Confusion cut

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Confusion cut

Author: Tygrus

It was a late summer afternoon, Carl was trying to read the newspaper while listening to a good old song on his radio sitting on his big ol’ reliable barber chair, it had been a very lazy day, only a couple of cuts and Carl was tired.

He was thinking of retirement very soon, he’d had to sell his shop as it seemed the good tradition of being a barber seemed to be out of fashion, all this new salon and posh trends had taken over, it was a sign of the times.

His eyesight was not very good, but today he felt particularly tired, he should close up, he didn’t expect another client.

However the tarnished bell on his door rang as it swung open, and he saw a figure standing on the doorway…

Alexis was very nervous, she had seen this shop from her apartment and had always wondered, what it would be like, to be there, she had always liked the atmosphere of a barbershop, she used to go with her dad when he got his haircut, always wondering, but she was very shy and timid, this had brought her some hardships on her life, men tend to go overboard when approaching her, marveling at her body (as she had been blessed, or cursed, with a beautiful face, large breasts, long shapely legs, and a comfy toosh, lovely natural red hair, and stunning green eyes) she knew she should be one of the alphas at her university, she knew she should be partying and living the life her sorority sisters had, debauchery and all that.

But she was not like that, she enjoyed reading, soft music, dancing to the sound of violins, she was a kind soul, she knew she was not fit for all the craziness that college life usually enticed.

She also did not like the salon chains that were near her apartment, or near her college, so extravagant and busy and loud, she had seen the old barbershop and thought it would be a good place to get a trim if she could convince the owner, he looked gentle and she knew he would understand her, today, in particular, felt like the shop was pretty much empty, and it seemed like a good time to pay a visit, she smiled, got dressed on a white t-shirt and a denim jumper suit, straps on her shoulders, she put some money on her pockets, left he phone on the table, grabbed her keys and walked down the stairs to the alley.

Alexis stood in front of the shop, nervousness starting to grow, she saw the inside of the shop clearly for the first time, and the old man, with white curly hair and a white mustache sitting down passing the pages of a newspaper.

She doubted for a moment, but the song playing inside the shop was a song she enjoyed, it soothed her nervousness, she inhaled deeply and took the door handle, and stepped inside.

Carl turned his chair around to see a figure standing at the entrance to his shop.

“Alright, Alright, come in, come forward,” he said getting up and turning his chair around to offer it to his new client.

“Hum, hello” she whispered meekly, the barber looked a little bit more imposing from up close, he was really big! not to out of shape, but he was tall, his brown skin contrast with the whiteness of his hair and mustache.

Carl couldn’t hear the young lad very well, the song was a little bit louder than he expected, but it was alright, the lad did look in dire need of a good haircut, he appeared to have his hair down his back, that wouldn’t do, he must have come for a good old fashioned haircut, probably for his school or something, thought the old barber as he beckoned the person to the chair.

“Go on lad, get in, and we will get you sorted out,” he said as he took hold of a linen white red striped barber cape.

“Eh…” Alexis began to say, but kind of froze, she had never been to a barbershop before, and the chair in front of her look impressive, red leather, a little bit worn, but the chrome parts were.

“Come on young man, no time like the present said Carl walking over and placing his hand on Alexis back.

He nudged Alexis forward to his chair, she was taken by surprise, and before she knew it, she was sitting at the chair, being turned around to see her reflection, a strip of paper being wrapped around her neck and the cape followed next, a few pumps as she felt the chair rise.

“What’s yer name young one,” asked Carl as he inspected what he was working with, did the hair of this young man smelled of flowers? youngsters these days!

“Alex…” said the captive young woman still not over the shock of such a sudden development.

“Dear Lord young man, how did you let your hair grow to this” Carl stated, still not realizing that his client was, in fact, a young woman…

“But I’m not…” she wanted to say but Carl’s commanding voice cut her short.

“Don’t you worry, I know exactly what to do with this mess!” he said reaching for his scissors, his eyesight might not have been very good, but years and years of practice at his craft gave his hands a nimbleness and agility that were honestly surprising.

He quickly grabbed all of Alexi’s hair and pulled it in a ponytail, and in one swift movement, the tail was severed with a quick slice of his scissors…

Alexis could not speak a word, her eyes wide open seeing as her long red hair was tossed without ceremony to the floor, she now sported some sort of bob, close to her chin on the front, she could not see the back.

“There we go” Carl stated “Much better now” he put his scissors on the counter and went for the big black clippers.

“This will sort it all out,” he said as he snapped a guard on the machine and turned it on.

