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Crazy hair cuts!

By JimB ©opyright November 2013

She slammed the door behind her and stormed into the kitchen.

Pulling a chair from the table and climbing in it, putting her head on the table and pounded her little fist.

“What’s up?” her mom, Stacy, asked as she walked to the table and sat in the chair next to her.

“DADDY,” little Norma kind of yelled.

“Daddy,” mom asked.  “What did he do now?”

“I wanted to get my hair cut by Miss Mary”, she began telling her mom, wiping the tears from her eyes.

“And, he said NO ……

“NO way.

“I asked him why and he said “NO WAY”.

“And, that is it.”

Her mom reached over and cuddled her, giving her a little kiss on the head.

“Miss Mary,” her mom began. “Is a barber like Mr. Mike.

“They cut hair real, real short, like dad and Tim get.”

“Why is it?” Norma asked her mom.

“Well, for one a barber only cuts boys and men’s hair.” her mom replied.

“And, you and I go to a beauty salon to get ours cut.

“And, barbers cut boys and men hair really short.

“And, we do not get our hair cut really short like boys and men.”

Looking at her mom, Norma replied, “NO, Mr. Mike had pictures and books of women with short.

“REALLY short hair”.

“I did not know that!” her mom replied.

“I haven’t been Mr. Mike’s barber shop, with your dad, since before you were born.

“I did not know Miss Mary worked there until four years ago when Tim told me.”

They looked at each other, as Norma told her mom, “Mrs. Tucker and Barbara get their hair cut there.”

Her mom sat up with a questioning look, “Are you sure it was Mrs. Tucker?”

“Yes,” Norma told her mom.  “She and Barbara came in when Mr. Mike was cutting Tim’s hair.”

“And, your dad,” her mom inquired.

Because she knew Mary was a good looking lady and she was single.

“Your dad.

“Who cut his hair?”

“Mr. Mike,” she told her mom.  “WHY?“

“Hon,” Norma’s dad, Tony, said as he walked into the kitchen.

“Tim and I are running to get some gasoline to cut the grass this afternoon.

“Need anything?”

Stacy motioned him to come to her.

He leaned down and gave her a kiss, as she brushed her fingers trough his freshly cut hair.

“Mary did another great cut!” she told him.

He stepped back, “MARY!

“I don’t get my hair cut by Mary.

“Mike is my barber.

“WHY would I get my hair cut by Mary?

“All she does is talk about books, movies, and women stuff.

“Tim doesn’t get his hair cur by Mary either.

“And, you know when a fourteen year old boy doesn’t want a woman, like Mary, cut his hair.

“Well, why did you think Mary cuts my hair?”

“O’, no reason”, she replied.  “Just asking.”

“Give me the card,” she continued as she motioned him for his credit card.

“Norma and I going to do a little shopping while you and Tim cut the lawn.”

He hand her his credit card, “You short this month?”

“NO”, she replied.  “Norma starts kindergarten in September and she will need a few things.”

“WOW,” her dad said to Norma.  “So, you are going to school next year!”

“Yep,” she replied as he kissed her on her head.

“Don’t let mom spend too much,” he told her.

He turned and walked out the kitchen, “TIM, you ready!”

Norma looked at her mom, “I don’t need anything.”

Her mom smiled, as she walked to the kitchen door.

“TONY,” she called to her son.  “Did Jen mentioned when she would be home?”

“Mrs. Tucker won’t be home for another hour, hour and half,” Tim yelled to her.

“Miss Mary told her she had five ahead of her and Barbara.”

“Thanks sweet heart,” her mom replied.  “Tell dad to treat you and him to lunch.”

“Okay,” he answered and she heard the front door close.

Mom walked to the front door and looked out the little window as they were driving away.

“Norma,” she called.

Norma came out the kitchen, “Yes.”

“Go wash your face,” her mom told her.  “I’ll get my purse and we are off to Mr. Mike’s.”

“WHY!” Norma asked as she turned to go to the bathroom.

“We need to get a hair cut for the summer,” her mom told her as she walked to get her purse.

“HAIR CUT!” Norma said out loud.

Her mom shook her head, as she gave Norma a nudge.

