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Sitting at the table, Marybeth sipped her wine while Dana cleaned up the last of the dishes and talked about her day. Marybeth knew she probably should have felt guilty about not offering to help, but she had done the cooking, after all, and work had been rough. Who would fault her for just wanting to sit back and admire her young wife’s gorgeous ass?

Marybeth chewed her lip and turned a soft moan of appreciation into a grunt of acknowledgement toward whatever it was Dana had just said. It wasn’t that Marybeth wasn’t interested, it was just that Dana’s work as a college librarian was rarely very interesting and the latest trends in using the Dewey Decimal System just didn’t rank high on her list of interests right now.

Turning her chair a little and leaning back against the wall, Marybeth ran one fingertip around the top of her glass as her other hand brush against her skirt, sliding along her waist until she was dangerously close to teasing herself as she watched Dana. The young woman wasn’t even doing anything remotely lecherous – she was just washing the dishes, wearing her a normal cute blue t-shirt and regular jeans, but the way they both hugged her gorgeous, firm curves, and the way her blue-black hair was piled atop her head to bare that delicious, pale neck and the cute little ears that had been pierced five times since they met…

She smiled when Dana glanced over her shoulder, thick, heavy black frames giving her the consummate professional hottie look as grown-out bangs flanked them on either side. Her hair was a bit too messy to be anything but a frazzled professional, but her perfect complexion lent it an air of an enthusiastic newbie, so eager to please her new manager.

Wine glass forgotten, Marybeth rose from her chair and smoothed her pencil skirt, then ran a hand back over her own chocolate brown hair to make sure it was still secured in her usual tight bun. Dana’s brow furrowed questioningly as Marybeth approached, the dishes forgotten just before Marybeth curled a finger under Dana’s chin and pressed her lips against her wife’s, seizing them hungrily before tasting her with her tongue and pressing her back against the counter. Dana squealed softly, taken by surprise but gradually relenting as she so often did. She deepened the embrace, one hand pulling Dana against her as the other slid up her back and into her hair, loosing the clip that bound the wild tresses until it fell. There was a loud plop as the clip hit the water-filled sink, and a second soon after as Dana’s heavy mane splashed down, too.

Dana jumped away from the sink at that, her long waves and curls bouncing around her and threatening to swallow her up as they dripped water behind her, the soaked ends of her lush mane clinging to her ass in a way that made Marybeth downright envious. She knew she should have snapped out of her lecherous mood, but that frazzled young professional, with her hair all wild and loose, suddenly looked like she’d just been fucked against a desk from behind and that thought did all sorts of things for Marybeth.

“My bad,” Marybeth offered.

Dana’s expression eased a little, the confused edge to her beautiful dark eyes softening as a blush crept into her cheeks. Marybeth tried not to smile, but that was exactly the sort of thing that had given Dana the keys to her heart – up until meeting her, Marybeth had always gone for established, confident women. Then this adorable clutz fifteen years her junior showed up and it was all over. Dana seemed to pick up on that, and sauntered over to walk her fingertips up Marybeth’s chest and along her collarbone, eventually moving behind her neck so she wrapped her arms around her. She smelled so damn perfect…

“You’re clearly in a certain mood tonight, so tell me… Do you want to get frisky before, or after?”

Marybeth’s brow furrowed. “Before or after what?’

Dana sighed. “You promised to cut my hair tonight. Or trim it. You promised to trim my hair tonight.”

Marybeth groaned, slipping her hands around Dana’s waist and tugging her close, feeling the wet ends of her wife’s thick locks against the backs of her hands. “Does that have to be tonight?”

Dana smiled. “I feel like out of principle, yes, now it does, Miss Horny McRandyston.”

“I have a appointment to get mine done with Rebecca this week. I could try to get you an appointment, too. Maybe with the guy she works with? He’s hot. You’d like looking at him.”

Dana scrunched her nose and shook her head. “Nah. I’m in one of my girls only phases.” She pressed her lips to Marybeth’s again. “Please?” she asked softly. “Make me pretty for you?”

