Coral’s Salon: Summer Daze

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(Or, Coral’s Salon: Cobalt.)

When I find out that my friend Cobalt is coming to visit me, I am stunned- mostly because she’s just appeared at my shop, without notice or warning. I’m happy to see her, but a bit overwhelmed when she takes me up in a hug.

“Cobalt,” I tell her, “It’s great to see you, but I have appointments scheduled. I can’t take care of you right now- I’m working.”
“That’s fine,” she tells me, “I need to go shower anyway. It’s so hot down here! How do you even stand it?”
“I’m not carrying around five pounds of thick, heat-trapping hair,” I tell her, running a hand down her puffy brown locks. They are very warm to the touch- the sun is brutal today.
She sticks her tongue out at me, and I do the same to her. We both chuckle, and I watch as she heads back to my apartment. Hopefully my work day is done soon; I’d love to spend some time with her before the sun sets. Plus, I know she’s going to get bored just watching me do touch-ups and trims.

Her shower takes longer than I would have expected- she must be trying to cool down. By the time she comes out, hair bundled into a thick ponytail, I’ve whittled my appointment list to the last person. As I clean my station, I watch her sit down next to my customer, Kim. The two smile at each other, and Cobalt remarks, “I love your hair!”
Kim laughs, and says wryly, “That’s too bad. I personally can’t stand how long it is.”
Cobalt’s eyes widen, and she stammers, “B-but… It’s a pixie…”
“Exactly,” Kim replies, “Way too long.”

I chuckle to myself before calling her over. She winks at a wide-eyed Cobalt as she stands up and strides over, quickly throwing herself into my waiting chair. I throw the cape I grabbed over her and ask, “Crew cut as usual?”
“Actually,” she tells me, “I’ve been wanting to experiment with something shorter for the summer. What do you think of a #2 all around?”
I smile supportively, telling her, “I think it would probably look cute. You might want to watch out for your scalp sunburning though.”

She nods, and I grab my clippers. Quickly, I switch the attachment, and I notice Cobalt gasp as I do so- I pretend not to notice. I flick on the clippers and push Kim’s chin toward her chest. Without hesitation, I push the clippers into her shaggy nape, running them up to her crown and throwing a sizeable chunk of brown hair onto the floor. As I run the clippers up her nape a few millimeters to the side, I notice Cobalt watching me- I smile at her as I throw another clump of hair onto the floor. I move a bit slower as I make another pass up Kim’s nape, and make sure to shear several times behind her ear. Cobalt is blushing red. With the clippers still running, I lean in and blow stray hairs away from the sheared part of Kim’s nape.

“That feels so good,” I hear her say, “I’ve been carrying all that hair for way too long. You are such a lifesaver.”
“It’s no problem,” I tell her as I begin shearing up the side of her head, throwing clumps of sun-tinted hair down onto her cape. “Just doing my job.”
I turn my back on Cobalt to better see my work when I run the clippers down the middle of Kim’s head. I smile at the look of pure euphoria as big clumps of hair tumble down the sides of her head, onto her cape and the floor. With a few quick passes, I peel off most of her chocolate locks, throwing them off her head and replacing them with a thin velvet. When I move to buzz the other side of Kim’s head, I step into a small pile of hair- it’s so fluffy. A lot like Cobalt’s. Hot from the sun, too- it must feel good to get sheared when your hair absorbs this much heat. As I shear away the long side, I look at Cobalt again- she’s taken to playing with her hair, while she tries to look away. It’s cute. Quickly, I finish buzzing up the back of Kim’s head, and then run my clippers over her head a few more times to sweep off any remaining long hairs. When I’m satisfied, I stop my clippers and smile at my work. Kim’s head is sheared down cleanly, and there is a ring of shorn chocolate hair around her, on the floor and on her cape. I put my clippers down and grab my hairdryer, switching it to the cool air setting. When it turns on, Kim lets out a contented sigh- I grin, and blow the loose hair away from her neck and face, and then run it over her scalp a few times for her pleasure. When I turn it off, I have another idea- after putting the dryer down, I pick up my spray bottle, and spritz her head with it. I’ve been putting ice water in it because I like to cool myself off between appointments, but it works well here as well.

