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It was a sunny Friday morning and I was the first one at my local Walmart to open the store. The golden rays of the sun were powerful and reflected off the class windows of the store as I pulled into the desolate parking lot. As I got out of my car and entered the chilly weather of the morning hours, I saw two individuals standing outside their car as they began watching me lock and proceed on my way to the doors of the store. The two men, I later identified one of them by their facial hair, were dressed in appropriate chilly clothing with long tunics and wore a large hat that completely encompasses and protected their hair. As I unlocked the door with my keys and started to enter the correct code for the security system, I saw the couple proceed their way following me towards the entrance and gaze at each other occasionally. I was not suspicious or worried about anything however since it was common to see people enter the store at early hours in order to buy something before they went to work. It was completely normal.

I opened the entrance doors to the store and turned on all the lights inside the building, which illuminated all the grocery carts and clothes that were hung graciously over the endless array of metal hooks. I did not pay much attention to the couple as I had to unlock my cash register station and perform my duties as a cashier, so I did not see the couple enter the store. Once I got situated at my desk, I began walking around the store with a quick speed, I was able to finally see the couple at the grooming section and I was shocked with what I saw. I thought the couple were just normal business people that might have been getting some type of grooming product such as a moisturizer, but I was wonderstruck with what I saw. The couple had removed their long, baggy tunics and the hats from atop their heads, and they were nothing as I imagined. Their hair.

The man without the beard had all his hair neatly combed into a silky bun that hung secured just below the crown of his head, and was held in place with a golden pin that went through the two edges of the bun. From the distance from which I watched them, the bun looked to have a diameter of more than a foot and was the color of ashy blonde. The bearded male on the other hand had all his hair neatly braided into the thickest braid I have ever seen in my life and extended onto the linoleum floors where it dangled, just barely touching the floor. Big beard was almost at the length of his navel, and was clearly well moisturized as it had ringlets towards the end of the hairs. Keep in mind this guy was about 6 foot 5. Both of their blonde and chestnut locks were simply magnificent and looked well oiled since it shimmered in the artificial indoor lighting.

However I was deeply saddened and felt as if someone had hit me in the gut when I saw they were both holding a box of electric clippers. The Oster 456. I could not think of any other logical reason to have such clippers to cut their hair, but as I looked at them and their hair once more, I somehow convinced myself that they were intended for another individual, There was no way they could be planning on using it on themselves. No way. There was no way in their right minds they would cut off their Rapunzel locks. Right?

As people started to file in the store, I had to quickly exit my discreet point of observation and returned to my single cashier lane, which was starting to form a line behind the counter. I had been checking out items for 30 minutes when I was finally face to face with the long-haired men.

I said, “Good morning y’all. You guys have amazing hair!”. I laughed as I said this since I was scanning a giant box of powerful clippers but they simply just smiled with lifeless eyes as if they had not been paying attention to anything I was saying. After the checkout I saw the two long-haired folk carry the clippers in their hands as they made their walk to the exit of the store. I hoped to look at the giant braid and bun one last time before they had left the store, but luck and an unfortunate customer rash caused me to look away from the glorious manes.

45 minutes had passed and I had made my way to the bathroom during my employee-work break. As I was entering the store, I noticed that the trashcan appeared to be full as littering and papers had raised a foot above the trash can. As I glanced towards the top of the can, a hint of shine and glow had struck my face. Like gold. I was intrigued by the golden shine that the can emitted and rummaged through the top to eventually stumble upon a large rubber elastic, intended to be used on keeping construction poles together. IT WAS THE THE MAN BUN GUY’S. What really shocked me and got my body flowing was the end of a piece of hair that looked like the tip of a brush. It looked silky and voluminous to the sight, so when I grabbed and reached for it I was baffled. The top of the hair was connected to a 6 foot braid that still had the rubber band attached to the top of the braid. I knew exactly whose this was. The man! I could not hold but think and caress the braid which stretches farther than my arm length. It was so healthy at the roots of the braid and as I moved my hands to the other end, I could feel the oil from the hair crease and attach to my pal and felt tiny ringlets and cur speaking through the intertwining sub braids. How could he have cut such a beauty.

When I looked back at the trashcan again, I saw another ripple of hair: a bun. The bun was just as beautiful as the braid with the golden hair benign tightly wrapped in a braided bun. The golden aura it had produced from shining in the bathroom light reflected across the walls of the bathroom. Even the golden pin was still struck in the middle of the thickest section of the braid, which was as thick as the fist I could not believe she had cut her hair too. The bun was tightly wrapped around a pencil like stick and when I removed the stock, the long locks of the braid fell instantly to the floor and made their way almost all the way to the sink. It was almost 1.5 times as long as the male’s braid.

I took the next 15 minutes rummaging through the trash can to find any indication as to why they had cut their glorious braids when they were so beautiful. I found the braided man’s beard. The braid was so long that it was even braided and cut off at the base of the jaw, thus leaving only a stubble. The braid was so healthy that it was even healthier and softer than my own hair! Other than 15 inch strands of hair and stubble that had been clearly shorn off with the clippers, no other indication was found. I was still dumbstruck by how glorious each of the two men’s manes and braid/bun looked in my hands, as I secured each one of them with multiple elastic bands and scrunchies. I wanted to take them home. I wanted to feel them and touch them even more, more than how much the two individuals cared for it, which they did not as they mercilessly removed it all from their body.

Before exiting the bathroom, I unwrapped each of the braids, which both went past the height of the floor, and wrapped one mane around my stomach and one around my hand in order to hide them as I exited the store. I took all 3 of the braided beards and tucked them into my underwear, since my pockets were full, and as I was walking, I could feel the stray beard hairs grace me. I quickly ran to my car with the men’s hair in my body and went home.

As I laid in bed stroking each of the glorious names, I kept thinking to myself and questioning why they would have cut such chestnut and blonde locks off. I had re-braided the hair and lay them next to me on the bed, and as I pet them more hair oils and atoms wafted form them which started to make my juices flow and it felt mesmerizing. I kept the beard braids in the braid but made sure to stroke them in my drawer just like how I did for the manes. Then I had a realization- I wanted to see how they looked with their bald and short heads. Even though I knew it would kill me to see the two male Rapunzel’s shorn completely bald from their luxurious tresses, I wanted them to convince them to have long hair again.

A week later, I had returned back to my store with two small bracelets, made from the couple’s hair, and entered the store. The police were there!

The police had told me that they had resorted to a suspicious couple entering this Walmart location who were responsible for the recent kidnapping assaults that were occurring in my city. As the police started questioning all the employees at the store, I was stroking both bracelets as I waited for my turn.

When I was finally called into the interrogation room the police asked me to sit down and handed me a folder of pictures saying, “Hi sir, could you look through these pictures in this file. We just want to know if you have seen these two individuals while working here?.” I of course agreed and prepared to turn the page, stroking the two silky bracelets. As I turned the page I could see two large coated individuals who were both over 6 foot from first glance.

Then I saw them… the distinguishable chestnut braid and blonde bun…

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