Club Excite

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Club Excite

By JimB ©opyright May 10, 2004


As she walked up to the entrance, to Club Excite, Mickie reached into her purse for her Club Card.

She was a new member so the doorman asked her for other identification as he checked the list of members.

Finding her name on the list, as a new member, he opened the door and welcomed her in.

Her nervousness, which she had for the last three months, had somewhat disappeared tonight.

She had become a member of this “adults only” Club by chance. One that she could hardly believe happened.

She will always remember that night and the days before it.

She was at work looking through an adult magazine, a male co-worker did not completely hid one day. She was flipping through the pages noticing the photos of the women in different phases of under dress.

How they posed as to be saying “Is this what you want?”, to the men who had purchased the magazine.

She did not notice Beth standing a few feet from her.

She cleared her throat to let her know she was not alone.

Beth strolled over to Mickie and leaned over her shoulder, looking at the same photos Mickie was looking at.

“My ….. my, Mickie,” Beth commented as she reached and turned the page. “I did not know you were interested in women”!

Mickie was loose for words as she tried to stumble a reply. Her throat was dry and her body became warm with guilt, for being caught by Beth.

“NO,” Mickie replied after taking a deep breath to calm her self. “It belongs to Don.

“He did not push it out of site when he was rushing off to lunch.

“So, I thought I would just take a peek and see what it was about.”

Beth looked at Mickie, eye to eye, then smiled, patting her on the shoulder.

“Better put it back,” she told Mickie as she walked away. “He and the others will be back from lunch in ten minutes.”

Mickie quickly put the magazine back where she found it, making sure she did not cover it more than it was when she saw it.

It was a few days later when Beth asked her if she would join her for lunch at a new cafe down the street.

While walking the few blocks, Beth began talking about the magazine, which Mickie had forgotten about. She wanted to know what she thought about those magazines.

Should the men be allowed to bring them to work, so on and so on.

At the cafe the talk turned to nights out.

Places they went.

Who they went with?

Mickie felt Beth was feeling her out for something.

So, she asked her.

“Beth,” she inquired. “What’s with all these questions about where I go and who I go with?

“Is there something you want to tell me about?”

Beth thought a little.  Then, she looked Mickie right in her eyes.

“Well, to be truthful.  I was wondering if you ever heard of Club Excite?” Beth asked.

“It’s a ‘adults only’ Club on Beckon Street.”

Mickie thought a little, “I know where you are talking about.

“But, I have not heard of this club, “Club Excite.”

They both took a sip of their soft drink and looked at each other.

“What can you tell me about Club Excite?” Mickie inquired. “Have you been to it?

“What is it like?

“What is it about?”

Beth looked around them, pulling her chair close to Mickie.

“Don’t want to talk too loud,” she told Mickie.

“Club Excite is an ‘adults only’ Club.

“I mean “ADULT”.

“It’s where adults can do things in the presents of other adults.

“You have to be invited to the Club before you can become a member.”

“So!” Mickie inquired. “How do you know this about the Club?

“Are you a member?”

Beth just smiled, which Mickie felt meant “YES” to both her questions.

“Well, then,” Mickie question. “Do tell me more of what you know.

“How do I get an invitation to visit this Club”?

Beth smiled, “Yes, I am a member.

“Yes, I can invite you. If you wish to see what the Club is about.

“But, you have to remember, you can not tell anyone else about it.

“If they find out you have they can reject your membership”.

Mickie smiled, “When!”

“This Friday night,” Beth told her. “I will pick you up a little before nine.

“Wear a short skirt, matching blouse, high heels, and just a little make-up.

“If you wear too much make-up they might not let you in.”

They returned to work.

Mickie begin the long waiting of the next two days.

When Friday night came Beth pick her up as planned.

They went to the Club but there was not much going on. It seems the entertainment for the night was unable to show.

So, things were off and everyone was just sitting around, drinking and talking.

Mickie tried to find out from Beth what was to have happened.

But, she would only tell her she would have enjoyed it.

One good thing though, Beth was able to secure Mickie a membership that night.

They returned the next Friday night.

