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By JimB           (c) copyright January 2018



Constance just opened the barber shop, when Doris walked in.


“Got you a cup of Irish coffee”, Doris said to Constance.


“By the way. Betty was there and told me she and Opal will be coming by around three this afternoon”.


“I thought they were coming this morning”, Constance replied.


“She told me”, Doris began telling her, “she and Monica swopped.


“Seems, Monica’s dad is going to have some kind of surgery and she wants to go to the hospital and be with her mom”.


“Okay”, Constance answered as she walked to the back room. “Friday mornings are slow”.


The little bell rang; someone had entered the barber shop.


“Am I took early”, the lady asked as she put her purse on one of the waiting chairs.


“NO, Jean Ann”, Doris told her, pointing to her barber chair. “We just opened.


“Constance is in the back room. Just let me step back there and put my things away”.


Jean Ann walked to Doris’s barber chair and sat in it, as she crossed her legs, and began running her finger through her hair.


A few minutes later Doris came from the back.


“Haven’t seen you in a few months”, she said to Jean Ann, as she tossed the cape across her.


“It’s been about a month and half”, Jean Ann replied. “At the last minute I had to go to a conference in San Feran, then a study four week seminar in Charleston.


“Did not have a chance, nor time, to come by for a hair cut before leaving.


“And, there were no barber shops where I could get even a trim.


“So, I had to let it grow until I came home yesterday”.


Doris ran her fingers through Jean Ann’s hair, “Yes, I can tell by the growth”.


“My hair does grow fast”, Jean Ann committed with a smile.


“Let’s get started”, Doris said.


She put a tissue around Jean Ann’s neck and pulled the cape around her neck and pinned it in place.


“Are you in a rush”, she asked Jean Ann.


“NO”, Jean Ann replied. “Why”!


“Just asking”, Doris answered. “Going to take it a little slower then”.


Jean Ann smiled, “Nice”.


Doris reached under the shelf, took hold of the “.00000” clippers, turned to her barber chair …..




Stepping to the right side of the barber chair, without saying a word, Doris placed the clippers on Jean Ann’s head and slowly moved it back on the side.


She noticed Jean Ann had closed her eyes and had a smile.


“That is slow”, Jean Ann committed as Doris was starting another pass with the .00000 clippers.


“Just wait until I get the straight razor going”, Doris smiling replied.


The bell rang out. Doris looked up.


“Hi, Megan”, Doris told the young girl who walked in.


“Constance”, she called. “Megan is here”.


“Have a seat in her barber chair”, Doris told Megan. “She is just putting some towel in the wash”.


“Okay”, Megan said as she stepping in Constance’s barber chair and made her self comfortable and crossing her legs.


“Hi, Mag”, Constance said as she came from the back.


“Morning to you, Aunt Constance”, Megan replied. “Here for my hair cut, we talked about”!


“I know, mom will have a fit.


“So, it’ll have to be like she wants”.


Constance walked to her barber chair and gave her niece a kiss, “Morning to you, too”


“So, where is your mom”, she asked her niece.


“Her and dad went to the Lake”, Jean Ann began, “for the night with the Morgan’s.


“You know, the over nighter they take.


“All I heard was “see you tomorrow afternoon, sweetheart”.


“Then, as she started to close the door, I asked, “Can I go get my hair cut tomorrow!


“Mom said, “YES”, but not like you want”.


“So, here I am. And, I know ……”


Constance patted her on her right shoulder and stepped behind her barber chair.


She took a quick look in the mirror and saw Megan looking at Doris, as she was finishing with the .00000 clipping of Jean Ann’s head.


She turned and bumped her barber chair, turning it some toward Doris’ barber chair so she could watch Jean Ann’s hair cut.


“Be right back”, she told Megan. “Just going to move the towels to the dryer”.


She and Doris smiled and winked. Doris went about getting Jean Ann’s head ready for the shaving lather.


She, too, notice Megan’s looking at her, as she was .00000 clippering Jean Ann.


Doris place the warm towel on Jean Ann’s head and stepped to the left side of her barber chair, blocking Megan’s view, somewhat.


Doris looked toward the back room and saw Constance standing and watching what Megan was doing.


Constance notice the look on her face, one she had seen many times on other women. She waited, letting Megan watch more as Doris began lathering Jean Ann’s head.


After a few more minutes she walked back to her barber chair and nudged it back so Megan was not looking a Doris and Jean Ann.


She patted Megan on the shoulder and whispered, “Not nice to stair ……”.


Megan looked at her Aunt and smiled, “Can only dream”!


Doris was reaching into her glass cabinet for a straight razor. Constance had stepped by her shelf and looked in the mirror and saw Megan was still looking a Jean Ann and her lathered head, ready for shaving.


Just as Doris started to turn, Constance, her left hand low, began motioning to her.


Doris looked at her and her motioning and gave her a look of “WHAT”.


Then, Constance opened her fingers and waiving them. It was then Doris under stood what she was saying.


Constance was asking her to give her the .00000 clippers.


Doris took the .00000 clippers off the hook and handed it to her, as she mouthed “WHY”.


Constance just smiled and took the .00000 clippers.


Constance then turned back to her barber chair and Megan, sitting and waiting for her “buzz cut” with the regular .0 clippers.


“Ready”, Constance asked Megan, who just shook her head “yes”.




Constance placed her left had on top of Megan’s head and gently pushed her head down.


She and Doris looked at each other again. Jean Ann noticed the clippers exchanging hands, she had heard the conversation between Constance and Megan.


