Claire & Wendy; Pixie Shorn One After The Other.

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This is a true story!

I prefer working from home these days rather than visiting clients & friends at their homes for a number of reasons but the main one is that many people don’t have suitable chairs that you can use as a substitute for a salon/barber chair & a few of my regular clients reside 20 miles away & Claire is one if those ladies!

I first met Claire on a freebie dating site as its always been my intention to snare myself a single lady in her late 40s to early 50s who wore short hair in the hope that we would fall in love & she would become my personal muse, my lover, my best friend & potentially my wife!

We dated briefly but it soon became apparent that although we liked each other’s company we were not romantically compatible but we keep in contact & I am now her personal hairstylist as she has told me on numerous occasions that I am the best hairstylist she has ever had & she visits me every 5 weeks to keep her lovely thick salt & pepper hue pixie crop looking sharp!

These days I clipper her lower nape & sides to a number 4 guard, leaving in long pixie side sideburns whilst cutting into the crown with my Texturisng shears after I have taken off a wee bit of length as Claire’s thick locks grow so quickly & outwards….which drives her crazy!…& during the summer I take her even shorter without asking her permission just for the sake of it & she doesn’t mind at all because;

A) I know she trusts my judgement as she has told me‼
B) She often goes a wee tad longer for a shearing than her usual 5 weeks!
C) Loves too see her hair fall into her lap when she has her head gently albeit firmly pushed downwards!
D) She loves nothing better than being shorn by her stylist & barber & has told me so!

On this particular occasion Claire was pencilled in for a 10am Saturday morning shearing as I had a new client visiting me beforehand at 9am who was Wendy & she was the mum of a friend of mine that I had trimmed up in the past & had given her mum my details as Wendy was in need of a new cut as she was in her mid 50s & had cultivated a natural silver tone to her hair after years of using a box dye to give her a light blonde tone & whilst I hadn’t met her before we spoke on the phone when she made the aappointment a few days prior & told me she had been wearing a very mumsy sort of Bob cut that had lost all its shape & was looking a tad flat & boring‼….I had suggested a shorter Bob or a longer pixie cut & sent her a few restyle teasers for her to ponder on & she would let me know her decision during the appointment booked at the consultation stage!

The Saturday quickly came round & Wendy messaged me at 9.15am to apologise for her lateness as she had to pop into town to obtain some money from the cash machine as her local one wasn’t working & didn’t have the funds to pay my tariff & told me she could be with me by 10.30am which was fine by me as she was willing to wait until my10am pixie shearing appointment with Claire was finished!

Claire turned up as prompt as ever & it had been nigh on 7 weeks since I last saw her as she had been working of late at weekends & her hair had grown out considerably, was nigh on 4 inches in length at the nape & sides, nigh on 6 inches at the crown was resembling a sort of mullet style which wasn’t doing anything for her at all so during our coffee consuming consultation I told her she was being shorn today super short & she was chuffed as it was springtime in the UK & she was going on holiday to Italy for a fortnight in 3 weeks time!

Just as I was seating her, Wendy turned up on my doorstep & was ushered in.I made us all another cuppa & all three of us had a chat before proceedings commenced & although the two ladies had never met before they hit it off very quickly & complimented each other on the natural silver hue of their hair‼

Wendy was a tad shorter in height than Claire who is a lofty 5ft 9” & a probably two dress sizes larger but none the less was a very chic albeit bohemian lady who possessed gorgeous lots of it thick hair that had grown out into a shoulder length cut that she loosely tied back & was quite frankly doing nothing for her‼….I decided there & then that Wendy was going to be either bobbed short or pixie’d & told her so to which she said would ponder on it some more whilst Claire was shorn!

After we had consumed our coffees, Claire eagerly jumped into the chair I had placed in my living room directly in front of the large window which gives me natural light whilst Wendy sat in my red leather spitfire chair that is also in my living room which gave her a full on view of Claire’s shearing session! Following brushing Claire’s hair, caping her & quickly sectioning her crown off to one side, I commenced shearing her rather quickly & dominantly with my trusty & gorgeous 8” Japanese Matakki barbering shears rather than clippering her down as per usual‼

The reasoning behind this is that I wanted to let Wendy watch how Claire loved the experience of being shorn by a stylist & if a lady has not experienced a short cropping before she often panics as the thought of having the clippers used on her as for many ladies, clippers are soley only used on men folk who quite often go much shorter‼ Secondly, I love the hypnotic sound of the shears at work & when you are using 8” Japanese barber shears as they can take off a lot of hair very easily & quickly & being much quieter than clippers I was hoping Claire would chat to Wendy whilst being shorn by me about what she had decided to opt for…& she did‼

I cropped Claire’s lower nape & sides down to as short as I possibly could with my shears & this is easily achieved by keeping the comb tight to the scalp whilst the blades of the shears mercillessly cuts anything that gets between the combs teeth & as you work upwards towards the crown you simply angle the comb outwards so you cut a longer length that easily blends in with the shorter sections. I then blunt cut the crown short & cut in a short fringe & ran the texturiers through the whole top perimeter to give a bit of texture & to take a bit of bulk out which left the lovely Claire with her shortest pixie crop that she had ever worn….close to a very short number 4 buzz cut that was slightly longer & textured at the crown with an all over even silver tone that was just a tad darker at her nape.

