Christine – back in the chair for the holidays.

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Life continued and soon the Summer came around. Gary and I had booked a seaside holiday. As the holiday neared, I thought my hair needed a tidy up, and I suddenly remembered my perm appointment. Mum tried to dissuade me ” you don’t want a short, old fashioned perm again, do you?”

Actually, I was quite excited by the thought. My appointment fell on the day we were supposed to go. A quick call. Kath could fit me in either the weekend before, or the Friday just before we went. 


The Friday afternoon, I had taken a few more hours off work and I presented myself excitedly at Kath’s, a nice warm feeling in my stomach. “The same perm as you did last time please.”


I sank in the chair, and Kath washed my hair first, before cutting it down to about two inches all over again. She quickly started curling it in the same pattern as before. I was lost in the moment, and before long, it was time for Kath to put the perm lotion on my hair. First came the cold, and then the heat and stinging as the liquid began its work. I was directed to the dryers, and as I was put under mine, the two other people there were taken from under theirs, their perms nearly done. 


After 20 minutes, my perm was declared done and I was quickly rinsed and was sat in the styling chair as the neutraliser worked.


 I was rinsed and after putting a mountain of setting lotion on my hair, I was left to reflect on what I had seen today, having had a good view of the 2 other ladies having their perms finished off. 


Soon it was time for me to have my hair dressed out, and I surprised myself by dipping my head in anticipation of Kath’s clippers. I was not disappointed at the electric sensation as they were used on me. I was soon neck shaved, sprayed and declared as done. Why does the spray sting your neck so much when you have a shave?


I went straight home, and after putting my hair in curlers, got my bag packed for the next 10 days. Mum picked up on my new hairdo. “Chrissie, have you had your hair cut again.” I smiled, “um, yes Mum. I’ve had a new perm for my holiday.” Dad didn’t really notice until the next morning. “Oh your hair looks nice, love. That style really suits you.”


Around 9am on the Saturday, Gary drove round to collect me, and we were heading west for South Devon. “Oh, you’ve had all your hair cut and permed.” I put a hand defensively to the back of my head. “You don’t like it? I needed something doing to it, and had had a perm booked for today anyway, so I just moved it a day forward.” Gary was flustered. “No, I mean yes, I mean, I really like it. Mum always had hers like this all the while I was growing up, and before I met you, I thought you were very nice, and your very long hair stood out. When you first had it permed, it was just like Mums. I don’t mind how you have your hair, but I really like your hair like this. His hand snaked round the back of my neck for a crafty feel of my freshly permed rolls. “Oh, I can smell the perm in your hair still.” I drew back defensively, blushing profusely. “I’m sorry, I am not allowed to wash it for 3 days, otherwise I might wash my perm out.” Gary grinned. ” don’t be sorry, that smell means my girlfriend has her hair styled the way I like it. I always try to get a smell of Mum’s hair when she has a perm.”


We drove off, and after a few hours we had got as far as Taunton, where Gary parked and we stopped for something to eat. An hour and a half later, we were back on the road and around teatime, we arrived at Torbay. We soon found where we were staying, a medium sized place, a few roads back from the front. A girl of about our age booked us in. The room we had was kitted out with a large and a small bed, had a wash basin, and was immediately next door to a bathroom. We unpacked, and I was allowed to pick the larger bed. We went to the town where we found somewhere for our dinner, and after a stroll round to find our rough bearings, we returned to our room.


I went to the bathroom, and had a wash and put my nightie on. Gary disappeared to the bathroom straight after, and while he was getting washed and changed, I started curling my hair. “Oh”, he said when he returned. “I’m sorry Gary, but I need to curl my hair overnight to keep it neat. Anyway, I think you’ve seen me with my hair in curlers before.” He sat watching until I had finished and came over and kissed me. “You look very sexy in curlers Miss Roberts.” I climbed into bed, and lifted the covers open, I asked “How sexy Gary?”  He tentatively sat on the edge of my bed, and slowly got in. “I haven’t arranged any protection yet,” he started explaining. “It’s ok, I had gone to see a doctor when I had started seeing Frank, although I don’t know why, as this is my first time, today.”


Gary climbed above me and as he touched and smelt my hair he immediately climaxed. He apologised, and explained that he too had never been with anyone, but stayed with me, and slowly we were both able to climax together. 


We lay together and eventually fell asleep. I awoke at daybreak, and kissed Gary who was still beside me. We made love again, and after a while, I went to the bathroom to get washed and changed. I put my make up on while Gary got washed and dressed, and carefully removed my curlers.


We went down to breakfast, there were about 10 people already there, a couple of older women over the far side, another couple older than us, and two more couples, each with a child. The waitress came to take our order. I noticed that she touched the back of her straight shoulder length hair as she noticed my severe perm. After a short while, the breakfast emerged, delivered by an older woman, who by her looks was the mother of the waitress. The woman wore her hair the same way as her daughter. Again, the woman nervously touched the back of her hair.


Gary and I went to the beach, and secured a spot on the sand, and both stripped to our swimming costumes to get some sun. Gary had a swim, although I limited myself to a paddle, as I didn’t want to wet my hair. As we had both had a good breakfast, we didn’t feel like lunch, so spent the whole day relaxing together on the beach. Around 4pm, we returned to our hotel, and got changed, ready for dinner at 6. We were first down, and took the same table that we had sat at for our breakfast. As we waited, some more people arrived, including the 2 older ladies, both of whom wore their hair in a severe short permed style similar to mine. I could feel them surveying my hair with their eyes as they passed. The same waitress appeared to take our order. I noticed that her hair had been drawn back into a loose pony tail.


After dinner, Gary took us to a local pub, where we had a few drinks before returning ready for bed. 


As before, I put my hair in curlers. Gary returned from the bathroom, and immediately got into the larger bed until I was ready to join him.


