Cindy Finally Cuts Her Hair

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Norma Jean my wife of 29 years, had just passed away on December 3rd, 2015. I started to date in March when asked out by a lady from the church. She was different with a Flat top hairstyle she had always wanted to have done. We had fun, but; she was not what I was looking for, to much of a party person for me, plus she was about 15 years younger. So I searched the internet and I met Cindy Jo at an online dating site in August of 2016.

I saw her picture which captivated me, she was standing by her car, she had long Reddish Brown flowing hair to her waist. I looked at her for a long time and I do not know what prompted me to say to her, “Have you ever considered cutting your hair to a Bob cut, or maybe a short Pixie cut?”

I use to style hair back in the late 60’s and mid seventies as a part time job at a Beauty Salon, so maybe that is what it was? I was looking at her photo and deep down thought maybe she would look better in a short Pixie Cut or just maybe she would look better with it in a very short Pixie cut at 2 1/2” all over, which would frame her face rather then dragging it down.” Her reply was very funny, she said : “Yes, I have considered it, funny you would ask since I have been growing it out from a very very short 2” Pixie Cut I had about 11 years ago, but; right now it is my only asset, my long hair is an attraction for me and maybe in the future, about a year from now, I will more then likely cut it as long hair is nice but; also a pain to maintain, plus the Pixie Cut is very easy to have as a wash blow and go style.”

I thought how interesting? What a reply. We were 130 miles apart from each other so, we chatted back and forth for all of August. Every day we talked when I got up to go to work at 4 am, when she was going to work at 5pm to 6pm, then before bed while she was on her lunch break at 9:30 pm. Then in September Cindy asked if I would like to meet her son, his fiancee, her Mom and family on Labor Day. I said definitely, so I drove up to see her. We finally met in person, I saw her Son, his fiancee, her Mom, and his son who was 18, we all got along and we all had a very nice weekend, I felt this was the lady I was looking for. She did not smoke, did not drink, did not swear and went to church religiously, sang in the choir and was very nice.

We dated every weekend, I would drive up to see her for church on Sundays, eat a meal and head back home as she was going to work. We talked as she drove into work and the cycle repeated itself. We talked about Cindy cutting her waist length hair short again. She liked it short as she said it was a Wash, Blow and Go style, low maintenance and easy to maintain, getting it trimmed every 2 months or 3 months.

Cindy had a knee surgery in September and I stayed there that weekend taking care of her, we talked about getting married. She showed me some family photos of her in long hair and some with a short cropped Pixie Cut about 2” all over, it was sexy to see and I said: “ Wow you do look good in short hair Cindy. “ She replied, “ I am seriously thinking about cutting it to a Pixie cut again, but; I thought you liked it long?” I was speechless, oh I do like it long but; if you want to cut it? Cindy said again that she was seriously thinking of cutting it, as it was to her waist some 37” long, it was a pain to wash, comb, dry and then have to dye it every 2 months or so as the Grey hairs appeared at the nape, center part, “Oh yes seriously thinking of cutting it soon?”

In October Cindy came down to my house on the river, we had a fun weekend and I asked her to look at what she wanted for a wedding engagement set. She picked a design that was non traditional. A Pink Tourmaline, I saw it and had a friend who does Jewelry in Atlanta make up a really nice ring. Cindy’s birthday is October 20th, so I took her to Atlanta and put the ring on her finger asking her to marry me. It was a .80 Bright Pink Mozambique Sapphire in a Emerald cut design, with 1.13 cts. of VVS I diamonds surrounding it on top, it had .55 cts. of Diamonds down the sides. She cried and said: “OMG YES, it is so beautiful, I have never seen anything like it.

By November we were serious about marriage, Obama’s Health Care Program was going to charge her $688 per month, she made $10 per hour, so I said lets not wait till March to get married. She asked well how much will it cost you to get a medical program. I said retired Military, $53.23 per month for Medical and Dental, that did it she said “WOW REALLY?”

I asked her to marry me and she said a no brainier huh.. We got married in November on the 21st. Thanksgiving was with my family, Cindy wanted to look her best, so I dyed her hair so she would feel good. She said: “This is a pain, dying hair, maybe we just go to Great Clips and get it cut off, then grow it out gray? Naw we about ready to finish this up we cut it later maybe? My family got to meet Cindy for Thanksgiving. We all had a great time. As time went by Cindy said she was sick of dying her hair so she said, “ I am going to grow it out to chin length in Grey and then have it cut to an Inverted Bob cut.” I said “Okay, it is your hair, plus it would look good on you, as I said back in August, have you ever thought of cutting it short?”

