Clara’s Change

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Clara’s Change:

This is a story about a 16 year old girl called Clara who starts a journey of change…

Set in two parts. A background before the haircut where change starts to show and the haircut.


Clara sat at her bedroom table brushing her brown thigh length hair whilst looking at her plans for the week ahead, when her mum, Molly, came into her room.

“Ive booked you in for a haircut tomorrow before your brother’s birthday party, now I haven’t been able to get you in at our usual salon as it’s the weekend so I’ve made an appointment with your brother’s barber, Chris.”

Clara suddenly looked up with a shocked expression, and before she could open her mouth, her mum continued talking as if to know what she was going to say…

“Please don’t argue about this, I know it’s last minute but it has to be cut before your brother’s party. Plus, it’s well overdue a good cut. Right, I’ll leave you alone now but be ready for 9am tomorrow morning.”

Most of the night Clara couldn’t sleep. Not because she was having her hair cut, no. But because she was having it cut at her brother’s barbers! Clara felt nervous even though she didn’t need to be. Or did she?

Background :

Clara’s mum has a big say over what she can’t do in her life. For example, Clara has never had her ears pierced or even gone to parties with friends as her mum knew there would be alcohol involved and she didn’t want Clara near it.

One main thing was that Clara only drinks water. She’s never tried anything else. Something her mum hasn’t ever allowed her to do. This is where Clara’s life starts to change…

“Come on Clara, we don’t want to be late, time to get that hair in order”

Clara came downstairs looking tired from her unsettled night.

“Are you ok dear, you look shattered. We’ll stop off to get a drink before we get there.”

“It’s ok mum I’ll get a water from the fridge instead.” Clara thought that comment was slightly odd.

“No dear, I’ve got somewhere in mind.”

Clara saw that they were pulling into Starbucks for some unknown reason. Her mum doesn’t drink coffee and neither does she.

“One medium iced coffee please”

“And don’t forget I want a water mum”

No reply.

Molly turned to Clara and handed her the iced coffee.

“Now I know I’ve never let you drink anything other than water but today is an exception for what your having done, so enjoy it love.”

To say the least Clara was surprised yet nervous to drink something new but her mind took her to the bit where her mum said an exception. What was that supposed to mean?

They both arrived at the barbers and Clara just finished her coffee which she loved!

It was empty inside except for Chris the barber.



“Hi Clara please have a seat in the chair while I dust off the capes. So what are we doing today mum?.”

“She’s had it long all her life and I’d like it short.”

Clara wasn’t hearing any of this as she was in her own world, quite nervous about the whole thing.

“Of course, how short were you thinking?” Chris asked Molly while caping Clara.

“Well it’s coming up to summer and she is 16. Could you do me a huge favour and shave her bald like her brother?”

“Are you sure that’s what she wants?” Chris asked looking rather skeptical.

“It’s what I thinks best and I’ve got a surprise for her afterwards anyway. Please shave her.”

Once again, Clara heard none of this. Until she saw the clippers coming off the hook…

“Mum why is he going to use clippers on my hair?” A worried look started to form in her face.

“Chris will be shaving your hair darling”. Molly went back to the paper she was reading.

“Like an undercut mum? Because I don’t want one of them, I just want the ends trimming.”

No reply.

The guardless clippers were switched on and placed at Clara’s forehead. She then realised what was about to happen.

The clippers plunged down the middle of her head leaving a white stripe in its wake. Pass after pass her hair was disappearing in a flash! Tears began rolling down her face as the vibrations kept going.

“Please don’t do this to me, at least leave me with some hair!” Clara begged.

“Sorry” said Chris. “Mother’s orders”.

Soon all Clara hair was gone and only stubble remained. Her mum walked over to the chair and examined her head.

“Please use the razor and make her smooth.”

Tears began forming in Clara’s eyes but it was too late to stop the proceedings.

After much scraping from the razor, Clara looked in the mirror to see herself, her new self. Hands on her head, she explored what should be there but wasn’t.

Her mum paid Chris and they left to the car.

“Honey you look beautiful bald, I’d like you to stay like this till you’re 18. Would that be ok?”

Clara looked at herself again and said something that came as a surprise to her…

“Mum, I really like been bald. Will you keep shaving it for me?”

“Of course honey, I knew you’d like it. This is the start of a new you. I’ve got another appointment for you down the road. Can you guess what it is?”

“Ooh is it a tattoo?” Clara said with eager eyes.

“You’re only 16 honey. But I have made you get your head shaved. I’ll think about it, I promise. I’m taking you to get pierced, you can have however many and wherever you’d like pierced.”

All Clara could say was… “I love you mum, thanks for changing. You and me!”.


Ps- This was my first story, I hope you enjoyed it. I’d really appreciate it if you could leave any reviews/feedback below for if I dare write another one.

Thank you.

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  1. I really like where this is going. So many possibilities with unlimited piercings, tattoos, and possible other body modifications. You have a good writing style that sets the reader in the situation. Thanks

  2. I do find the story really interesting with many possibilities for the future indeed, Depending on how heavily you want to explore these possibilities, it may be a good idea to change her to be 18 or perhaps just set the sequel two years later.

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