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This is a continuation of the story which began with ‘Tanned to Perfection’ and ‘Tanned to Perfection – One Year Later’

Thursday 4th September

‘Ta – Dah, I’m back!’ announced Sue as she opened the sauna door, ‘But it’s only a flying visit.  I’m just calling in on my way to see my mum.  I thought I would drop in here for a few minutes and surprise you two first.’ 

‘Hi, Sue!’ her two friends chimed in unison. 

‘Are you … OK?’ Sangita continued, a slightly concerned tone to her voice, as she looked at Sue.

‘Great thanks.  Why?’ replied Sue, knowing full well what Sangita was referring to.  She removed the towel which was draped around her torso and sat next to her friends, Sangita and Diane.   All three were now naked.  It was the weekly ladies-only session on a Thursday evening in the Turkish suite at their local leisure centre in Erdington and it was the first time that they had spoken since Sue had returned from holiday earlier that afternoon.  Diane was five feet two inches tall, had dark, shoulder length hair and a lovely petite figure, albeit she had a tendency to be a little chubby around the was it and hips.   Sangita was only just over five feet one tall and had a bust to die for.  Her athletic frame made it obvious that she worked out.  Being of Bangladeshi descent her skin was beautifully dark and her hair jet black.  She preferred weight training to aerobics and until now had a more well-developed body than the others.   Diane and Sangita were in their mid 30s whereas Sue would soon turn 40.  At five feet seven inches, she was taller than the others.

‘You look great but it isn’t … I don’t like to say.… you know? I hope you aren’t ill or anything,’ Sangita said in a hushed tone.

‘You mean this?’ Sue replied, pointing to her smooth, bald head.  ‘No – I couldn’t be better.  This is all by choice.  Pete and I fancied a complete change on holiday, so we both went for it.’

The relief felt by Sue’s two friends was palpable.

‘I’ve seen more hair on an egg and that is one hell of a tan and six pack,’ laughed Diane a little nervously trying to add a little humour.

‘So, what do you two think of my new look?’

‘My God, you’ve got some definition, Sue.  You have overtaken me but what possessed you to shave your head? And your eyebrows too!  What on earth were you thinking of?’ Sangita replied bluntly.

‘Well I love it!’ said Diane, contradicting Sangita before Sue could reply, ‘You look amazing.  I wish I had a body like yours – you look so fit and so smooth.  And so bald!  You haven’t got hair anywhere!  You’re making me feel really hairy – I really must sort my bikini area out.  I’ve let the hair grow for the last few weeks but I’m going to have to go for the Full Monty.’  She glanced down at her neatly trimmed ‘landing strip’.

‘I’m going to have to sort mine out too,’ added Sangita glumly, ‘keeping on top of it is a never ending job, like painting the Forth Bridge.’  Her bush, although trimmed, wasn’t quite as neat as Diane’s.

Then the surprise…

‘I didn’t shave my head or anything else for that matter.  The hair removal, the tan and the physique are nearly all down to technology.’  

‘What do you mean?’ asked Diane.

‘I told you before that Pete and I are naturists and have spent our summer holidays with our friends, John and Anne in France for many years.  Last year, when we arrived we found that John and Anne were both bald and we thought how good they looked.  They live in a secluded villa and nobody else needed to know so we both decided to go bald ourselves.  I bought a really expensive wig as close to my natural colour and style and wore it after our holiday.  I have had a shaved head ever since but kept it hidden.  

I don’t know why, but this year, just as we were getting ready to head off on holiday, I decided that it was high time I should be myself.  I’ve only worn the wig four times since we left to go on holiday and that was only to get through passport control and customs both ways.  As soon as we arrived back in England I took it off again and dumped it in a rubbish bin at South Mimms Services on the M25 when we stopped for a pee and a cup of coffee.’   

‘That’s very daring and really brave!’ said Diane.

‘I was so nervous when I left home without a wig for the first time, but I quickly got accustomed to it.  When we arrived we found out that John and Anne had bought a piece of equipment earlier in the year, a bit like a shower cubicle that can remove hair permanently among other things.  They said that we could use it if we wanted to, so we both did and you can see the results for yourselves.  One big side effect has been that my self-confidence has never been greater.’

‘I never noticed that you wore a wig,’ replied Diane.

‘As I said, it was an expensive one.  It obviously served its purpose, but I never liked wearing it.’

‘You didn’t go bald permanently, did you?’ asked Sangita, again rather bluntly. 

Sue nodded. ‘Yes, from the top of my head to my toes.  When I did it I thought I could always wear a wig, draw on eyebrows or wear false eyelashes if I needed to, but to be honest I haven’t been tempted.’ 

‘Don’t tell me your hubby is as bald as you.’