Cindy brought out a picture album and showed me what she she looked like Eleven years ago with a super short 2” Pixie Cut. I was floored, I was right, she did look a lot better in a short hair style. I said “WOW, you look so great in short Pixie Cut, just like I said you would.” Cindy’s reply was, “I know I do, but; I had always had long hair in High School, then I cut it short in 73 with my first child.” Then I grew it out again very long, then the second child short again, then grew it out, then cut it when it reached waist length, about 3 years short, 7 growing it out, so now I am again seriously ready to cut it short again.” I replied saying “ Well I think you look good either way, but; short hair is a WOW. You know I love Long Hair but; like I say your hair, your choice, but either way long or short or bald, you can carry it off. ”

By May her hair was gray and brown at chin length and I thought to myself hair cut time. I said to Cindy, “ Looks like your Grey is about chin length Cindy ?” Cindy looked at me, went into the bathroom, She came out with her hair in a ponytail and said, “No way, my hair is Grey and at 58 it looks hideous, I look like a brown skunk, then Cindy handed me a color kit, sat in a chair and said COLOR IT.” I laughed and did as she wanted. Rubbing the dye through the long strands of hair, thinking to myself, as I wet each strand with solution, just get the scissors and cut this hair off now? But my better part said she will do it in time.

We went out to dinner on Friday night, I told Cindy it is our 6 month anniversary. Cindy said “ I know.” As we sat and ate dinner, Cindy said; “ This hair is really annoying now, I want to cut it off.” I said; “ WHEN is this great event going to be taking place? I mean you said when it grew out and then colored it so when?” Cindy said:” Moms birthday is the first weekend in June. I want to go home that weekend, I have a Great Clips $5 off coupon and was thinking that we would go to church services Sunday Morning, I would wear my hair down to the waist for all to see, make the old jealous women ask me when you gonna cut it Cindy, then we could go out for a lunch, then after lunch we will go to Great Clips, shock my beautician over the last 15 years, be seated in the chair, when asked how are we doing it today Cindy, as usual a trim? I would look in the mirror as she combs my long hair out for the last time and reply, “NO, I have been thinking, maybe something different, something nice and really short, maybe that very very short Pixie Cut, the one I had Eleven years ago, that 2” buzzed all over Pixie Cut, then watch the expression in her face as I ask her,”WHAT DO YOU THINK?” she has wanted to cut it into a Pixie Cut for almost 10 years now, what I use to wear before growing it out, then see her say, “FINALLY WE ARE GOING BACK TO THE PIXIE CUT I LOVED SO MUCH ON YOU.” THEN WATCH HER BEING EXCITED ABOUT CUTING OFF ALMOST 3′ OF MY NOW WAIST LENGTH HAIR TO A TWO INCH PIXIE CUT, THEN TO WATCH HER AS SHE COMBS OUT MY WAIST LENGTH HAIR FOR THE LAST TIME. This is going to be so much fun I CAN HARDLY WAIT.

After it is cut, I will give you the ponytail to keep in a drawer, for I feel it will be the last time I grow my hair out again. Then we will go back to church Sunday evening, with a new haircut, for all those who always asked, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO CUT THAT HAIR CINDY? Oh I cannot wait to see the look on their faces as I walk in with my new Pixie Cut.. Well, what do you think honey?” “Sure I said, sounds like a great plan, like that song HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW. See me now with my waist length long hair DOWN IN THE MORNING, then to come back for the evening service and surprise everyone, what do you think of me now, do you all like me now in my new sexy short 2” Pixie Cut, is that not what ya all asked for?”

I was so excited by Cindy’s explaining what and how see wanted to surprise everyone, while she laid out her plan of surprise, I dreamed as she talked , of seeing her at church for the last time, little did everyone know. The thought of eating lunch, building up to the suspense of a haircut, eating and watching her flip her locks back for the last time, then the act of actually watching her walk into the Great Clips shop, signing in, waiting, then being escorted to the chair, being seated, being caped up, being combed out for the last time. Watching her beautician of fifteen years asking her what will it be today, the usual trim? All her long waist length tresses being combed out for the last time, as the beautician asked Cindy “ Will it be the usual trim today Cindy?” And then to see the look on her face as Cindy replies: “I was thinking of cutting it all off into that super short 2” Pixie Cut, like I use to wear some Twelve years ago, do you remember that cut? ” Gosh I could not contain myself in my wave of enthusiasm. Finally Cindy was really going to cut her hair short as I asked her to do back in August? Wow, she was really thinking seriously about this cut now, from 36” of waist length hair, to 2” of a short Pixie Cut all over with clippers in a nice buzzed cut?

