Coloring gone perfect.

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My new girlfriend,Jacks ask me if it was ok if her friend Shelly came over and colored Shelly’s hair. My bathroom area was set up for doing hair with sinks and mirrors and of coarse the chair. It would just be easier here than in a cramped normal bath. When Shelly arrived her hair was mostly grey and almost touching the back of her knees. I was in shock at 63 years old she still had that hippie mop on her head. In stepped jacks carrying 3 boxes of color. Well jet black if that’s a color. I pulled Jacks aside and ask if we could cut that mop?  No she said her husband loves it. First Shelly showers to wash her hair that takes an hour. I’m already growing impatient. Then the mixing and applying takes an hour. I’m out of patience at this point. So I offer to get them a drink. Shelly wanted tea and Jacks wanted a beer. I poured the tea and reached in to  get a couple of beers when I spotted an old bottle of everclear. I added a cap full to Shelly’s tea. I thought it might loosen her up as she was kinda a crabby sort.  When I returned with the drinks I found out that Shelly was from a military family that kept she hair cut short till she was out of college and had been growing it for 30 years with just trims and occasional  cut to keep it decent. We sat and talked as Jacks and I drank a beer And Shelly finished her tea.  It was time to rinse her hair out. So she laid down and Jacks balled up her hair in the sink and started washing the excess color out which was a chore and seemed to take forever. Jacks ask for another beer so I went in the kitchen and got us another round. With all the hair going on in there I was getting aroused. I thought what the hell I’d put a cap of everclear in her beer.  As I handed it to her she took a big drink and said Shelly must have been relaxed she fell asleep while I rinsed her out. Dang I said. Then Jacks ask me what did you put n that tea? Same thing I put in your beer I hope it don’t do you the. Same way. I just wanted to loosen her up a bit. Jacks was ok with it but didn’t finish her beer. So I ask again can we cut that shit.
No! was the answer. Then she headed to the kitchen for a different beer. With no time to spare I reached in the cabinet and grabbed some old hair remover and squirted it on her head and all over her hair that was still balled up in the sink. Jacks came back and said I’d better rinse her out again it sill smells pretty strong. I don’t want it to burn her hair. Well as the water hit and she started running her fingers though the hair  it started coming apart in segments  and coming loose from her head in clumps. When she finally awoke she broke into hysterics. I tried to shave off what was left. Stands here and there no more than ten hairs In a grouping. But she just would not do it. To this day Jacks wherever she is thinks she was the reason we had to take a nearly bald woman home to her husband.  Seems the coloring went all wrong. The last I seen Shelly was about six weeks after the coloring and she had shaved her head and was still smooth where the color had burnt it. She commented that stubble had not even grown in yet.

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