Charlie & Isabelle – Part 2

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*Disclaimer – Got locked out of my old account so posting this under my new one*

Isabelle landed on the stool, her long dark locks bouncing. She wanted to tell Charlie no, stop – anything to save her hair, but Charlie looked so sexy with her newly shorn head that no words would leave her mouth.

“Now babe” Charlie murmured, picking up the comb, still topless. “Lets see.. what will we do with all this hair?” she teased as she ran the comb through Isabelle’s silky chocolate locks.

Isabelle looked in the mirror wide-eyed at her glorious mane one last time before the inevitable happened. She knew that it would be a long time before her hair was this long again.

“Okay” declared Charlie, taking control. “First question – clippers or scissors to start?”

“Scissors” blurted Isabelle. “Definitely scissors”. As much as she had loved using the clippers to buzz off all of Charlie’s hair, she did not want her own precious locks to meet the same fate.

“Hmm.. okay then, whatever you say” Charlie responded, a little too quickly. She moved to stand in front of Isabelle, blocking her view from the mirror. Her perky boobs were now right in front of Isabelle’s face. “First, babe, shirt off – don’t want any hair getting stuck” Charlie ordered. Isabelle pulled her shirt off, revealing her full, soft breasts and her curvy body. “That’s better” Charlie leaned in and kissed Isabelle passionately.

“Now.. eyes closed” Charlie demanded, combing some of Isabelle’s hair over her face. Isabelle shut her eyes, wondering what Charlie’s plan was. *Schnick ,schnick, schnick* as Isabelle heard the scissors, she felt sheets of hair falling to her lap. “Charlie what the fuck?!” Isabelle screamed.

“Don’t worry babe.. open your eyes” Charlie answered, putting down the scissors.

Isabelle slowly opened her eyes. Most of her chocolate mane was still intact, but now she had blunt bangs that just covered her eyebrows. Isabelle sighed in relief. “You scared me” she giggled nervously, running her hands through the rest of her long hair for comfort.

“Oh.. we’re just getting started” Charlie responded slyly. “What do you think about the bangs?” she asked.

“I actually love them!” Isabelle exclaimed. “They’re so fun. Whew I was expecting way worse, this isn’t bad at all”.

“Babe you don’t think this is over do you?” Charlie laughed “This was just phase one.. now onto the next phase”. Charlie moved behind Isabelle and started pinning up all the hair above Isabelle’s ears except for her bangs, leaving the rest of her dark hair flowing down her back, all the way down until it stopped just above her waist. Charlie picked up the scissors again. “I’m gonna miss playing with all this hair” she sighed, then without warning, she plunged the scissors into Isabelle’s mane, right at the nape of her neck.

*Schnick, schnick schnick” Isabelle felt feet of hair falling from her back. Her eyes popped open as she watched her chocolate mane fall to the floor. She was speechless. She knew Charlie wanted to cut her hair short, but she didn’t expect it to be this short. *Schick, schnick, schnick* The scissors continued their path, slicing off the remainder of the unpinned hair. Isabelle shook her head in disbelief – apart from the hair still pinned on top of her head, she was left with a rough, neck length bob. She had never had hair shorter than her shoulders before – but she had to admit, it felt good. She shook her head again, enjoying the feeling of her shortened hair swishing against her cheeks.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Charlie grinned, admiring her work so far.

“Yes.. I hate to admit it but it’s pretty cute” Isabelle beamed, looking at herself in the mirror.

“Well I wasn’t going for cute.. I was going for sexy” Charlie frowned. She leaned into Isabelle, whispering in her ear “Now.. do you trust me” she asked sensually, kissing her way down Isabelle’s neck, onto her now bare shoulders.

“You know I do” Isabelle sighed, fully giving herself into Charlie.

“Okay babe, well now it’s time for you to prove it”. Charlie straightened up. “Eyes closed, head down” she ordered.

Isabelle complied. She wondered what Charlie was going to do next – take the bob a little shorter maybe? *Pop* *Click* Isabelle heard the now familiar sound of the clippers. “What the fuck? I didn’t agree to this” Isabelle tried to lift her head up but Charlie kept her slender hand firm on the back of Isabelle’s head, keeping it down.

“You said you trusted me, remember?” Charlie replied. “Besides, I’ll leave you with some hair. Don’t worry babe, you’ll look so hot”. Charlie then pushed the clippers, still with the number two guard, into Isabelle’s nape, running them up the back of her head, stopping just as she reached the longer hair pinned on top. Isabelle’s newly cut bob fell to the floor, leaving behind nothing but dark brown stubble. Isabelle felt herself getting wet, but she didn’t want Charlie to stop. Charlie continued clippering Isabelle’s head in silence until her nape was completely shorn.

“There” Charlie declared proudly, turning off the clippers. “Now we match – kind of” she ran her hand over Isabelle’s freshly buzzed nape, then her own.

Isabelle ran her own hand over her nape, – it felt so good, just like Charlie’s had felt. “That … feels.. amazing” she groaned. She couldn’t believe just minutes ago, there had been feet of hair where there was now nothing but very short dark brown stubble.

“I can’t wait to get you into bed” Charlie murmured sexily. “Just one more phase to go first” she said as she started to unpin the remainder of Isabelle’s long hair from her crown.

“One more phase? And what would that be?” Isabelle asked. As much as she loved her newly shorn nape, she didn’t want to end up with a full buzzcut like she had given Charlie.

“Oh you’ll see soon enough” Charlie grinned wickedly, combing out the remainder of Isabelle’s hair.

Isabelle looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe her eyes – her long hair now covered up her entire buzzed nape. It looked Charlie didn’t touch her hair at all, besides the bangs. If it wasn’t for the sheets of dark brown hair all over the floor, Isabelle would have questioned if she dreamed the whole thing.

Charlie picked up the scissors again. “Say goodbye to the rest of that long hair.. you are going to look so sexy babe” she said as she placed the scissors above Isabelle’s ears, at equal length to her bangs. *Schnick, schnick, schnick* The scissors sliced away the remainder of Isabelle’s chocolate mane, leaving her with a thick, one-length bowl cut. *Schnick, schnick, schnick* Charlie worked her way around Isabelle’s head, slicing away the remainder of her once glorious mane. The last of Isabelle’s long chocolate hair fell to the floor. Isabelle looked into the mirror – she didn’t see herself. Instead, a curvy, topless woman with a shiny, thick, full mushroom of hair stared back at her. Isabelle turned her head one way, then the other. The cap of hair moved with her head – everything below the bowl was shorn almost to the skin. “Oh.. my.. god” Isabelle whispered in shock. She couldn’t believe she let Charlie shear off all her hair into… this. She was somehow both turned on and horrified all at once.

“Isn’t it great babe?” Charlie exclaimed. “You look even hotter than I imagined” Charlie pulled a still shocked Isabelle up off the stool. “Come on, lets go back to bed” Charlie pulled Isabelle by the hand, walking over her shorn mane out of the room.

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