Friday came and we headed home to Tennessee as usual for the weekend. Cindy was silent and contemplating. I asked her what she was thinking. Cindy said: “JEREMY CALLED ME AND HE AND DOTTIE ARE GETTING MARRIED IN OCTOBER ON THE 21ST, SO I WAS GOING TO WAIT TILL AFTER THE WEDDING TO CUT MY HAIR SHORT, I WILL GET TO HAVE IT CURLED FOR YOU TO SEE WITH A NICE BOW OF DIAMONDS ON TOP IS THAT OK HONEY?“ Just thinking about a long fun filled weekend.” I nodded my head and smiled as she held a spire of her hair in her right hand and started twisting it as she usually does when she is thinking. We watched TV that night, all snuggled on the sofa, as I caressed her locks for a while. Cindy asked:”Are you gonna miss stroking my long waist length hair?” “Yes I replied, but; I am so excited to see you happy and in that short 2” Pixie Cut as you want to be, it will be a change, but; what a nice change. No more long stands of hair in the sink, or the bathtub, or when vacuuming, that will be even nicer. Plus when we have to go out on a short notice, it will be wash and go hair.” Cindy looked up at me, gave me a big hug and said: “I know you have wanted me to cut my long hair short for over six months now, plus I am now ready to do it for us, as a couple, plus the change will mean a new me with short hair, A NEW WOMAN WITH A NEW SHORT PIXIE CUT.” We kissed made love and went to sleep wrapped in each others embrace.

Friday the 20th of October came we were in Wilmington, North Carolina for the reception rehearsal and a dinner celebrating Dottie and Jeremy’s wedding on Saturday. She looked at me that evening as she came out of the shower with her hair wrapped in a towel and said: “I will be happy to have short hair, but; so happy tomorrow all the ladies are getting their hair done for the wedding. Cindy went up stairs and came back with her hair pulled back loosely, her crown was all diamonds and her hair fell in a cascade of curls to her waist, I had never see Cindy’s hair look so nice. We sat and watched TV, went to the wedding, then everyone ate dinner, and danced all night. We got back to the hotel room at 11:30pm, then Cindy asked me if I wanted to comb out her hair for next to the last time for her. She sat very still as I combed through the long reddish and brown locks for nearly the last time. Cindy asked: “ Are you sure you will be happy with all this long hair cut short.?” I replied “Yes, it has been fun playing with the long hair, doing braids, ponytails, up sweeps etc., but I am looking forward to you being happy, with it cut short, as it is a pain to keep up.” We went to bed, made love for the last night to my long waist length haired Cindy.
We returned to Tennessee for Sunday morning October 22nd, we ate breakfast, got dressed, Cindy had me comb her hair out, as I brushed and combed her hair I said: “Cindy this will be the last time I get to do this>” Cindy watched me, smiled doing her hair for the last time. The excitement was building, this was really going to happen today. We drove to church and Cindy said: “Don’t you say anything about me cutting my hair today OK?” I replied “Okay” We went in the church and were greeted by the members as usual. Cindy looked at me and said: “ Nobody has said anything about my hair today?” I replied “AND”? We sat down and sang songs as usual, read scriptures, listened to the sermon. We were dismissed till that evening. Cindy was approached by two ladies who asked, “Your hair is so long Cindy, when are you going to cut it?” Cindy smiled and replied, “When I am ready ladies, when I am ready.” Little did they know how ready was.

We got into our car and laughed, Cindy said “Little do they know I am ready now.” as we drove to eat. I was looking at Cindy’s hair as I drove, thinking not much longer now.” We ate at the Chinese restaurant, talked about what next and laughed, what next A BIG CHANGE, we hugged as I caressed her long locks for the last time, we got into the car and drove to Great Clips. Cindy was smiling as she walked from the car into Great Clips. I took some pictures of her hair swaying from side to side as she walked ahead of me and into Great Clips, this event was going to take place now, SHE IS REALLY GOING TO GET HER HAIRCUT INTO A VERY SHORT 2” PIXIE CUT, OH MY GOD. Cindy checked in, said hello to her beautician, too a seat and we waited. We talked, held hands, she was a little nervous, twisting her hair as usual when nervous, knowing what she was about to do. I asked her:”Are you sure you are Ok with doing this?” She replied,”Yes just thinking about all this waist length long hair being cut off, no more twisting any long hair, after ten long years of growing it out, then having it all cut off to my old short easy to take care of 2” Pixie Cut, I am Okay, just waiting for it to be done with really, lets get on with the show, the whole time Cindy was twirling her hair nervously, I knew she wanted to this and get it over with now. ”