This time the entertainment was there.

As Beth had said Mickie enjoyed what she saw.

One of the things that happened, a surprise to Mickie, was she, and two other women, had to be welcomed in as members.

It was simple.  Just engage in a warm French “KISS” with the person who brought you into the Club.

This caught Mickie completely off guard, as she had never “kissed” another women like she did the men in her life.

But, she wanted to be a member of Club Excite.

So, she and Beth engaged in a long warm French kiss. Mickie almost lost her breath at the length of the kiss.

After a few more visits, most of them by herself, Mickie found the Club very interesting.  Bringing a change in her.

One she had not felt, nor thought she would have in such a Club.

It was one of the Friday nights where she went by herself.  Her interest became perked about taking part in the entertainment.

This Friday night the entertainment involved a new member and the lady who had brought her there, just as Beth did her.

The young lady was escorted onto the stage, which was located down below the seating area.

There she was told to undress and lay on the small bed looking object.

Just as she did this, the lights went out and their images appeared on large screen television placed about so everyone could get a better view of what was happening.

The young lady’s legs were spread apart as the other lady began to lather her pubic hair.

Before Mickie could understand what she was seeing, the other lady had shaved the young lady’s pubic area completely bare of its hair.

Then, she, and the others, watched as the lady reached under the table for something and placing it around her waist.

It, to Mickie’s surprise it was a ‘strap-on’, like women use to screw each other and looked to pretty large.

For the next thirty minutes the lady screwed the young lady, as all watched.

When they were finished the crowd cheered.

Then, the lady offered her young lady friend to “any other lady wishing to screw her”.

There were a few takers who ventured onto the stage. Not Mickie.

She was too over taken by what she had viewed that night.

Just last Friday night Beth asked her if she would be interested in entertaining the members, with her.

At first Mickie told her she would have to think about and wanted to know what kind of entertainment she was talking about.

All Beth would tell her was, “If I told you then it would not be a surprise to you mainly.”

After thinking about it a few days Mickie told Beth she was interested in entertaining the member of Club Excite with her.  Just to let her know what she had to do.

Beth assured her she would enjoy it completely, as it was something no one had thought of doing.

Thus, it would be a surprise to the others at the Club.

They agreed they would entertain everyone this coming Friday night.  Beth notified the Club’s owner so he could notify the other members.

This was the night.

As she entered the Club Edward, the manager, greeted her warmly.  He instructed her to go upstairs to the dressing room. There you will find a small package with your name on it and with instructions for her to read.

As she walked up the stairs, she was greeted by other members whom she came to know by their first name or a nickname.

Some of the women greeted her with a kiss, which she had come to taken to.

Of course, some of the men would pat her backside, which she took kindly.

In the dressing room she found the small package. She opened the instructions and began to read them:

“My dear Mickie,

“As I told you I am sure you, as well as the other members, will enjoy what I have planned for the entertainment for tonight. It has never been done, nor do I think anyone has ever thought of doing this.

“In the box you will find the outfit I wish you to wear. I hope it will not make you blush.

“When you have gotten dressed please let Edward know by calling him on the telephone located just next to the large mirror, on the left wall.

“Luv, Beth”.

Mickie looked around the mirror and noticed the telephone.

Then, she slowly opened the package.

At first glance she did not know what she was looking at.

But, after a few minutes of pulling it apart she knew what it was.

She was surprised at herself and got a rush she had never felt before.

As she opened the outfit up she noticed there were two shafts in equal length, about ten inches, with a small space between each.

There was a tube of Vaseline and on it was taped a note, which read:

“I am sure you know what this is for. I do not know if it is your first time but it will easy it a little.

Sorry, I can not be there to help you slid things in.

But, maybe another time you will allow me to be present and to do so.


Taking all her clothing off Mickie applied the Vaseline to one of the shafts.  She bent down a little, by the knees, and slowly eased the front shaft into her pussy.

After making sure the second shaft was well greased she slowly pushed it into her ass.

To her surprise it entered quick easily, it having been a little over five years since she had been entered there.

With both shafts in her body she pulled the rest of the outfits up and slid it on her upper body.