‘Yes, he . . .’

‘No eyelashes either.  That’s different!’ exclaimed Diane, interrupting Sue’s explanation in mid-flow, suddenly noticing that while there was eyeliner on Sue’s eyelids there were no eyelashes.  ‘I’m very impressed!  I think you look great.  Good for you!  So neither of you will ever have any hair again?’

‘No.  I couldn’t grow hair again even if I wanted to.  So, you like the bald look?’ asked Sue, looking pointedly in Diane’s eyes.

‘I do!  You look fantastic!’ said Diane. ‘You have always kept your bikini area clean shaven for as long as I have known you but now it looks even smoother and I must admit, I would love to have a permanently hairless body.’   

Sangita nodded.  ‘So would I – it would be great never to have to shave my legs or underarms again nor have to trim my pubes.  My body hair is almost black and I have to keep attending to it.  I would never want to have a bald head, though.’ 

Sue smiled and said, ‘You might surprise yourself one day, Sangita.  Anyway, you are both in luck.  Pete and I were so impressed with the machine that we ordered one of our own a month ago.  This one is supposed to be much more advanced than the one we used in France.  We got a really good deal as it is a trial version.  It should arrive later this week, so you can both try it out if you like.  

‘I’m not sure I want to use the machine if I’m going to end up with a bald head like you though,’ joked Sangita. 

‘You won’t unless you want to.  You choose where you want hair and where you don’t.  You can cover any part of the head or body you want if you want to keep hair.   I went in naked and you can see the results.’

Sue looked at the clock on the wall.  ‘Sorry, I know that it is short but sweet, but I must be leaving.  I promised my mum I would be there in an hour and I’m running late.’

‘Your mum will be in for a shock,’ laughed Diane.

‘She is very broadminded, but I’m sure you are right.  See you next week, if not before.’

Sue stood up, draped her towel around her and waved goodbye as she opened the door to the sauna.

After the door closed, Diane looked at Sangita.  Sangita looked at Diane.  After a second or two’s silence, Diane spoke.

‘I thought Sue looked fantastic.  I would shave my head myself if I thought I would look that good and were brave enough to do it.  I’m going to the hairdresser on Saturday and was thinking of having a change anyway.  Now Sue has decided it for me – I’m going to have a short haircut,’ said Diane, half thinking to herself that it might well be shorter than she had originally planned and much shorter than she was letting on to Sangita.  ‘From now on I’m going to stay hair free from neck to toe, even if I have to use a razor.  Sue’s body looks so wonderfully smooth.’

‘I love Sue’s tan and she looks so fit and smooth but I didn’t really like her bald head,’ said Sangita.  ‘But I’m definitely going bald from nose to toe, if Sue lets me use the machine.

* * * * *

That night Diane did not sleep well.  Sue’s transformation and her own reaction to it kept running through her mind.  After a very restless night, Diane finally climbed out of bed and headed for the shower.  She stood under the hot jets of water for a good few minutes as she tried to wake up.  As she spread shower gel onto her skin and started to wash, she looked down at her bikini line.  Sue’s smoothness ‘down below’ immediately came to mind.  Diane reached for her razor and a can of shaving gel, squirted a little gel into her palm and smoothed it onto her already short, neatly trimmed landing strip.  A few strokes of the razor consigned her pubic hair to the floor of the shower.

As she admired her new, more streamlined look Diane looked at her forearms.  They weren’t hairy, but they were still covered in long, fine, down – as they had been for as long as she could remember.  Once agin, Sue came to mind.  Another squirt of shaving gel and more strokes of the razor and Diane’s left arm was completely hair free.  She held her arms out together and compared them: her left arm now looked slightly paler than her right arm and seemed, in a way, cleaner and neater.  She liked it.  She followed the same procedure in relation to the right arm.  Diane wondered why she had not shaved them before.  

After she had towelled herself dry, Diane noticed something else when she glanced in the mirror: there was still a distinct, slightly dark peach fuzz on her face, particularly on her upper lip.  It wasn’t really noticeable but even so didn’t seem to match her now hairless body.  Without further ado, Diane went over to the hand basin and carefully shaved her upper lip.  Throwing caution to the wind she smeared shaving gel onto her face and neck and continued until, for the first time in her life she was hair free from nose to toes.

She looked in the mirror again.  She liked what she saw and studied her shoulder length hair.  Tomorrow couldn’t come quickly enough – she knew that she wanted to try a shorter hairstyle but felt rather nervous about it at the same time.  How much shorter, she wasn’t sure.  She kept thinking about Sue’s new look and just how stunning she looked with a bald head.  She wanted a change from the current style which she had had for longer than she cared to remember, so a shorter style it was going to be.

