Completing the Look

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Jenna woke up, drenched in sweat. She looked at the clock, 2:37 AM, then frantically gripped her hair. It was still there, all 46 inches of it. She’d had that dream again.

For months, Jenna had been having dream about losing her most defining feature: her hair. Dark brown, shiny and meticulously maintained, it stretched all the way past her butt when straightened.

She hadn’t always had such long hair, in fact she had been tomboy-ish as a teenager and had never grown below her shoulders until she went off to college. That’s when she began going to comic and gaming conventions cosplaying as a an Elvish forest mage named Toyoa from her favorite game, Wizardry. The character was always illustrated wearing green robes, with large pointy ears, Elvish runes on her skin, and her hair in two long braids that seemed to stretch for miles. For years, Jenna had worn a wig for that part of her costume. She always had fun taking pictures with convention-goers and competing in cosplay contests, and met her husband Mike at one of them. He cosplayed as a character from the same game, a monster tamer named Dirkk. Jenna had never been a finalist at any of the cosplay contests at these conventions though, not until she finally did something to put her outfit over the top- she used her real hair. For the last 6 years, Jenna had been growing her hair out, spending hours every day maintaining it to ensure continued growth and a perfect shine. Last November, she had gone to a Wizardry convention in Las Vegas. Not only was she a finalist in the cosplay contest, she won. It was an exhilarating experience. Throughout the whole weekend, people were starstruck by her, she raked in thousands in donations to her Patreon as well as new social media followers, and she received endless amounts of praise when people realized it was her real hair and not a wig.

Considering what she had accomplished because of her hair, these dreams she kept having should have been nightmares. Tonight, she had dreamed she was in a courtroom, shackled to the floor, and a judge ruled that she was sentenced to forfeit all of her hair. As a bailiff approached her with a roaring set of clippers and placed them at the center of her scalp, she woke up. She should have been shaking and crying, she should have felt terror, but she reached between her legs and felt the thing she always felt: arousal.

By the next day, she had forgotten all about it. Both she and her husband Mike worked from home, and today, they had both made sure to be free at noon to watch a heavily-anticipated livestream. A new edition of Wizardry was coming out soon, and they would be revealing the new character designs in today’s livestream. In the previous edition of the game, Jenna and Mike’s characters had fought against an invasion from an evil interdimensional hivemind called the Dreadhorde, and had been defeated at the end. Characters that had been defeated and assimilated into the Dreadhorde would get all kinds of cyberpunk enhancements, making them more machine than flesh.

The first new character design revealed was Mike’s character Dirkk. He had robotic arms with long metal claws, and his head was covered in a grafted skullcap with all kinds of wires and tubes extending out of it.

“Cool!” Mike exclaimed. “Might as well order some more resin now for the 3D printer. This is going to be fun.”

They waited patiently while all the other corrupted versions of beloved characters were revealed. Toyoa was the last one remaining. The lead game designer explained about her backstory for a few minutes, before finally revealing Toyoa’s new look. She had an extra set of mechanical limbs, spiky metal armor, and glowing red eyes, but the thing that caused Jenna’s jaw to drop was her hair. More accurately, the lack thereof. Her entire head was devoid of hair, even her eyebrows were gone.

“Uhh… she… uhh… wow, she’s bald” Jenna stammered.

“Oh wow I didn’t even notice. I was too focused on that badass armor!” Mike responded. “But yeah, ok, this could be interesting. I think if I printed out those rune designs on her head and attached them to the bald cap so they were kind of 3D, we could get a really cool effect.”

“Oh right” Jenna responded “I mean, yeah, obviously we’d want to use a bald cap, I’m not going to like, actually shave my head for a cosplay, that would be crazy. But oh yeah, that’s a good idea. 3D runes. On the bald cap. We should do that.”

Later that night, Mike went to the gym for his pickup basketball game, and Jenna knew she’d be alone for a couple hours. When she was sure he wouldn’t be coming back to pick up something he forgot, she opened an incognito window on her laptop. She did a video search for “woman head shave” and was shocked at the number of results. At first, she was appalled at the sign of a woman having her long, blonde hair quickly reduced to stubble by clippers. By the third video, her hand was in her pants. By the fifth video, her pants and panties were on the floor and she had retrieved the “back massager” from her dresser. By the seventh video, she had searched again for the same thing, but on xhamster. As she watched these girls lose all their hair, she imagined she was watching herself in the many scenarios from her nightmares, or fantasies, or whatever they were. Jenna remembered the dream where her hair shorn off in front of a full theater as part of a play where she hadn’t read the script. Having her braids slashed off on a crowded street by a thief with a knife. Unable to escape a tidal wave of hair remover cream from a crashed truck while a group of people stood around filming. In her dreams, she always woke up before anything happened to her hair, but now she had a visual of what would have happened to her if she hadn’t. When she was done, she lie exhausted, soaked in sweat and other fluids.