“Hurry we want to get to Mr. Mike’s before he closes,” her mom told her.

Ten minutes later they were in mom’s car and driving off.

“Mom,” Norma said, “Dad said I could not get my hair cut by Mr. Mike.

“And, you said the same!”

“I did say that,” her mom began answering her.

“Miss Mary will be giving us our cut hair.”

“YOU mean,” Norma asked.

“Yes, we are getting our hair cut,” mom continued answering Norma.

“At Mr. Mike’s.

“But, Miss Mary will cut our hair.


“Can I get a really short hair cut!” Norma inquired.

“We’ll see!” her mom said as she looked at her and smiled.

Fifteens minutes later and Stacy was parking the car.  They got out, Norma waiting for her mom.

“Just don’t stand there,” her mom told her, giving her a nudge to walk.

Stacy opened the door, “Hi Mike.”

“Stacy, how have you been,” Mike said

“Tony didn’t mention you were coming by.”

“This is a last minute thing,” she told him.

Norma was sitting next, and talking, to Barbara.

Stacy saw Jen and walked over and sat next to her.

“Tony said call you later,” she said.

They laughed and gave each other a kiss on the cheek.

“Yes, I did!” Jen said.

“Wanted to know if you were going to be helping at the fair in July.”

“Sure,” Stacy told Jen.  “Don’t tell me they changed the date?”

“No,” Jen said.  “I am in charged of the booth placement and wanted to know if you would help me.”

“Sure,” Stacy told Jen.

“Well, what are you doing here?” Jen asked Stacy.

“Norma wants to cut her hair short.” Stacy began telling her. “And, I need one, too.

“Connie couldn’t take me until next Tuesday and I don’t think I can wait till then.

“Norma had been coming with her dad and Tim when they get their hair cut.

“And, I remember Tony saying Mary was here.”

“She does great hair cuts,” Jen said.

“Ron told me about her seven months ago.

“Barbara and I began coming to her since then.

“And, she cuts our hair like we want.

“You will like how good she is.

“But, she like to talk about movies and books.”

“So, your’ just getting a trim!” Stacy asked Jen.

“Not this time,” Jen replied then opening the hair magazine she was holding.

“Going to get this one.”

“WOW”, that is really short!” Stacy told Jen.

“A’haa,” Jen replied.  “You?”

“Haven’t decided,” Stacy replied.  “Barbara?”

“Let’s just say her hair cut is going to be short,” Jen continued. “And, her dad said, “let her get it.”

“So, we will see when she gets in the barber chair.”

Just then Mary said, “Barbara.”

Jen turned to Stacy, “We will see.”

Barbara whispered something to Norma and she turned and looked at Barbara’s mom and her mom.

They looked at her.

“Think they are up to something!” Jen whispered to Stacy, who just shrugged her shoulders.

“You never know with little girls these years,” Stacy whispered back.

“Okay Barb,” Mary said as she caped Barbara and raised the barber chair up.  “What will it be?”

Barbara looked at her mom, then Norma.

Then, Barbara showed Mary a photo.

“Barbara that is really short for a young girl, like you,” Mary said turning to her mom.

“Her dad said she could,” Jen replied to Mary’s look.  “So, it is up to Barbara.”

Jen turned to Stacy, giving her the hair magazine, “Look through it.

“You might find something you like.”

Mary looked at Jen.

Jen got up and walked to the barber chair.

Mary showed Jen the photo.

“You sure?” Jen asked her daughter.

She smiled and shook her head “yes”.

“It’s her hair!” Jen told Mary.

Jen walked back to the waiting chair and showed Stacy the photo.

“You are kidding me?” Stacy said to Jen.

“It’s her hair,” Jen replied.

Norma glanced at the photo and smiled.

“NO you!” her mom told her.

Norma let her head fall.

“Okay, we’ll see,” her mom said.

Their attention turned to Mary’s barber chair, as she turned on her clippers.

She had Barbara’s head tiled and the clippers slowly moving up the back of her head.

She repeated this walking to the left side of her barber chair and began moving the clipper from behind her left ear to her for head.

Her hair was clippered to a quarter of an inch.  A few more passes and the left side on Barbara’s head was noting but a quarter of an inch long.