The shafts did not fully enter her, to her surprise.

She tried to pull the outfit up more to cause the shafts to enter her more.

But, after a few tries she came to the conclusion they were not to do so.

She stood there about five minutes getting use to having the shafts in both her opening.

She knew she would have to walk slowly or the shafts might rip her apart.

After calling Edward, to tell him she was ready, she slowly walked to the door.

As she exited the dressing room, she was met by Suzan, one of the older members, who escorted her down the stairs.

As they entered the large entertainment room everyone there begin looking at her.

They knew she was a new member and Beth had brought her to them.

They knew she and Beth were providing the entertainment for the night.

But, were puzzled to see her walking as she was.

When they reached the top of the viewing area Beth took her hand and escorted her to the stage, below.

There in the middle was a small stool, with a saddle like seat.

When they reached it Mickie noticed it was not the high.

Beth instructed her to sit on it.

She had to swing one leg over it, as if she was getting into a riding saddle.

Once, she had straddled it she still had standing room.

But, things changed.

There was a soft sound of a motor.

She felt the seat pushing up between her legs raising her upward off the floor. After a few inches she felt the shafts being pushed deep into her, causing her to react with a loud “AAAaaaaaaaaa”.

When her feet were a few inches off the floor and she could not reach it with her toes pointing downward.

Beth stopped the rising of the stool.

The lights went out.

Then, Edward’s voice began telling everyone of the entertainment.

But, he, like them, did not know what it was and could only say, “It was something that has never been done before.”

The crowd cheered as the lights came back on and the televisions came to life.

Looking up and around her she felt helpless as she sat on this stool with her feet out of reach of the floor.

But, the feeling she was having between her legs made up for that.

She heard another “click” and the seat begin to slowly rise and fall in the front, then in the read.

Quickly, she realized she was being fucked by the stool, as the two shafts begin to move in and out of her opening with this movement.

Beth reached for something on the table next to them, which she did not notice when them came on stage.

In her right hand, Mickie saw, a pair of large scissors.

Beth reached and took hold of a part of the outfit and began cutting it off.

First up one side then the other side, with one quick pull Beth pulled the outfit off Mickie exposing her to everyone viewing the entertainment.

When she pulled the part of the outfit that was between her legs everyone saw the belt around her waist and the movement of the stool. They all knew Mickie was being treated to a “warm-up” to what ever it was that was to happen to her.

As this was something everyone used to easy new members, even older member, into something they had never done before.

Everyone begin chatting amongst their selves, wondering what it was Beth had for their entertainment.

Then, another table was wheeled onto the stage. It was covered but you could see from how the covering laid there were toys of play under it.

But, what were the toys of play for Beth!

Beth gently ran her fingers through Mickie’s shoulder length brown hair.  This, cause her to close her eyes and relax more.

Beth even moved her hands over her shoulders then down over her breast, when Mickie felt the touching her breast become erect by her touch. She felt a shiver go through her body and goose bumps appeared.

This was the sign Beth was looking for!

Her left hand reached toward the table and she pulled the cover off, exposing what was on it.

A camera quickly pickup the objects on the table:

“Hair clippers, a bowl of water with steam coming up from it, a mug and brush, and finally two safety razors”.

Everyone, again, looked at each other, some, after a few second, knew what it was Beth was going to.

Beth turned and took hold of the clippers, just as Mickie’s eyes caught site of the television a few feet in front of her.

Her eyes opened wide as she saw Beth raise the clippers for all to see.

Then, she heard Beth bring the clippers to life.

She froze as she saw Beth slowly moving the clippers towards her head.

Just as Beth placed the clippers at her forehead the stool begin moving, up and down, in a quicker motion, this brought surprise to her body causing her to rise.

Rise to the clippers in Beth’s hand.

Her eyes blinked once, as she felt the clippers move back over her head. She watched as it was moved backward pushing a pile of brown hair, only to see in the television, it slowly fall off her head down to the floor with some strands sticking to her back.

She tried to reach the floor with her toes.

But, she was just high enough off it to prevent her from being able to do so, thus pushing her body up and off the stool as she was trying to do.