It took a few days before she had the courage to tell Mike what she wanted to do. After dinner and a couple glasses of wine, she sat him down on the couch. He was terrified when she told him she wanted to talk and asked him to sit down, but she assured him he hadn’t done anything wrong, and told him to just listen.

“So, since I won’t need it anymore for the Toyoa cosplay, I’ve decided to, you know, get rid of this.” She held her long, shiny ponytail out dramatically and shook it.

“Oh, yeah I was wondering about that” he responded, relieved. “Your hair wasn’t very long when we met. If you went back to something like that, or even longer, it would be way more practical, and easy to hide under a bald cap, and you’d have to spend way less time getting ready.”

“Well… that’s not the only reason…”

She told him about the dreams she’d been having. About the videos she’d watched on her laptop while he was playing basketball, and what she’d done while watching them. After describing all the dreams she could remember, Mike made an astute observation.

“It sounds like all these scenarios excite you because they’re happening in public, but what they make you want to do… well that’s a little more private”

One Week Later

Up to this point, Mike and Jenna had a fairly standard date night. They ate dinner at a nice restaurant, and Mike booked a room at a trendy hotel downtown. Mike wore his fanciest suit, which was also his only suit, while Jenna wore a tight, red dress with her long, dark brown hair in two precise braids. Tonight would be her last night with those braids. She had already made arrangements to donate them a charity that makes wigs for kids with cancer. Tomorrow afternoon, she had an appointment with her stylist to clean it up into a chin-length bob.

Mike pulled his car into the parking garage of the hotel. He grabbed his backpack from the back seat and walked around the car to kissed Jenna. In his haste to get to the room, he forgot to open up the trunk to get their overnight bags out. After checking in and making their way to the room, they couldn’t wait one second after the door shut to start tearing each other’s clothes off. Mike warmed Jenna up with some fingering, followed by coaxing the first orgasm of the night out of her with his tongue. She sucked his cock for a minute to make sure it was fully hard, then got on all fours on the bed and beckoned him to fuck her from behind. Mike obliged, grabbing his backpack and tossing it onto the bed next to him. As he gradually increased the speed of his thrusts, he grabbed Jenna’s braids with each hand and pulled.

“How would you like it if I chopped these braids off?” he grunted at her.

“Oh noooo, not my precious hair” she gasped back at him, almost sarcastically.

“Yeah…” he continued, taking a large pair of scissors out of the bag and making sure to show them to Jenna “How would you like it if I chopped them off right now?”

“Oh yes!” she responded, so full of ecstasy that she forgot to play along with acting like she didn’t want him to.

“Yes?” he teased her, grunting with each thrust “Well then, what if, instead, I just shaved your head and left you bald?”

“Oh yeah, yeah, yeah… I mean what? Bald? NOOOOO please don’t.” she giggled back.

Mike grabbed something from the bag and it started buzzing. It was a set of clippers, with no guard. He turned her head so she could see in the mirror that he wasn’t bluffing, as he placed them at her forehead, just to the right of where her hair parted.

“Oh yeah… you want me to? One flick of my wrist and this whole thing is gone”

Mike held the clippers and paused. Jenna was too drunk on pleasure to give a response. He waited for a her to say something, but in the throes of orgasm, she couldn’t produce a word. Mike had only intended to use the clippers to get a thrill out of Jenna, and they had certainly served their purpose. He put the clippers down, turned them off and picked the scissors back up, placing them in position on her right braid, about a foot from her scalp. She stopped

“What are… are you… doing? Keep going!” she struggled between deep breaths to vocalize.

“Oh that was just… I was messing with you. I wasn’t actually going to shave your head with the clippers. You good?” he asked her nervously. She struggled to say anything that wasn’t gibberish as she thrust her hips back at him so he would resume thrusting his hips into her. “I’m… ffff… fucking great!”

Summoning all her focus, she grabbed the clippers, turned them back on, put them right back where they had been on her forehead, and plunged them into the braid on the right side of her head. She handed them back to Mike, who seemed dumbfounded that she actually did it. No going back now.

“I said keep going!” she moaned to him, handing him the humming clippers.