“Damn, I really wish I’d done this sooner,” Kim drawls, closing her eyes as I rub the cold water into what’s left of her hair. “Maybe I’ll come back sooner than I thought…”
“Come back as often as you want,” I coo, checking that Cobalt is listening. She’s pretending to be distracted by a magazine, but she keeps sneaking glances.
I take a towel and rub Kim’s head dry before uncaping her and letting her stand up. She looks in the mirror and rubs her head, telling me, “It looks great! Thanks Coral, like I said, you’re a lifesaver.”

We chat for a bit before she pays me and leaves. After a moment, I turn to Cobalt and smirk. She’s still pretending to be very involved in a magazine, but I ask her, “You seemed enamored with that cut. Were you enjoying watching?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Cobalt answers quickly, not looking me in the eye.

I saunter to the door and lock it, and close the blinds. Cobalt looks at them and then looks at me as I stroll toward her. Standing in front of her and holding her face forward by a hand on her chin, I ask pointedly, “You weren’t watching?”
She stutters for a moment before spitting out, “Okay, fine, I may have been watching, but it was just because I was surprised… she had nice hair, you know, and I wasn’t expecting her to want that short of a cut…”
“Mhmmm. So you weren’t interested for any other reason? You weren’t thinking about how nice those cool blasts of air might have been? Or the cold water on an almost bare scalp?”
I lean into her, letting my fingers run up the side of her head, and blow into her ear gently. She shivers, and I smile. I continue, whispering to her, “I could do the same thing to you, you know. In fact, I could do something even better. Our interactions don’t have to be professional. That means we have a lot more options…”

I let my tongue slip out of my mouth, and run it along her jaw. She shivers harder when I touch her, and turns her head away. I brush her hair away from her neck and wrap my mouth around a part of it, gently sucking on her skin. I feel her arms wrap around my back, and grasp me tightly. I smile to myself as I pull my lips back and gently bite her, eliciting a cute moan.
Quickly, I pull myself back- my face is already flustered, and we haven’t even gotten to the most fun part.

“Cobalt,” I ask her gently, “Be honest with me. Do you want me to take you to bed, or do you want to sit in my chair?”
Cobalt sits in silence for a moment, before she nods.
I roll my eyes, and ask again, “Does that mean you want your hair cut?”
She sits still for a few moments, fingers running down her hair, before she nods again.
I smile and stand up.
“Clean up the station,” I tell her. “I’m going to take a shower. If I find you in the chair, then you can choose what you get. If you aren’t, then I’m just going to shave you.”
“Yes, ma’am…” I hear her murmur quietly. I smile as I walk into my apartment, and throw my shirt off behind me.

I quickly disrobe and step into the shower, dousing myself in cold water, regaining my composure and washing away the sweat of a workday. I use a generous dose of sweet-smelling body wash to ensure that Cobalt’s senses are stimulated, and step out quickly. I towel myself off, and in my bedroom, find a pair of black kneesocks and fingerless elbow gloves shoved to the side of my dresser. After I put them on, I look at myself in a mirror- I feel like a goddess. Or maybe a succubus.

I don’t close the door behind me as I enter back into the salon, the socks softening my step. Cobalt is sitting in the chair- she’s cleaned everything, as asked. I smile as I pull a white cape from my shelf, and let it unfurl in my hand. I slink behind her, and without warning, throw the cape around her, putting an arm on her chest to stop her from jumping up. Into her ear I whisper, “Are you ready?”
She nods, and I smile, pinning the cape quickly around her neck. I put a firm hand on her arm as I step out from behind the chair, smiling at her. Her eyes move down my body for several seconds, before she looks me in the eye again. I quickly strap her wrist to the chair and tighten it so that her hand can’t move. I spin the chair to quickly to hold down and strap her other arm, forcing her to stay still as I slowly walk to my station.