Monday dawned, and after we got up and dressed we had breakfast and went to Totnes. We had a trip on the steam railway, and I managed to find a large brimmed hat. I also bought some dippity do setting lotion. I explained to Gary that I needed to wash my hair immediately after breakfast the next day, and as I didn’t have a dryer, I was going to set it in curlers and use the hat to disguise them.


Tuesday came, and I set my hair straight after breakfast, and we set off for another day on the beach. Gary was disappointed that I had washed away the perm smell, but more than excited at the thought of being seen out with his girlfriend wearing curlers under her hat. We got back and got changed for dinner, and was extremely happy with my just set hair. Gary conceded that it did smell fresher than “just permed”, but his words said it all ” Wow, you look as if it’s been freshly permed again”. It certainly drew attention in the dining room.


My hair wasn’t the only topic of conversation. The hotel owner had obviously tried her hair in rollers, and although not curly, her hair had turned out wavy and bouncy. Similar in fact to how my hair turned out when Mum rollered my hair before I had had it cut and permed. I complimented her on it after dinner. She said that she regularly curled her hair previously, but the hotel had got busy, so she let her hair grow longer. She had offered to curl Susan, her daughter’s hair also, but she had declined, quite vigorously, apparently. I advised how my Mum had also had longer hair and permed it once a year to give body to hold her roller sets. Laughingly, I said that it was how my hair was supposed to have turned out, but as I enjoyed having curly hair, I kept it this way, even having it permed especially for my holiday a few days ago. Tentatively, I suggested that she try setting lotion, and then said that I could help her if she wished. Carol nearly bit my hand off, and after the dinner service had finished and things had been tidied away, Susan was left in charge of the small bar, and I was taken through the back. Carol disappeared off and quickly washed her hair. When she came back, she had a bag containing a load of hair rollers, mostly an inch diameter, a few bigger, several at ¾ inch and some smaller still at ½ inch. It didn’t take me long to create a section in her hair, and taking a tress, I combed setting lotion through it. I decided to try the ¾ inch rollers mostly and perhaps the smallest ones for the back and just the bottom of the sides. I wound the first roller down, and secured it with a pin, and continued until I had created a row running front to back. I divided the hair into another section, and gradually got all of Carol’s hair in rollers. Carol cooed appreciatively, and this brought Susan in for a look at the proceedings. Susan certainly seemed more interested that Carol had suggested she had been previously, and made sure that she had a good feel of her Mum’s rollers before returning to the bar. 


I returned to the bar and found Gary, and we spent the rest of the evening out on the town. When we returned back, we went immediately to our room, and retired for the night.


Breakfast the next morning was interesting. Susan did the honours for the most part, but Carol brought gary’s and my breakfast through. All eyes were on her as she came through, her rollered curls bouncing and tumbling around her shoulders as she approached our table. She whispered her thanks for her hairdo as she put our breakfast down.


Just as we were leaving for the day, Susan pinned me down. “Mum’s hair looks lovely. I don’t suppose you would curl my hair tonight. Please.”

I agreed and we spent the whole day out exploring villages down to Brixham and then over towards Dartmouth. After dinner Carol and Susan cleared up fairly quickly, and I went back and this time Carol had a tutorial on setting her daughters hair, before having a go at setting her own. Susan was shown how to help and I supported where required.


The next morning, I was surprised when they served breakfast. Both of them had kept their rollers in. Not to be left out, I quickly washed my own hair, and set it. The broad brimmed hat was put to good use today.


The holiday soon finished and we left Torbay Saturday lunchtime. We drove slowly up through Devon, my hat being used again today for its intended purpose. We passed into Somerset and Dorset, and stopped for tea at Shaftesbury. Finding a bed and breakfast nearby, we decided to stop over another night. 


After a refreshing night’s sleep, after Gary had shown his appreciation of my hair, still set in curlers. I quickly took my hair out of its curlers, and we set off home. We arrived at Gary’s first. His Mum hadn’t seen my holiday perm, and congratulated me on how I had managed to maintain it on holiday. After tea with Mrs Parsons, Gary took me home.


Monday dawned, and I got up and ready for work. Mrs Johnson, the supervisor, called me in. One of the managers secretary’s had been taken ill. Although I was fairly young, they wanted someone who looked professional to step in. Mrs Johnson advised that my grown up hairstyle had secured the role. Debbie, the errant secretary was signed off for a fortnight. 


I was mostly kept on menial duties, notetaking and dictation, prepping letters for signature. On the Thursday of the second week, one of the customers came in, and I took notes for the meeting. There was to be a second meeting the week after, and it was made clear that I was expected to attend that too. Later that evening the manager came over and advised that I should take the morning off, ready for the second meeting and handed me some money, he advised me that it was expected that I have my hair done. I immediately called Kath and booked a shampoo and set.


The next Thursday, I arrived at Kath’s. My hair was washed and pulled tightly onto the familiar blue curlers, having been thoroughly smothered in setting lotion. After this I was parked under an extremely hot dryer for 40 minutes. Instead of waiting for my hair to cool, Kath reached for the brutal looking clippers, and proceeded to clean my neck. My body shivered in excitement. Seeing my work suit, Kath ensured my neck was shaved cleanly. I must admit it looked very smart once my curlers were out. My boss was happy with the effect and even happier when we secured a reasonable contract.


When I met Gary later that evening, he too was delighted with my trim and set.


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  1. Unfortunately those old “perm salons and times” are gone, every salon got updated or the older salon are gone with the owners retirement ….. Its still hard to find a hair dresser with the real knowledge to perm a old style bubble perm ….. So just reading your stories are taking me back as well and it feels nice, makes me smile …… Yes young girls now mostly having those boring hairstyles nothing out of line

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