After a few more passes of the clippers over her head, and not being able to reach the floor, she succumbed to her fate.

Her fate of the clippers.

When Beth noticed Mickie had stopped trying to get off the stool, she began moving the clippers up the side of her head.

Those who had an idea, when the saw what was on the table, begin smiling and whispering to others what Beth was going to do to Mickie.

They all agreed it was something that no one had done before, nor thought of doing.

As Beth pushed Mickie’s head down she slowly moved the clippers up the back of her nape and head, sending what hair there was to slide pass her eyes to the floor with some strands catching the front of the stool.

Soon Beth had buzzed Mickie’s head to a nice fuzz and the clippers were turned off.

She brushed Mickie’s body of any strands of hair that had clung to it. When she brushed across her chest, their eyes met and Beth smiled, “Told you it was something no one has ever done.”

With that Beth click the switch and the stool stopped it’s up and down movement. Mickie sat there motionless, her feet, her toes, still out of reach of the floor.

Mickie was taken by the warmth of the towel Beth had wrapped around her buzzed scalp.

Her body rose with the feeling.

Beth let it sit a few seconds then removed it.

She picked up the brush and dipped it into the bowl of warm water.

Then, with a skill she had come to learn she began working a lather in the mug.

The camera quickly picked up on this and showed the actions to all to see.

Beth then stepped in front of Mickie, “If you will not try to run, I will lower the stool so you can touch the floor with your feet.

“Of course, I will also turn the other motor back on if you wish!”

Mickie looked at her.

Slowly a smile came to her face, telling Beth “YES”.

Beth reached for the switch and the stool lowered.  As it stopped Beth clicked on another switch and the stool begin it’s up and down movement to Mickie’s delight.

Beth then began lathering her head.

First she lathered the right side, working her way around the back of her head to the left side.

The cameras followed her movement, with a glance to Mickie’s face of pleasure.

Finally, Beth lathered the top of Mickie’s head.

With her head completely lather Beth put the mug and brush back on the table.

She picked up one of the safety razors, rinsed it in the warm water and raised it above Mickie’s head for all to see as they looked towards the stage, or viewed it on the televisions.

With a flash Beth begin shaving Mickie’s head.

First the top of her head from the forehead to the back of her head and exposing it to the coolness of the air.

Then, slowly shaving from the left side to the right side, until Mickie’s head was completely clean of all the lather that was applied to her head, along with the stubbles, which the clippers had made.

Beth wiped Mickie’s smooth head of excess lather and applied a cream to it.

Then, she clicked the switch off, causing the stool to stop moving up and down.

The stool was then lowered a little more to allow Mickie to step forward off of it.

As Beth, holding Mickie’s hand, lead her around the stage for all to see.

The crowd begins to cheer.

Then, as they begin a third circle the crowd begin chanting, “PUSSY SHAVE ….. PUSSY SHAVE ….. PUSSY SHAVE”.

Beth looked at Mickie.

She smiled and laid down on the floor of the stage.

Quickly Beth reached for the clippers and carefully buzzed the hairs off Mickie’s pussy.

She worked up some lather in the mug, again, and lathered her pussy.

Taking the safety razor, to the cheers of the onlookers, Beth shaved Mickie’s pussy as smooth as she did her head.

Again, Beth paraded Mickie, this time smooth on top and between the legs, around for all to see.

The onlookers cheered and cheered.

Then, the lights went out, again.

Everything on the stage was removed.

When the lights came back on all that was on the stage was Beth and a smooth Mickie.

The members begin flocking from their seats on to the stage.

They wanted to feel how smooth Mickie’s head was, a few even feeling her pussy. Mickie even felt one of the ladies insert her fingers into her, which caused her body to quickly rise a little.

“May I ask?” inquired Sandi, one of the older members, “How does it feel to have your head shaved my dear?”

Mickie smiled, as she looked a Beth.

“You must try it your self to truly understand the feeling,” Mickie replied.

With a wink she extended her left hand toward the stool, which was just to the left of them and in view.

Beth stepped behind Sandi and whispered, “BUZZzzzzzzz you!”

