dark silky locks in her hand and examined it. “Well, I do have some split ends.. a trim won’t hurt” she thought. She nervously thought back to the various comments and suggestions Charlie had made since they started dating about how she should try short hair for once in her life.. “No” Isabelle shook those thoughts out of her head. “Charlie won’t cut my hair off, not today” Isabelle said to herself as she hoisted herself out of bed and slowly walked towards the spare room.

“What the fuck…” Isabelle said as she swung open the door of the spare room. Inside Charlie had moved one of the kitchen stools into the room and had placed it on top of a towel, facing the room’s full-length mirror. Charlie herself was standing next to a coffee table laying out bobby pins, scissors, a comb, and … were those clippers? “Where did you get the clippers honey?” Isabelle tried to sound casual, but the nerves came through in her shaky voice.

“I found them in the back of the bathroom cabinet last night” Charlie replied “Your old boyfriend must have left them here when you two broke up”

“Oh yeah… He used to just cut his own hair sometimes” Isabelle remembered.

“I could only find two guards, but we’ll make it work. Now… who’s first?” Charlie asked slyly.

“You! Isabelle snapped. “No way are you touching my hair first”

“No problem babe” Charlie grinned as she sauntered to the chair and sat down.

“So… what are we doing?” Isabelle questioned, running her fingers through Charlie’s shaggy pixie. “Wow, your roots are really grown out honey” she noticed that there was at least an inch of dark hair growing out of Charlie’s scalp before the bleach started.

“I know, it looks awful. I want you to cut off everything that’s bleached, I need to start over fresh” Charlie replied.

“Are you sure honey…” Isabelle questioned “That’s going to be really short”.

“100 percent” Charlie said determinedly “In fact, I want you to use the clippers”.

“I don’t know Charlie…” Isabelle worried “What guards did you find?” She asked as she walked over to the table to look at what Charlie had discovered. “Okay we have a number one and a number two” Isabelle told Charlie.

“Why don’t you use the number two on the back and sides and then we can go from there?” Charlie asked.

“Okay…” said Isabelle apprehensively as she popped the guard onto the clippers and walked back over to Charlie.

“Hold on” Charlie said, and she pulled her tank top up and over her head, exposing her small perky breasts. “There, now my hair won’t get stuck in my top” she smiled. “Ready?” Charlie looked expectedly at Isabelle through the mirror as Isabelle pinned up the top of her hair.

“Oh, you don’t get to watch” Isabelle replied, feeling more powerful now that she was holding the clippers. “Look down sweetie” Isabelle said as she pushed Charlie’s chin to her chest and turned on the clippers.

*Pop* *Click* The clippers gently buzzed as Isabelle slowly lifted the clippers to the nape of Charlie’s slender neck and plunged the clippers into Charlie’s bleached locks. Isabelle ran the clippers up the back of Charlie’s head, flicking her hand away just before she reached the longer hair pinned up on top. Three-inch pieces of hair fell down Charlie’s bare back onto the floor. The clippers left a wide row of short dark stubble behind – Isabelle could almost see Charlie’s scalp through the stubble. “SHIT Charlie that’s really short!” Isabelle exclaimed, rubbing her fingers over the stubble. “Oh, it feels good though” she murmured.

“Let me feel!” Charlie lifted her hand up to feel the freshly shorn strip of stubble on her scalp. “Ohh it feels amazing, I love it” Charlie beamed at Isabelle. “Keep going babe!” she said as she lowered her head back down.

Hair rained down as Isabelle continued to run the clippers up the back and sides of Charlie’s head, faster and faster as she became more confident with each pass of the clippers. “This is fun” Isabelle giggled, bending Charlie’s ears down to make sure she buzzed every piece of long hair off. “Okay… done.” Isabelle said, turning off the clippers and brushing pieces of hair off Charlie’s body.

Charlie lifted her head and ran her hands over her newly buzzed nape. “Babe this feels amazing, I can’t stop rubbing my head. I’m actually wet” Charlie moaned.

“Well we’re not even done yet!” Isabelle said, unpinning the remaining hair from the top of Charlie’s head. Charlie’s bangs flopped into her eyes again as Isabelle combed out the last of her remaining hair, the bleach now a stark contrast against the dark stubble. “What are we doing with this?” Isabelle questioned.

“Take it all off!” Charlie exclaimed. “No point in leaving the top longer, the bleach looks silly and then the top would only be like an inch anyways once you cut that off” she continued “Just buzz it all off”.

“You don’t have to ask me twice” Isabelle smiled as she placed the clippers in the middle of Charlie’s forehead, and then mowed them back over the top of her head, leaving another path of dark stubble. Isabelle continued quickly buzzing off the last of Charlie’s locks until all that remained on her head was a dark, uniform number two buzz cut. “Not bad if I do say so myself” Isabelle said, running her hand over Charlie’s buzzed head.

Charlie lifted her head up and looked at herself in the mirror “I look so hot with this buzz cut… come on babe, say I look sexy” she laughed as she pulled Isabelle into her lap.

“You look sexy, you look sexy” Isabelle giggled as she kissed Charlie right on the mouth. “We should have done this a long time ago” Isabelle sighed as she rubbed Charlie’s head once again. “Okay let’s go to the bedroom to celebrate your new haircut…” Isabelle said seductively as she stood up and pulled Charlie up with her. Isabelle was very turned on and all she wanted to do was climb back in bed with a naked Charlie.

“Not so fast… your turn next” Charlie smiled at Isabelle wickedly and gently pushed her back onto the stool.

To be continued…


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