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My hair fetish drew me on a quest to talk haircuts to any girl i would meet. My own wife Smita’s hair is commendable. She is about 5′ 5, short, plump and her hair is straight to her bra straps, grown out layers.

Her last haircut was in 6 months back when i took her from top of breasts length to the collar bone length layers with side swept bangs. That look looked cool on her, especially over her after pregnancy plump body and rounded face.

My wife isn’t a fan of short hair, so whatever length i used to do was a result of my fetish desire overpowering her wish. But the night after the cut used to be exciting as we made love and i got a chance to get my hands on her hair at a much more exciting tone.

Yes, yes I got to do a women’s haircut, albeit my wife, but as a fetish was i happy with the cut ? did i feel excited as hell with this cut ? did the girl also enjoy the cut ? – answers would simply be No to all those questions.

My quest hence would go on, trying to speak about hair with strangers, ladies working in the supermarket, acquaintances, work colleagues, the girl who does my own hair and so on.

I used to pay particular attention to my wife’s friends most of whom are in the 28-35 age range, are from east, west and northern parts of India and sported varying styles of hair, almost all of whose hair was attractive.

I used to monitor how their hair is, how it was, pass them a quiet compliment. Whenever opportunity presents itself in that i happen to be alone with them, i used to talk more about their hair, see what their wishes are with regards to their hair.

It isn’t a big surprise that most of the girls respond similarly in that they are surprised when a guy asks them about their hair, they are even more surprised that a guy is so interested about hair. Their reaction is more of an interview as you would hear standard answers like – “I like it long”, “i like this length” “not sure never thought about short hair”, “i have never had short hair”, “i don’t like short hair”,”Ohh my god, I won’t go short”..

Among such daily life struggles to meet a girl who also cherishes hair, if not as much as i do, but even a little bit – it sometimes takes days, months, and years. Here below I narrate one such pleasant experience i had recently with one of my wife’s besties.

My wife and I worked nearby and that is where i got to meet this colleague of hers Savita who is married, mum of one. contrast to my wife’s hair which is silky straight, her hair is tad wavy as she keeps it at bra straps length, there thereabouts routinely. she used to wear her hair differently on different days. loose all combed back held with a small clutch most days, side parted loose some days and pony the other days. Although her hair is wavy, she used to immaculately brush and style it for work every day as the waves in her hair was so prominently beautiful.

Over the period of several months i watched her hair grow bit by bit till she went on a vacation and returned with a shorter version of haircut. now she sported collarbone length hair with long flicks down to her lips.., Being a fetish, any such change pulls you and makes you want to speak to them about it..,

I noticed the change, but didn’t speak about it till 2 weeks later when my wife was on leave and that day it was just Savita and me on lunch.

This day Savita wore a denim and top and her short hair was oiled and in a pony. on our way to buy lunch this is how the conversation went;

me: your hair looks short, cut it recently ?

Savita: Yeah, you didn’t notice it yesterday?, when i was back from my leave.

me: perhaps, just saw you on the pony with which it looked really short, hence asked 🙂

Savita: did your wife tell you, i am expecting, so just shortened it a bit so its easier to manage.

me: Congrats. (as i said that, she removed her hair-band, as some hair strands were loose and wore the hair-band on her wrist)

me: short hair looks really nice on you. is this the 1st time you have gone short ?


Savita: thanks dear. i do try to go every now and then, but sometimes gets difficult with husband not allowing or in laws raising red flags.this time strangely, people were busy so i just went ahead.


me: so is it a feather cut ?

Savita: wow, you also know the name of the cuts.., i am impressed.


me: blushing

Savita: yeah, short feather cut, thats what the lady said anyway lol.


me: plan to go shorter than this anytime ?

Savita: hey, i went this short, and you want me to go more shorter ? (smiling) I have had short hair before, (shows me pics of her short haired looks from the past, shortest still being collar bone length, but a cm or two shorter.)

me: nice…. (conversation ends)


Months passed, her hair grew, my fetish grew, and she went on maternity leave. almost 6 months after she went on maternity leave. her hair was back to the bra straps length, but she wasn’t paying much attention on it during the period leading up to the child birth.

