clipper’s teeth

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I’m stuck with a stylist who won’t cut my hair very short.   She seems frightened to do so.   I’ve had Gloria cut my hair for over three years now, and no matter what I ‘hint’ to her about having a shorter cut, she just won’t do it.  I’m frustrated.  All you who have the fetish of wanting clippers to be used on your nape know what I mean, when the stylist just won’t do it, and I’m too scared to ask for it.   I just need someone to “just do it.”

But how to get it done without making Gloria mad that I went somewhere else?  I’ve tried and tried to solve this problem.  On the one occassion that i had a few drinks in me, and had a day of exceptional courage, I was going to bring Gloria a picture of a cut with a clippered nape.  I texted her and said ‘can i get in today, I really want my haircut.”   She replied that she had text me if she had a cancellation or no show.    I waited, I waited, for 3 hours that afternoon, but no cancellation text from Gloria.  I was so disappointed.   And, my courage of once in every year or two had now subsided.  I needed someone who would just take it upon herself to just “do it.”

The opportunity to go to someone else came in a strange, sad set of circumstances.  Gloria was going to be out on medical leave for 3 months.   I felt bad for her, but my excitement about being able to go to someone else without hurting her feelings gave me a strange emotion of nervousness and excitement at the same time.  You all know that feeling.  We, with haircut fetishes of having someone new cut our hair, and the possibility that it may be shorter than usual, grew in my mind.

And, again, all of us with that haircut fetish, ususally know when someone new has moved into town to cut hair.  In my case it was Stephanie.  She opened a unisex shop on Broadway Street in town a few months ago.  I had driven by the salon many times to get a feel for the shop.  Men and women both frequented the shop.  Stephanie’s hair was quite short, almost like I’d like mine cut!  So my feelings of nervousness and especially excitement was in full force.  If I had my hair cut by her, and it turned out like hers, it’d be an especially memorable fetish cut.

My friend from my work office, Jennifer, came in one day with a shorter than normal cut, so I asked her where she got it cut.  Another of us haircut fetish people things we do.  She said, at the new shop on Broadway, the stylist’s name is Stephanie.”    I complimented her on the short haircut and my excitement grew even more at the thought of getting a clippered nape cut from someone who might just ‘do it’ rather than just trim my ends.

I procrastinated, and before long it was only a few weeks before Gloria would be back in her salon and I’d be stuck with the same old boring haircut.  Until one Saturday when I drove down Broadway Street and noticed Stephanie sitting in the salon chair by herself, with no customers.   I parked up the street, my heart beating loudly, trying to figure out if I should go back and get my haircut by someone different that Gloria for the first time in 3 years.  I told myself that I was running out of time waiting for Gloria.  I decided, rather than walking back, to do a drive by again, as it had been 15 minutes while I deliberated with myself while parked.

I drove by again, and still, Stephanie was in the chair reading the newspaper.  I noticed her hair, it was cut short in back and the sides, but a bit longer on the top.  She had on a blue smock and wore jeans.  Not sure how I noticed all that in a drive by, but i did.  She turned me on.  She was very pretty.  And that’s what gave me a second in one year bout of courage that I rarely ever experienced.   I was going to do it.  I was going to have her cut my hair.  Just the idea of someone other than Gloria cutting my hair turned me on immensely, but the idea of ‘how’ it might be cut turned me on even more.   I parked my car and was going to walk back.  But I began thinking,  how will i ask her to cut it.  Or would she even ask me.   Of course she would I admitted to myself.  I was not sure I could ask her to clipper it at the nape.  I was still afraid of the clippers even though i wanted them.

I came to the conclusion that I would say “pretty short in back” if she asked me how to cut it.  That way it was up to her.   I decided to say, “it’s up to you.” if she asked exactly how short in the back.  That made me nervous, so I had to make a pact with myself to not back out of that if she asked.  It turned out, that it wouldn’t matter!!!

I began the short, but what seemed long walk back to the salon.  I was a nervous wreck, but I practiced in my mind what to say if she asked ‘how short.”

As I approached the salon I saw someone sitting in one of the waiting chairs.  My heart sank.  I didn’t want to wait, I couldn’t wait.  But I kept walking to the door and glanced inside.  There was nobody in the chair.  Just the one woman sitting in the waiting chair talking to the stylist Stephanie.  I noticed Stephanie’s hair was not only clippered in the back, but above her ears as well.  It was a mixture of dark hair and light hair, so she had some hi-lites.  I could not believe it when my hand reached for the doorknob of the salon.  Don’t change your mind, I said to myself as i did.  Get it at least somewhat shorter no matter what.   I will, I said to myself, I won’t chicken out.

