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I had a great experience just recently. Two of my female friends gave me a call and wanted to know if I could help them highlight their hair using a cap method. I told them that I knew how and would be glad to help out. When I arrived at their apartment, they showed me what supplies they had, and I took inventory of what I had and would need. One of the girls, Julie, asked me if I could also help do a top perm on her brother John? I told her that I would be happy to help and gave her a list of what I needed from the beauty supply.

While Julie was gone, I got started on Cheryl. She told me that she and Julie had shampooed their hair yesterday as I had asked, and they were ready. I placed the cap on her head and began to pull the strands through the holes in the cap. I asked her how dramatic she wanted her highlights, to which she replied, ” I would like them all over and blended please.” I continued and when we both were satisfied with the amount of hair, I applied the bleach to saturate all the strands.

Just when I had finished applying the bleach to Cheryl’s hair Julie had come back with the additional supplies I requested. I had her sit down and placed the cap on Julie and did the same procedure on her hair as Cheryl’s. As we were watching the time and talking Julie’s brother John came in. He was tall and very good looking, not that I noticed or anything. I had him sit down and he showed me a picture of what he wanted me to do to his hair. Short and almost shaved on the sides with loose curls on the top.

Luckly, I had brought my scissors, clippers and razors to do the job. I caped him and began to brush and clip his longer hair out of the way to get started on the back and sides. Just then the timer went off and I had to rinse and shampoo Cheryl’s hair. I checked the color lift and it looked good. I leaned her forward into the sink and rinsed the bleach, removed the cap and shampooed her. I placed a towel around her head and had her sit back up. Julie was getting anxious to see, so I removed the towel and let them see the color. They were excited and satisfied with the result.

The second timer went off and it was time to rinse Julie’s hair. I did the same thing to her except I had to apply some toner to her hair as the color needed a little adjustment to blend and match her shade. As that was processing, I went back to John. I began to trim and clip the back and sides of his hair. I asked him how short he wanted it and he told me to get it as close as possible. I got the clippers and marked my lines and began clipping, His hair was very thick, and I could almost feel it as the pieces fell to the floor. Around the back of the neck and a little space over the ears. Then came the razor. I applied some shave cream and got some areas down to skin level. I had him feel the areas to make sure it was what he wanted. He like the smooth feel of the skin on his neck and said he like the result.

I had to get him ready for the perm now and told him I needed to shampoo his hair first before we permed him. He looked at Julie and blushed. I asked what was wrong to which Julie replied, ” he loves to have his hair shampooed, ever since we were kids.” I grabbed his hair from behind and gently pulled his head back and said, ” well then I and going to enjoy it too.” The timer went off for Julies hair and it was finally time t rinse her. I could not wait to see the results of this toner.

I had her lean forward and rinsed her hair and removed the cap. I applied the shampoo and began to lather her up as John watched. I looked at him and said, ” you are next honey.” I rinsed the shampoo and towel dried her hair and check the color. I was relieved and satisfied with the resulting color and so was she. She hugged me and said thank you. I asked her if they wanted me to set their hair also and they told me after I had John’s perm processing. Their wanted to go out and pick up lunch for all of us first.

Now it was John’s turn. I had him get up and leaned him forward in the sink and rinsed the loose hair and shave cream from his hair. I got out the shampoo and applied a bit on his hair and worked it up. I noticed his legs were shaking and I had him sit down in a chair while I continued to shampoo him. The girls left to get lunch and Julie told me they would be back in about an hour and for us to have fun.

I was standing behind John while I shampooed his hair and noticed he was getting a little anxious and judging from the bulge in his pants a little aroused. I walked around in front of him and kept working my hands in his hair. I stopped briefly, leaned in, kissed him and asked if I could take care of that bulge for him. He breathed deeply and pulled his pants down to release it. I pulled up my skirt and down my panties and straddled him. I lowered myself on him and he helped the penetration. He fit quite nicely inside of me as I began to surge back and forth. I put my hands back in his hair and continued to shampoo. I felt the smooth skin on his neck and sides of his head and as i massaged that area he climaxed very forcefully as did I. We both looked at each other and kept kissing for quite a while.

He said, ” we better get cleaned up before they get back.” We stood up and went into the shower where I rinsed his hair and we cleaned each other up. We had just got dressed and he sat in the chair as the girls got back. We sat and ate lunch and the girls asked when I was going to roll his hair? They both looked at John and giggled like two schoolgirls.

John got back in the chair, and I began to roll in the perm rods as Julie handed them to me. I was showing the girls some rolling techniques for perms and they both tried a couple on John. When I had all the rods in his hair, I used a cotton roll around the outer rods to catch the excess solution and applied the perm solution. The girls both told me they like the smell of the perm, but John was not as fan. I set the timer and waited for the perm to process. I had the girls sit down and wet their hair again and proceeded to set their hair in rollers as John was processing. I even had time to shampoo and set my hair, so we were all in some sort of rollers or rods.

When John’s perm timer wen off I rinsed the solution and applied the neutralizer, then removed the rods. I set his hair on some bigger rollers to loosen up the curl a bit and we all just sat drinking a little wine all in rollers.

Just FYI, John and I kept seeing each other on and off for five years.



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