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A TG freind of mine had recommended a small but classic Beauty Salon who specialized in roller sets. I made and appointment for late one friday afternoon. The girl at the desk told me that I was going to be the last client of the day. I was told by my friend that it was a two chair shop but very nice and has a vintage feel to it.

The day came and I arrived to find a small shop just a little towards the back of the shopping center. I opened the door and stepped into the waiting area where there was a small desk and a young lady behind it. She said ” hi, I am Cindy and you must be Stephie?” I said yes and she had me follow her back past the shampoo sinks to a room where she had me change into a brown satin robe. She said” you can keep you shorts on or take them off if you feel more comfortable. I changed into the robe and when I came out she was there in a burgundy robe smiling at me. She asked ” what was the decision on the shorts?” as she lifted her robe to show me she was in her panties. I then took off my shorts and was also in my panties.

She had me sit in one of the shampoo chairs and said that Ruby would be right with me. Ruby then came walking out of the bathroom and came walking over to me. Her hair was set in magnetic rollers with a light pink net over them. She said ” I will be right with you as soon as I shampoo and set Cindy. Just sit back and relax. Cindy came back to the sink area and sat down while Ruby wrapped a towel around her shoulders. Ruby leaned Cindy back and began to wet her hair. I could see everything from where I was sitting. Ruby turned off the water and applied some shampoo to Cindys hair and began to work it in. Ruby said ” Do you want to help me?” I stood up without hesitation and walked over. Ruby said ” Help me shampoo her hair. ” Cindy sat upright as we both continued to shampoo her. After a few minutes she leaned back and Ruby rinsed her and applied a conditioner. Ruby sat Cindy up and wrapped the towel around her hair and took her to Rubys chair. I followed and Ruby handed me a tray of rollers and clips and had me hand them to her as she needed them. Ruby combed and sectioned Cindys hair and rolled it up into some gold, silver and burgundy magnetic rollers. I told Ruby that I had a set of those rollers at home. Cindy asked me if I set my hair at home and I told her about twice a week. Cindy looked at Ruby and giggled then said ” this is going to be fun.”

After Cindys hair was set up Ruby wrapped a yellow net over her rollers and told he to take me back to the shampoo sink. I followed her and sat down in the chair as she leaned me back. She truned on the water and wet my hair. I could not take my eyes off her rollers. She applied the shampoo and lathered me up twice. The second shampoo took a bit of time as the smell wafted around me and made me very relaxed. She then turned on the water and rinsed my hair and applied the conditioner. After she rinsed me she wrapped my hair in a towel and took me back to Rubys chair where she was waiting with some more gold, silver and burgundy rollers and clips. She handed Cindy the rollers and clips. Ruby combed and sectioned my hair and began to roll and set my hair as Cindy handed her the rollers and clips. She was very methodical and precise and the roller set was perfect. She placed a pink net over my rollers and had me sit under the dryer. Cindy came over and took off my sandals and told me she was going to give me a pedicure and polish my nails. I was suprised but excited. She worked on my feet then my fingernails while I was drying. Ruby asked if she could do some make up on me for practice so I told her yes please. They both noticed that both of my ears were pierced and Cindy got out some pearl earings and put them in for me. After Cindy and Ruby were finshed doing my nails and make up the placed a scarf over my rollers and then theirs. I asked what are we doing? Ruby said ” We three are going to get dinner, come on girl.” I got up and we walked to a small diner in the shopping center and had a lovely dinner. We got some looks but mostly compliments from the poeple that knew Cindy and Rudy. It was a Great night.

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