Cheating Girlfriend

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This is the story about how I shaved my girlfriend for cheating on me. My girlfriend’s name is Salima. She has a very sexy figure of 36D-32-36. she is older than me but I loved her waist long hair a lot. We use to have a lot of hair job whenever we get the opportunity. We have even had sex and hairjob in public places when there was no one. We find hair job very erotic.

One day, I went to meet a friend of mine who was in the city. He called me in very short notice so I went to meet him without informing Salima. We met in a bar. We were meeting after 3-4 years almost. So, we were very excited to meet.

We met at the bar had a couple of drinks and we were talking about the fun we used to have in our school and college days. Then, to my surprise, a lady came and ordered two shots.

Her longhair back was towards me but I found her thick hair and body familiar. I doubted her to be my girlfriend Salima but I thought why would she come to a bar without me. She went everywhere with me. Without me, she even won’t go for saloon.

Then she flipped her long hair and I was amazed as it was Salima, wearing a tight black dress enhancing her curves. The dress was short till the middle of her thighs. It was displaying her sexy legs.

My girlfriend had the shots and went towards the dance floor and handed a shot to some guy who pulled her closer. After having the shot, he was dancing with my girlfriend.

His hands were moving all around my girlfriend’s hair, even around her shaved nape. I was furious seeing all this. I stormed into the dance floor, grabbed Salima’s hand, pulled her away and looked at her. She was shocked to see me there. Her unfaithfulness has been caught!

I didn’t say anything. I pulled her out of the bar, holding her hand and called for the cab. My girlfriend was almost crying and begging for forgiveness. She was afraid of seeing me so angry because I never shouted on her even once before. This was the first time she was seeing me like this.

We sat in the uber and went to my house. The whole time, I didn’t leave her hand and was holding it tightly. She was crying, “Please leave me, it’s hurting. I will never do this again”. But I didn’t listen to her.

When I reached home, I took my cheating girlfriend inside and slammed the door. She got frightened by the noise of the door slamming so loudly. When we were inside, I released her hand and was walking to and fro in the room with full of anger.

My girlfriend kept on begging for forgiveness. The more she begged, the more angry I got. “Please don’t hurt me, it’s my fault. I will do anything you say, please forgive me”.

“Why do you care now? Didn’t it come in your mind when you were dancing so closely to that guy?”, I asked.

“Sorry, please forgive me. I will never betray you again. You are my everything, I will do anything to please you”, my cheating girlfriend said.

Hearing this, I thought of taking revenge.

“Ok , so I will punish you for cheating on me and for being an unfaithful girlfriend. Then only I can think of forgiving you”. Saying this, I took my girlfriend to the bedroom. There I pushed her on the bed. Salima fell on the bed with a thud. Then I started opening my girlfriend’s clothes. I was a bit aggressive and in doing so, I almost tore her clothes.

My girlfriend said, “Please be gentle, I will obey whatever you say”. To which I replied, “This is a punishment and so I cannot be gentle. I need to make you learn a lesson. Then only you will never repeat such things.”

After opening her dress, I removed her bra tearing and pulled down her pantie. My girlfriend was completely nude now, lying on the bed. I opened her down from the bed and took scissors from drawer. Salima was insisting on not using so but I didn’t listen.

I then told her to sit down in doggy style with her hands tied to the bed legs. My girlfriend kept pleading to be gentle. Then I went to my cupboard and from it, I took out the trimmer that I used earlier on her but gently to give her the vibrating trimmer nape shave. We were into some kinky stuff too.

Seeing the trimmer, my girlfriend’s eyes were wide open. She knew what was going to happen. She said, “Please don’t do this, I will do anything else but not this”. She kept on saying this.

With the trimmer in one hand, I walked towards her and with full force, I pushed trimmer on my girlfriend’s hair. She let out a scream in shock. The sound of the contact of the trimmer and her hair was too good. I said, “Do you like this now? Huh.. you should have thought what you did?” and again I moved trimmer on  her head. I kept moving trimmer on head for 10-12 times.

My girlfriend’s head was full of shaved patches. Sweat roll down her cheeks, ruining her mascara. Then I threw the trimmer on the bed, opened my pants and took out my cock. It was hard with all this shaving.

I sat on my knees and pulled my girlfriend’s hair away from floor and was about to insert it into her pussy. Then I thought that I should shave my girlfriend’s head bald. So I took straight razor from bathroom.

I put my straight razor on my gf’s head. We had done nape shave with razor a couple of times before. She liked it but it was painful for her too. Those times, I was gentle but not this time. I was rough and in no mood to be gentle or use water.

I have one more store and my razor was shaving my girlfriend’s head. Salima’s head was already red and swelling with all the rough shaving and now this made tears come out of her eyes.

I started head shaving my girlfriend with full cream and was rubbing cream her eyebrows too. Her mouth was wide open, gasping for breath. I kept shaving my girlfriend till I was about to cum and then, I came inside her mouth. But even after cumming once, I kept shaving her. The hardness of my penis didn’t subside. It was fully erect and ready for the second round.

So I continued reshaving my girlfriend with safety razor for some more time even her eyebrows. This time, I was simultaneously fingering Salima’s tits with fingers. Salima was having a good time too with all the pleasure she was getting now due to the non-stop shaving.

After repeatedly shaving Salima for some time, I rubbed head with my cock. She thought that it was over and her punishment was finally over. But it was not the end.

I went in front of her, held her mouth and opened it and then inserted my cock in her mouth. I saw her bald head face, it was full of sweat and mascara spread all over her cheeks.

I held my girlfriend’s shaved head with both my hands and started mouth fucking her. Salima had given me blowjobs uncountable times but I wished she had mouth fucked me having bald head. This was the first time my girlfriend was experiencing bald sex.

I went as deep as I can in her mouth and deepthroated her. I was in her control and was controlling her soft shaved head. I moved my penis inside and outside of her mouth. My balls were banging her chin.

When I was about to cum, I increased the speed of mouthfucking her and I came with my cock deep inside her mouth. Then I took it out, closed my girlfriend’s mouth and asked her to drink it all. Salima obeyed me like a good girl. Then she fell on the floor with no energy left.

I again masturbated and came all over her bald head. And I left her like that and went to take a bath.

When I came back. my girlfriend was still there, lying on the floor. I was calm by now and it excited me seeing her in that condition. After all, she was my girlfriend and I loved her new look.

I picked her up and lay her on the bed. Then I said, “I know I punished you so much but I was angry at the fact that you broke my trust which I never expected”. She started crying again.

I wiped her tears, kissed her bald head and said, “I love you, please don’t do this again”. She too agreed, “I enjoyed my shaving punishment And I love you too”

We slept together enjoying her bald head. she stayed bald for next 3 months.

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