* * * * *

Saturday 6th September

Although Diane’s appointment at the hairdresser wasn’t until 10.30 in the morning, she was wide awake well before 5.30 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep – her mind in turmoil over the endless possibilities for a short haircut.  She knew that she wanted her hair to be short but exactly how short she wasn’t sure.  In her mind she tried to imagine herself with every conceivable short haircut – from a short bob, to a pixie, from a boy cut to a crop, from a short layered cut to a buzzcut.  And if she decided on a buzzcut, how short should it be – one inch, half an inch, a quarter of an inch?  And so it went on until Diane couldn’t settle any further and she stepped out of bed and into the shower.

After what seemed an eternity Diane headed over to the hairdressers and arrived five minutes early for her appointment.  Natalie, her usual stylist was chatting to the receptionist, having just finished with her last client.

‘Hi Diane.  How are you?’ she asked breezily.

“Fine thanks, Natalie.  Tired though.  I woke up really early and couldn’t get back to sleep.’

‘A guilty conscience no doubt,’ replied Natalie, smiling.  ‘Anyway, I’m ready when you are,’ indicating with a sweep of her arm that Diane should head over to her work station when she was ready.

‘The usual trim?’ she asked as Diane sat in the chair and she placed a drape over your shoulders.

‘No, I want a complete change. It is about time I tried something different.  Something short this time.’

‘Any idea what style you want?’

Diane took a deep breath, trying not to make it look obvious. 

‘Actually I was thinking of going very short.  One of my friends has just had a buzzcut and it really suits her,’ Diane replied, thinking of Sue but not wanting to admit to Natalie that Sue was completely bald. ‘But do you think I could get away with it?’

‘Of course you could, but you would look very different, you know.  How short were you thinking?’

‘That is what I can’t decide.  What choices are there?

Natalie produced a large array of fittings for electric clippers from a drawer, pointing at them in turn,  ‘Anything from this number 7 one, which is one inch, to this 000 one which is one fiftieth of an inch.  If you are feeling adventurous I suppose you could try a 2 or 3.  If not, maybe a 4 or 5.  Of course, if you wanted to go for gold you could go for the 000.  That would give your friend a run for her money.’

Diane was very tempted with the 000 attachment but something held her back.  It was almost as if she didn’t want Natalie to know what she was really thinking, ’I suppose if it is too short it will grow won’t it?  Let’s go for a 2.  I hope I don’t regret it.’

‘Once you are used to it, I doubt you will.  Are you sure about it?  Once I start there will be no going back, you know.’

‘I’m sure,’ replied Diane, suddenly not feeling quite as sure as she was trying to sound.

Natalie picked up the electric clippers and positioned them at the front of Diane’s fringe and switched them on.

‘Still sure?’

‘Yes.  Go for it before I change my mind.’

With a quick sweep from front to back, Natalie removed a strip of hair about an inch and a half wide all the way from Diane’s fringe to her crown.  Strands of dark, shoulder length hair fell onto the cape.  Another sweep and the strip widened.  More hair fell onto the cape.  Another sweep and yet more fell.  At each pass of the clippers, Diane glanced into the mirror to look at Natalie’s handiwork. After the fourth or fifth pass the hair on the top of her head was short while at the same time the hair on the sides still reached down to her shoulders.  For a moment Diane thought that she resembled her uncle who had a typical middle-aged man’s ‘horseshoe’.   She smiled to herself.  The whole shearing process didn’t take very long at all.  Diane did indeed look very different but she liked her new look.

‘All done,’ said Natalie, brushing masses of dark hair from Diane’s shoulders and from the cape onto the floor.

‘Thanks.  That was quicker than I expected.’

‘’That’s because it is easy to do.  There was no styling involved.  Well, do you like it?  I think it suits you.’

‘It  is so short, but I love it thanks,’ Diane replied, stroking her bristly head.  ‘I just wanted to try something different for change and that is what I got.’

* * * * *

Thursday 11th September

Sue was the first one in the steam room.  The exercise class that Sangita and Diane were attending had been fully booked, so she went to an earlier one and then had a swim and relaxed in the lounge.  Droplets of sweat trickled down her face from her bald scalp and down her smooth, hairless body.

About twenty minutes later Sangita and Diane arrived, still flushed from their ‘Body Pump’ workout.  Sue could immediately tell that Diane had been to the hairdresser.  When Sue had last seen her, Diane’s hair had been shoulder length.  Now it was extremely short.

As they dropped their towels, Sue immediately noticed that both their bikini areas were now clean shaven.  She smiled knowingly. ‘Nice to see you two have done some long overdue personal grooming since last time,’ she joked. ‘I love your new haircut, Diane.  How short is it?’

