Clint got away with It

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Clint was having a week long sleep over at his friend’s house.

His friend, Dustin, had already gone to sleep.

They went hiking on the trails near Dustin’s parents house.

 Apparently, this wasn’t an active that Dustin normal did, because he was exhausted when they got back.

Clint was sleeping in the guest room of Dustin’s parents house with his sister.

He was using one of the family’s computers.

His phone was currently on the charger.

Clint was about to log off of his e-mail account, when he noticed a new e-mail from his mom.

Their parents were on an “adult only” trip to Mexico.

 That was why Clint and Khloe were staying with Dustin’s parents.

He clicked on an attachment to the e-mail, and saw image of his parents with another couple.

His mother worked with the man that was in image with them.

Clint had never seen the woman before that the man and her parents were with.

The more Clint looked at this woman, the more he became aroused.

He gave into his urge, and let his right hand drift under the waistband of his jeans.

Before he knew it he was unzipping his jeans.

Right before he was about finish, he heard Dustin’s mom calling his name.

As he made his way to the living room of the house, he hoped Dustin’s mom would not realize he had been drinking.

Before his sister took off out the window, she gave him three 12 ounces beers.

When he walked into the living room, he saw three woman.

They were all dressed fairly nice.

It was his understanding that were going to a local bar.

They had all already been drinking.

Much to Clint’s surprise Dustin’s mom wanted him to go into the kitchen, and bring them more beer.

When Clint returned with the beer, he noticed Dustin’s mom was wearing her hair the same way the woman in the image had hers.

Before he left the living room, he asked Dustin’s mom to stand up.

Once she was standing, he started talking about her  bun.

Before Clint knew what was going on, his fingers were rubbing the back of her neck.

Her friends were in complete shock, and didn’t stop him from taking the clip out.

As he began to run his finger though her hair, one of her friends chased him back into the guest room.

The three ladies all said very negative about Clint, as they got ready in the bathroom.

The bathroom was right next to the guest room, and Clint could hear every word they said though a heat vent.

When they left the house to go to the bar, Clint came up with a plan to get them back.

He looked it up on the computer what time the bar closed, and approximate travel time from the bar to the house.

When he had a rough time they would get back, he set an alarm on his phone.

Once the alarm on this phone was set, he went to the kitchen.

He drank two 12 ounce bottles of beer, and returned to the guest room.

Soon after returning to the guest room he passed out.

Way before his alarm went off, Dustin’s mom walked into the guest room.

She was very drunk.

She woke Clint up, and asked him to play with her hair.

They went into the bedroom that Dustin’s mom slept in.

She sat down at her make up vanity, and allowed Dustin to play with her hair until she got a text.

The text wasn’t from her husband.

It was from a man she met at the bar.

Clint was ordered back to the guest room, as Dustin’s mom prepared for her visitor.

Once Clint saw Dustin’s mom and man drive off, he went into the living room.

He then went into the kitchen, and a got scissors from the kitchen.

With the scissors in hand, he walked back into the living room.

When he got back into the living room, he saw the two woman from earlier laying on the pull out sofa.

With out even thinking about it, he reduced their hair to almost nothing.

Blonde hair covered the mattress of the sofa sleeper, when he exited the room.

He grabbed his backpack, and headed out the guest room window just like his sister did earlier.

Before he took off, he laid down on one of full size mattresses in the guest room.

He “pleased” himself before he escaped to the tree house.

There was a tree house he saw just off the hiking trail.

The tree house was shelter for rest of the evening and into the morning.

When the woman woke up the next morning they were upset to say the least.

Based on them seeing Clint play with their friends hair the previous day, they assumed he did it.

They woke up Khloe when they didn’t see her brother.

Khloe quickly admitted that she went out the window earlier in the evening.

The woman quickly turned on their friend, when she threatened Khloe with the clippers.

When Dustin’s mom ordered him to go get her clippers, they assumed it was her that did this to them.

The two woman and Khloe quickly exited the room, and made their way to the front door of the house.

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