Norma grabbed her mom’s arm and looked up at her.

Mary had walked around the back of her barber chair to the right side.

She wasted no time and the right side of Barbara’s head was a quarter of an inch.

“Well, I didn’t think she would!” Jen told Stacy.

Mary looked a Jen, showing her the attachmentless clippers.

“It’s her hair,” Jen told her

“And, seems to like the hair cut, so far!”

Mary began moving attachmentless clippers up the right side of her head.

Slowly she worked the attachmentless clippers around the back and left side of her.

She turned the clippers off.

“Jen, did you look at the photo closely?” she asked Jen as she turned and held up her straight razor.

“NO ……

“NO way,” she told Mary.

Mary put the straight razor down and uncaped Barbara.

“Can’t let her do that,” Jen told Stacy as she showed the magazine.

“”Specially when Dan has been wanting me to get that hair cut.”

“Hummm?” Stacy said.

“MOM?”  Norma said.

“Just thinking about something,” she told her daughter as she put the open magazine on the wrong waiting chair.

“What are you thinking about?” asked Norma.

“Nice,” she said as she brushed her fingers over Barbara right side.

“But, why did your mom say NO?”

“Remember the hair cut Ken came to school with last Tuesday?” she told Norma as she showed her photo she gave her mother and she showed Mary.

Norma smiled and brushed her fingers over Barbara’s head.

“At least I got the hair cut like I wanted.”

“Well, Jen what kind of hair cut do you want?” Mary asked.

“Like …!” Jen said as she brought her hand from under the cape.

“Stacy give me the magazine.”

“Here,” she told Jen.

“You dropped it on the floor when I gave it back to you.”

Norma and Barbara just smiled at each other with a little chuckling.

“Ron has been wanting me to get this hair cut for over three years,” she told Mary.

“Barbara, why don’t you take five dollars out my punch,” she told her daughter.

“And, go to the sweet shop for a soda for you and Norma.”

“I think she wants to talk about something and doesn’t want us to hear,” Barbara told Norma.

“Well, why have you been waiting this long to get your hair cut like this?” Mary asked.

“Why does Ron want you to get this hair cut?”

“Yes, WHY?” Stacy asked.

“Well, Ron and I met when were five, when he and his parent moved in the house next to ours.

“Over the years we got to knowing each other.

“NO, not in that way!

“One day, when we wer twelve, I was over at his house and he was showing me pictures and his granddad who have hardly any hair on his head.

“I asked him why did his granddad have hardly any hair on his head?

He shrugged his shoulder.

“Then, he asked me I wanted my hair like him.

“I told him “if you go first”.

“He looked out his bedroom and we snuck to the bathroom.

“This is what dad uses to cut … trim his face.

“He turned it on and handed it to me.

“Let’s say …..

“I got up and began moving it over his head.

“I handed it to him and he moved over my head.

“Then we heard, “What’s that sound I hear!”

“His mother opened the door.

“She called my mom.

“And, we went to “The Village Barber Shop”.

“An two hours later we walked out with our head shaved.

“WHY I waited this long?

“I really don’t know.

“SO Mary just shave my head and eyebrows.”

Mary grabbed her attachmentless clippers.

“What about you Stacy?” Mary asked as she began moving the attachmentless clippers over Jen head.

“Still thinking?” she told them.

Slowly Mary moved the attachmentless clippers over Jen’s head.

“I hope you can have my head shaved before the girls get back from the sweet shop,” Jen said.

“Let’s see!” Mary said.

“POFF ……

“There you go.

“All smoothly shaved!

“Well it looks like the magic didn’t work.”

“The sweet shop is just across the street.”

“You did say “eyebrows”?” Mary asked her as she was wrapping a warm towel around Jen’s clippered head.

“Yes,” Jen told Mary.

“Since I getting my head shaved,” she told Mary.

“I though NO eyebrows would look good.”

“GONE!” Mary told her as she saved Jen’s eyebrows.

Mary was lathering Jen’s head.

“Better work fast,” Stacy told them.

“The girls are outside the sweet shop talking to one of the boys.

“And, he is brushing his hand over Barbara’s head.”

“POFF!” Mary said.

“There you go.

“All smoothly shaved!