‘I thought it was about time I had a trim,’ laughed Diane, stroking her head.  ‘It’s a number 2 cut.  I nearly went shorter but chickened out.  Even so, it was a bit of a shock at first but I’m just about getting used to it.  I‘ve shaved my arms too.  I’d never done that before, but I quite like having bald arms now.   I even shaved my face.  That was a first time too.  What do you think?’

‘I did mine too,’ interjected Sangita before Sue could reply.  ‘I loved how smooth you looked and Diane and I spoke about it afterwards.  I thought I would give it a try myself.’

Sue smiled and added, ‘Great! We can all be smoothies together.  We might even start a trend.  It sounds like you two have got the shaving bug.   I’ll make baldies of you two yet.’

You might look great bald, but I could never dare go that far,’ said Diane.  ‘When does the machine arrive for you to top up your tan?’

‘They called today to say that it should be with us tomorrow.  If it arrives, why don’t you both come round?  You can have a go.   Besides you can meet Pete.’

‘I would love to.’

‘Me too. Where do you live?  I know we’ve been friends for a couple of years but  I’ve never been to your house.’

‘The Old Cottage, Spring Road.  If you go along High Street and turn right at the church, our house is about half a mile up the road on the left about twenty yards after a post box.  The front gates are white and there are two horrible white stone griffins on the gate posts. I hate them, but you can’t miss the entrance.  How about tomorrow evening?’

Diane shook her head.  ‘Sorry, I have got visitors – it is the first time in ages.’

‘Next week is really busy for us. In fact, I won’t be able to come to the gym next Thursday.  How about a week tomorrow then?’

Sangita and Diane both nodded.

‘What time?  How about 8 o’clock?’

8 o’clock the following Friday suited them all, so the date and time were agreed.

‘It is pure luck, but we have a large extension at the back of the house, courtesy of an unexpected and substantial legacy Pete received from his aunt.  We have made it into something of a spa with a pool, sauna, jacuzzi and steam room and a small gym to the side.  To be honest, I don’t really need to come to the leisure centre at all but I like doing the exercise classes and catching up with you two.  I enjoy the company.  The pool is about 15 metres long, so if you fancy a swim or just a dip, bring a towel.  You don’t need a swimming costume – I’ll keep Pete well away unless you don’t mind him joining us.’

Sangita replied, chuckling, ‘I’m broadminded.  I don’t mind if he doesn’t.  Besides, I would like to see what a man looks like without hair.  Most of the guys I know are like gorillas.  I’ve always preferred the smoother ones – the less hair, the better for me.’

‘Pete won’t disappoint in the body hair department then!’ laughed Sue.  ‘He’s hairless.’

‘I’m not shy either,’ said Diane.  ‘If Pete wants to join us, I don’t mind.’

‘I’m sure that he will be happy to join in, but I will check to make sure.  Pete and I have been naturists for many years and don’t mind being naked in front of others, at the right time and place.  In fact, we spend most of our time at home unclothed.   Oh, by the way, you don’t need to shave or remove hair beforehand if you want to use the hair removal function.’

Friday 19th September

Sangita and Diane arrived at The Old Cottage just after 8 o’clock.  Sangita pressed the doorbell.  The door opened after only a few seconds and she and Diane were greeted by a man wearing a vest top and shorts.  He had a deep, golden tan.  He was totally bald and had no eyebrows.  Although Sangita only had time to take a quick glance, she couldn’t help noticing that his arms and legs were just as smooth.  

‘Hi, I’m Pete.’

‘Hi, I’m Sangita.’

‘And I’m Diane.  I’m pleased to meet you at last.  Sue has told us quite a bit about you.’

‘Nothing bad, I hope.  Come on in.  Sue is waiting for you at the back of the house.’

Sangita and Diane followed Pete along the hall, through an archway and then into a large extension to the rear.  A large kidney shaped pool lay straight ahead; to the left a Jacuzzi and next to it a shower; at the back, a wooden structure with two doors – presumably the steam room and sauna – and to the right loungers and a large metal cubicle with an opaque, smoked glass door.  Sue stood up from one of the loungers.  Although she was wearing a drape it was obvious that she had topped up her tan – her face and legs were golden brown.  

‘Hiya!  I take it that you found your way here.  Glad you could both make it.’

‘No problem at all.  I can see what you mean about those statues on the gateposts.  Even I couldn’t miss them,’ replied Sangita.

‘This is a lovely house, Sue.’

‘Bloody things!  I hate them, but they are are easy to spot when driving in the dark.  Yes, we love this house.  It nearly bankrupted us when we bought it but we liked the fact that it feels quite secluded even though it is close to the town centre.  We aren’t overlooked at the back so in the summer we can walk around naked in the garden.  Pete and I spend much of our time naked and you both said that you were up for a skinny dip, so do feel free to take your clothes off if you want to.  No pressure at all, if you don’t.’

