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Paige caught a glimpse of Kyle as she loaded the espresso machine with freshly-ground coffee beans. He had already opened his laptop and put on his headphones. Paige waited for him to glimpse back at her, but his eyes remained transfixed on his screen. She knew Kyle would one day love her back, ever since the first the first time they spoke. “Medium nonfat latte for Lyle”, she cried out. “Umm, do you mean Kyle?” he responded, in a tone she could only interpret as flirtatious. It was only two Mondays ago, but she felt like she’d known Kyle for years. The thought of her and Kyle together was the only thing that made her get out of bed and come to work in the morning. Well, that and the fact that she had to remain employed as part of the terms of her probation. Her aunt owned a coffee shop, and had been kind enough to give her a job. Nobody else would hire someone with her record, even though all she had done wrong was love her ex too much to let a restraining order get in the way.

Paige had finally learned Kyle’s last name today. He came in every Monday and Friday at about 10, paid by tapping his phone, and selected not to print a receipt. Because of that, Paige hadn’t even been able to find out the last name of her beloved. Today, though, someone just happened to unplug the tap to pay machine as he walked in, so he had to hand Paige his debit card to swipe on the register, and she caught a glimpse of his full name. Kyle Blumenthal. She hastily made her way home after work to find out as much as she could about him. 26 years old, freelance web developer, ethnically Jewish but didn’t seem to be observant based on the number of pictures of him eating bacon, favorite band is The Strokes, originally from Texas, Dallas Mavericks fan, and most importantly, single. Jackpot.

The next Monday, Kyle came in at his usual time to order his usual coffee. Paige made sure to pull down her apron enough that he would notice the Strokes T-shirt under her apron.

“Oh, you like the Strokes?” He said to her, unaware that it was the first sentence they had ever exchanged which had nothing to do with coffee.

“Yeah, love them, they’re my favorite band!” She replied gleefully.

“Oh nice! Did you see them when they were in town last November?” he asked back

“Yeah!” she replied with a giggle “It was such a great show, I even got to meet Julius afterwards!”

“Oh… uhhh” he made a weird face “Well anyway, I’ll have a medium nonfat latte please… and is the tap to pay thing working now?”

He paid, waited for his coffee and spent the next few hours staring into his laptop and typing away, neglecting to even acknowledge her presence. Paige was crestfallen. They had such a connection, what did she do wrong? Wait, it was Julian, not Julius, shit!

She tried again a couple days later when she say him wearing a Mavericks T-shirt, but her research failed her again when she made made a comment about how she couldn’t believe Dallas let Quentin Brunson walk in free agency. She corrected herself and said Jalen, but it was too late. Why did she have to be so bad at remembering names? Sometimes she wondered if her name was actually Sage and everyone had been too polite to correct her.

Paige realized that if she wanted him to really see her, she was going to have to try harder than some half-assed social media stalking and google searches. She noticed that Kyle would leave his laptop open when he went to the bathroom, and he took his time to wash his hands very thoroughly. This gave her an opportunity. After a night spent on some of the seedier corners of the internet, she found a virus that she could load onto his laptop with a USB stick, and it would send her a log of all of his keystrokes. She pulled it off flawlessly, pretending to sanitize the table next to him while the virus loaded, and getting the USB stick back into her pocket before the sound of the sink even stopped. With her computer savvy, Paige could have had a lucrative career in tech if she hadn’t such a tendency to make bad life decisions.

She monitored the logs sent to her by the virus that night. Just work stuff, followed by ctrl, alt and delete around the time he left the coffee shop, then nothing for the rest of the day. Paige worried that he had found the virus and deleted it.

Maybe not. Just as she was starting to lose hope, she checked again around midnight and found new keystrokes in the log. he had gone to pornhub, then typed in “pierced nipples”. Bingo!

Two days later, Adam came in at his usual time. Paige timed her break so she would be returning as he sat down. She bumped into his table as she pretended to struggle putting her apron on. The tight shirt she wore, coupled with the lack of a bra, was extremely uncomfortable on her freshly-pierced nipples, but the pain would be worth it. This time, she caught Kyle looking straight at her tits.

“Hehe, guess it’s kinda cold in here” she winked.

“Hey… uhh…” Kyle mumbled to her “Sorry if I’m being too forward here, but, would you want to maybe get a drink sometime, like not here?”

“Yeah… for sure” She replied, trying her hardest to hide her overwhelming enthusiasm.

“Cool, you doing anything Friday night?” He asked

“Yeah perfect, I could fit you in… to my schedule” she shot back.