“Well it looks like the magic still didn’t work.”

Mary stropped her straight razor and began shaving Jen’s head.

She shaved from the right side to the back.

With the left sided shaved Mary raises her straight razor.

“MOM?” Barbara yelled with surprise.

“Just sit down,” her mother said and pointed to the waiting chairs.

“When Mary is finish shaving my head, we will have a little talk.”

“Can I?” Barbara started to ask her mother.

“To late,” Mary told her as she finished shaving her mother’s head.

“Okay Stacy, your turn,” Mary told her as she patted the barber chair.

She looked at Norma and motioned her to a waiting chair.

“I think I’ll let you get the hair cut you want,” she told Norma.

“What kind of hair cut are you getting?” Barbara asked Norma.

“This one,” Norma told her showing her a photo.

“Why don’t you get your hair cut like I did?” Barbara told her.

“Been wanting to get this hair cut for a few years,” she told Barbara.


“You sure about this hair cut?” Mary asked Stacy.

She smiled.

“OKAY!” Mary said.

“Just hope Tony and you did not met each other like Jen and Ron did.”

“NO,” Stay told her as she pointed to Jen.

“What about Norma?” Mary asked as she started moving the attachmentless clippers over her head.

“She will show you a photo of the hair cut she wants,” Stacy said.

Mary shook her head and began moving the attachmentless clippers over her head.

“What about your eyebrows? Mary asked Stacy.

She smiled as she pointed to Jen.

“Norma, I hope your hair cut will be something ….?” Mary told her as she moved the attachmentless clippers over her mom’s head.

With the clippers off Mary looked at Stacy in the mirror over the waiting chair.

She took her straight razor and walked to the right side of the barber chair.

She showed Stacy the straight razor.

“She smiled and pointed to Jen.

With Stacy’s head lathered Mary began shaving her head.

After a few shaving strokes Mary stopped shaving Stacy’s head.

“Eyebrows first,” she told Stacy as she pointed the straight razor at Jen.

“Show me the photo again,” Barbara asked Norma.

“About twelve inches first,” Norma told her.

“I can’t believe your mom is letting you get this hair cut,” Barbara told her.

“Then like this.” Norma told Barbara as she pointed to the photo.

With Stacy’s head shaved, Mary shook her barber caped.

“Okay, Norma!” she called.

Norma walked to the barber chair and showed Mary the photo.

“A FLATTOP!” Mary said loudly.

Norma smiled and sat in the barber chair.

“Give me a few minutes,” she told Norma.

“Two head shaving because of someone granddad and one NO WAY’,” her mine told.

“Now I get a FLATTOP.  Why couldn’t the others be something like the flattop.”


Mary placed the clippers, with the half an inch attachment, at Norma’s forehead and slowly moving over her head.

She moved the clippers, with the half an inch attachment, over and over Norma’s head until her hair was half an inch all over her head.

She stepped to the shelf and removed the half an inch attachment.  She put on the quarter an inch attachment.

Mary stopped.

“Do you wanted this?” asked Norma.

Norma looked at Mary with a question look and pointed to the photo.

“Here we going with all this pointing to a photo,” her mine told.

“So you don’t want this!” Mary asked as she showed her the attachmentless clippers.

Norma smiled.

“Well!” Mary asked Norma and her mother.

“And, do not show, nor point to a photo.

“Just give me a simple “yes” or ‘no” for the clipper attachment.

“With the quarter an inch attachment,” Norma told her.

“Should I asked her about her eyebrows?” her mine asked her.

“For get asking her, asking anyone.  Just shave her eyebrows off.”

Mary slowly moved the clippers, with the quarter an attachment, upward beginning on the right sided of her head.

Working the clippers, “ with the quarter an inch attachment, to the back of her head and finishing on the left side of Norma’s head.

She turned the clippers off and hung it under the shelf.

“Don’t asked her about the trim shave. JUST DO IT.” her mine told her.

Mary began spreading shaving lather along her hair line.

“Don’t for get her eyebrows,” her mine told her.”

She quickly shaved her eyebrows.

“DAMN,” Mary said.  “Mine will you stop talking to me!”

“What?” they said almost together.

They told Mary by and walked out the barber shop.

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