Two months after Savita then delivered a baby, i witnessed she changed her profile picture sporting beautifully cut and styled hair. Her hair was still long, falling at the top of her breasts, which made me think she basically had a big trim.

This is a conversation with her on seeing this profile pic:


me: Hey looking really cool with the shiny hair do. Feels you took this selfie just after leaving the salon.

Savita: yes, good guess. now that the baby is born, i have all the time in the world for some motherly pampering.., he he he


me: only trimmed off a little this time ?

Savita: yes, i wanted to go short, but in law didn’t permit. so may be next time.


me: ohhh,, same story everywhere. your hair grows pretty fast doesn’t it

Savita: yes.., partly the reason why i envy those short hair girls.


me: i haven’t seen or talked to many women who preach or adore short hair as much as you do.

Savita: i know, but he hates it. he likes it long. he always asks me to grow long, longer longest.


me: what a co-incidence, in our case, my wife likes it long and i like it short. For you guyz, its similar but the opposite.


Savita: is it, i thought Smita liked short hair.

me: no, what made you think so


Savita: it is the cuts she had last year. i really loved her short layers till shoulders. The one she had cut with some side fringes

Savita: after seeing that i also wanted the same cut and asked him if i can do it. it was nearing our anniversary and he didn’t wanted me to, so i obeyed.


me: wow, didn’t know you noticed it so acutely. she does like it long, but it was my wish which won that day.

Savita: lucky her


me: how?

Savita: to have you as the better half.


me: blushing.


me: sorry, i know its a lot of hair talk. i know its not normal for men to talk about hair.

Savita: hey chill, i was actually enjoying this chat. by the way, why do you love haircutting so much ?


me: just discovered it some years ago watching someone’s haircut.. weird i know, but just happened so.

Savita: ok, Smita knows about this wonderful skill-set of yours ?


me: Yeah, of course, but not of this wonderful chat of ours. please keep it discreet will you ?

Savita: don’t worry.


me: so what cut next time ?

Savita: i was thinking about getting blunt cut over the shoulders, something i had never done before


me: wow, that would be so wonderful for you, especially if you wear your hair loose and show it off he he

Savita: really, thanks, its reassuring. and yeah, i want fringe too like Smita


me: wow, blunt and fringe – music to my ears, you had just picked my favourite choice.

Savita: really, 🙂


me: yes, can i reveal a secret ?

Savita: ??


me: do you know where Smita had her haircut ?

Savita: i don’t know. i didn’t ask, anywhere special ?


Savita: wait,, was it.., was it… you ?

me: Yes, like before, please keep my secret a secret.


Savita: wow, never knew and thought you have this skill. i’ll make sure i ask her next time where she had her cut 😉

me: tread with care.., lol


Savita: don’t worry. this secret is between us.

me: thanks dear. btw, you should actually try for inverted bob. with that wavy hair of yours, if left longer in front and short at back, it would look really cool.


Savita: no, i think that inverted look would look nice on Smita more than me as she has silky hair

me: trust me, with wavy hair just below chin length in front and short at the back, it will look natural and sexy.


me: add to it some fringe, not side swept like Smita, but straight one for your large forehead, i won’t be able to take my eyes off you.., i giggle

Savita: wowwwww, really, you think inverted will look good for me ?


me: yes, whats the worst that could happen if you dont like it, damage is going to be restored in 2 months.., 🙂

Savita: i had been thinking about the front fringe. just nervous to go for it.


me: a curved front fringe just about your eyebrows would be beautiful

Savita: but it requires looking after. But you can help me with that wont you… he he he


me: pleasure would be mine

Savita: sounds great.


me: when you are back here, let’s meet up. hopefully would see you in short hair

Savita: sure lets catch p. i too hope so. if not, sure one day it will happen soon. I am sure you can help me with this he he he:)


me: Sure thing. a short blunt cut coming up soon.., see you dear. talk to you soon.

Savita: bye bye. message deleted. LOL


With that happening during work hours, all my work for the day came to a grinding halt.. I was back to my dreams…

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