It was finally happening! This date had to be perfect, which meant no slacking on the research. She checked his key logs as soon as she got home. Mostly a bunch of google searches about upgrading something called Angular from version 14 to 15 and some emails about TPS reports. Later that night though, the nature of his laptop use changed. Instead of going to pornhub, he typed in a couple URLs, and made a few searches in Bing, and they all resulted in the same thing- videos of women, sometimes in various states of undress, having their hair cut. The videos ranged from ponytails being chopped off, to girls having their heads completely shaved smooth with razors. The timestamps spanned a period of 45 minutes.

So this was Kyle’s fetish? Page thought to herself, would she really be willing to go that far for love? It wasn’t a very long thought, because the answer was yes, easily, without a doubt. In fact, she’d be willing to go way further than that. What other girl would make that fantasy come true for him? None!

The next night, he made the same searches. This time, Paige followed all the urls that Kyle was following, and masturbated along with him, imagining herself in all those videos having her golden tresses mercilessly ravaged by Kyle as she pressed her Magic Wand against her clit. He was specifically searching for videos of blondes, she knew that meant he wanted her.

The night of their first date finally arrived. Paige had meticulously washed her blonde locks and curled them into perfect ringlets that fell past her shoulders, hopefully for the last time. She had squeezed herself into her out-of-town roommate’s nicest dress, and she scrounged through the $35 Chanel bag she bought off a Chinese website, making sure she brought everything she needed as she waited for Kyle to arrive. He was 15 minutes late, even though the bar was within walking distance of his apartment.

Paige bought the drinks. She returned from the bar with Kyle’s Jack and coke, which she’d had the bartender make a double, and her vodka soda, which was actually just water and soda. They made small talk at first, but once Kyle had finished his second extra-strong drink, she figured she’d loosened him enough to go for it.

“So, I have a question, and this might sound weird, but my girlfriends were saying the other day, that all guys have some kind of a secret fetish that they get off to, is that true?”

“Uhh… well I don’t know if all guys do but… that is a common thing… I would imagine.” He responded with a shrug.

“Really, so do you have one?” She inquired with a smile.

“Maybe, but I wouldn’t tell you on the first date.” He replied flirtatiously.

“Well… What if I told you it’s not just guys, and if you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine.” She grinned devilishly.

“Well, uhh… Ok…”  he paused. Paige leaned in, awaiting the answer she already knew. Kyle continued “I guess like, bondage stuff, you know like handcuffs and ropes and stuff.”

He must have been embarrassed to tell her the truth, but it didn’t matter, she had prepared for that.

“Ooh, that’s hot” she responded. “Ok, I’ll tell you mine.” She leaned in closely and spoke softly into Kyle’s ear. “I have this fantasy where a man fucks me while he cuts off all of my hair and shaves me bald.” His eyes widened. “And… and he does it while I’m tied up and helpless to stop him.” she added, improvising the last part to incorporate the kinks that Kyle had mentioned.

“Well umm… ” He was visibly shaking at this point “I live a couple blocks away and I’ve got a nice pair of scissors.”

“Well what are we waiting for?” Paige shrugged. She had already paid the tab.

They got back to the apartment. Paige noticed the spare key sitting in plain sight in a bowl by the door, and as he made a quick trip to the bathroom to freshen up, she rummaged through her purse for the key that looked the most similar and swapped it out. When Kyle stepped out of the bathroom, Paige stood in front of him wearing nothing but the silver studs in each nipple.

“Well, what are you gonna do to me?” she taunted him, twirling her hair in her fingers.

Kyle grinned giddily, and retrieved an office chair from his bedroom. “Sit.”

Paige sat in the chair. “And what if I want to get up?”

“Well then, you can.” He replied nonchalantly.

“You’re not going to tie me to the chair, or handcuff me?” she made an exaggerated sad face.

“Well, I guess I’ve got some duct tape.”

“You’re going to duct tape me to the chair? Nooo please don’t” she replied in a blatantly sarcastic tone.

Kyle fetched the duct tape and started securing her left wrist to the armrest. “By the way the safe word is ‘watermelon’.”

“Won’t be needing that” Paige chuckled, holding her other wrist against the armrest as Kyle taped her into place.

The wall of Kyle’s dining area had a floor-to-ceiling mirror. He swiveled the chair so that Paige could see herself. “Take one last look at those pretty locks” he said in a villainous tone, fully getting into character.

“Not my beautiful hair” she pretended to plead.

“Shut up!” Kyle shouted as he walked back over with the scissors. Without saying a word, he held a lock of hair at the side of her head and chopped it just below the level of Paige’s ear. Then another, and another. He dropped the shreds in Paige’s lap and rubbed her clit. Her entire groin was soaking wet. He chopped, and chopped again, rubbing the severed strands on Paige’s most sensitive parts as he added them to the pile. Paige now sported a ragged chin length bob, and Kyle sported a noticeable erection. He undid his belt and discarded his jeans and underwear. He stood in front of the chair and pushed Paige’s head forward, stuffing his thick, circumcised cock into her mouth. Not close to finished yet, he pulled back after a minute or so.