The question was followed by a coy, teasing smile as Dana looked up through her dark lashes. Marybeth had never figured out how the girl managed to do that so perfectly given they were about the same height, but, somehow, she did. And deep down, Marybeth found the effect too alluring and mysterious to risk asking about.

“Fine. Go shower and get the dishwater crud out of your hair. I’ll finish up here.”

“Woohoo!” Dana bounced, resulting in her lush, silky curls doing the same, and Marybeth watched as they continued to bounce when her wife fled the tiny kitchen.

Marybeth took a deep breath before taking over Dana’s chore. She really liked how well they worked together. No, she loved it. Marybeth often wondered, were she a man, whether Dana would be considered a trophy wife, but quickly enough she decided it didn’t matter. She’d worked hard all her life to build her business, and it wasn’t her fault a twenty-two year old girl decided to flirt with her one night and stuck around for four years since, even going so far as to make it legal two years ago.

Marybeth smiled as she thought of how Dana looked every bit the grad student back then, but now had taken on the airs of a true working professional. Her wispy bangs had grown out, and the overalls were set aside for actual decent clothing. Over-tweezed eyebrows had been grown in… maybe more at Marybeth’s urging than not. Guiding Dana through changes like that had become no small pleasure, and, even more so, Dana seemed to be down with it more often than not, too.

Finished up the last of the dishes, Marybeth grabbed one of the stools from the breakfast bar and pulled it back into the bedroom, where she could hear her beloved singing in the shower. She imagined the water droplets running down Dana’s body as her wife sudsed and washed her gorgeous hair, and that just lead to another moan of delight.

The stool went in front of their dresser and mirror, and Marybeth gave herself a moment to ponder her reflection. Good genes played to her benefit, and having just crossed to the wrong side of forty, she looked young for her age. It wasn’t unusual for her and Dana to be out and rather than being accused of being a 40-something woman robbing a cradle, she was accused of being a 30 year old who was robbing the cradle.

Small victories were still victories.

She pondered her clothes for a moment. A turtleneck and skirt definitely had her overdressed. Quickly, they were peeled off, replaced with a comfortable tube top and sweatpants. No, sweatpants didn’t work either. Let’s face it, she was gonna fuck the girl hard afterward and there was no sense in pretending otherwise, so the sweatpants went away and the silk pajama bottoms came out. She found a lacey top to go along with it as well because she was not about to put herself in the same category as the topless girls who cut hair at some of those places. Being erotic was fine, but she wasn’t about to debase herself.

The bun wasn’t working anymore. She let her hair go free, tumbling in forced waves down to the middle of her back before she bent over, shook her fingers through it all, and gathered it into a loose ponytail, the kind that said her hair was in control but could reach sex kitten energy at a moment’s notice. As the water in the shower stopped, Marybeth tugged a few strands free to fall against her neck.

The hairdresser’s kit was one they’d bought fairly early in their relationship. It had the usual scissors and clippers, along with multiple blade lengths to choose from. Marybeth had gotten quite good at trimming Dana’s hair with the scissors, but the clippers had only been used to maintain certain other areas of their bodies. Still, she got them out anyway. A little teasing might be fun.

Then the bathroom door opened and Dana stepped out, wrapped and tied in her terrycloth robe with one eye hidden behind the sweep of her overgrown bangs. The young woman looked at the set up, then shyly bit her bottom lip as she walked toward the chair and started to sit. Marybeth stopped her, turning the stool to face away from the mirror.

“I don’t get to see?” Dana asked.

“Beggars, choosers, my love.” She kissed her softly before reaching past her and opening one of the dresser drawers. “And just to make sure I don’t get any backtalk…” She pulled out a thin, delicate collar, one decorated with a tiny bell that hung from a chain link shaped like the cursive letter ‘D.’

Dana’s eyes widened. “But, but this is just a trim… Why do I need to…?”

Despite the verbal resistance, there was no physical counterpart offered as Marybeth slipped the collar around Dana’s beautiful, slender neck, latching it closed at her nape. “You’ll just have to trust me, pet.”

Dana nodded as she sat down. “Yes, Mistress.”

