Consulting the bowl

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Miss Rosa Heinz grew up in a… weird house.
Her papa was a strict military man who with a distaste for a lack of self-defense.
He trained her in hand to hand and firearm combat.
She took all this tough-love with to school where bullies received black eyes and she detention for daring to defend herself.
Joining the navy in the infancy of the women’s seamen branch of the U.S, her skills excelled her to a good position of her class.
Returning home, Rosa got with a bloke named Roger.
That year they got engaged, they lived in absolute bliss.
Until the pregnancy or pregnancies.
She was with 5 children and Roger couldn’t handle the heat so he fled the kitchen.
She was devastated and considered abortion but decided not to.
Her horde of joys were born with dark brown or black scalps of hair and cute eyes.
They grew up recklessly and disciplined was lacking in them.
Seven years passed, the girls reached the age of schooling and Rosa was worried.
She wanted to prepare her kin for the unforgiving world ahead but.
How Could She Do It?
“Rita! Happy! Ruth! Tina! Faith! Come here for a minute”
The herd of girls leaped down the stairs and lined the doorway.
Five wooden chairs stood side by side and on the counter, four capes draped, the fifth in Rosa’s hands.
“Come, sit”
The girls hadn’t seen a cluster of birch and satin, they were a bit reluctant to sit in such a peculiar sight.
“Children, we don’t have all day. I want you to be clean and tidy for school”
The whispers were abundant amongst the girls as they stepped and sat in the respective chairs.
“Good girls. I promise this won’t take long”
Cape after cape draped the girls in clothy restrictment.
Rita was first on the chopping block, she started becoming uneasy and rightfully so, this cut would change her life forever.
The mother started by tying her crown in a bun and brushing out the sides.
Hands on Rita’s head, Rosa tilted Rita’s head down her chest.
“Now, hold still for me, please”
The others watched as a carrying case mini was brought out and popped open.
Rosa lifted up clippers and plugged them in.
The pop released a buzzing sound that filled the kitchen as Rosa turned to her first victim with the guard less clippers.
Putting a hand on the clip line, the self made barber inserted the tool into the hair and pushed up.
The other sister’s were in a state of shock:
“Um…”,started Rita,”How short are you going?”
“Just hold still and you’ll see”
Soon, Rita’s nape and back were entirely light grey with short stubble.
Rita reached back and felt it, a large chunk of her hair was gone!
She tried to rise but was pushed back onto the wooden trap.
“You’re not done, now sit still”
Rita began to cry,”Mommy, I don’t want this”
“I know, honey. But this is for your own good”
Rita sobbed as her sides fell to the steel chopper.
“Are we done?”
“No, baby”
The top was undone and spread evenly over the girl’s scalp.
Then Rosa got a neon bowl and plopped it on her daughter’s head.
Snipping around the circumference of Rita’s scalp, the style became obvious.
Taking a straight iron, Rosa curled the ends inward.
“All done”,said Rosa, removing the cape. Rita then stormed out of the kitchen,”I hate you. You ruined my life”.
Entering the bathroom, Rita sobbed at her reflection of the ugliest girl in the world.
After all the girls got their bowl cuts, they showered and went to bed.
The next day, Rita dressed in a pink blouse, a jumper over that, and a feminine skirt.
She tried to brush her black hair but realized she had it snipped off.
She made the best of it and she and her siblings arrived at school.
It was fine for the most part, until a bully started taunting Happy about her hairstyle.
Furious, Rita punished the bully and got a reputation of a protector from the other classmates and her siblings.
The lot went home.
“Hey girls. How was your first day!”
“Awful. Happy was bullied for these dumb haircuts you gave us!”
“What happened after”
“I punched the living sh- out of him! You-“
“Excellent, good job Rita”
Rita was confused:
“I wanted to teach you to defend yourself and… I’m sorry for what I did”
Rita was a mix of emotions, she escorted her pack to their room because she didn’t know what to say.
That night, as Rosa read in bed, Rita came in, in her nightgown, and asked a million questions.
The story of Rosa papa was explained to the young girl and Rita slowly forgave her mother for what she did.

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