Coin in the fountain

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Ellen had been walking throughout the mall for a while now. She didn’t know what to do, she didn’t know who she was. It was her only goal to find the answer.

She had looked and looked but couldn’t find the it she desperately needed. Frustrated and tired of searching, she walked over to the fountain in the middle of the mall. She pulled for her pocket the last of her change. Looking at the presidential head on its face, she wished,”Please, show me a sign to who I am”

Instantly, when the coin had sank all it could into the water, a woman approached Ellen; she was smiling.”Miss”,she said,”I had to tell you how gorgeous you look”. Ellen began to blush and smile as the woman continued,”I must confess that you have too much hair, it covers up your beautiful face. I came to ask you if you would be so kind as to let me cut your hair”

The girl thought for a moment,”Sure. Why not”

The woman clapped her hands,”Excellent, My shop is just over there. Let’s go”

The two ladies walked over and into the salon. It was small with a maximum of three chairs and shampoo bowls. Ellen couldn’t believe she was doing this.

Her stylist escorted her to one of the chairs and helped her into it. She felt she stuck out like a sore thumb as her hair was big and frizzy. But her stylist made her feel at home.

After she had caped up the gal and pumped up the chair, the hairdresser took up a brush and started brushing the giant mound of tresses. She asked her client,”How short have you ever gone?”

The girl thought again,”I’ve had bobs and trims before but nothing severely short”,she confessed. Her stylist nodded and came to grab her sharp, shearing scissors.

Ellen watched as the barber lady gathered up a large portion of her hair on her right side and cut it off cleanly. She was quite shocked to see lying limp in her stylist’s palm and to see it all cascade down to the floor was a tragedy. But she sat still as the stylist separated an equivalent amount on her left side. The girl looked like she had one big, choppy bob.

Combing through the girl’s hair, the stylist separated the crown from the sides. After that was done, she went in front of the girl to grab her next tool. Ellen’s eyes were fixed to it as her stylist slightly bent head.

The whir the blades excited both gals, Ellen tried not to move as the blades passed up through her nape but the sensation made her giggle.

Her stylist cleaned away all the frizz from the girl’s sides, leaving them only short stubble. The girl felt the shortness with her hand and smiled at the feeling.

When the blades were turned off, the stylist dusted off the girl and shaved off the stubble with a razor. She let the remaining hair hang over the girl’s head as she switched the blades back on. With a comb to use as a guide, she shaped the girl’s top into a flat field of auburn.

Ellen couldn’t take her eyes off of her new self in the mirror. She looked so cute and she expressed that to her stylist who hugged her in response. This is who Ellen was supposed to be.

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