“Big Boob Betty” aka Barbie Becomes Shaved “Boobless Betty” at the School Barber Shop

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Betty was 16 and quite a handful. Beautiful with long silky blond hair well below her bra strap almost to her waist. She had firm round D cups. Guys were always wanting to fuck her.

When her mother discovered her giving a guy a blow job, her parents decided she needed some discipline and enrolled her in a very strict girls military boarding school. She was not happy as they drove her to the school. They arrived to drop her off. They didn’t tell her that her long beautiful hair would be cut off, as all new students received induction cuts as they were called, on their arrival.


There were about 70 new students that day. Her parents said goodby and left her saying they would visit on parents day in a month.


As Betty looked around and started talking to the other students, one of them asked her if she was ready for her haircut. She was confused and said what do you mean. The girl said we all have to go to the school barbershop for our induction haircuts. Betty said I’m not getting my fuckin hair cut. The other girls mostly all had much shorter pixie cuts and bobs.


The other girls just laughed and said, nobody told you. Honey, You’re about to loose a lot of hair.


Soon the girls were lined up and told to all go to the gym building. As they approached Betty could see a side door with a barber pole. She started getting really nervous as they lined up outside. Again she could see that she had the longest hair of all the girls in line.


Betty could see the girls go in but couldn’t see them come out. One of the girls said I can’t believe you didn’t get it cut before you arrived. I hear they really buzz girls with long hair. What do you mean buzz?, Betty asked. The girl said you know with big electric clippers like they use on guys in army boot camp. Betty just stared gat her while the girl laughed and said, you’ve never been buzzed before, oh you’re in for it good. You’re never going to forget this.


As they got closer, she could hear loud buzzing coming from inside. As they stepped inside, her mouth dropped open as in front of her were 7 old fashioned barber chairs, all with girls draped in capes sitting there with barbers buzzing them with these large electric Oster clippers.


She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Betty had time to take it all in, as there were still 10 girls lined up in front of her. As they stepped in they were told to line up in front of each waiting chair, as each girl got into the now empty chair.


Betty watched each girl get caped and buzzed. When her turn came she stepped up in front of one of the chairs and watched as the girl in front of her walked to the chair and sat down. She watched intently as the barber wrapped a tissue tightly around her petite neck, then the cape was wrapped and secured.


As the barber picked up her clippers she realized that no one was asking how they wanted it cut. They were all being given little boys tapered haircuts. She watched as the girl in front of her was quickly buzzed as the girls shoulder length hair fell to the floor. It seemed like each haircut took less than two minutes.


She knew she was next as she waited her turn. Then one of the upperclassmen, a girl with a severe flattop came past her and said, well well, look what we have here, Barbie. Are you ready for a little haircut cupcake.


Betty was distracted by the upperclassman, as the barber finished the girl in front of her and released her from the chair. The barber picked up on the upperclassman’s comment and said let’s go Barbie into the chair. The upperclassman told the barber, make sure you skin Barbie real good, maybe a nice high and tight with white walls like mine. That will make her stand out.


She couldn’t believe that she was now sitting in a barbers chair about to be buzzed and all of her glorious blond locks would soon be sheared off and on the floor.


Betty shivered as she heard the clippers come alive and felt the cold vibrating steel touch her forehead and watched over 24” of her glorious blond tresses cascade down to her lap and the floor.


In less than two minutes she looked like a little boy. It was like the others, only skinned much closer on the sides and up her nape.


I guess we won’t call you Barbie anymore, the upperclassman said as the Barber smiled and released her from the barber’s chair, commenting, I really enjoyed buzzing this one. It’s not often that you get to skin Barbie.


When she was walking out, several of the other girls commented on how much shorter her hair was than theirs. One said, I told you they really like to skin girls that come in with long hair.


Betty was having a difficult time adjusting and on the third day she was told to report to the barber shop. She knew it was too soon for another haircut. They were told that they would get trims every two weeks.


The headmistress said that you need some attitude adjustments. Strip down to your bra and panties and get into the chair, pointing to the first barbers chair. She remembered this well from only three days ago, the horrible experience stillburned into her mind


She stepped into the chair. The girl said my name is Katie and don’t be nervous, this won’t hurst, you’ll be a new woman when we’re finished. The girl was one of the seniors and very nice and made her feel relaxed.


Betty was caped and the tissue was again tightly in place. She saw the girl pick up the evil looking Oster 76 clippers and said I’m using a 00000 blade which will skin you quite bald. Don’t be frightened. It actually feels quite nice and most girls get really aroused by it. You can go ahead and fondle yourself. It’s ok.


As Kate ran the clippers up the back of Betty’s nape, Betty did find it extremely erotic. When Kate ran the clippers over the top starting at her forehead, Betty’s pussy felt like it was going to explode. She was so wet.


Kate then lathered and shaved Betty completely bald.


After Kate said to follow her into the next room and Betty saw a table with stirrups and told to hop on. Kate strapped Patty’s arms and then strapped her legs into the stirrups securing them tightly.


Kate then attached suction cups to Betty’s breasts. The headmistress thought you were a bit too developed for your age and decided to reduce your boobs a bit. You’re to go from your D cups to smaller cute A cups. It will only take a couple of hours.


Betty looked scared. Kate said, don’t worry you’re look really cute when we’re done.


After about two hours, Kate went to remove the cups and said I think we left them on a little too long, you might be double A’s. After removing the cups she said oh my, you’re actually triple A cups.

Betty said, What happened, I have no boobs.
Kate said I’m sorry sweetie, you’re flat as a pancake. I’m afraid it’s permanent, looks like you’re be completely flat forever.


A lot of guys like girls with small tiny boobs, guys love to suck my small tities, Kate said. But you have nice B cups, Betty said.


Kate said we have one more attitude adjustment, as she spread the stirrups far apart, pulling Betty’s legs wide open. Kate picked up the Osters and proceeded to mow Betty’s full blond bush to stubble, leaving her pussy as bald as her head.


Kate sucked and ate Betty’s pussy. When Kate sucked on Betty’s tiny boobs, Betty had a massive orgasm. They became lovers and Betty’s little tits were so sensitive that she got so turned on by the slightest touch.


One day they went to the barbershop and Kate took out the suction cups. Betty said I can’t go any smaller. Kate said they’re not for you. Betty said are you sure. You’ll be flat as a pancake. Kate said I want to look like you, as Betty attached the cups to her girlfriend. They watched as Kate’s boobs shrunk to almost nothing and when Kate removed the cups, Kate had matching triple A cups.


The girls couldn’t believe Betty’s shaved head, but also the once well endowed stunning blond with the flowing mane and round perfect D cups was now bald and completely flat with no boobs. The girls had been calling her Big Boob Betty, everyone now called her Boobless Betty. No one was calling her Barbie either.


When Betty’s parents came for parents weekend, they couldn’t believe how she looked. Her mother immediately said what happened to your hair and boobs? Her father said my little Barbie girl looks like a butch dyke.


Your friend looks just like you. They said they were going to reduce your breasts a bit, but I thought maybe B cups said her mom. Looks like they got a little carried away.


Betty said they left the reduction cups on too long, now I have tripple A cups. Dad said hopefully they will develop some. Mom added, You had a wonderful perfect rack, I don’t know if the guys will still want to fuck you.


That’s ok, I have Kate now. Her parents looked at each other and together they said, well if you love each other and you’re happy honey.

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