Beth slid her right hand around Sandi’s waist and pulled her into her body.

Sandi did not say a word, nor did she move from the embrace of Beth.

Sandi heisted for a moment.  She looked at Mickie still parading around the stage as others touched her shaven areas.

See saw a member, her age, knee down between Mickie’s legs and began licking her.

A man stool looking at Mickie as he indicated to her, “on your knees”.  Slowly Mickie knelt and took him in her mouth.

His hand embraced her shaven head as she moved forward and back until the man took a deep breath and let everything in her mouth.

Mickie then liked him clean before getting up.

She looked at Beth who smiled and motioned her to look where Sandi had ventured.

They walked up behind Sandi and began removing what clothing she had on.

Mickie then slowly, not willingly, removed the two shafts from her self.

Beth wiped them clean.

She hand one to Mickie who was now kneeling in front of Sandi.

Beth knelt behind Sandi and began rubbing her ass with the shaft.

Mickie began rubbing her pussy with the shaft.

Some of the other members caught this and began to gathering around the chair.

Mickie slide the shaft into Sandi’s pussy.  Her body raised a little then relaxed as Mickie began moving the shaft in and out.

When Sandi leaned forward a little Beth placed the unlubricated shaft up into Sandi’s asshole.

She let out a sound of pleasure, saying, “It has been years.”

Beth passed the belt, Mickie had worn, to Mickie and it was wrapped around Sandi’s waist and bucked.

Mickie slowly walked her to the stool as Beth began raising the stool.

Slowly the stool raised as Sandi’s feet and toes left the floor.

Those who had gathered began to smile and whisper to each other.

Sandi was one of the members who liked assisting others in welcoming new members.

But, this was the first time they had seen her in this position, of being the “receiver”.

Beth did not stop the movement of the seat.

Edward was placing a bowl of hot water on the table.

Mickie grabbed the clippers and handed it to Beth.

Beth began showing it to Sandi, telling her, “BUZZZ”.  Then, the razor.”

“She will not need a shaving down here,” Mickie told Beth with a smile.

“Freshly shaved?” Beth inquired.

Mickie looked at her licking her lips.

Beth reached for the switch to turn it down.

“NO,” Sandi said to her.  “Leave it on.

“I trust you.”

As Sandi’s head fell forward Beth placed her left hand on the back of her head, holding it still, as she placed the clippers.

Mickie leaned looking at Sandi’s face and they kissed as Beth began moving the clippers upward.

With each clipping of the clippers the onlookers cheered.

Beth clippered Sandi with a little more speed than she did with Mickie.

Sandi’s dark brown hair fell before her eyes on the floor.

Mickie picked up some hair and taunted Sandi, as she brushed her face with the clippered hair.

To her displeasure, Sandi just smiled.

When Beth turned the clippers off, Edward wrapped the, now, warm towel around Sandi’s head as she unzipped his pants and took out his dick and her mouth began moving it in and out.

This surprised everyone.  No one had ever tried anything with Edward.

Beth began shaving her head, as her head moved forward and backward over Edward’s dick.

Her movements were slow and with each shaving Beth did with the safety razor.

With the last stroke of the razor, Edward trusteed forward in Sandi’s mouth.

She looked up at Edward, “Do you want to pee?”

Edward smile, “A lady after my heart”.

She opened her mouth wide and slid her mouth over it.

Edward did not hesitate and slowly filled her mouth.  As she swallowed her eyes grew with pleasures.

Beth was now wiping her head and rubbing some cream over her head.

The stool was slowly lowered, still moving.

Beth unbuckled the belt and removed the two shafts.

Sandi turned to Mickie and walked to her.

Beth raised her hands to Sandi’s head, as Sandi raised her hands to Beth’s head.

“Smooth and pleasing as you said”, Sandi to told Mickie.

Sandi turned to Beth, “May I have one more request?”

“YES,” Beth told her.

Sandi turned to Mickie, taking her left hand and walked off the stage.

Everyone watched.

“ENJOY,” Beth told Sandi.

JimB ©opyright May 2004

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