Marybeth toyed with her wife’s long bangs for a brief moment before leaning in for another kiss and running her fingers through the long, black locks. She pulled them forward, letting them envelop her lover, tumbling down into her robed lap, before stepping back and just looking at her. She’d been a perfect office hottie throughout dinner, but now, with her hair loose, she’d become the sexy but sweet girl next door… Marybeth wondered what look might come next, some day down the line… Stay at Home Mom? No, hopefully not. She was far too beautiful for anything normal like that.

Finally, she brought herself to step behind Dana and guided her to sit down. Reaching past the clippers, she picked up a comb and gathered her beloved’s treasured mane back, gathering it into one massive ponytail before letting it fall free and running the comb through it. Marybeth loved how thick and soft Dana’s locks were, tumbling in a freefall before finally becoming the soft, romantic curls they were meant to be about two thirds of the way down their length. As she worked the comb through in lengthening strokes that started closer and closer to Dana’s crown, the ends of the damp curls played against the seat of the stool, driving home just how long the young woman’s hair had gotten. How she managed to gather it all up into her daily updos for work was beyond Marybeth.

With one last stroke of the comb, Marybeth gathered Dana’s hair away from her neck and placed a few kisses along her pulsing throat, purring softly. “Do you have any idea just how gorgeous you are?”

Dana giggled. “Maybe a little, thanks to you.”

Marybeth smiled, picking up the shears and clacking them open and closed a few times. She had to crouch to be able to reach the ends of Dana’s hair comfortably, and she gathered a long, thick lock between two fingers, pinching it just an inch or two from its ends. “Just a trim?” she double-checked out of a sense of formality.

“Yes, ma’am.”

Marybeth raised an eyebrow. “Ma’am?” It was insulting enough to get called that by the kids working at the supermarket, but from her wife?

Dana smiled cheekily over her shoulder, her cheeks reddening. “Sorry. Yes, love.”

Marybeth shook her head, biting back a bit of laughter. “Oh, no, my Dear. You won’t get off that easy.”

She reached forward, sliding her hands down Dana’s body to hug her from behind. She nuzzled into her beautiful wife’s soft locks, finding her ear to plant a distracting nibble, one that elicited squirms and giggles. Deftly, Marybeth untied Dana’s robe and quickly pulled it down her wife’s arms, elegantly wrapping it around Dana’s wrists and entangling its belt in the back of the stool, trapping the gorgeous but suddenly startled young woman in a slightly arched position as she squirmed and halfheartedly tried to free herself.

“I just want to be sure you don’t move around too much,” Marybeth assured her with a teasing smile, but it did little to relax Dana’s furrowed brow. Marybeth placed another kiss on her wife’s cheek. Moving behind her, she combed her fingers through the Dana’s long, lush mane, and selected one particularly fetching, curling lock from the group. “I think your little misspeak there just upgraded you to a ‘healthy’ trim.”

Marybeth admired the long, silky lock she had selected long enough to provide ample opportunity for Dana to use their chosen safeword, but it never came. Instead, there were just tiny whimpers and soft pleadings followed by a slow, deliberate crunch as Marybeth sliced away about a year’s worth of the beautiful lock. She held it in front of Dana’s eyes, or, more accurately, the one eye that wasn’t blocked by the sweep of her overgrown bangs, and dropped it into her naked lap, where it sat alone against her soft, pale skin.

Again and again, Marybeth carefully chose a lock and sliced away a half foot or so, dropping each and every individual curl into Dana’s lap as she worked. Her wife would still be a Rapunzel, sure, with her shiny curls almost teasing her beautiful tush with every step, but the type of people who had always complimented Dana on her crowning glory would certainly notice. Dana would certainly notice every morning, remembering how this little punishment was delivered, and as a result, would wind up in a mood to reward Marybeth for it many times over down the road.

But, as she worked, Marybeth realized, for the most part, Dana would still look the same – she’d still look the part of the frazzled, overwhelmed office hottie with hair ready to revolt from its casual bun at a moment’s notice. With every lock she dropped into the growing pile atop her wife’s lap, she wondered whether maybe she wasn’t fully seizing this opportunity.

