Circling the Drain

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Jujou sits at the kitchen bar, thick red hair piled elegantly atop her head, a cup of steaming hot coffee in her hand. Turning the newspaper page she thinks to herself “The life of a live in slave is not too bad. All I have to really do is obey in the bedroom while he does all the hard work.”

Another page turns as she carefully sips her coffee.

In the bathroom He winces. Once again, the water is cold. “Why the hell does she have to use up ALL the hot water…EVERY TIME?” He’s warned her of this several times this week alone and yet, it makes no difference. She just does NOT listen! “No, that’s not right.” he thinks. “She just WILL NOT listen.”

Perhaps it’s time to inject a bit more discipline into their relationship? After all, she IS the slave her, not him.

Cursing under his breath he continues to soap himself, working the lather into a thick, white foam.

About that time he notices something. The water is backing up in the stall and is beginning to overflow the low wall that separates the shower from the bathroom at large.

No time to rinse, He slaps the handle down and the water shuts off just as it begins spilling out onto the bathroom’s tiled floor.

Reaching for a towel he wipes the soap from this face, his smallest movements sending cascades of water sheeting across the floor.

“God damn it!” He hisses. If there is one thing he hates more than a cold shower it’s long red hair clogging the damned drain. He reaches down through the murky water and rooting around at last comes up with …a huge clump of long, wet red hair. As the water begins to drain he returns to his interrupted shower and random thoughts flash through his mind. “Why is it so difficult for this woman to leave a little hot water for my shower? How hard it it to clean out the frickin’ drain when she’s done? This is the last straw! I’m going to have to punish her in some way for this. Punish her in some way that gets the message across LOUD AND CLEAR! And where in the HELL does all that hair come from anyway? Hell,if I lost that much hair EVERY GOD DAMNED DAY I’d be…I’d be BALD!”

As he finishes up his shower a plan begins to form. A plan that he feels may…just maybe get the idea through her pretty little head…

He begins collecting the things he needs. Most of them are in fact already in the bathroom. Finished, he quietly slides the vanity drawer closed and tromps across the wet floor to the bathroom door.

“Sweetie” he calls out. “Would you mind coming here for a moment?

“Be right there she calls back”

“Oh God…what is it now?” she thinks. “Not another lecture on hot water! I can’t help it if it takes a lot of water to wash my hair. He should just buy a bigger hot water heater if he wants a hot shower!’

Opening the bathroom door she is met by him, standing on a soaked tile floor.

“What the fuck did you do to the floor!” She asks in an angry tone that only serves to stiffen his resolve.

He tosses the wad of wet hair to the ground at her feet and coldly asks “What is that…SLAVE?”

Wary now as he only calls her “salve” when he is truly pissed off she coyly answers. “Um…hair?”

“And WHO’S hair is it?” he pointedly asks.

“Well” she begins, “If I had to guess I’d say yours…and mine.” Not the answer he was looking for.

“Mine? Mine?” he says as he reaches up and plucks at his own closely cropped hair. Now he’s he’s pissed. She sees her mistake and tries to back peddle.

“Well, I guess it’s…it’s mostly mine but, I’m sure there’s some of yours in there too.”

Closing his eyes and taking a few deep breaths he barks the orders: “STRIP…NOW!”

Truly frightened now she shucks her bathrobe and places it in his outstretched hand.

“What a sight she is!” he thinks but, his resolve doesn’t crumble. She must be tamed and taught. It’s his duty as her Master to insure that behaves in a way befitting a good slave ind of late he has been remiss in his duties. All of that must change.

Opening the shower door he flatly says “Get in”

Eyes downcast, arms at her sides, she tries to look small and harmless…subservient. Not a difficult task giver her size.

“You’ve been here for nearly six months Jujou. In that time I have asked very little of you. Only that you keep the place neat and orderly while I’m working and satisfy my sexual needs. In return I provide you with a nice place to live and pretty much anything you want or need. Our contract clearly states that you are mine, body and soul to do with as I please and yet, I have never treated you like property or misused you in any way. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes sir’ she answered softly, eyes staring at the shower’s still damp floor. She knew his moods well and she knew that this would blow over once he had had his say. Just like it always did.

“Don’t you want to stay here?” he asked her sweetly.

“Yes Sir.” she replied.

“Good, I’m happy to hear that”

The sound took her by surprise. A quick POP! followed by an angry buzzz. One hand firmly gripped the back of her neck, the other pushed hard against her forehead. No…not his hand, something hard, cold and…buzzing?

Red hair rained down before her eyes and suddenly the slave girl knew what was happening.

“NO!” she yelled out but, his hand was too strong. Once again the clippers were at the front of her head. Once again their voice deepened and red curls came floating down. She continued to struggle but, he was too strong. Now, he had her back against his chest, his hand gently yet firmly on her throat and still the clippers were chopping away at her lovely red locks. Pass after pass, inexorably the shears ate away at her crowning glory.

An errant breeze stroked her scalp and she knew it was no use, the damage was done and there was no going back. Five minutes later the clippers fell silent. Opening her eyes Jujou saw that she standing in a drift of limp red hair.

Her very womanhood had been taken from her. What could be worse?

It didn’t take her long to find out. The shaving soap was warm. Crying, she begged him to stop. “I’ll be good from now on, I’ll obey just please…please don’t shave me bald!”

Tears streamed down her face as the razor made its first pass. She knew it was no use and her shoulders slumped in abject defeat as he slowly and surely removed every last vestige of hair from her scalp. She felt him rub soap across her brow and thought “No…he can’t be THAT cruel!” but today, there was no mercy in his heart and her eyebrows were swept from existence.

The high pitches zzzzzz…of his beard trimmer made her jump. She knew what he had in mind and pleaded one last time. “No! PLEASE…leave me SOMETHING!”

“You had your chance and you chose to ignore my wishes. Since you can’t be trusted to clean up your hair, you will not be allowed to have ANY!”

Her neatly trimmed landing strip didn’t stand a chance. In seconds it was gone.. Over the next half hour he continued his onslaught. When he finally laid his razor to rest there was not a single hair left anywhere on Jujou’s body.

“One last thing…close your eyes.” Seconds later her lovely lashes were gone as well. He marched her out of the shower to the full length mirror on the back of the door. “Look!” he ordered.

“You will remain like this until I decide otherwise…Understand?”

“Yes sir.” the hairless slave replied.

“Tomorrow we will begin applying hair removing cream just so you don’t get all stubbly.”

“Yes Sir.”

“That’s a good slave. Now, clean this mess up!”

“Yes Sir.”

As she bent to work Jujou knew she would never have hair again. This was her place in life. This was how it was supposed to be all along. She realized that her beauty had been the problem all along. It enabled her to manipulate those around her, it caused her to be cruel and arrogant. Now that it was gone she had no power. Never again would she use her beauty to get what she wanted. From now on she was just a slave.

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