Crossed the limits

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I have always had long hair and now it almost reaches my butt but it won’t be this length for long. I am student and my brother and I go to the same school

He is 3 years senior and quite overprotective and had warned me to stay away from guys,but I love caleb.

He is sweet,caring and he loves me so much we managed to keep this secret but then one day my brother saw caleb and I while he was caressing my hair we were just smiling and giggling. He took no time,he grabbed me from my wrist and dragged me.

I knew he could do anything to me, I started pleading him and told him that its not how he thinks it is, he asked me to sit in the car and to not make it tough for him. I obliged,because nothing else I could do.

I had no idea as to where we were going and what he was gonna do,I hated how mom and dad just gave him the right to do anything to me. I was just constantly telling him how what he saw isn’t the truth but he didn’t reply.

And then we stopped in front of her girlfriend’s salon, yes he is allowed to be in a relationship.I immidately started crying, he told me to not create a ruckus I just Kept pleading him but he showed no sign of mercy.

He told me it would be worse if I continue my drama, he us a jerk he doesn’t care about my feelings. He dragged me inside by my arm. I had tears in my eyes. His girlfriend christina was waiting for us there was no one else there.

My brother left me with christie and to my surprise as soon as he left she turned the board to close and drew the curtains.

She wiped my tears and said,”You better not make it tough for me”. This sent chills down my spine what was she about to do. She quickly secured a huge black cape aroubd me as soon as I sat in one of the chairs. She started pumping the chair up and up till she reached a desired height and started brushing my hair.

You have such smooth, silky and soft hair you shouldn’t habe let any random guy touch it you know your brother hates it. She said,  I told her its not what he thinks it us and she replied with but uts too late now honeypie. She said its time for me to get a change.

I begged her to not cut my hair because I love it but she said your brother wants it cut I am sorry there’s nothing I can do. With that she took scissors in ger hand and started cutting it at my shoulder level because she was cutting my hair dry I could hear the sound of the scissors meeting my hair the first cut was made and my once long hair now hung below my shoulders.

She continued chopping my hair and in the meanwhile entered my brother, he looked at my hair and shouted at christie, Didn’t I tell you to cut it shorter than this christie defended ne and said she has learnt her lesson let it be but he said I don’t care uf she has,make it short. I pleaded him to not do this to me to which he replied with ‘you did it yourself,now don’t create a fuss else I’ll have you shaved bald.

I saw christie approaching me with clippers, I protested only to be met with sam’s slap. I continued to sob giving up on my luck. Christie sectioned my newly chopped hair and with a loud pop She inserted clippers in my nape and started shaving my hair.

She then removed the clips from the top my hair and it felt like nothing had happened but my happiness was short lived,christie drew scissors in her hand and chopped my hair I could feel the scissors at the base of my neck. The scrunching continued, my once long lustrous hair was now on the floor I couldn’t help crying when I saw the mirror. I was left with a very short pixie some two inches at the top and close to no hair at the back.

Sam checked my hair’s length with his fingers and said I hope you know now that you shouldn’t cross your limits


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