Still, she managed to hold herself back, shearing away no more than the initial six inches she had started with. After setting the scissors down, she picked up a wide-toothed comb and carefully sorted out Dana’s long, thick, mane, gathering it all forward over her shoulders, letting the sexy, seductive bangs keep her left eye hidden, much like how the rest hid her perky, beautiful breasts. The ends, perfectly clipped, looked thicker and healthier by far, but fell short of gathering in the young woman’s lap like they would have just a few minutes ago.

“What do you think, Pet?”

“It’s so short…” Dana whimpered, a cute little pout playing at her lips.

Marybeth kissed the pout away. “Hardly. I doubt anyone will even notice. In fact, the only difference is that I’ll finally be able to see that beautiful little pussy of yours when you’re sitting around the apartment naked.”

Dana’s cheeks took on a beautifully alluring shade of red, and she couldn’t hide her bright smile. “I think you get to see as much of me as you want, Mistress.”

Marybeth grinned. That much was true. Sort of… She cupped Dana’s cheek and then ran her fingers down through the sleek, shiny, blue-black waves that continually lost their battle against gravity to become curls. She brushed the backs of her fingers against Dana’s breast, eliciting another moan as she lightly touched the barbell that pierced the always-stiff nipple. Marybeth’s right hand bared Dana’s other breast as well pushing away the thick curls that hid the tiny adornments she had received at Marybeth’s behest early in their relationship.

She wondered whether Dana’s coworkers knew just how punky their frazzled office hottie could be.

“I think… I think I shouldn’t have to work as hard at seeing as much of you as I want anymore.”

Dana’s brows furrowed again. “Mistress?”

Marybeth stroked Dana’s long tresses once more, brushing them back in place to hide her gorgeous breasts. Silently, she reached out to pick up the scissors again, snapping them open and shut. She said nothing, not wanting to drown out the suddenly quickened breaths passing between Dana’s tongue-moistened lips.


Marybeth opened the blades, letting the cool metal tease Dana’s reddening skin as they slid above her right breast, enveloping the wealth, the several years’ worth, of thick curls there.


Marybeth did not let herself break eye contact with her young wife, smiling softly as she closed the blades together. Dana gasped and wriggled, releasing a pathetic little cry as the first of her treasured locks fell away. Most of her beautiful tresses were able to resist, but Marybeth then became more firm and pinched them between two of her fingers to hold them in place as they were shorn away. When released, they rose up even shorter than she had planned, their reduced weight letting them gain more body and curl. Dana’s breath came quickly, her eyes looking on in stunned betrayal.

Marybeth smiled at her, caressing her long-haired wife’s cheek. Long-haired, but definitely not a Rapunzel. And everyone would notice that she’d had her hair cut now, not just the long-hair admirers.

“This provides a much better view, darling, don’t you think?” She leaned forward, slipping her lips around Dana’s exposed nipple, teasing the outline of her piercing with her tongue and circling the goose-bumped, pale pink areola with a light touch. Dana could only moan in reply, her hips starting to shift back and forth on the stool as her thighs squeezed together.

“It’s going to be so lovely to see these so much more,” Marybeth continued. Gathering the long, shiny locks that still hid Dana’s left breast, she stood in silence and let the soft, persistent crunch of the blades chewing through the strong, healthy locks fill the room.

“Ohmygod,” Dana murmured as she watched Marybeth casually discard the locks on the floor in front of her.

Marybeth brushed Dana’s bangs back, tilting her chin up as she smiled into her eyes. Taking up the comb, she said, “I think we should stop hiding these, too, while we’re at it.” Dana shook her head pleadingly, but it didn’t stop Marybeth from gathering her grown out bangs forward. She aligned two of her fingers against Dana’s eyebrows, pinching them around the captured locks.

As Dana let out another long whimper, Marybeth lifted her shears to rest against the bottom of her fingers, and then paused. “Nah, I think this will be cuter.” She moved the scissors above her fingers, and quickly closed them, shearing away almost two years of conscious effort on her wife’s part to be rid of the wispy bangs that had been her trademark up until then. When Marybeth dropped the shorn bangs away, she saw Dana’s beautiful eyes were clenched shut, her nose cutely scrunched as she muffed a squeal.