A voice called out Cindy. Cindy stood up and followed the beautician to the 1st chair from the entry, nice I was going to be able to see this event unfolding. She seated Cindy, pulled Cindy’s long waist length hair out and over the back of the chair. Cindy looked straight forward at the mirror her eyes were wide open now. The Beautician pulled out a cape, wrapped it around Cindy’s neck, fastened the cape and pulled Cindy’s waist length long hair out from under the cape, again laying over the cape and flowing down the back of the chair. The Beautician combed Cindy’s hair out and said “The usual trim some 2-3” Cindy?” Cindy looked straight ahead into the mirror, looked at me, winked and said “No, I think I want to go back to the short 2” Pixie Cut I use to wear, do you remember that cut some ten years ago” The Beautician was as expected stunned. “She asked in a questioning voice”REALLY CINDY, REALLY?” Cindy laughed and said “YES I AM SICK OF THIS LONG HAIR AND WANT A NICE EASY WASH AND GO CUT NOW THAT I AM MARRIED.” The beautician was dumbfounded and said “OKAY, IF THATS WHAT YOU WANT TO DO LETS DO IT.” The Beautician then took Cindy’s hair and did it in a ponytail, secured it with 3 wraps of the rubber band, then took out a pair of scissors. She looked at Cindy and said “Are You Ready Cindy?’ Cindy replied with a big sigh “OH YES LETS DO IT.” With that said, the beautician raised her scissors to the ponytail, I watched as the scissors ate through the hair, shinnnk shinnk, as it chomped away, one cutting at a time. What a ponderous sight to see, as the severed locks of hair fell away from the hair on the head, it was happening, people gawked and said shes cutting her long hair, Ccindy is cutting her long hair, as we all watched the beautician cutting and cutting, some 28 crunches of the scissors had done their job, as the last cut came, the beautician waved the severed 33” of hair in the air, Cindy cried ‘OH MY GOD, IT DID NOT SEEM THAT LONG.”

I was looking at the spire of severed hair, when Cindy said give it to my husband for allowing me to have it cut after 11 months of marriage. The Beautician brought me the 33” of hair, then went back to Cindy, took out the clippers and put a 1 1/2” attachment on the clipper blade which was 1/2”, so Cindy was now going to be buzzed from some 4” of hair left to a 2” buzzed short Pixie Cut. I watched in awe as the beautician tilted Cindy’s head forward till her chin and chest touched, then she went up the back of the nape to the crown with the clippers leaving a nice freshly cut swath of 2” of hair left. With each sweep, hair was flying all over the cape, falling to the ground in a nice pile of severed brownish white and red locks. Cindy was enjoying the old Cindy coming out, as the hair was being cut shorter and shorter, she was actually smiling a big grin on her face, as she watched all the hair being cut shorter and falling into her cape into her lap, saying with each clipping, “OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH, THIS FEELS SO GOOD.”

The Beautician then went to the left side at the temple area and came straight up as hair rained down with the passage, then behind the ear, then the left side of the nape. She then went to the right side doing the same as hair piled up deeper on the cape and the floor. Cindy was clipped of more hair, the new shorter style was emerging. Finally the beautician tilted Cindy’s head back so she looked straight forward at the mirror, up she came with the clippers, then right down the middle of Cindy’s head, Cindy watched with wide eyes as the clippers severed her hair fro 4” to a nice short 2” buzz cut. Across the top left and right sides she came at Cindy’s hair, now my beautiful short 2” Pixie haired Cindy was completed.

Now that was exhilarating, watching the event of Cindy being transformed, from long 37” of waist length hair, to hair that was now in a 2” Pixie Cut. Everyone in the shop was watching as I was. Everyone said how cute she looked without all the long waist length hair. The beautician said: “Cindy, oh my Cindy, now I have my old short haired Pixie Cut Cindy back again.” Cindy said “Yes I am back , what a relief, no more long hair, at 59 years old, now it is short and easy to care for hair.” Cindy got out of the chair, asked how do I like a new short haired woman, I smiled, we went to the car, talked all the way back home about how it was to see all that hair being cut off and down to a 2” buzz cut, then home, where we made passionate love.

Church was at 6 pm that night, Cindy was excited and talked about all the old long haired ladies who were jealous of her beautiful waist length hair, always asking when she was going to cut her hair, boy will they be shocked. We arrived at church precisely at 5:59 pm, all were seated, Cindy and I walked in to sit down in front and the buzzing noise like a swarm of bees started, you could hear everyone saying; Cindy cut her long waist length hair off, OMG, Cindy has cut her hair short again. Cindy held my hand, looked at me, said “Thank You my love, Oh it feels so good to have short hair again.” After church everyone of course came to say how mice Cindy looked with her short 2” Pixie Cut, many said it was like it was ten years ago. We went home and made love all night, talking about all the hair being cut, what she felt as each snip was done and how it was seeing all the long hair held up like a trophy, then the buzzing of the clippers each pass it made. My Cindy, my short haired sexy lady, the love and joy of my life, thank you for doing this my Lady, my Love I said as she grabbed me over and over so excited that she made herself and me happy.

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