Cleopatra’s punishment

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The first part of this story is called «Less Barbie – More Ken». I would recommend starting by reading that story first. Enjoy!

Emily and Cara dated for months after the first date where Cara chopped Emilys long, golden locks off. Emily got a lot of compliments, among others from her colleges, saying that the pixie cut suited her well, and made her look more professional. She missed her shiny, blonde security blanket, but knew how happy her short hair made Cara, so she was okay with it.

Even though Emily had teased Cara about cutting Cara’s glorious black Cleopatra mane off, she wouldn’t dream of it, because she found it to be quite sexy and one of Cara’s most attractive features. She loved playing with her long buttlenght hair, pulling it slightly during sex, and brushing it and braiding it as often as she could. She loved taking good care of Cara’s hair, and washing it during a mutural bath really turned Emily on. Cara knew this.

Emily was as obsessed by Cara as the day she first laid eyes on her. Even though things were going a bit fast, she was planning on asking Cara to move in with her. She wanted to wait a bit, though – because Cara had seemed a bit distant the last few days… Emily had been working long hours at the office, and therefore hadn’t had as much time for Cara as she would like to. Life as a sucsessful coorporate lawyer often ment working late.

This friday afternoon she wanted to surprise Cara by leaving the office early, and stop by the bar where she and Cara had first met, where she knew Cara was hanging out with her friends. «Gosh, I have deserved a drink right now, and I’ll spoil Cara the entire weekend», she thought, heading out the door.

Emily snook in the back door at the bar, wanting to catch Cara off guard and take her by surprise.
And a surprise it was – just not the kind Emily was expecting….
While entering the bar, Emily found Cara making out with another girl – A small, sexy redhead with long, luchious hair. The other girl was holding on to Caras french braid, and they seemed quite passionate.
«Cara!» Emily said – Completly numbed by the sight of them.
«Babe» – This isn’t what you think. It doesn’t mean anything – We’re just fooling around. Liz, here, she – she has a boyfriend – this was just a dare. You have to believe me!».

Emily couldn’t believe what she had just seen. How could she have been so stupid! She knew Cara was a flirt even before they got involved. She ran out the door and took a taxi home. This was just too much to handle. She got in to her appartment and laid down on the coach – sobbing.

Five minutes later the door bell rang. Emily didn’t open the first five times. «Go away – I never want to see you again» she shouted the sixth time. «Ems! At least hear me out. You’re the one for me. It ment nothing – please let me in» Cara said, almost begging. «I’ll do what ever it takes». Emily silently opend the door, thinking Cara at least deserved a chance to explain herself. «Emily. All this made me realize that YOU are the only one for me. The other girl – it was just a kiss after a dare, it ment absolutely nothing to me». Babe, I’ll do anything for you not to leave me. Please forgive me.» A tear rolled down Cara’s cheek.

Seeing Cara like this broke Emily’s heart. Maybe this was just one kiss, and maybe it meant nothing… but how could she ever trust Cara again? She knew she still loved her, and there was nothing she wanted more than to be with Cara.

«Fine. I am willing to give you a chance. But these are my non negotiable terms. You said you’d do anything, right?»
«Anything, babe».
«I would like you to move in with me. Tonight!»
«O-okay» Cara said nervously, this wasn’t how she had planned a move in to happen…
«You‘ll tattoo my name on your body to prove your comittment».
«Sure, babe – if that’s what you need», Cara stuttered.
«And you’ll let me give you a punishment haircut of my choise. Right now!»
«…but babe. You love my long hair. You wouldn’t cut it off, right!?»
«That was before. You’re hair makes you way too desirable to other women. And men for that matter. I love you more than I love your hair. Let me do what I want with it, or leave right now» Emily was being serious, Cara could tell.
«Okay, just don’t…»
«Shh. Strip for me. Lose every bit of clothing on you, and burn it. It has been ruined by the desire of the other woman.».

Cara started undressing. Tears streamed down her face. First her black skinny jeans was unbuttoned and fell to the floor. Her vintage Metallica band t-shirt was after that thrown over the coach. She was cold in her pink lace underwear, and felt more naked than ever, but figured she deserved nothing less. She fumbled while she opened her bra – feeling nervous and small. She took of her panties – standing completely naked infront of Emily. The tables had turned.

«Good girl. Now stay here, until I come back. Undo your braid. I’ll get my tools» Emily said. She spanked Cara so hard, she screamed out in pain. And excitement.

Five minutes later Emily was back. She wore a black lace body. She placed a large mirror in front of Cara. «I want you to see what I am doing to your crowning Cleopatra glory, BABE. Say goodbye to it.» Emily started brushing it slowly. She was feeling kind of sad knowing it was for the last time, and at the same time she felt aroused. SHE was the one in control this time. Cara deserved to be humiliated after what she publicly had put her through.
After a while she picked ut a pair of kitchen scissors…. «God, your hair WERE long and beautiful»


Emily chooped a long, thick raven black lock off at Cara’s nape. She dropped it in Cara’s lap, wanting her to see her pride and glory now laying severed and lifeless on her naked body. «Well, no more» she said with a grin.


Emily quickly cut off more hair, all in uneven lenghts, having no intention of making Cara look good in her new hair do.
Cara pleaded «Babe, you’re making me look like a scarecrow….» She was sobbing.
«I am not nearly done, Cara».



«SCHNIK, SCHNIK, SCHNIK» Emily showed no mercy while chopping every lock off her lovers head.

Cara cried loudly looking at herself in the mirror – but thought that MAYBE she would go straight to her hairstylist and fix a cute, trendy bowl cut, when she heard a buzzing sound….. She trembled…
«Please, Ems. No more. Please».

«I am going to remove every hair on your head. I saw Liz’ hands all over it. This will make your punishment complete – And every moment from now will be our fresht start. Our new beginning. I’ll shave your head – and then I’ll make love to you all night. But don’t you dare defying me again»

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  1. Well, it starts decently, however Emily’s change of personality is a bit out of the blue. The biggest problem, however, is that the story doesn’t end, it just stops and right in the moment things really started happening. If there is a part 3 then it is not that big of a deal, but on its own this hardly even is a story.

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