“But you’ve already done the wispy bang look before, right? So I’ll just use those as a guide.”


Measuring carefully, Marybeth dragged forward a thick curtain of Dana’s still relatively long hair. She repeated the same maneuver, and with three quick, loud, crunching snips, had gifted her wife a set of thick, blunt bangs that boldly called out for everyone to notice how beautiful her eyes were. But just to be sure, she repeated the process again, and then once more, each time letting the thick fall of beautiful locks tumble into her increasingly tense wife’s lap.

She crouched low and close to tidy the new bangs, savoring the worried, exasperated look in Dana’s eyes and she snipped and clipped and chipped at the exceedingly thick curtain across her forehead. When finished, she kissed the young woman softly, pleased with how eagerly the embrace was returned.

“I never realized just how curly your hair is,” she said. “It’s a good thing it’s so much shorter – you’ll need more time to straighten your bangs every morning now.”

Dana pouted again. “It’s still going to take forever.”

Marybeth raised an eyebrow thoughtfully. “Really? Well, we can work on that, then.”

“What? Wait, no!”

“Too late, Pet. You know I’d hate to have made things more inconvenient for you.” She stood behind Dana, running her fingers through the wealth of curls that remained, teasing the young woman’s scalp with her fingertips and taking great joy in how it made Dana’s desperate pleas fight against thrilled purrs for dominance. After a few moments of gentle massaging, Marybeth nudged Dana’s head forward, forcing her pet to look down at her lap.

“Look at it this way,” she said as her fingers played through the thick, silky tresses that still tumbled down past her wife’s shoulders to hide her upper back. “It’ll be a while before you have to worry about your hair falling in the sink.”

Marybeth pinched her fingers against Dana’s nape, trapping a think hank of her treasured mane and, with a careful snip, ended any thoughts her lovely wife may have had of wearing updos or ponytails to work the next day. Dana started trembling as Marybeth cut, biting her lip as she watched the shorn curls being dropped into the pile on the floor in front of her. Again and again Marybeth dropped thick, lovely, shiny tresses to the floor, crunching and slicing her scissors along Dana’s jawline and baring her long, elegant neck to the world.

“Ohmygod ohmygod… I’m going to have short hair,” Dana murmured.

“There’s no ‘going to’ about it, my pet,” Marybeth replied, sinking against Dana’s back to nuzzle her naked throat. Her left hand slid down Dana’s completely exposed body, following its curves until her fingers forced their way between Dana’s tightly clenched thighs, feeling the wet delight the total loss of control had given rise to. “You are short-haired now. I think you’ve been properly professional long enough. I want everyone to see this other side of you, my punky, pierced pet who’s so eager to please everyone she keeps fun little secrets like these –” she paused to delicately flick each of Dana’s nipple piercings, ”–and these–” followed by licking and teasing each of the piercings in her left ear with her tongue, “hidden from her coworkers.”

Dana had closed her eyes and was biting her bottom lip hard. “Are you going to cut even more?”

Marybeth smiled. “That’s a heck of an idea. Have I ever told you what cute ears you have?”

“Oh god…”

Marybeth nipped at Dana’s ear through the thick curls still hiding it, and quickly set about making sure they wouldn’t be hiding it again for a good long time. With her fingers flat against Dana’s head, Marybeth sheared away all but the last inch or so of any lock that peaked through, building up her careful pacing until soft, silky curls were plummeting away rapidly, gently kissing Dana’s shoulders and back in an expression of goodbye before falling around Marybeth’s toes.

“Oh god oh god,” Dana kept murmuring, soft sniffles now punctuating her words and Marybeth gently moved her head this way and that. The mounds of curls obscuring the floor were massive, still shimmering and shining in the lamplight as if they had no idea they’d been harvested and discarded so ruthlessly. The sides and back of Dana’s once-lush flowing mane was becoming more of a thick, velvety pelt with every snip and every cut, with only her thick, glossy curtain of bangs remaining untouched. Marybeth left the locks between that adorable fringe of eye-focusing locks and her crown slightly longer, just enough to stay on the professional side of the line between a cropped pixie and a chelsea, but the line would have had to be a thin one.

