Cheerleaders Flattops At The Barbershop

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The two local high schools were very competitive in most sports and especially so this year. The two rival cheerleader captains and their teams hated each other. At one basketball game near the finals, they made a bet that if the schools were in the finals the loser would get a flattop haircut at the local barbershop. Both girls had flowing long blond hair to their waist. They were both stunning with smokin hot bodies. 

Everyone heard about their bet. As the big game got closer, it was now certain the two teams would face each other. On social media, someone said let’s make it more interesting, and have the loosing schools entire cheer leading squad get flattops. The two captains, each more confident agreed.


The girls at both schools were a bit shocked at what they had gotten into, but knew they had no choice.


The boys were all extra nervous on the night of the big game. The score went back and forth and by the end of the last quarter they were tied.


It went into triple overtime and by the end the referrees declaired a draw due to several injuries on both sides.


The girls sighed relief that they wouldn’t be going to the barbershop. The next day the cheeleader coaches and principals for the two schools met and decided that nobody won and both teams actually lost, so both squads would get their haircut.


The girls were in shock. The local barbershop was called and it was set up for the twenty girls to come in that Friday after school.


Most of the two basketball teams showed up along with some others. There was also someone there videoing the haircuts and streaming them to the two schools gyms. The gyms were packed with students.


The girls from both squads arrived. The barbers couldn’t believe the sight of 20 cheerleaders coming into their barbershop. There were 4 old fashioned leather and silver barber chairs with porcelain arm rests.


The barbers said so who’s going to be first. One of the coaches said I think the two captains should go first, since they started all of this. Cherry and Melanie got up and slowly walked to the awaiting chairs and stepped in. The barbers pined their long hair up and then took strips of tissue and wrapped them tightly around the girls petite little necks. Then draped them both with white striped cloth capes. The barber let their long hair cascade down over their shoulders covering the capes.


The two girls looked at each other and couldn’t believe what was about to happen. Cherry said oh fuck, I can’t believe this, bitch. Melanie said fuck you too.


The barbers said, you girls ready for this as they picked up their massive Oster 76 clippers and held them at their forehead simultaneously ran them over the girls heads relieving them of their golden locks.


In the shop and on large screens at the schools gyms, most of the student body watched as these two gorgeous blond girls were shorn like sheep. In a matter of minutes they looked like boys with perfect flattops.


The barbers said we’ll be a bit more easier with the other girls, but we’re going to really skin these two nice and tight, with a horseshoe flattop and the sides white walled.


The other girls all watched in horror as the two girls were skinned. It’s called a high and tight, one of the boys said. The barbers lathered Cherry and Melanie’s sides, napes and necks, then shaved them with straight razors.


When the two girls were done, they both had tears in their eyes as they looked at each other and looked down and saw all of their long blond curls on their lap and on the floor.


As they were released from the chair, now deflated, they got out of the chairs and held each others hand as they stepped away. There was applause in the shop and at the gyms.


The barbers said let’s go. We’ll do two from each school at a time. The next four girls get into the chairs.


The girls looked at each other. Come on cupcakes, let’s get this over with. They then quickly buzzed each group. As they had said, the barbers were much more merciful with the other cheerleaders.


The rest of the squads had various styles, colors and lengths, some were pretty long but a number of bobs, wedges, pixies and even a shaved side or two.


Still giving them traditional boys flattops, but leaving a nice 2” high flattop and shaving a half inch line around the ears, leaving some stubble instead of skinning the sides high and tight. Most we’re grateful for this.

As a surprise when the last girls from both schools were released from the chairs, the two captains of the boy’s basketball team got up and announced the teams want to support our cheerleaders. They both walked over and stepped into the chairs and were joined by two others.


The four barbers looked a bit surprised and said, the same as the girls? One of the captains said, no buzz it all off. The other one said, use the 00000 blade on the Osters, and skin us good.


With that both boys basketball teams ended up looking like cue balls. The girls were so happy that the boys did this for them and supported them. Many were their boy friends and several boys got very lucky that night.
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