The sound pulled Alexis away from her hair and up to Carl’s hand as he placed the clippers straight at the middle of her forehead and pulling back, she gasped…

Carl denuded her head in a matter of minutes, his strong hands moving her head to the left and right as he needed… he was skilled even if his eyes betrayed him.

Her hair was short, very, very, very, very short, no longer than an inch long all around, and Carl was not stopping, she couldn’t speak, she couldn’t move…

The old barber continued his work; he turned her around, as he removed the guard on his clippers, he made a line all around her head, right above her temple, and above her occipital bone, she could not see, but she knew very well what was happening, as the clippers slowly removed what was left of her hair below that line, she saw this cut somewhere on a magazine, a crew cut… and a severe one at that…

She sat motionless as her tufts of hair fell, after what felt like an eternity, the old barber finally stopped making the clippers dance all around her head, she felt him turned around and hear the snap of another guard, the clippers returned as he placed a hand on her chin, and pulled a little, making her look to the ceiling as the clippers worked on what was left on top of her head, his hand on her cheeks as he made a wondering sound, he released her and pushed her head down again, to finish his work on top of Alex’s head.

Carl knew for sure that this young man was not disciplined, his face felt weird, Carl knew exactly what would suit the young lad.

“Say, my boy, have you ever had a real shave?” he asked as he finished and let his clippers rest on the counter, grabbing something from the counter, making a whooshing sound, Alexis couldn’t see.

She found her voice to mutter “I´m not…” Carl once again stopped her as she felt a warm feeling being spread on her nape with a brush, oh dear is that what she thought it was?…

“Not to worry son, I’ll get you presentable,” he said as spread hot lather all around Alexis’ head, using strong circular motions with his shaving brush, just below the line that was drawn around her head, it was not a bad feeling, she could feel her breath again as she relaxed while the lather was being spread, but she was surprised once again as Carl began to move the brush down her left sideburn, and moving on her cheek next… down her neck… over her chin and around then up her other cheek and her right sideburn… she felt so surprised, it felt nice, but she never thought…

Carl didn’t stop, he returns to make his brush dance all around her face again, even covering her lips with the hot lather, she just made an ignored muffled protest…

Once Carl was done he left a mug and the shaving brush down in the counter as he turned Alexis around to see her reflection again, she looked… funny, as her face seemed to have a white foamy beard, as well as her head except for the extremely short top.

She then saw him reach for an extremely scary-looking straight razor and began working on it on the counter.

Then she felt as he pulled a belt on the chair and moved the razor up and down on it.

She felt her breath leaving as the razor made contact with her nape, as Carl began shaving the back and sides of her head.

Then she realized as her legs trembled a bit, she was not scared, she was enjoying the treatment, a little too much perhaps…

Carl worked with practiced hands shaving all around however leaving the soap on the young lad face, it will help him out for later.

The brush returned once Carl finished shaving all around her head, it felt blissful, she was lost in the tender sensations on her head as the brush dance once again lathering her up, she closed her eyes…

As Carl returned to sharpen and strop the razor one last time it seemed that the young man had finally resigned himself or relaxed, he wasn’t sure.

The old barber worked the razor once again, this time going against the grain of the hair on the young client head, making sure all was perfectly smooth.

He inspected his work rubbing his hands all around, grabbing a scented oil, he splashed some on his hands and rubbed them together as he massaged the head of his client, he felt the young man move slightly as the lotion had a little bit of alcohol, this could sting a bit, he knew, but it was to close the pores and stop the redness.

The old barber grabbed a towel and moved if up and down to fan the lotion dry, to allow the discomfort to pass quicker.

Alexis didn’t mind…

But surprise found her once more as Carl set the cape loose, the chair suddenly fell back, and she with it as the footrest began to rise, she was laid almost completely looking at the ceiling once again, a towel was placed on top of her chest and tucked under the cape and her t-shirt.

She then saw another towel… steaming… being lowered on her face…

It was hot, a little bit too much perhaps, but it felt wonderful as it was wrapped all around, she sighed.

Carl knew the lad would find this relaxing, it was a true comfort, after all, nothing is quite as good as a good shave when going to get your hair cut, Carl hoped this young man learned what it meant to be presentable; after all, this was a lesson.

Carl wrapped the towel tightly and pressed firmly here and then, let it cool down while he worked on making more hot lather, with a simple movement, he removed the towel and tossed it on a sink on the counter, then began to lather the young client once again, making his brush dance over and over with practice, making a thick coat of soapy lather on cheeks, chin, and neck, not even bothering to avoid the lips, this would make it better, the young man would appreciate the shaves if he returned.