She looked at Constance and the .00000 clippers and smile and winked.


She placed the .00000 clippers in the middle of her neck, just below the hair line.


Slowly she pushed the clippers up ward leaving a strip of hairlessness an inch and half wide.


Quickly she placed the clippers again and slowly moved it upward.


Megan sat, not know her Aunt was using the .00000 clippers.


With the neck and back of Megan’s head clippers, to .00000, she allowed Megan to raise her head and look at her self in the mirror.


She took a quick glance towards Doris’s barber chair, in the mirror, just as she started shaving Jean Ann’s head.


Constance noticed her taking the glance and let her watch a little more.


Then, she stepped to the right side of the barber chair and placed the clippers on the fight side of her head.


This brought Megan back to what her aunt was doing, just as she slowly moved the clippers back across the side of her head.


Just as she place the clippers upward for another pass, Megan noticed how short her hair had been clipped to.


“Aunt Constance”, she let out, “mom’s going to kill both of us”.


Constance just patted her on the shoulder and began another, then another, slow moving of the clippers.


Finished on the right side she place the clippers at the center of her head and slowly moved the clippers back over Megan’s head, leaving behind almost skin.


After a few passes Constance walked behind the barber chair to the left side, as she took a glance at Megan in the mirror.


She was smiling.


As Constance stood on the left side, Megan turned her head to her.


“Thanks”, she told her aunt, who smiled and began moving the .00000 clippers over the left side of her head.


When she was finished, the clippers turned off, she placed them on the shelf. Tossing a towel in the warm running water in the sink.


Just as Constance place the warm towel on Megan’s head, Jean Ann was getting out of Doris’s chair, her head shaved.


“I hope you and Constance will consider coming to my party tomorrow night,” Jean Ann said to Doris, and Constance.


After paying Doris, Jean Ann stopped by Constance’s barber chair and looked at Megan.


“You aunt was right”, she told Megan, “you are loving this hair cut.”


Megan blushed but shook her head “yes” with a smile.


Joan Ann then gave Mega a little kiss and said, “IF only you were a few years older”.


Then, walked out the barber shop.


She looked in the mirror to see her aunt had half her head lathered.


She took a deep breath and let it out slowly.


“If you can hold by your enjoyment”, Constance began telling her, “I might give you the “THE SPECIAL”, too”!


“SPECIAL”, she asked.


“Just do as your aunt said”, Doris said to her, “and you will find out. And, you will enjoy it too.


“Maybe wonder why she had not give it to you earlier’.


Constance began shaving her niece’s head, slowly.


Ever so offend looking at her, only to see her smiling more and more.


With half her head shaved, sitting still and not saying anything, her aunt stopped.


She looked at Doris.


“I think she deserves the “THE SPECIAL”, Doris said to Constance.


Constance agreed and finished shaving Megan head.


Wiping her shaven head of left over lather, she removed the cape and tucked a towel in her collar spreading it over her shoulder.


Megan looked at her aunt, at Doris.


“THE SPECIAL”, Doris told her.


Constance turned the barber chair and placed the head rest in place.


As she began lowering the barber chair’s back, once again Megan started to ask.


“THE SPECIAL”, her aunt told her. “Just lay there and enjoy.


“Just like your mom did”!


“My mom” Megan thought to her self! But, she did not ask.


Constance placed a warm towel on her face. After a few minutes she removed it.


“Now, do not move”, Constance told her niece.


She saw Doris holding something, as her aunt took something from it.


“Close your eyes”, Doris told her and she did as told.


Constance spread the substance over one eyebrow then the other.


“Close your eyes and do not move”, Constance told her. “This may hurt a little but it will go away’.


With that said, Constance took the end and pulled. Then, she pulled the other one.


They saw the look on Megan’s face. A look they have seen a number of times when they gave a customer “THE SPECIAL” for the first time.


Megan felt the finger tips of her aunt move over the areas.


“Smooth”, as Doris.


“Yes”, Constance told her. “And, no hair”.


“NO hair”, Megan said. “What do you mean, NO HAIR”.


They laugh.


“Only for a few weeks”, Doris told her, as Constance readied for the next step.


“Your Aunt Constance, just waxed your eyebrows.


“NO eyebrows go great with a shaven head”.


Then, she felt her aunt lathering her face.


“You’re going to shave my face”, she inquired, of her aunt.


“Yes, it is the final step in THE SPECIAL”, she told Megan.


“Your mom was the first one I gave THE SPECIAL to years ago’.


“Fifteen years ago”, Doris committed.


“Do not forget yesterday”, Constance told her.


“WHAT”, Megan asked. “What do you mean “yesterday”.


As she shaved her niece’s face she began telling her.


“YES, your mom”, Constance began. “She was not married to your dad at the time.


“I talked her in to letting me shave her head, and …… Well, you know.


“I also gave her THE SPECIAL, which I had not thought of until she said something.


“Doris had the wax and I was just starting to shave her face”.


“What about yesterday”, Megan asked.


“You did see her before they left”, Constance asked.


“NO”, Megan told her, as Constance was wiping her face. “They left when mom came home from shopping.”


“You don’t mean …..”. Megan asked.


“Let me put it to you like this”, Constance said to her niece.


“Tomorrow, when they come home ……!


“Well, I will be waiting for the two of you to come walking in for a mom – daughter hair cut”.




The END         Maybe ……

By JimB           (c) copyright January 2018




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