‘Would you like me to leave?’ Pete asked. ‘I can come down later.’

‘No, not at all.  Sue mentioned it to us earlier this week and neither of us mind,’ said Diane.

‘I will just have a quick dip, and then I’ve got to go out to meet some friends.  We play fantasy games every Friday.’ 

‘Big kids!’ said Sue, shaking her head in mock jest. ‘Put your clothes on that bench in the corner.’ She quickly removed her drape and sat back down on the lounger completely naked and hairless.

Sangita and Diane disrobed and then sat naked on the two loungers nearest to Sue, a little nervous in what was an unusual situation for them but enjoying the moment nevertheless.  As Pete removed his top and shorts, Sangita and Diane were stunned.  He was in fantastic shape with the body of an athlete, he had an all-over tan and was totally and utterly hairless.  Sangita felt as though she was flushing slightly – Pete was rather well endowed or perhaps he looked that way given that his manhood wasn’t hidden behind a mass of hair.  

‘Not the hairiest people in town, are you?’ said Diane, trying to introduce a little humour.

‘None at all.  If either of you would like to give our machine a try, it will save you both a fortune in razor blades, creams or waxing,’ said Sue as she arose from the lounger.  ‘Shall we show it to you?’

Sangita and Diane nodded eagerly.

Sue led them over to the large metal cubicle standing in the corner, opened the door and pressed the ‘On’ button on a keypad just inside.  Three options appeared on a digital display: ‘Hair removal’, ‘Tan’ and ‘Physique’.   ‘Let me show you both how the settings work – they are really simple.  You can use the ‘Hair Removal’ and ‘Tan’ functions immediately after each other, but the Physique’ function is separate. I will tell you about that later if you are interested.  Would either of you like to try anything?’

Diane was first to reply.  ‘I would like to try the first two and maybe the Physique one too, if that is all right.  I hope none of it hurts.’

Sue reassured her.  ‘As I said before, this model is supposed to be much more advanced than the one we used in France – all down to neutrons or some scientific gobbledygook we don’t understand but apparently it is supposed to cause localised alopecia almost instantly.  The ‘Hair Removal’ function on that machine did sting a little, but the manual says that this one is completely painless.  Of course, we can’t say from personal experience because we haven’t needed to use it.  It is guaranteed to be safe according to the manual.  I will also show you how the Tan program works while I’m at it.’ 

Sue continued, ‘All you need to do is cover everything that you don’t want treating, then press the ‘Hair Removal’ and ‘Tan’ buttons.  The ‘Tan’ function comes up with a number of options – colour, finish and duration.  It is preset for natural skin tones, but there is a wide range of colours to choose from.  You could even go for bright red or metallic gold if you wanted.  Once you have selected your options, go in, close the door, get into position and press ‘Start’.  Let me show you.’

‘You want the hair removal, don’t you?’ said Sue rhetorically, pressing the ‘Hair Removal’ button.  ‘Now for the tan.’  Sue pressed the ‘Tan’ button.  A number of options appeared. 

‘What colour or shade would you like and what finish?’ she asked, looking at Diane.  ‘I would suggest ‘Golden Tan’ or ‘Dark Tan’ for the shade and either ‘Matte’ or ‘Sheen’ for the finish.  ‘Gloss’ is great for the beach. And I would suggest ‘Semi-permanent’ rather than ‘Washable’.  It lasts for at least a week.’

‘Can I have the same as you?’ Diane asked. ‘I really like it.’

‘’Dark Tan’, ‘Sheen’ and ‘Semi-permanent’.’

‘As you can see, I don’t really need a tan,’ replied Sangita, smiling.

Sue pressed the buttons in sequence slowly, so that Sangita and Diane could see what she was doing.  

‘Are you both OK with how to use the machine?’

Sangita and Diane both nodded, so Sue cancelled the settings she had entered on the control panel. 

‘Would you like me to give you a demo?’

Sangita and Diane nodded and Sue entered the cubicle.  A couple of minutes later she emerged a dazzling, shiny golden colour from the top of her head to her toes..

‘What do you think?  Impressed?

‘Stunning, Sue.’

‘I chose washable gold gloss.  I will go and rinse it off in the shower in a minute or two.  Fancy a go in the cubicle?  Who’s first?’

‘You can go first if you want Sangita,  I don’t mind waiting for a few minutes,’ said Diane.

‘A cap, panties and goggles are next to the cubicle.  You will find coverings for other body parts underneath.   Please be very careful – any hair that you don’t cover will be removed permanently.  If you want an all over tan, you can remove any covering once the ‘Hair Removal’ program has finished – the Tan program won’t start until you press the ‘Continue’ button inside the cubicle.  