I pick up my clippers as I ask her, “What kind of haircut were you thinking of? Something as short as Kim?”
“U-uh.. maybe something with a little more length on top? I’m not sure I’m ready for the almost-bald look…”
“So, something like a crewcut? Or maybe a cute little mohawk?” I brush off my clippers, and oil them as I wait for her response.
“A crewcut sounds fine…”
I wipe my clippers off and change the attachment to a #5, before turning them on and smiling at her.
“Sounds good.”

I don’t turn the clippers off as I walk toward her, savoring the apprehension and doubt in her face. When I’m beside her, I put the clippers beside her ear, letting them run for a few seconds, before pulling them down and running them up her cheek. With my other hand, I pull her ponytail band loose and run my fingers through her hair.
“Normally,” I tell her, “We’d have to cut some length off before we used clippers. But these are stronger clippers than most. You have thick hair, but it’s not the worst I’ve put them through before.”

I feel her shivering under my touch and chuckle as I turn her chair away from the mirror, and pump it up so that I can work comfortably.
Without hesitation, I push my clippers up into the fluff covering her nape. Their tone changes drastically, and I have a hard time pushing them up- I throw a big hank off the clippers and onto the floor, before trying to run up her nape again. This time, I’m able to shear up to her crown, and I throw another clump onto the already massive pile of locks on the floor. Eager not to be defeated, I start another pass up her nape- again, I’m forced to throw off a pile of hair midway, finishing the first pass with a second to the top of her head. As I start my third pass, the pile of hair on the floor is already bigger than any I’d seen today. I watch the fluffy brown curls fall off my clippers onto the floor with a smile- stepping into them as I run the clippers up behind Cobalt’s ear, holding it down to ensure that everything is cut. With the clippers still running, I lean my head in close to the sheared part of her scalp and blow on it. I hear her release a held breath, and she moans when I blow the hairs away from behind her ear. I grab the tip of her ear in my teeth as I run the clippers up the still-long side of her nape, dumping two clumps of hair for one pass as usual. After a few passes unveil her other ear, I let go of her first ear, and instead blow on the newly-sheared part of her nape, eliciting more shivers and moaning.
I turn my clippers off and with my free hand, I run my fingers over her sheared nape, scratching it gently with my nails. She leans into my hand, and I scratch just a bit harder.

Eventually, I walk to her side, starting my clippers again, and run them up from the bottom of her ear into the hair hanging over her face, throwing massive clumps into her lap. I pull her head toward me, smiling, as I watch her eyes go wide watching them fall. The clippers change tone every time they touch her hair, and return to their normal buzzing when I throw a clump away from them. When the side is thoroughly sheared, I run a nail from the front of her ear along the back of her head as I walk around her, into some of her last remaining long tresses. I twirl one of the long brown tresses around my finger, admiring its softness and bounciness, before cutting it with the clippers. I throw it onto the pile on Cobalt’s lap, quickly running the clippers up her head again, shearing the length away and leaving a clean buzz.

When I’m done, I power down my clippers. Still holding them in my hand, I walk in front of her, letting my chest sway with my motion. She watches me with wide eyes- after a little while, she smiles, telling me, “I’m glad you decided to go with that look. It really suits you.”
“I know, doesn’t it?” I ask, approaching her. I put a knee on the chair, and pull myself up, placing a second knee between her legs, pressing down on her crotch as I start the clippers again.
I tip her head down so that she is staring at my chest as I run the clippers up her forehead and into her bangs, down the middle of her head. I throw a big clump of brown hair behind her and quickly start another pass. I hear her start to pant, and ask with mild concern, “Everything okay? Need me to take the knee off?”
“No, please god no, don’t change anything.” I hear her gasp. I smile and run the clippers down another pass, keeping a hand on the back of her head. With a few more passes, her pants continue, and she starts to moan quietly, then louder. After I cut the last few hairs on the top of her head, I pull myself upright, asking, “Do you like that?”
She looks up at me with her mouth hanging open in a smile, nodding.