Mike thrust into her harder and harder, holding onto her by the still-intact left braid as he worked the clippers back and forth through the right side, Jenna screamed out in pleasure each time her locks were razed. Mike was careful to cut as close to the scalp as possible to get the entire massive braid off in one piece. As the last strands were severed, Jenna and Mike came simultaneously.

Mike needed a while to recharge. He asked if she could just keep the other braid on until he was ready to go again in an hour or so. In the mean time, Mike retrieved some more items from his bag: a disposable razor and a can of shaving cream. “I brought these, just in case you wanted to take it all the way off. What do you think?”. Jenna just smiled and nodded. He lathered up the buzzed side of her scalp and began to shave it smooth with the razor. Jenna took some of the foam with her finger and spread it over her right eyebrow.

“This needs to go too.”

Carefully, Mike scraped away what was left of the hair on the right side of his wife’s head, erasing the eyebrow as well. He went back over a couple spots where he could feel the faintest of stubble. Satisfied with his work, he wiped her bare half-scalp down with a towel and applied moisturizing lotion.

He put his clothes back on and picked up the bag, stuffing the massive severed ponytail inside.

“And now the best part. I’ve got a surprise for you in the car, it’s going to be a dream come true. Wait right here.”

Jenna waited for about 5 minutes, then her phone rang. It was Mike.

“Want your surprise?” he asked

“Oh yes, please, give it to me” she responded in a sexy voice.

“Well, surprise! I’m just leaving the parking garage and driving back to the apartment. Get an Uber and meet me there. The rideshare pickup is in front of the hotel, near the long line of people waiting to get into the club next door.”

When Jenna realized the implications of what he just said, she almost had another orgasm on the spot. She was going to walk into a crowd of people, wearing her garish red dress and high heels, with her butt-length braids stuck in a half-complete state of being shaved off. It really was going to be one of her dreams come true.

“Well played, Mike.” She said to herself as she began to put her clothes back on.

Jenna got an Uber before she left the hotel room. She figured it would take about 3 minutes to get to the elevator, ride the elevator and get to the pickup spot, so she waited until the app said that her driver was 3 minutes away to leave the room. To her relief, the elevator was empty, and she made it through the lobby with only a few stares. She went through the main doors to the spot where she was supposed to be picked up and looked at her app. Now Ali and his blue Corolla were 4 minutes away. He seemed to be going the wrong direction.

As she looked up from her phone, a group of girls walked by on their way to the nearby club, they looked at Jenna and stopped.

“Is that… real?” One of the girls asked Jenna.

Jenna pressed her boobs together and laughed. “Oh they’re both real!”

“No I mean… your hair!” She asked, seeming concerned. Jenna smiled and nodded. “Wait, seriously? Why would you do that? You have… or had… or have… such beautiful hair!”

“I dunno… It’s definitely something I’ve never seen before, I actually think it’s kind of awesome!” said another one of the girls.

“Oh yeah Stephanie? you thinking you found your next style?” chided one of her friends, before busting out in laughter.

“Of course you think that’s a joke, Kenzie, you think mayonnaise is too spicy. No like I legitimately think that looks awesome. I love your look.” she complimented Jenna “Can I… can I feel it?”

Jenna allowed the girl to rub her bald head, feeling the spot where bare skin met tightly-braided hair. At this point, people lined up for the club had noticed her at the center of attention, and were beginning to stare.

“Well, maybe it’s the next big thing. Takes two to start a trend!” Jenna winked back at the girl whose name was apparently Stephanie.

“Yeah, Steph, next time you get your hair done tell them you want it half of!” one of the friends joked.

“Hey fuck you, maybe I’ll do that next time!” She retorted playfully.

Jenna shrugged. “Why wait? There’s a Walgreens across the street. Open 24 hours. I’m sure they sell razors and shaving cream, and they’ve got a bathroom.”

Jenna’s phone buzzed. Her ride was here. “Welp, gotta go, y’all have a good time!”

She watched the girl’s friends tease her about following through on that suggestion as she got in the car. The driver only said a quick hello and then continued having a loud, boisterous phone conversation in a language she didn’t understand as they drove to her apartment. He laughed frequently throughout the ride. Was he laughing at her? She had no idea.

When Jenna arrived home, Mike was waiting with a bottle of wine, candles and her favorite ice cream. Before continuing the romance, though, she had an idea.