I entered the salon and closed the door.  Stephanie got out of her barber chair and said ‘hello.”

“HI there!” I said enthusiastically, as i looked at the woman in the waiting chair.   “Any possibility of getting in for a haircut?” I said.

“Oh yes, have a seat,”  Stephanie said as she patted the back of the barber chair.

I pointed my hand to the woman in the waiting chair and said,  “I don’t want to get in ahead of anyone.”

Stephanie said, “Oh this is my wife Tanya, she is here to keep me company on a slow day.”

“Oh, ok” I said, and I made my way to sit in the barber chair.

Tanya had mid back length blonde hair, and was very attractive.  And, now that I could see Stephanie cup close I could see she was much more attractive that I had seen from my ‘drive bys>”  Her hair was even shorter than i had seen, buzzed super short in back, and quite short on the sides, up over her ears.   Her hair on top was not so short, as swept over to her right side, very stylishly.

Stephanie caped me, and put a neck strip on, and tightened the cape quite tight.   “is it too tight?” she said,   I said, “no” even though it nearly cut off my breathing!

“So are we just trimming it up today,” Stephanie said.   And then said, “how long has it been since your last haircut?”     I told her about 4-5 months ago, even though Gloria had cut it just over a month ago.   I didn’t realize what i was saying would make such a difference.

“So cut about 3-4 months of hair growth off,” Stephanie said.    I didn’t realize what I was even saying at the time, but i said “yes, that sounds about right”

At that point Stephanie said, “ok, will trim it up about 3-4 month’s worth of growth!”    She didn’t even start with scissors!  I saw her pick up the clippers, and before I could even say no, she began clippering the nape!    I was in awe.   I was in denial.  I was in Heaven.   All three at the same time.  My nape was being clippered, and for the first time I felt the teeth of clippers running up my neck.  I nearly had an orgasm.  This happened so quickly!   I began to try to feel and experience every moment as the clippers quickly were running up and down my neck.  Up and down, up and down in a fast motion.  I was loving this, but part of me was so frightened.   I finally gave in and just focused on the ‘loving this’ part of it.

The clippers shut off and were placed on the counter.  Stephanie said,  ‘feel the back and see if it is short enough.”   I did so, running my hand up and down my nape several times.   “it is” I said.

At that point, Stephanie’s wife got up and came to the chair.  She ran her hand up over my nape.    “I think you should try it as short as Stephanie’s is in back.  It’s not much shorter than it is now, but it will make quite a difference in the way it feels if you do a number one and have it cut up a bit higher.”   “Try it!” she said.   “You only live once!”

I felt the back again.   And, i looked at Stephanie’s hair.   It did seem quite a bit shorter in back.   I asked Stephanie to turn around so I could see her hair.   She turned around and go down really close to me and said, “feel this in back.”    I reached out and felt her haircut in the back and at the nape.   It felt amazing!   I felt my own in the back.  It felt short but not as amazing as Stephanies!  My thoughts about Gloria coming back to cut my hair made me realize Gloria would never cut it that short.  This was my only opportunity.  And, to boot, I could hear Stephanie’s wife saying over and over,  “cut it shorter, cut it shorter!”    I gathered my wits about me.  I looked at Stephanie and said, “cut it like yours!”

The clipper guard was changed, and up and down strokes on the back of my head began again.  Then, the sides were clippered.  I had made no mention of cutting my sides short!  But I had said, “cut it like yours.”  so it was being shorn too.  The clippers were put on the counter and I began running my hand up the back of my head.  Then I felt Stephanie’s wife doing it too!   Then, Stephanie did it.   I loved where I was sittiing right now and didn’t want it to end.   “Do that again,”  I said to Stephanie as she ran her hand up the back of my head, and this time over the sides too.   “Wow, I love it,” I said.

When Gloria returned, and it was time for my next haircut, I simply said to her, “Look, clipper it super short in the back Gloria, and on the sides,  It’s the way I love it cut now.  Can you do that?”

Gloria smiled.   She could do it alright.   She cut it even shorter and I saw white skin!    Good job, Gloria.

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  1. Jenny,

    This was a really fun story, and the feelings you described were so spot on. I go to a very attractive female barber, and it took me months to work up my courage to get a shorter cut, and ask her to slick it with pomade. All those same thoughts ran through my head.

    I thought having your stylist’s wife involving herself was a delightful touch, with a subtly sexy undertone.



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