Mom Haircut At Home Part 2

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It was lockdown time. 14-04-2020 The whole of India was the dam. Neither could we go to someone’s house, nor could anyone come to our house. Me and my Mom were sitting on the sofa watching the news.In the news channel the news were showing that the lockdown has been extended for 2 months. Mom said, 2 months! Then I and Mom went to Dinner went to sleep. MOM opened his hair and started combing hair, before bedtime. MOM’s hair was cut on the house on 28-08-2019. It was almost 8 months since the hair was cut. And today mom hair length was 4 inch/ 10 CM. Salon Person said that hair has to be cut every 2 months and Mom had to take a haircut in April. But the lockdown was done, so all the salon was closed. I told MOM that you have to take a haircut in this month, and Salon is also closed. This time I cut your hair. Mom said I will get cut after opening the lockdown. I said, Salon Person had said that the hair has to be cut every 2 months, otherwise the hair will get damaged. . Mom said, yes he said. I said, and the lockdown is going on anyway. You cut your hair back to Shoulder Length. Mom said why back? I said the lockdown is going on. And where we cannot go and no one can come to us. So you cut you hair again till shoulder length. And in 2 months, hair will grow. Mom said okay. I said tomorrow I will give you a haircut, after Lunch. Mom said, okay.
        Then on the second day, after lunch, I made the Mom to sit on the Chair and opened her hair. His hair was Straight. I Wet his hair and Comb his hair. First I not cut hair from scissor to shoulder length. Because hair was cutting zig-zag. Therefore, keep hair a little more than shoulder length. Then I started cutting hair with trimmer.Then i cut her hair to Shoulder Length. The hair fell on the ground, picked them up and cleaned the floor. Then MOM went to the bathroom and bathed and changed clothes. After changing clothes, MOM tied the hair to a small braid. This short haircut looked good over MOM. Yes, Medium Hair also looked good. But this Short Haircut looked very good. Mom was looking very cute in this haircut.



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