A while later, she posted a picture of herself to instagram and twitter. It showed her from the neck up. half of her head had the tried-and-true Toyoa cosplay- long braid, green eye and elvish runes painted on her face. The other half was the corrupted side. No hair, a red eye and runes in an evil, indecipherable language. She captioned the image “the magic of Photoshop! Which side do you like better?” followed by the usual onslaught of hashtags to increase visibility. Some of the commenters said it was such a good photoshop job they thought it was real. Others confidently asserted that they could obviously tell it was shopped before they read the caption. The only thing she had edited was the red eye, since she didn’t have the right contact lens yet.

As Mike scrolled through the twitter replies on his phone, he heard an “Ahem” from his wife and looked up. She had removed her costume makeup and stood naked and half bald, holding the clippers in her hand. “Ready for round two?”

In the time it took Mike to stand up, kiss her, undress himself and guide her to the couch, his cock had become fully erect. He slid it inside Jenna’s well-lubricated pussy with no resistance. Leaning forward, he placed the humming clippers at her scalp. “Yeah, do it, do it!” she moaned.

Mike didn’t hold back this time. He plunged the clippers into the front of Jenna’s remaining hair. As he moved the clippers around the front of Jenna’s scalp with as much precision as he was capable of at the month, more and more of her precious hair became detached. He tried to position her head so he could reach the back, but instead she shoved him back on the couch and positioned herself on top of him. As she frantically rode his cock, she held the remains of the ponytail with one hand, buzzing away the last strands holding the gargantuan weight to her head, experiencing an explosive orgasm as it slipped off and fell limp in her hand. She raised the severed braid in the air and swung it around like a lasso, then wrapped it around Mike’s shoulders to give herself better leverage as she thrust her hips into him. Unable to hold it any longer, Mike erupted inside of her.

After a few minutes of caressing Jenna’s half-smooth, half-stubbly head and a quick trip to the bathroom to clean up, Jenna asked Mike if he’d brought her suitcase inside from the car. He pointed to the bag sitting by the front door.

“I was in such a rush to get to the hotel room, I forgot my bag in the car.” she shouted to mike across the apartment as she rolled the suitcase towards the bathroom.

She unzipped the bag and fumbled around for some things at the bottom. She showed them to Mike: Clippers, a razor, and shaving cream.

“That was supposed to be my surprise!” She chuckled. “I wasn’t sure you’d be into me going fully bald… but then when you brought your own supplies, well, I figured that was a green light”.

“Oh wow!” He replied “I just brought the clippers because I figured you’d enjoy the thrill of it. Glad I tossed some razors and shaving cream in there just in case you actually wanted me to follow through on it!”

She spread lather over the left side of her head and her remaining eyebrow and continued. “Besides, I never intended to go to a convention wearing a bald cap. No half measures. If you weren’t comfortable with me cutting my hair any shorter than chin length, I would have just picked a new character.”

“I’m comfortable with however you look, Jenna.” Mike responded. “You’re my standard of beauty no matter how much hair you have or don’t have. This morning, I was only into girls with really long hair, now I’m only attracted to bald girls.”

“Aww” Jenna kissed Mike and went back to the mirror to continue what she was doing. She started to scrape away the hair on the side of her scalp with her razor. “Ooh I like this one a lot more than the one you used. It’s a razor specifically designed for heads. I also got this wax on Amazon. It’s supposed to make my head nice and shiny.”

“Wow you really thought this through” Mike remarked.

“Well” Jenna continued as she swiped the razor over her eyebrow effortlessly “We’ve got WizardryCon in Philly in two months, and then Dallas three months after that, so I want to keep it like this for at least the next five months. Considering how much money I’m going to save on hair care products, not to mention the water bill, I might as well pamper myself with the nice razors and head wax.”

She finished rubbing the wax on her scalp and laid back down on top of Mike, naked and completely hairless from head to toe. He rubbed her smooth head as he held her tight.

“So you’re saying going to keep shaving it regularly until then, not just when you are doing the cosplay?”

“You know how much I hate stubble. I can’t remember the last time I went more than 3 days without shaving my legs and pubes. The feeling of stubble drives me crazy. As fast as my hair on my head grows I’ll probably need to shave it daily.”

“You know” Mike smiled as he caressed her smooth skin all over “I think I could get used to this for the next 5 months.”

“Mmhhh” she purred as he massaged her head “Well at least 5 months, but as good as this feels right here, right now, I might never want to grow it back.”

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  1. Yeah I did a really lazy job of changing all the names, because I would assume there are actual people that cosplay Nissa and it felt really creepy to potentially be writing one of these stories about a real person, but that was definitely the inspiration for this story.

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