Throughout the whole of the 40 minutes it took me to dominantly shear Claire in a playfull manner of course, I made a point to quickly glance over at Wendy on a regular basis who was watching the scene unfold before her eyes to see if I could gauge what she was thinking & because I was using the shears I could hear the positive comments being made by Wendy to Claire on how cut made her features stand out more so & even though the cut was short, it was still very feminine!

After a spritzing of coconut oil & sea salt spray I quickly blow dried Claire off, uncapped her & handed her the small mirror to inspect my work whilst looking into the full length living room mirror & she was speechless with joy as she ran her manicured fingers through her very short textured pixie & commented on how soft & velvety it felt as well as being excited when she saw the amount of her hair that was now lying on my wooden floor!

Claire spoke to Wendy for a few minutes about the cut she had just received whilst I cleaned up my cutting tools & brushed down the chair of the tiny clippings, ready for my next victim, & following payment plus a generous tip she took her belongings & left, leaving the two of us alone & as soon as the door had closed, Wendy practically threw herself in the chair & asked for a short pixie crop but not as short as Claire’s‼

I told her that was a good choice as she had the facial shape & features for such a cut, all the damage would be gone for good even though that was a bit of an exaggeration as she had at least 4-5 inches of fresh natural hair following leaving the bleaching alone & I could just tell that she was excited at the prospect of being pixie cropped for the first time in her life & I was rather chuffed I was the dominant stylist to do the honours & made a wee silent promise to myself not to let her down‼

I brushed Wendys hair out which she loved I may add as not many ladies nowadays brush their locks & if they do they tend to brush the ends more so than the crown but I was taught by my mentor very early on that a lady with longer hair should always have a vigorous brushing of her locks & you start at the crown & stimulate the follicles which gets the blood pumping up to the scalp which then release natural oils through the folicle onto the hair bulb/shaft & then is picked up by the brush & by combing root to tip you naturally cleanse & condition the hair & I will state on the Bible that I have never had a female complain about me brushing her hair….ever‼

After brushing her hair out I caped her up using the same heavyweight bronze coloured cape that I had used on Claire as I like to offset lighter hair against a darker cape & vice versa so my clients can see the hair better when its brushed, blown or gently but purposely thrown into their lap whilst being shorn‼ I quickly & loosely sectioned Wendys hair into 4 parts, the crown, the 2 sides & the nape holding the hair in place with my black sectioning grips & then gently but firmly pushed her head downwards into her chest so she was looking at her lap & whilst I had my 8” shears in my hand grabbed the section at the nape, made a swift cut & purposely threw a good 10 inches of her hair into her lap…& quickly done the same to the other 3 sections & I followed this up by saying “No turning back now Wendy!”

For the next 40 minutes I pixie sheared Wendy down to very short 3 inch crop that was very soft & textured & used the small detailing clippers on her nape only to get shot of the tiny baby hairs as its vital for a lady wearing a pixie to have a soft & natural nape line rather than cutting one in that’s not as during the growing out process it can look a tad untidy. Anyhow, throughout the whole process I was quite dominant with Wendy, got quite close to her at times & would hold her head with both hands & guide her into the desired cutting position I required rather than asked her & I got the feel that after 20 minutes of being shorn, she had succumbed to fact that she was being cropped short & began to enjoy the experience & eased up a great deal to such an extent that she began asking me what scissors I was using & also commented on the lovely & hypnotic sound they made when in use‼

When I was pleased with the result, I gave her the small hand mirror to admire her new look & when she said it was very fetching looking on her & loved the feel of the textured cut, I applied a few sprays of the coconut oil & sea salt spray & gave her a hands on two minute finger blow dry, then uncaped her & handed her the small mirror once again so she could fully inspect her transformation in the full length mirror & view the nape from the two way angle‼

I kept Wendy a cropped girl for a about 18 months & sometimes took her a tad shorter than she requested but didn’t seem to mind at all just so long I kept the crown longer as she loved to ruffle the top with a bit of sea salt spray as she preferred the tousled look more so than the sleek look & I spotted her a few times around town looking effortlessly chic in her poncho, large dark sunglasses & of course her silver hue pixie crop‼

Sadly lockdown was implemented & Wendy was one of my many clients that grew her hair longer & simply got into the habit of tying it back all the time & was very reluctant to be shorn again when we stylists opened our doors again & as I don’t enjoy cutting long hair these days we parted company but are still friends & she still keeps in contact with Claire which is nice‼

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