Soon after her scissors quieted, Marybeth brought the clippers to life.


She rested a hand on Dana’s shoulder. “Just cleaning it up, Pet.”

The minute the clippers touched Dana’s nape, her whole body shuddered and she gasped out loud, screaming, “ohFUCK,” as she jerked her hands free from her robe and gripped the seat of the stool. Marybeth pulled the clippers away quickly and stepped back, biting her lip to keep from laughing as her wife fought an apparently already-lost battle against cumming. After a moment, ragged breaths returned and a red-faced pet looked back over her shoulder. “Sorry, Mistress,” she whispered.

Marybeth stepped close and forced Dana to look forward again. She then switched the clipper head to one that was even shorter, and nudged Dana’s chin down to her chest. “I’m sure you’ll make up for the transgression when we’re done.”

The first path the clippers carved into the remains of Dana’s thick mane was noticeable, but quickly faded into nothingness as Marybeth ran them up her wife’s nape again and again, pulling them away only after cresting the beautiful curve that blended her nape into her crown. Short clippings peppered Dana’s shoulders and the robe that now lay on the floor.

Soon, Dana’s ears were untouched by the pampered, beloved locks that once hung to her ass, and the curls that once were her pride and joy were more than a few months away from making any sort of appearance, and a year or so from being significant enough to sculpt into any sort of a style – not that it was a sure thing they’d return that soon. There was something about running the clippers over her wife’s beautiful head that awakened something in Marybeth, as if the purring clippers were bolting through her entire body to caress her most personal of places.

She could only imagine what Dana was feeling as they ran up her nape again and again, continuing their journey long after they accomplished their mission.

Well, their primary mission, at least. Their secondary mission was accomplished when Dana started squirming helplessly, almost mewling and purring as Marybeth worked. After a few desperate pleas to hurry, she finally cried out again, almost crying as she came and wracked up a second punishment of the evening despite knowing full well she’d been coaxed into failing.

That little deviance accomplished, Marybeth quieted the clippers and set them aside. She picked up Dana’s robe and used it to brush off her shoulders and chest, and then ran her hands over Dana’s shorn scalp again and again, mimicking the same gentle massage technique she had used earlier.

“Oh god,” Dana whispered as she caught her breath and looked at the floor. “That’s all mine?”

“Not anymore.”

Marybeth felt Dana’s shiver.

“I can’t believe you did that.”

“Neither can I, to be honest.” She stepped in front of Dana and tugged her into a standing position. With a careful touch, she sorted Dana’s short, thick fringe into its intended, non-mussed form, and smoothed out the few other remnants of her crowning glory that were long enough to be able to look out of place – there weren’t many, to say the least. Maybe just enough to occasionally sport a cute fauxhawk instead of a faux chelsea, but even that was enough to require a hairbrush every morning.

Dana’s beautiful, dark eyes were the first thing Marybeth had noticed when they first met, but she had always figured it was the abundant mane that everyone else would see. Now, for the first time in Dana’s perpetually long-haired existence, everyone else would notice her perfect eyes first, too. Then her cute little nose, and those adorable, rose-petal lips that just begged to be kissed.

At least that would be the case for anyone who hadn’t met her yet. Everyone else, everyone who knew her, were simply going the freak the fuck out before they ever even met her eyes the next time they saw her. And that, in its own way, sent chills of delight up and down Marybeth’s spine. Everyone would be noticing her little creation, her influence on Dana, her decision. And she’d get to enjoy watching Dana squirm as she tried to come up with some reason to have sacrificed her glorious mane other than, “My mistress didn’t give me a choice.”

Marybeth couldn’t wait to hear what her wife came up with.

She leaned in to give those rose-petal lips their silently requested kiss, pressing her body against Dana’s and caressing that deliciously vulnerable, naked nape. Dana’s tongue eagerly pushed against her own lips, and she let it in, teasing and tasting as her other hand slid down to squeeze the perfect little ass that would no longer be tickled by ebony curls with every step the newly punky, formerly frazzled-professional Dana took.

Dana smiled when the embraced ended, causing Marybeth’s heart to flutter anew. “Can I look now?”