Alexis felt completely relaxed even as she knew what was happening, she didn’t mind now, her fear was gone, and she was certainly enjoying it, she felt the belt at the side of the chair being pulled and the razor moving up and down on it.

She then felt the barber strong hand on her head as he pushed to make her head turn right, and the razor right below her temple.. it slid down with ease, no hair to shave after all… the razor shaved down to her neck, moving back up, now below her eye, and down once again, all the way down, her head was turned to the left now, the razor moving in the same way.

The barber then focused on her chin, putting two fingers to pull it taut, as he moved the razor quickly from left to right over the chin.

Carl wondered as it was strange that this young man didn’t have much stubble, almost if he had none, oh well, it’s still important to be cleanly shaven for a young man.

Next was Alexis’ neck, the razor placed right below the chin, and moved down her neck, she shivered a little, fear or excitement? She wasn’t sure now…

Three more swipes cleared her neck, and now the old barber slightly pulled on her nose so he could shave her upper lip cleanly, her lips still covered in a thick cover of foam.

She had her eyes closed, she was deeply enjoying the attention, as another hot moist towel was wrapped snuggly around her face, being pressed here and there, it felt wonderful after.

The brush returned once more, covering her face with hot soapy lather once more, this time Carl placed himself right behind her, placing one hand near the end of her neck, pulling her skin taut, and the razor moving up, from her neck to her chin, over and over, till her neck was shaven clean, Carl then moved her face to the right once again, and the razor shaves up her cheek cleanly, head to the left and her other cheek was shaved as well.

Carl moved her face to see upward once more as he places his hand just below her chin, and shaved it with upward movements, from her chin line to her lips, over and over, then put to fingers beside her upper lip, and shaved it cleanly, she then felt the now lukewarm towel that had been wrapped on her face cleaning up all traces of foam, even felt her lipstick smear a little as the foam was cleared from her lips.

Carl finished and put his razor down, cleaning up this young man’s face quickly with the moist towel he had used before, it was weird, it looked like he had lipstick on? he also didn’t feel a single hint of hair on his face, was he one of those hairless men he had heard? some people were strange at times like that, but once he put the young man up and began to remove the cape and the neck strip he realized… the person sitting on the chair had breasts… and large breasts at that.

He covered his mouth in surprise exclaiming “OH dear Lord!” as he pulled back realizing that the person was a young woman! he had just scalped and shaved a young lass!

She looked at herself on the mirror, admiring the glow her recent shave had given her, she cleared her lips a little bit with her left hand, smiling coyly as she got up from the still raised chair.

“Young Lady, I… I am so sorry, I thought you were a rebellious young man!” he said to the point of panic as she walked close and smiled.

“It’s ok,” she said with a warm smile “I actually like it very much, and thank you so much for all you did,” she said as she caressed the shaven side of her head, her voice was now clear to him, it was very sweet, how could he not have noticed!

“How much do I owe you, for both services…” she asked with a tender shyness in her voice.

“You don’t have to pay anything young lady, please, I’m so very sorry” exclaimed the old barber shook

“It is ok mister, I feel great, thank you,” she said taking the old man hands in her own and placing the 50 dollar bill she had on his.

“I hope I see you again,” she said as she walked out, Carl was trembling.

The next couple of days, Carl did not open at all, he must have felt really bad Alexis thought, she was kind of sad, she enjoyed her time there.

The school was a little bit difficult with her new haircut, the same old jocks now made fun of her instead of trying to get into her pants, the alphas of the sorority also making crass remarks and poked fun at her, but she didn’t mind, she enjoyed her new self, and her haircut made her feel wonderful, she smiled every time she saw her reflection, remembering her time at Carl’s.

She had finally finished her studies, the last exams were over, and she was ready to move on with her life and leave all those university problems behind her.

She had made a decision that would probably change her life…

Next week Carl had finally opened, and she ran and walked inside the first moment he had opened.

He went pale when he saw her, new glasses now framed his face.

“Miss Alex…” he said trying to find words.

“Hello Mr. Carl!” she said smiling in a friendly manner, she was now dressed in more feminine attire, a pretty dress with a skirt above her knees and high heels.

“Look, I am sorry for what happened, I have new glasses and got my eyes checked, I will close very soon I don’t want any problems,” he said defeated sighing.

“Oh no!” she exclaimed devastated.

“I was hoping to work for you, and learn, I’ve seen you have some problems, and I hoped I could assist you with that,” she said smiling “I also was hoping you could fit me in for a touch up on both my hair and another…” she said caressing her face smiling.

Carl was completely taken by surprise, he sighted, it seems… he might not be able to retire as soon as he though…

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