‘You start by putting your feet on the footplates and your hands on the plates above.  They are positioned so that you squat slightly and are spread-eagled, so that every inch of the body can be treated – particularly if you want to be treated between the cheeks of your bottom.  It is a little ungainly but nobody can see you inside the cubicle, so it doesn’t matter.  According to the instructions, you will get zapped up and down five times as part of the hair removal program.  Each impulse is supposed to feel like a jet of warm air.  

‘When you have pressed the settings you want and are ready, press the ‘Start’ button on the inside of the door and put your hand back on the plate.  The machine will start after a few seconds.  And, by the way, your skin will turn blue for a couple of minutes afterwards.  It is nothing more than an indicator to show if anything has been missed by the ‘Hair Removal’ program. We will leave you to it.  Do you fancy a dip while Sangita uses the machine?  I’m just going to sit down and make the most of my golden statue look – I have taken rather a shine to it.  I must try gold, semi-permanent one day.’ 

Pete and Diane slid into the pool while Sue headed over to one of the loungers.

Sangita picked up the cap and carefully tucked her hair inside.  She put on the goggles which were large enough to cover her eyes and eyebrows and followed Sue’s instructions.  A couple of minutes later she emerged, holding the goggles and cap in her hand.  She was bright blue from cheeks to toes.

‘Nice look!’ called Diane from the pool, having a fit of the giggles.

‘Don’t worry, Sangita.  Just stand there for a few moments to dry off.  The blue colour will disappear in a minute or so.  Do you want to give it a try, Diane?’

‘Of course!  Do I need to dry off first?’

‘No need.  Just go in and follow the instructions.’

Diane stepped out of the pool and walked over to the cubicle.  She too put on the cap and the goggles and went inside.

By this time, the blue indicator on Sangita’s skin had disappeared.  

‘That’s a great result!’ said Sue.  ‘You have only just used the machine and I can’t see any stubble or ‘shadow’ at all in your bikini area.  How was the treatment?  Did it hurt?’ 

‘Not at all.  It was just as you said, like a jet of warm air.  A little on the hot side, if I’m being honest, but each impulse moved up and down my body so quickly there was no real discomfort,’ replied Sangita, lifting her arms above her head as she looked into the mirror.  ‘Wow! This is fantastic!   I always hated that dark blue shadow under my arms.  My grandparents were Bangladeshi and my body hair was really dark, so it was always noticeable even immediately after shaving.  Now it looks as though it has gone completely. I can’t see any hint of shadow anywhere.  I’m just so smooth and hairless!’  

Sangita continued stroking her pubic region and her legs, while looking at her arms.  She raised her arms again, as if to make sure that her underarms were still smooth.  They were.  ‘I can’t feel any stubble at all and my skin seems to glisten.  Thanks, Sue I love this.  If it is permanent it will save me a fortune!’

‘From now on you will be able to wear sleeveless tops and go bare legged any time you like,’ said Sue.  

A few moments later, Diane emerged from the cubicle.  She was holding the goggles and cap in her right hand.  She was blue from the top of her head to her toes. 

‘Ooopsy! I accidentally-on-purpose took the cap and goggles off before I pressed the ‘Hair Removal’ button.  I suppose it is too late to change my mind, isn’t it?’ she said, giggling, maybe a little nervously.  

‘Oh My God – that’s amazing!’ exclaimed a stunned Sue, noticing Diane’s unexpected transformation.  Sangita said nothing but her jaw almost hit the floor.  When Diane had gone into the cubicle her hair was a little over a quarter of an inch long, but now even though her head was still disguised by the blue indicator it was obvious that it was completely smooth. 

‘Don’t look in the mirror yet, Diane.  Just wait until that blue dye disappears and then I will tell you when to take a look. Welcome to Club Hairless!  I’m delighted that you have decided to join!’ 

‘What’s Club Hairless?’

‘A name I just thought of.  But given that five minutes ago Pete and I were the only ones without hair and now it looks as though there are three of us, it seemed like a good name.’

Diane stood still for a few moments as the blue dye gradually faded and then, when Sue  indicated, walked over to the full length mirror.  ‘Fucking hell!  I’m bald!’  

Her reflection proved her point – what had been a short buzz cut was no more.  She was bald, totally bald – not a single hair on her head, her neatly plucked eyebrows were now non-existent, her long, dark eyelashes had disappeared and her entire body was completely hairless.  She had a perfect tan from the top of her head to her toes.    

‘Is that it? Am I permanently bald?’  Now there was the slightest hint of panic in Diane’s voice.