Marybeth took a steadying breath. She traced the edge of the delicate collar her pet wore, so blatantly obvious against her pale skin without any hair to compete with for attention, then nodded.

Dana took a breath of her own, then closed her eyes and turned to face the mirror. When her eyes opened, they really, really opened, looking like bright brown dinner plates as her hands covered her mouth to muffle the indecipherable squeals as her knees buckled and then braced themselves again.


“It’s a little different…” Marybeth prodded.

“A little?!?” Dana squealed again, but this time the noise transformed into a peal of laughter as she moved her hands from her mouth to the crown of her head and through her bangs. “Oh my god… It looks like I have a ponytail with bangs… ohmygod it’s so short!”

“What do you think?”

“I..I… That doesn’t matter! Are you still gonna want to fuck me?”

Marybeth was genuinely shocked. “Of course!”

“Then I love it! Holy shit… oh my god, it’s all gone. I have no hair!”

Marybeth hugged her from behind. “You have plenty of hair. It’s just all hiding your forehead.”

Dana bit her lip again, running her hands over Marybeth’s arms. “How long have you wanted to do this?”

“About twenty minutes.”


Marybeth nodded. “I’m more spur of the moment than most people think, as long as I’m not involved.” She nuzzled against Dana’s nape, purring in time with her partner as she felt the clippered hairs tease her lips. “I’m assuming you enjoyed feeling the clippers here?”

Dana giggled, her reflection reddening. “You should try it sometime.”

Marybeth laughed before reaching up and undoing her ponytail and stepping backward toward the bed. As her own thick locks fell wildly around her shoulders and into her face, she untied her pajama bottoms and let them fall around her ankles. “Unlikely. Now, come on,” she said as she sat on the edge of their bed and leaned back on her elbows. “I think a certain pet owes her Mistress a few orgasms.”



Thank you for reading, and I hope you liked it. My apologies if it’s a little less polished than usual — Life has been a bit hectic lately. Comments and critiques are welcome — I really appreciate hearing what you liked (if anything) or think could be done better. You never know what will strike future inspiration!


11 responses to “Collared

  1. Really well written. I love the dynamic between Marybeth and Dana. Dana was evocative as the playful but yet dutiful submissive complying nervously to a progressively shorter cut. And Marybeth, her dominance being driven to sculpt her charge so severely, I found quite arousing. I really enjoyed this one.

    1. I’m so glad that came across well! Aside from this particular fetish of mine, I’m fairly vanilla, which is why there’s so much emphasis on easy escape and it being consensual. My only true exposure to BDSM is through the Sunstone comic, so I’m kind of winging it.

  2. Wonderfull, delicious erotic story. Happily it is a story, otherwise it would be a terrible loss. Although, currently I am looking at films (oldies from 2016) from Ladies Haircut, long to (very short). Some ladies end up very sexy with their short (cropped) hair.

    Please correct the one error I came across: “Dana opened the blades, letting the cool metal tease Dana’s reddening skin as they slid above her right breast, enveloping the wealth, the several years’ worth, of thick curls there.”

    First Dana is of course the barberette of this day!

  3. Wow, this is an amazing erotic story! One of the best I’ve ever read!

    I personally like this concept of slowly chopping off a Rapunzel’s hair, to gradually reveal parts of her body previously hidden by the hair. It’s like a strip tease for hair fetishists, except in our case, the “strip” is permanent to the subject of interest.

    I notice you seem to be a fan of grown out bangs being cut short, to the annoyance of the one receiving the haircut because she had been trying to grow it out for a while.

    You are one of the few authors out there who share my interest in cutting bangs and including it in the story, so your work is very much appreciated!

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I never really thought about the bang thing showing up in most of my stories, but you’re definitely on to something. I love how much of an oversized impact such a relatively small change can make on a woman’s appearance, and I think the “trying to grow them out” thing comes from hearing so many woman I know complain about the process. So losing a year or more of progress toward that goal is pretty significant, and I kind of love that.

  4. Catching up on my backlog. Another great story. Can’t help but wonder if Marybeth will be getting her comeuppance…maybe in Rebecca’s chair at that foreshadowed appointment?

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