Clairol Frosting cups

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One Sunday while we were in the salon cleaning up Miss Judy and Miss Robin told me they got something new they want to try on me. They were put out by Clairol and they were a new technique in frosting. They were little blue cups and you pulled the hair through the hole in the cup and apply the bleach to the hair and into the cup. I was kind of excited to try it and wanted to frost my hair for a while now. So Miss Robin too me back to the shampoo sink and leaned me back to wet my hair. She applied some shampoo and went to work. She worked up a great lather and always gave a fantastic shampoo. She rinsed my hair and applied little conditioner and then rinsed that out. She sat me up and wrapped a towel around my hair and we walked back to miss Judy’s chair where she had everything waiting. Miss Judy combed and sectioned my hair and she and Miss Robin began to comb up sections and pulled the strands through the hole and into the cup. This procedure took quite a while but I was not complaining. When they finished I looked like an alien with all these blue cups in my hair. Now it was time for the bleach. Each one of them had some and strand by strand applied it. Then Miss Judy used a bottle to squirt some more into the cups. They put me under the dryer for a few minutes and kept checking the color processing. It took almost 45 minutes until they were satisfied and took me back to the shampoo sink. Miss Robin leaned me back again and started to rinse the bleach from my hair and inside the cups. Then Miss Judy and Miss Robin started to remove the cups one by one. They both were giggling and excited. Miss Judy said ” oh Steph just wait until you see your hair, you are going to love it.” Miss Robin said” cant wait to get you in rollers.” After all the cups were removed Miss Robin applied some purple shampoo to my hair and worked it into my hair and left it for a few minutes then rinsed me. She applied a thick conditioner and then wrapped my hair in a plastic cap and put me under the dryer for about 10 minutes and ten took me back to the sink to rinse that.

Miss Judy was ready at her chair when we got back and had me sit down and removed the towel so I could see my hair. Wow I was blonde. Really just a lot of streaks, a very heavy frost. Miss Judy combed and sectioned my hair and the began to set it in rollers as Miss Robin helped. I could see all the blonde streaks on the rollers and was excited to see it in my curls. After I had a headful of rollers set up I got to go back to the dryer and relax. I did get up from time to time to help them clean then back to the dryer. When I was dry they both went to work on removing the rollers to reveal my curls. They made me look like the girl on the ad with the loose curls. I was so excited and could not wait to show them off.

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  1. This is about the third story I have heard about frosting cups. Would love to see what one looked like. I’m a hairdresser in NC, and just fascinated that this didn’t stick around the industry. This is the only reference I could find on the internet, it’s like all references are gone and Clairol Frosting Cups never existed.

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