‘Yes, you are,’ replied Sue, rather undiplomatically.  ‘I didn’t fully appreciate until just now, how much more effective this machine is to the one that Pete and I used only a few weeks ago – in our case it took several days for the hair to go.  I simply never expected the results to be immediate when you used this machine.  Even after just one session, you will find only the odd hair grows in future.  If you went back in now and repeated the program again it is highly unlikely that any hair would ever reappear.  Even using the old equipment, Pete and I only had 3 sessions,’ replied Sue.

‘I ldon’t know if I dare go out looking like this.  I didn’t quite appreciate the speed and finality of it – I knew it would remove hair but wasn’t expecting to be this bald already.  It is’t so much that my head is bald, it’s the lack of eyebrows and eyelashes that has shocked me more than anything.  I’m sure I will be too embarrassed to be seen in public.  I just hope I get used to it eventually.’

‘Look, you took off the cap and goggles for a reason, didn’t you? You wanted to be bald. And I have to say you look fantastic!’ said Sue, trying to comfort her.  ‘And you have a great tan as well.  Remember how quickly you adjusted to going from shoulder length hair to short less than a fortnight ago.’

‘It suits you,’ said Sangita, a little less convincingly. 

Diane smiled a little nervously, but still extremely embarrassed.  

‘You look stunning, Diane.  I’m glad you decided to join Sue and I,’ added Pete.  ‘Anyway, it has been great to meet you and Sangita.  I’m just going to go and get changed and head off.  We are playing Dungeons and Dragons this week.’ 

Pete gave Sue a quick peck on the lips and left to get ready to meet his friends.

‘I despair!  I can’t see why on earth they enjoy playing those games.  To me it is a complete waste of time.  Still, each to their own,’ said Sue, raising her eyes to the ceiling.  

She continued, ‘When Pete and I first shaved our heads we felt the same as you do.  Having been through it ourselves, one thing I’m certain of is that after the initial shock has worn off, you won’t have any regrets at all.  In fact, you will end up wishing you could have looked like this, years ago.  We found the best way to deal with it was force ourselves to go out in public and act as though nothing had happened.  It worked very quickly.  

‘Tell you what, I’m driving to Birmingham tomorrow to do some shopping. If either of you want to join me I would be glad of the company.  And it would get Diane out bald in public. You probably won’t know anybody anyway.’ 

‘I would love to, if you are sure you don’t mind,’ said Sangita. ‘I haven’t been shopping in Birmingham for ages.’

‘I’m free tomorrow and would love a trip to Birmingham but I really don’t know.  I’m not sure about going out bald yet,’ said Diane. 

Sue tried to coax Diane, ‘Go on! It would be the perfect opportunity to get used to your new look and you are unlikely to run across anybody you know.  You will enjoy it, I promise you.’

‘OK, I suppose so.’

‘Good.  You won’t regret it.  Tell you what, I will give you two a dare.   It is supposed to be a warm, sunny day tomorrow, even though it’s September.  Since we’re all nice and smooth and have great tans, why don’t we show off as much skin as we can?  Let’s wear something really skimpy.  And if you go bald Diane, you will be in good company –  me!  How about it?’

Sangita agreed immediately.  ‘Great idea – now I haven’t any body hair I want to show off my legs and needn’t worry about my underarms any more.  I’ve got a tiny something which I haven’t worn for ages.’

Diane was far more hesitant. ‘I can’t do that! I will feel so self-conscious as it is without wearing something revealing as well.   I will stick out like a sore thumb!’

‘No you won’t – I will be with you for moral support. I am going to turn a few heads.  I’ve got a tiny crop top and a pair of lycra shorts and I definitely won’t be wearing a wig or any makeup.  

‘Besides, the best way to get into a swimming pool is to dive in rather than go down the steps, isn’t it?  The thought of diving in is much worse than actual doing it.  It is a shock to begin with, but you get used to the water almost immediately.  This will be the same.  You will probably be totally embarrassed to begin with and feel like you just want to hide and crawl under a stone.  We did too but I can guarantee that by the time we come home tomorrow, you will be thoroughly enjoying yourself and will feel much more confident.  And by the way, don’t wear eyeliner or false eyelashes tomorrow – I want you to get used to your head being completely bald.  You can wear makeup at a later date.  As I said, I will do the same to give you some support.’ 

‘OK.  I suppose I should take your word for it.  I will see what I can find in my wardrobe.’ 

‘Would either of you like to try the ‘Physique’ function before you go?’  asked Sue.  Sangita and Diane nodded eagerly.