Next, Kyle retrieved his clippers from the bathroom. He popped the guard off and set it aside. He held it perpendicular to the strands at the back of Paige’s head and dug in, buzzing a trail all the way to the bottom of the nape. He did the same thing again and again around Paige’s head until she sported a sloppy bowl cut. He gave her another taste of his cock but stopped before he came.

For his next cut, Kyle put the guards back on the clippers and went around the sides of her head with a #3. Then he swapped out a #6 and went over the top. When he was done, Paige had something resembling a crew cut, though Kyle was no professional barber, and the four shots of Jack Daniel’s weren’t doing his dexterity any favors. As he rubbed her pussy, Paige begged him to fuck her, but he once again shut her up with his cock in her mouth. As she sucked him off, he took the guard off the clippers and buzzed off what remained on the top and side of her head. He turned the chair so Paige was pointed directly at the mirror and shoved the handle of the still-humming clippers under her pussy while he retrieved the supplies for the next step from the bathroom.

Kyle returned with a can of shaving foam and a bag of Great Value brand single-blade disposable razors. As the clippers hummed away beneath Paige, their sound drowned out by her moans, the puddle of fluids beneath her began to drip on the tile floor. Kyle silently commended himself on the decision not to do this over the carpet.

He spread the white foam over her scalp and began to scrape away. The cheap razors struggled to clear the remnants of her thick hair and it took 3 of them to finish about 2/3 of her scalp. Kyle didn’t care at this point. Leaving one side of her head covered in foam, he ripped off the duct tape from her wrists and ankles and threw her down on his bed. He taped her wrists behind her back and taped one of her legs to the bedpost.

“Yeah, fuck me, FUCK ME! PLEASE!” Paige begged.

She looked behind her to see Kyle putting on a condom.

“Oh you don’t need a condom, I’m on birth control.” She assured him.

“Ha!” he laughed, dismissing Paige’s obvious lie. It was the first word out of Kyle’s mouth since he had started cutting Paige’s hair, and he finished putting on the condom.

He inserted his cock into Paige’s well-lubricated pussy and started fucking her hard from behind, raising his leg for better leverage. She screamed like a feral animal, while he remained perfectly silent, like a person who grew up without a lock on his bedroom door. When he could no longer contain himself, he made one last deep thrust and filled the condom with his seed. He then took it off and emptied the contents onto her mostly-smooth scalp, rubbing it in like lotion.

When he caught his breath, Kyle loaded a bowl and went out on the balcony to smoke it, not bothering to untie Paige or offer her any of his weed. Then he came back in and took a shower, seemingly oblivious to the naked bald girl taped to his bed. Once he had dried off and dressed himself, he undid the duct tape around Paige’s wrists and ankle.

“That was so amazing!” she said to him, her face still in a zoned-out state of bliss.

“Yeah, that was fun.” He responded. “Anyway, it’s getting pretty late and I’m meeting with a client early tomorrow morning. Want me to walk you to your car?”

“Aww, but it’s cold outside. Can’t I stay the night?” she pouted.

“Oh yeah, your head probably will be a little chilly. Here you go.” He said casually as he pulled a ratty yellow beanie out of his dresser and put it over her head, not even bothering to wipe off the cum or shaving foam. “Your shoes, dress and purse are in the living room, is that all you brought?”

Two days later.

Paige had been impatiently monitoring Kyle’s Key logs, but it didn’t appear he had used his laptop in the last couple days. Must not be busy over the weekend, she figured. Meanwhile, she rubbed her smooth head, which she had re-shaved three times already with a better razor. She started the video again and slid her other hand into her panties. It had been a good call to put her purse down on the table in front of the mirror. Since he had turned her around so she could see herself, the camera hidden inside her purse got a perfect angle of most of the action. It was too bad he moved her to the bedroom for the last part, though.

She finished masturbating and checked the key logs again. She assumed it would be a futile effort but now there was a wall of text.

Paige, thank you for helping me fulfill my biggest fantasy last night. That said, you’re not as good of a stalker as you think you are. My computer started running like shit as soon as you loaded that virus onto it, and it wasn’t hard to find. I can’t be with someone who would violate my privacy like that. Get professional help. Plus I’m not really into short hair on girls, just the cutting and shaving part. I thought I was teaching you a lesson but I think you enjoyed Friday night more than I did. I’ve saved enough evidence of you hacking my computer to get you sent back to jail if I go to the police with it, but I’ll keep it to myself as long as you stay away from me. I will be wiping my hard drive and will not be coming back to the coffee shop. The key you stole opens the storage unit for the apartment I lived in 2 years ago, so good luck with that. You can keep the hat.

“Hmm…” Paige thought to herself “I guess he’s playing hard-to-get”.

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