I grin, and pull myself off of her- at my station, I change the guard to a #2 and come back with the clippers running again.
“Now,” I tell her, “I just need to clean you up.”
Quickly, I shear up the back of her head a few more times, tapering to match the top with precision, dropping small clumps of hair around her. As I walk to her side, I feel the thick pile of hair on my feet and push it out of the way. It doesn’t take too long to taper her, and when I finish, I step back to look at her. A perfect crew cut. She looks quite cute with it too.
I put my clippers down and take my hair dryer, putting it on and blowing away the hairs around her neck, then letting the cool air blast over her sheared head for a little while.
“God,” she tells me over the sound, “This really does feel amazing. I can’t believe I’ve been missing this all this time!”

I smile without responding, turning off the hairdryer and picking up my spray bottle. Cobalt jumps when I first spray the ice water into her hair, but she leans into me when I comb it gently, and she moans when I spray her a few more times. I spray water in lines over the top of her head, letting it run down her nape, and behind her ears, following it with a comb from her forehead to her crown, and from her crown to her forehead. I run my fingers run down her nape, dragging cool water along with them.

Eventually, I spin the chair so that she can see herself in the mirror.
“Wow!” she begins, “It’s.. really different. Not bad at all, though. You did a really good job.”
She turns her head and closes her eyes, smiling. “My head feels so light now. This is really nice…”
I undo the cape and let the hair slide off the front. I free her wrists and she stands up, stepping gracefully out of the chair. She looks at herself closely in the mirror, admiring the cut. I put my arms around her from behind and ask gently, “Do you like it?”
“I do, it really is cooler and lighter. More stylish than I expected, too- I don’t often see women with this kind of cut, but it really does look good.”
“You look a lot cuter when you’re not trying to hide your face behind a curtain,” I purr at her, “It’s making me want to hold down your legs so that you can’t kick me when I show off all the new things I’ve learned to do with my tongue.”
She giggles before saying, “Well, why don’t you show me right now?”
She unbuttons her pants and pulls them down with her panties. I reach down and grab her, making her gasp and bite her bottom lip.

When I feel hair, I ask her quietly, “Want me to shave you before we continue? I think my tongue will feel better on bare skin.”
She nods, adding, “Do whatever you want to me, please.”
I smile, and put her back in the chair, with her legs spread wide apart. I bring a straight razor and some cream from my station, and quickly start rubbing cream over her pubis. I wipe my hand off on a towel before using it to hold her leg steady, putting the razor right above her slit. “P-please be careful,” she stutters, with a hand half-covering her mouth as I silently run the razor up.
“Don’t worry,” I tell her, making another quick pass, “I do this all the time on myself, and that’s much harder. I won’t cut you.”
We stay silent for a few minutes- I concentrate on my work. She squirms a bit when I press down on her labia, running the cold steel up it slowly and steadily. I keep her still with my elbow, pressing down on her leg. After I shave the second labia, I rub her down thoroughly with a towel, removing all the cream and stray hairs, and put the razor down with it. I run a finger along her, making her jump, before I lean my head in, slowly, and run my tongue over her slit. She practically jumps out of the chair, but I wrap my arms around her waist and rub my tongue against her again. She yelps, and yelps again, every time I push my tongue into her. After a minute, she wraps her legs around my head, and pushes it closer. I push my tongue as far as it can go into her, making her moan and yell, and let it wander, massaging her as best I can, and listening to her chorus of pleasure.

After a little while, she cums, and I lap it up. I swallow and look up her, grinning, as she pants.
“I told you it’d be better on bare skin.”
She nods vigourously, and I escort her to my bedroom, leaning on my shoulder.

After a few days of fun, I bid her goodbye. I’m thoroughly exhausted. Even though I love seeing her, she’s quite a lot to deal with.

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