Sue continued, ’There are three options on this model: ‘Fitness’ for a toned look, ‘Athletic’ for the well-honed look with more muscular definition and ‘Bodybuilding’ for a very muscular appearance.  The Bodybuilding program does come with a warning though – it is a new Beta version which John and Anne’s model didn’t have. The manufacturer says that anyone using the Bodybuilding function does so entirely at their own risk.  They are already aware that women are highly likely to experience significant breast reduction but aren’t yet sure if breasts would return to normal once you stop using the program.  They don’t yet know of any other side effects but they stress that research is still at a very early stage and they cannot be held responsible if there are any.  We are guinea pigs, if you like, and that is why we got the machine for next to nothing.

Pete and I opted for the ‘Athletic’ setting in France.  I have only had 3 training sessions in total but the results have been spectacular and this machine is supposed to be much better.’ 

‘Only 3 sessions? That is incredible!’ said Sangita.

‘Yes, I’m really pleased.   The program is very intense and they recommend that it only be used once every two weeks to avoid fatigue.’ 

‘Could you start on one program and move to another later?’ asked Sangita.

Sue replied, ‘Apparently so.  Unlike the ‘Hair Removal’ and Tanning functions, these programs take slightly longer to take effect.  They are very effective, but you have time to decide if you want to swap to a different program.  We can’t comment on the Bodybuilding program yet.’

‘I fancy having a go,’ said Diane.

‘Same here.  It is just a suggestion, Diane, but why don’t we try different programs and compare notes in a month or so?’

‘Good idea.  Which do you want to try?’ asked Diane.

‘In a couple of days I am going on holiday for a fortnight with Jane, an old friend of mine.  We both need a break.  She owns a gym near to Walsall and is really into fitness and is a competitive bodybuilder.  I have always fancied having a few muscles myself, not that I have done much about it, so I wouldn’t mind trying the ‘Bodybuilding’ program, if that’s OK.  If my boobs shrink a bit, I could live with it. There is a gym at the hotel – that is one of the reasons she wanted to go to this particular hotel.  If either of us makes any progress in the next fortnight, we can compare how we have both got on when I get back,’ Sangita replied.

‘Well, the ‘Athletic’ program worked for Sue, so I am more than happy to try that one,’ said Diane.

Sue smiled and then showed them the instructions.  ‘It is a little more complicated than the other programs, but once you are used to the routine, it is really easy.  When you use this program, just follow the instructions on the screen inside the cubicle.  Basically, all you need to do is flex or tighten your muscles when the screen tells you to and hold the position until you get another instruction.  Just have a quick practice before you go in.’

Sue ran through a brief routine with Sangita and Diane and got them to flex muscles starting with the shoulders and moving down to their calves.

‘Am I doing this right?’ asked Sangita.

‘It doesn’t really matter.  When you do it for real, do the best you can and try to hold the flexed position until the next instruction – it is only about 10 seconds for each muscle group.  Ready?’

Diane was first to volunteer.  The ‘Athletic’ program was set and she went in the cubicle.  She came out about 2 minutes later, sweating profusely.

‘My God, it feels as though I have had two workouts in one.  I’m knackered!’

Sangita blanched visibly.  ‘If the ‘Athletic’ program is intense, what is the ‘Bodybuilding’ program like?

‘I have no idea, but I don’t think you need to worry.’

Sue pressed the ‘Bodybuilding’ button and Sangita entered the cubicle.  She emerged, or rather staggered out, a couple of minutes later.

‘Did you say ‘No need to worry’?  I have never, ever, done anything that intense before!  I feel as though I have been hit by a bus.’

‘Why don’t you both have another dip in the pool and then shower off?  You will both be back to normal in a few minutes.  You’ll be amazed at your new energy levels,’ said Sue, reassuringly.  ‘It is about time I washed this gold colour off.  I will look a bit of a bugger if I walk around Birmingham looking like this tomorrow.’  

Sue was right.  Within a few minutes, Diane and Sangita had both recovered.

* * * * *

They spent the next hour or so chatting, ‘putting the world to rights’ as Sue called it and sorting out the arrangements for the shopping trip the following morning.  Sue agreed to pick them both up at 9.30 a.m. from Diane’s house.   Just as they were about to leave, Diane asked Sue,  ‘I know I’m feeling very self-conscious, but it is chilly in the evenings and I’m sure I will feel the cold.  I never thought I would end up bald tonight, so I didn’t bring a hat with me.  Can you lend me one until tomorrow?’

Sue quickly found one of Pete’s baseball caps and handed it to Diane along with a bottle of factor 50 suntan lotion as she opened the font door.   ‘Put this on your head tomorrow – you won’t be wearing a hat.  In fact we had all better put sunscreen on if we are wearing skimpy outfits.  See you tomorrow at 9.30.’

To be continued . . .

I would appreciate any comments – whether positive ones or constructive criticisms.  They will help me to improve and to decide what direction to go in.  

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